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Has anybody ever considered restoring the upgradable weapons from the Arcade version of Super C to the NES version?

IDEA: Parasite Eve Weapons rebalance

Hello, just a quick introduction: I'm an old lurker of the community, dating back to the pre 2000 Demiforce forum days. I've always been content to just gratefully accept any translations/hacks that have been completed, so this will be my first time with a suggestion/request.

I've been playing through Parasite Eve again and I've realized the system has a lot of potential to be far more interesting if the weapons and their functionality were rebalanced. Here are my specific ideas in that regard:

1.) Rebalance the stats and names of all weapons and enemies in the the game with a few overall goals in mind:

    a.) Make each weapon more unique and interesting. Every weapon should be more distinctive in its functionality. An example would be like introducing a two shot two ammo double barrelled coach gun early on in the gun store instead of the pistol found there, for instance.

    b.) Flatten the power scaling of weapons and enemies(not completely) so that the player is less obliged to ditch a specific weapon for another based on base stats alone. The player should be encouraged to improve a favorite gun or guns, rather than constantly churning through them.

2.) Modify some ways weapons fundamentally work.

    a.) Remove the counter-intuitive division of damage per bullet fired in an action and replace it with a decreased hit radius per sequential bullet, based on the firearm, so as to simulate recoil spread. So, all bullets will be fired at full weapon damage. However, if a weapon normally has a range of 100, and a range decay of .2, the first bullet fired per action will be calculated using that effective range, but the next one fired in that action will be at an effective range of 80, and so on. This means that a monster that is near the limit of the the max range (say, distance 90) will be hit at full damage by the first bullet, and reduced damage by the second, since it is essentially out of effective range for the second bullet. Range decay percentages will vary according to weapon type, with greater decays assigned to shotguns, rifles, grenade launchers, etc.

    b.) Make some weapon traits non-transferable but still removable. All of these traits should be visible, so splash damage on rocket launchers should be its own trait which may be removed but not transferred. Shotgun style spread should be limited to shotguns, (i.e. not a trait that can be removed), with a linear reduction in damage for distance. Splash should remain on rocket launchers, and also become an inherent trait of grenade launchers, albeit with a reduced radius.

3.) Adjust weapon classes

    a.) introduce a new class "assault rifles" to differentiate assault rifles from normal/sniper rifles.

    b.) increase striation of weapon roles:

        I.) Pistols - short range, faster recharge speed, low damage, high rate of fire. They should be thought of as a high mobility spell friendly weapon

        II.) Shotguns - intermediate range with decreasing damage. slow charge speed, medium rate of fire, high damage. These do crowd control, and, if your remove the spread functionality, high single target burst damage.

        III.) SMGs - short range, medium charge speed, low damage, extremely high rate of fire. These should be considered a somewhat all around weapon. Not the best for spells due to its medium charge time, but not the worst, and decent DPS at a decent range. Very bullet hungry.

        IV.) Grenade launchers - high powered crowd control, with high charge time, medium range, extremely high damage, low rate of fire, very slow charge speed, small magazines, and their own special, limited ammo similar to how rockets are in vanilla. Grenade ammo should be easier to find than rocket ammo, but rarer than bullets. Grenades are a better crowd control option than shotguns but must be used at range, and ammo is limited. The splash damage trait should do 50% of weapon damage to all entities inside the radius, including the player.

        V.) Assault Rifles - long range, very high rate of fire, slow charge speed, medium damage. This is the long ranged counterpart to the SMG, but less spell friendly due to slow charge time, and with slightly lower DPS on average- it has higher powered individual shots, but lower ROF and charge speed, so overall DPS is lower. The range allows the player to stay farther away.

        VI.) Rifles - Very long range, low rate of fire, very slow charge speed, very high damage. These are for when you want to reach out and touch someone from a very safe distance, but don't expect to use spells too much, and don't expect to be able to drop multiple targets quickly.

4.) Remove diminishing PE recharge rates- enable PE to recharge at the same rate an entire battle without slowing down, but decrease the overall rate.

5.) introduce some new weapon traits

6.) Allow the player to upgrade all of their personal stats with BP, not just recharge speed and inventory

7.) Introduce new weapon models for new weapons

WHAT I CAN HELP WITH: I realize this is a very ambitious idea, and as such, I would be overjoyed if someone did only so much as making a weapon/monster data exporter/importer tool to adjust them. Given such a tool, I would gladly do all the balancing grunt work- I think simply being able to change weapon and enemy stats would yield a huge improvement in player experience. I can also model and texture any new weapon models required.

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