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Thanks for the info KingMike.

Thanks justin. Fixed it.

(Mega Man X1)
The patch for the number life points is working good in geigers snes debugger but not in real hardware (sd2snes)
and also not in bsnes. I should have tested it in bsnes a long time ago. There is 2 bugs in sd2snes/bsnes:

1. I am using registers for division to load the number life points and the first number is not loading the correct number
only the second is. It should be a easy fix because I am probably not allowing enough machine cycles to pass. A couple
NOP's or some code rearranging should fix that.

2. Graphics are not storing to vram for the bosses icon. Apparently in real hardware you can only write to vram at certain
times. I did not know that since I was using geigers snes debugger to create and debug my hacks. That debugger/emulator
apparently allows you to write to vram at any time. I want all of my hacks to work on real hardware so I will fix these 2 things
before I release the final patch.

The 1st should be easy fix but the 2nd might not be since I am not really sure when I am supposed to write to vram. I have
read that you cant write to vram when the screen redraws but I don't know when it is redrawing. If anyone can save me some
time on the vram issue by explaining how/when to properly write to vram it would be greatly appreciated.

(Mega Man X1)
Here is the newest patch for the number life points:

Life points and sub-weapon points are the same amount as in the original game. In the original game some of the
sub-weapons take off .5 points I changed those to take off 1 instead.

I played through the whole game a bunch of times and didn't find any bugs. If you find any bugs let me know so I can
fix them. The only bugs will probably be graphical since I rearranged some of the graphics in vram. If there are no bugs
then I will compress the code and write the source for the hack then post the completed hack with source at the top of
my first page.

Does anybody know what the difference is between V1.0 and V1.1 roms?

I am going to make it to where you can have at least three times the sub-weapons. I would like to
put all of the sub-weapons from mmx 1-3 + a few more that I design or someone else designs.
There is plenty of empty ram for adding a bunch of sub-weapons.

"The method used here actually allows for 'more enemy and PC life' as well without really any issues."
Definitely need the extra life and sub-weapon energy if I am going to add the difficultly mode.  ;)

It is only for a unheadered v1.1 ROM. There is a readme that comes with the patch.


Thanks. I tested several different designs before deciding to use the numbers. The main reason for
using the numbers is because of the sprite per line limit. The other life bars I made and even the
original would break the sprite per line limit on almost every level. The number life bar only does it
in one spot that I found. There could be more than one spot but I still need to test it out a little more.

Yes, that was me. Wasn't that almost two years ago? :huh:
I remember someone had just taught me how to run a trace but I didn't know how to read the code and
then you showed me one line of code where it was storing data in ram then everything clicked and I could
started to understand how it all worked. That helped a lot and I thank you for that.

I have a bunch of information documented for 7th saga that is for how each town is made. Everything like
NPC's, hidden items shops, music, events, rooms, and tiles. All of these documents will hopefully be released
soon. I have come a long way since I asked about finding the data for hidden items.

I will definitely be interested in those Elnard and 7th Saga's scripts when you finish them.

@Plint Michigan
I can help you with X1-X3 but not Megaman Xtreme. How much snes asm do you know?

Thanks. It looks awesome, it doesn't take up much space, and it helps with bugs from sprite per line limit.
The flash when energy is low is a interesting idea. I might have to run a few tests to see how it looks in
game. I actually got the idea for the number life bar from super metroid. I even ripped the code from super
metroid that calculated the numbers and put it in mmx. I only had to slightly modify the code to get it to work
in mmx.


@DarknessSavior   "They look fine to me (except the skull. Wasn't that supposed to be an "R" for reploid?)"
The skull is for the bosses in x1 and the "R" is for the ride armor.

@Plint Michigan      "Is it alright if I ask more questions, or is it getting annoying?"
Ask away. I dont mind at all.

Sorry for the late responses. Better now than never right? :D

(Mega man x1)

I had to take some time off from my hacks but I just now started working on them again. I made some modifications
to the life bar hack. Instead of having the traditional bars for energy there will now be numbers.


Here is a demo patch:

Now keep in mind this patch is nowhere near complete or playable. I recommend just viewing the opening video of the computer playing.
I haven't worked on the menu yet and I made some changes to the graphics that are stored in vram that is only partially completed.

       Old vram                 New vram

When I complete this hack the patch will come with fully document source code so you will easily be able to make your own modifications to the hack if you wanted to.

You like all of the smaller icons I made for the sub weapons? That's how I wanted to do everything but
I didn't think the smaller icon graphics I made were good enough. I tried to make the icons smaller in
mmx3 but I could only make a few that look ok, the rest I tried to make came out horrible.

You need to copy your cmd.exe from system32 and put it in the Lunar Compress folder. Run cmd.exe
and then type everything in. Here is a example on how to decompress the graphics for mega man x:
decomp.exe MegaManX.smc mmx.bin E6BB4 102 3840
That is a example from the read me of how to use it. It should decompress the font graphics for Mega Man X.

you made space for the action which definitely takes place in the middle and right/left from the middle of the screen and not a the bottom.

Definitely not as much going on at the bottom of the screen when compared to the sides.

Yeah, but then there will probably be other enemies or power up that will be on the bottom that will also be hidden by the new lifebar.

True. No matter where I put the life bars a enemy can still get behind it but how I have
it now makes the odds of a enemy being hidden behind the life bars is a lot less likely
to happen.

(Mega Man X1-X3)

I tried to keep it how it was with the "X" by the life bar but it wasn't working out to good with
the smaller life bars. Check out the pics I have posted below. The smaller sub weapon icon
graphics that I made were not good enough so I got rid of the life bar icon when you equip a
sub weapon to give enough space for the original graphics for the sub weapon icons.

There are a lot of times when enemies, projectiles, and other objects get hidden behind the life
bars. Just look at the first picture in my first post and you will see the enemy hidden behind the
life bar but in the second picture it shows that with the new size and location of the life bars it
is a lot less chance for that to happen. Therefore I think it can be considered a small improvement
hack. Ether way, it is a small, but cool hack.

Yea, the space was just too small to have both icons out. I have some pics below that shows I tried
to fit them in but it didn't work out to good.

@Plint Michigan
The game itself decompresses the graphics. Now for compressors there is lunar compress for X1 and
for X3 there is

There are only a few mega man x hacks. Hopefully soon we will have a lot more. I almost have all of
the level structure data figured out so maybe soon I can start creating some level hacks with new
enemies and weapons.

Here are some pics showing the different possible positions that we can have the life bars.

Original size life bars with both icons    Smaller life bars with sub weapon icon the
                                                     only one out. Currently used in the patch.

                  Life bar above sub weapon bar instead of below it.

This is mega man x1 life and sub weapon bars that I tried to make smaller but they didn't come out to good.
I wanted the icons to be smaller while still looking good and this shows side by side pics of how and why I
came up with the current size and design.

This is what I want the life and sub weapon bar to look like but I need to free up
three 16x16 tiles in vram to make it. The only way I see being able to do that is by
removing the graphics for the blue shield when you get hit. I don't care about the
blue shield but some of you might so I will have another patch for that.

(Mega Man X3)

I did have the life bar on top but after play testing I liked the life bar on the bottom better because most of the time (at least for me) you will
only have your life bar on the screen and not your life bar and weapon's energy bar. I think on average it just gives me a better view of the
level with the life bar on the bottom. But I do like both ways of positioning them and I am sure other people will like one more than the other
so I will create another patch with the life bar on top so everyone can use the patch they like better. I will also add a doc to the file so everyone
will have instructions for changing the exact position of the life/energy bars so the user can adjust it to their preference.

Yes, it is a good idea but I did not come up with the idea, justin3009 did. He first talked about it in his project page, page 6, 2nd post.
You can see it here:,11130.75.html
The main reason I created this patch was to give a better viewing area of the levels. Moving the life/energy bars to the bottom of the screen
alone I think definitely gives a better view of the level but making the life/energy bars a little smaller and putting them close together I think
gives a little better viewing area. I had to alter the icons when I made the life/energy bars smaller or they wouldn't fit in the new smaller size.
I wish I could have kept the same icons with the smaller size but I couldn't. I will create another patch that has the same icons but the
life/energy bars will be the same size as the original as well. Do you think I should leave the same amount of space that is between the
original life/energy bars or keep them close together like how I have them now? And what about the life bar. Should I put it on the top or bottom?

I will be updating my file with the new patches and a hacking doc for it within the next few days. If anyone else has any ideas just let me know.
There is a lot of hacks and docs that I have been working on for the mega man x's on the snes. I almost have all of the level structure data
mapped out for mmx3. As soon as I figure out this one last thing then I can start designing totally new levels. Levels can be on average 3 times
the size they are now.
Imagine how awesome that would be. :woot!:

Here you will find completed hacks that I created for Mega Man X1-X3 and 7th saga.  I am also writing documents for each one of
these games. These documents will have offsets for data, assembly, and ram. Since there is a lot of information to document these
documents will be updated periodically with new information.

I have been working on a bunch of hacks and docs for mega man x1-x3 and 7th saga so I figured I will start posting some of my stuff here.

(Mega Man X3)
Here is a improvement hack that I made for mega man x3. I made the life bar smaller and instead of it being on the sides of the screen
it is on the bottom of the screen. I was going to put the life bars on top of the screen but after some play testing the bottom of the screen
seemed to be the best spot for it.

I would like to hear what other people think about it.
Do you think this is a improvement?
Do you think it could be better? How so?
If you think some of the altered icons for the life bars don't look good then let me which one(s) and I can try to fix them.

Here is the patch:

Newcomer's Board / Re: Zelda: A link to the past (help)
« on: July 24, 2011, 04:49:17 pm »
Okay, I WAS planning on changing bosses around, seems that if they aren't in the room where they were supposed to appear in, then their appearance changes.  They look like bits of other sprites mashed together.  Any idea how to fix this?
If the animations of the bosses are loading and the sprites look like bits of other sprites mashed together then it seems like the sprites for the bosses
were never written to vram or they were written over. It can be fixed but you really need to know snes asm to fix it. Have you looked at the vram in vsnes?

The shadows are part of the enemy graphics.

I have finally figured out how to create new spells for 7th saga. Here is part of a spell that I have taken from Phantasy Star 4.

I have created a patch for it letting Lux have it when you first start a new game with him. You can use Dr.Fails hacking guide
if you want to edit the stats of the spell. In Dr.Fails guide it will be the first spell after Laser 3 (Empty) with a hex value of 08.
Here is the patch.

Its just part of the spell from Phantasy Star 4 not the whole thing.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: 7th saga graphics compressor/New enemy
« on: July 18, 2011, 09:02:29 pm »
There are a lot of different formats of compression for the graphics in super nintendo games so I am not sure what kind of compression 7th saga uses as far as
the name of it but I can give you a example of how it works if you want me to. I am sure 7th saga uses a known compression routine but I cant find anything
that explains how the known compression formats work. I wish there was some docs somewhere explaining how they work. Maybe I will write a doc for this format.

It has been a little over a year since I started to learn super nintendo assembly. The reason why I wanted to learn it was so I can redesign 7th saga. When I
tried to hack the graphics with tile editors I couldn't because they were compressed. I couldn't find anything on 7th saga's compression so I decided to
write my own compressor. I finally finished my compressor and my compression code works %100 perfect. It produces the same exact format that Enix used.
I didn't bypass anything in the compression like how it is done in other compressors. Eventually I will create a 7th saga hack with a lot of new enemies, spells,
towns, items and add more to the story to make the game more interesting. It will be awhile before I create a complete hack of 7th saga but in the meantime 
here is a patch showing a new enemies graphics in game for 7th saga.

Start a new game and fight a enemy outside of the town Lemel and you will see the new enemy in action. The enemy is from Mystic Ark (7th saga 2).

Progress: 0% - No work has been done, In thinking stages.

That is great that you plan on doing a Chrono Trigger Hack but I think you are suppose to have some sort of progress on it before creating a project page for it.
See rule #3:
"The project must be an established project and you must have something to show for it. We do not want any projects in the 'idea' or 'concept' phase. Only 'real' active projects."

I am sure there are a lot of people on here that have ideas for hacks but imagine what would happen to the projects page if it was filled up with ideas and not actual projects. Just thought I should point that out. ;)

I use Geiger's snes9x debugger, vsnes, and asmdev for most of my projects.

Programming / Re: Why can't I find this ram address (snes)
« on: January 30, 2011, 01:21:09 pm »
Thank's a lot Nightcrawler!  :)
This will definitely help for writing new code for x2 and x3.

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