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Very nice!
You should put the CRC32 code in your "readme" to identify the ROM because Mesen shows this code, not SHA1.

ROM Hacking Discussion / [NES] Megaman 2 Hack Menuing
« on: October 12, 2016, 08:04:03 am »
Hi (and sorry for bad english)
Megaman2 is the best NES MM, maybe, but it have one failing: its menuing is horrible and menuing is central in megaman serie.
I made a little hack just for correct MM2 menuing (and only that). I transformed the multi-page 1D menuing (up/down) to a 2D menuing. There are two changes:
-- Now just push "right" or "left" to switch between weapon/item pages (the "NEXT" command is totally off)
-- Push "Select" button to quit menu and automatically equip the buster (shortcut).

An example (switch between Woodman weapon and item 1 for cross an obstacle) with picture

Patch for US ROM

Patch with cheat (all weapon/item) for test

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