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ROM Hacking Discussion / Composing music for my Mega Man 2 Hack
« on: December 05, 2016, 02:22:52 pm »
I need help with composing music for my Mega Man 2 hack which is going to be called Mega Man Crusade. The music will be from other Mega Man games, other Capcom games, etc. I tired to compose the music myself with fceux but every time I try it sounds bad. So I bascially need someone who knows about The Mega Man 2 Sound engine and how to hack it.

Heres is a list of music tracks I need covered for each song (list will be updated):

Pre-Title Theme - Mega Man 4- Intro Theme only the first part (NES)

Title Theme - Mega Man 9- Title Theme

Stage Select - Mega Man 8- Stage Select Theme (Sega Saturn)

Password theme - Mega Man Dr. Wilys Revenge- Password Theme (Gameboy)

Wood Mans Stage - Ghosts 'n Goblins- Level 1 Theme (NES)

Crash Mans Stage - Mega Man X3- Intro Stage theme (SNES)

Bubble Mans Stage - Metroid- Brinstar Theme (NES)

Quick Mans Stage - Mega Man 6- Knight Man Theme (NES)

That's all I have for now

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