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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: SNES Slowdown: FastROM?
« on: April 01, 2019, 01:43:39 am »
Actually finding the jump addresses, LDA’s, MVP’s, and MVN’s(got to do the LDA’s, MVP’s, and MVN’s as well) is the easy part. The hardest thing to do is sit at your computer for hours at a time. :D
To easily find your addresses that need to be changed use Geiger’s snes debugger and set trace to trace once and go beat the game, then save your file and fill in the blanks by using giegers disassembler. Very very easy to do just time consuming. Now once you get your game fully disassembled you need to convert the addresses to the fast rom locations. Seems like it would take forever, but not with the right tools. I developed a tool where you can take your Geiger’s snes disassembled data upload into my program and it coverts all of the addresses in less than a second. Boom, most of it is done the only other things to do is set your rom at fastrom, make sure your interrupts are correct and it’s a near complete fastrom hack. Now Im not sure but I believe to get it %100 fastrom you also have to get all of your pointers loading in fastrom locations as well but I don’t think those will make much of a difference(if they can even use the fastrom speed) in speeding things up but the asm data definitely adds some noticeable speedup but definitely won’t remove all of the slowdowns. Really the pointers probably don’t even have to be done at all. That’s the only thing that I haven’t done to gradius 3 to complete the fastrom patch so the gradius 3 patch is pretty much as good as it’s going to get but I’m still going to update the pointers just in case. I am currently developing a tool for helping in hacking snes games and my tool for converting disassembled snes data to fastrom locations will be included with it. I have no idea when I will post the tool because I have many interesting things that I am developing for it.

If you would like to see a example of what the disassembled files look like before I run them through my program you can download my uploaded disassembled gradius 3 data. I run those files one at a time and boom, the addresses are instantly converted.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Wip projects for the 7th saga (Snes)
« on: April 01, 2019, 01:08:42 am »
We will definitely get a translation as long as I can find someone willing to translat the text for me. I can do all of the programming but the only Japanese to English translating I can do is through google which produces poor results. There are a few reasons why I want to translat elnard to English
but the difference in difficulty is one of the main reasons why I want to translat it. I just don’t think I’m going to like the difficultly in elnard. I really liked how hard 7th saga was and when I make a hack of 7th saga it’s going to be way harder than 7th saga. It might sound crazy to make 7th saga harder but my hack is going to add so many new features that are currently not in the the game to add strategy to defeat enemies so it would not make it as repetitive as defend attack or relying on the ruins. Two things that I plan on doing to make 7th saga a little harder is adding active battles like in final fantasy and remove mode 7 from battles. The mode 7 is cool in battles but it is not worth it to have it. The game can easily be so much better with out it. In mystic arc(7th saga 2) there is no mode 7 in battles and all of the enemies are on a background layer and your characters and spells are on the sprite layer, in 7th saga all enemies, your characters and spells are on the sprite layer so that really limits what you can do. If I remove mode 7, battle backgrounds would look better, I could easily double the different amount of enemies in battle, and I think I can add a extra character in battle. I really don’t think it will be to hard to remove mode 7 because 7th sagas enemy/character sprite layer data is formatted the exact same way as mystic arcs enemy background data. You can literally copy and paste 7th saga enemy data to mystic arcs enemy data and vice versa. So yea I think that would do wonders for improving 7th saga. Lol, I guess I got a little carried away with my post be hey, 7th saga is the reason why I signed up for this stuff. :crazy:

Yea, I could also do a patch with the 7th saga scripts as a secondary patch. It’s probably going to be awhile before I get to translating elnard because I have a lot of other things in the works right now but hopefully by the end of the year I could slowly start working on it.

I’m glad you brought up the title screen taking about 20 seconds because I’m going to try and make a patch to be able to skip it by pressing start or some other button. Not being able to skip the title is really annoying so I may try to get that done this week if I get time. If I can get that patch done I may
go ahead and upload it and my other recent patches with the source code for each patch. I really need to start uploading all of my patches for 7th saga so they don’t get lost by a hard drive crash or something else. :D

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Wip projects for the 7th saga (Snes)
« on: March 30, 2019, 01:08:40 am »
The 2 mangas comics, yea, that’s strange. I have no idea why they would use the American title for them and not the Japanese title.

Yes, I will use the original elnard for the translation. Not really sure which other one I would use.  :huh:
I definitely won’t take any 7th saga scripts and incert them into elnard to make the English translation. The actual Japanese would be translated to English. The starboy91 blog was a good read. I learned some new things. I tried to post on that blog but it wouldn’t let me. I would like to know how to reproduce the bug starboy91 talked about in 7th saga when you talk to a npc in a town then talk to another npc in the same town and they say the same thing. starboy91 said that doesn’t happen in elnard only 7th saga. I never knew one of the images(lower left of the 4 images) on the back of 7th saga box was from elnard and not 7th saga. Now I might have to make a new box image.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Wip projects for the 7th saga (Snes)
« on: March 19, 2019, 06:08:00 am »
Translating Elnard to english is on the list of things to eventually do. I can do all of the programing I just need to find a translator. I have a 7th saga/elnard graphics viewer that I posted at the beginning of my page. I also have a rom map that I have been slowly working on but it wont be released until its finished which will be awhile. Here is some merchandise that I have for 7th saga/elnard:

These are the 2 manga's and the encyclopedia of adventure guide book.

This is another book but it is small around 18-20 pages and a phone card.

I also have a 7th saga nintendo power card but I dont have a picture of it.

I'm definitely going to have to do a lot of digging. Here are 2 magazine ads that I would like to find:

I think I have seen 1 other ad somewhere but I cant remember where.

Personal Projects / Re: slidelljohn (a.k.a.[J]) snes projects page
« on: March 14, 2019, 04:17:07 pm »
I still haven't done anything else with gradius 3 but I plan to start working on this project again

Maybe it would be a good idea to post your asm code. If enough of us put our ideas together we could
probable optimize the code more.

I have been gone for a little while but I'm back with some good news on something that I have been working on for the past few weeks. devinacker who has been updating bsnes plus created a branch of the bsnes-plus-v04 that uses the 128kb of vram mod. The branch is called vramexpand The games appear to be working correctly with the extra vram but some of the debugging features don't work correctly for the extra vram. I decided to play around with the source code for the branch to get some of the debugging features working for the extra vram and I'm having good success in modifying the code. Not only do I have some of the extra vram data loading but I'm also adding new features. Here is a image showing the original tile viewer and the one I modified.

I added some new buttons and a height scroll box. I also changed how the tile viewer screen gets updated. It now updates almost instantly. Everything still doesn't work %100 in the tile viewer but vram 4bb settings are mostly correct.

I added a feature that lets you control what debugging windows are opened when you open bsnes plus.

You can ether choose what window to have open at start up or you can have it to where the last windows that were opened when you closed bsnes open the next time you open bsnes. I plain on adding more windows to the list and starting options for each window.

Now the modification that I made that took the most time is the new cpu tracer. I created a multi threaded, multi buffer near lag free cpu tracer with slightly new text format in trace files. The tracer allows for up to ~2gb trace files and it has a progress bar to see the size of the file being generated. The cpu step and breakpoints are also displayed differently in the console. I also added a clear console button.

The new algorithm to generate the trace file still has room for improvement. I should have the new algorithm finished soon.

Here is a link to the vramexpand and the modified vramexpand with the changes that I made.

This is how you change the vram settings.

64kb is what is in a original snes, 128kb is how much the snes was actually capable of using and 256kb uses a mod that lets you switch between 2 different sets of 128kb of vram. I haven't test the 256kb yet but I will soon.

As far as I can tell there are no major bugs or memory leaks from the modifications that I made. Nothing ever crashes. You do need at least 2 gb of ram for the tracer. I hope you all like the modifications that I made. I definitely wouldn't mind helping contribute to the official source that devinacker maintains.

Personal Projects / Re: slidelljohn (a.k.a.[J]) snes projects page
« on: January 10, 2019, 04:32:42 pm »
About 10%, that’s great!  :thumbsup:
I don’t have time to look at it today but I’ll definitely look at it tomorrow. I may have to put some of my other projects on hold and work on this one some more. I’ll look more into optimizing the asm code, expanding the rom, and remove all compression this weekend. Im also going to submit the complete disassembled assembly tomorrow.

I was able to test your patch right before I left to go to work and it looks like it’s around a .7 second speed up from when the ship first crashes if you let the game play on its own. So yea, definitely around a 10% speed up on top of the fastrom patch. Good work! I am interested in what you did to speed it up but I would probably hold off on the details just in case I can come up with something different to add to it.

Update 1-12-19:
I just now submitted 2 complete gradius 3 assembly documents and they can be seen in the Submission Queue Status Page. Hopefully within 24-48 hours they are accepted. The 2 gradius 3 assembly documents are for banks $00 and $02. Those 2 banks have the assembly for the whole game.  If these get accepted I may start uploading more assembly documents that I have for mega man x v1.1 and the 7th saga.

Thanks everyone! I’ll submit some stuff this weekend starting with complete gradius 3 asm and I might also submit some of my mega man x v1.1 files. :thumbsup:

Interesting, I guess some rules “can be bent and others can be broken”. I’m not really looking to bend or break any rules.
Maybe that patch slipped through, idk. :huh:

Full games? That can’t be right. Nobody can upload full games unless they made the game themselves. Maybe you’re thinking patches not full games.

Personal Projects / Re: slidelljohn (a.k.a.[J]) snes projects page
« on: January 10, 2019, 07:31:37 am »
Thanks ExL! I didn’t know what was going on with that link. ;D
The Super V-Power mod chip isn’t actually for helping with lag but a creative programmer could speed up some things with it.

I sent the new pcb design for the Super V-Power mod chip to the manufacturer but I’m going to have to do a few test before it’s ready to show off the new version of it. Hopefully within the next 2 months I’ll have something ready to show. The new design is gonna be crazy! :o

Thanks nesrocks!

I am familiar with the document section. Maybe I should rephrase my question. Is there anywhere that says what data inside a rom file that we can and can not upload to If we can upload complete disassembled assembly for roms can we upload complete music, or complete graphics, or the data that builds backgrounds and sprites. I have a crazy amount of stuff that I have documented over the years that I would like to release but I was always under the impression that I need to write a program that rips all of this stuff out of it in order to share it with everyone. Can any of the staff shed some light on this matter for me?

Personal Projects / Re: slidelljohn (a.k.a.[J]) snes projects page
« on: January 08, 2019, 07:13:45 pm »
I cant seem to download that file from dropbox. The web page just shows a white screen. It says
the server is encrypted.

I think this is all of the assembly that is used for the sprites at $80:8EF1:

I have some notes on some lines in the text file but they are not complete as I was still in the process
of documenting them before I took a break on this project.

I have the full disassembled assembly for snes gradius 3 that I would like to release. Is this something that I can upload to without breaking any rules?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Wip projects for the 7th saga (Snes)
« on: January 08, 2019, 01:07:13 am »
I still have a lot to think about with the digital guide. Who knows I may decide to just use a pdf. It’s a lot to think about and I don’t really have the time to work on the digital guide right now but it is something that I would eventually like to make even if the digital guide doesn’t actually load the data from a rom.

Here is a patch for increasing the level limit from 80 to 99:

New level data can be found in the rom at c0:ed00-c0:ee2b. Level up at 81-99 still needs to have a balanced level up value.
I'll see about writing a small program to easily be able to edit these values. If you want to easily test this go into a battle
and change ram address at 7e:1dc2 to 0x4e which is your current level. And also change 7e:1dd5-7e:1dd7 to 0xff, 0xff, 0xff which is your experience points. Doing this should get you up to level 99.

Some of you may or may not know about the zero damage bug in 7th saga. If you start a new game and use kamil, go fight a hermit and defend and odds are you will get zero damage. Now if you get a level up and defend and the hermits attack you will get 1 damage. How does it go from zero damage on level 1 to 1 damage on level 2. Well when it calculates the damage if the damage that you are supposed to receive is zero you will get zero damage and if the damage that you are supposed to receive is less than zero you will get 1 damage. There is 2 ways to fix this bug. Ether have it to where you can never receive zero damage or if damage that you are supposed to receive is less than zero, instead of it making you get 1 damage make it give you zero damage. For fix #2 you can just change this:
$C2/7C2C A9 01 00    LDA #$0001

to this:
$C2/7C2C A9 00 00    LDA #$0000

That will make damage less than zero, zero. To do fix #1 I would have to do a little asm work to fix it but not much. What do
you all think would be the best option to fix this bug, fix #1 or fix #2? I'm leaning towards if damage is ever zero or less it should always be 1. I don't think there should ever be zero damage but I would like to here other peoples opinions on this.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Wip projects for the 7th saga (Snes)
« on: January 08, 2019, 12:30:45 am »
Yes J is for John. A .exe does sound ridiculous for a digital guide but I want the digital guide to be able to extract the graphics and data out of the rom. I don’t think a pdf can extract data from a rom.

Programming / Re: Emulator for SNES hacking?
« on: January 07, 2019, 10:29:39 pm »
I use Snes9X v1.43.ep9r8 - Geiger's Snes9x Debugger for debugging and for when I want to save my changes to the rom. Bsnes plus is good but I still haven't made the jump yet because I like the way the code looks when you trace code in geiger's debugger. I also use Snes9X v1.43.ep9r8 - Geiger's Snes9x Debugger because you can use the save states in vsnes to view most of the save state data. I'm not 100% sure but I don't think you can load Bsnes plus save states into vsnes. Bsnes plus is the more accurate debugger.

Personal Projects / Re: slidelljohn (a.k.a.[J]) snes projects page
« on: January 07, 2019, 10:05:27 pm »
I'm pretty sure you can release it here.  There are a few complete disassembly documents on the site already.  I don't see any for SNES titles yet though, so that could be a first.  I did go ahead and get a trace log on some of the lag, and I can see where it happens, but you're probably miles ahead of me if you already have a full disassembly.

Edit: I did a little more research into this.  The sprite drawing code does consume a lot of processing time, and I think it is possible to make it run more efficiently.  However, that's not the only issue.  On the lag trace that I got, the game didn't even reach the sprite drawing routine before it was interrupted by the next NMI.  It appears that collision detection is occupying the largest chunk of time, in my test case approximately half of an entire frame.

I'm still not sure about the rules for releasing the full disassembly but Ill probably end up writing a program that can extract it. I do have the main function for gradius 3 that I used to pinpoint the slowdown that I found.
Here is a text file of the main function:

In the main function if this line ($80/82A2 22 F1 8E 80 JSL $808EF1[$80:8EF1]) is nop'ed reload the cart from the begging and
just let the game play until the ship crashes. It should crash around 2 minutes and 31 seconds. Now if you let the game play
without removing that line the game will crash around 2 minutes and 46 seconds. So just that one line of code eats up 15 seconds.
Not sure if the collision detection is loaded from that line but I recall 2 or 3 sections of code that shows the slowdown.

I definitely wouldn't mind teaming up and try to make the code more efficient. I would think there is room for improvement especially when the programmers do stuff like this
Code: [Select]
$80/8223 C2 20       REP #$20
$80/8225 C2 10       REP #$10

instead of this
Code: [Select]
$00/0000 C2 30       REP #$30
I do have a lot of stuff that I am working on right now so I am not sure when I'll have a chance to look at the code again
but improving the code is definitely something that I would like to do.

Good luck with that vram project! It sounds really ambitious :beer:

I've done a number of side-by-side tests with the Gradius 3 fastrom hack and the improvement is noticeable, though as slidelljohn stated there is still slowdown. However, when combining the hack with an emulator that allows for overclocking (such as the Snes9X 2010 Libretro core for RetroArch), the game is virtually slowdown-free. It's pretty awesome after all these years to play one of the first 16-bit shmups the way it was meant to be played. Gradius 3 is a personal favorite of mine (I prefer the SNES version--that soundtrack is gold), and seeing it running so smooth (also flicker-free using the above emulator) is a real treat.
Thanks! I still never tried RetroArch. I guess all the hacking I do eats up all of my free time. :D

I got one of the parts that I was waiting on to see if I can improve the super v-power mod chip and I came up with something even better. I wanted to split the chip into 2 chips so I wouldn't solder wires directly to the board but as I was testing everything I came up with the idea of having one pcb wrapping around the cpu and the ppu so there would be no wires and no ribbon cables. This will only be possible by getting a custom injection molded header pin that connects to the cpu pins, ppu pin, and all of the vram pins. I found a company that can make the custom header pin for me but its going to take some time to get all of the correct measurements for the holes. If I can get this done I can add a bonus to the super v-power mod chip. I can add the super cic chip to the super v-power as well because it also has a hole for every pin for the cic chip. Imagine a all in on 128kb vram and super cic. This is turning out way better than I expected.

Here is a image showing all of the holes for all of the pins for the 2 vram chips and the cic chip. url image is large:

Here is a paper cutout to give everyone a idea of the shape of the new pcb design with the super cic added:

After I get the pcb shape and the holes correctly mapped out in eagle cad I'll see about getting the custom header pins made.
My schematics and custom header pins will all be open source when they are ready.

One of the bsnes plus developers is currently working on adding the super v-power capabilities to the bsnes plus debugger so
hopefully soon we will all have a really good debugger for future rom hacks that can use this new unused hidden feature for the original snes console. :woot!:

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Wip projects for the 7th saga (Snes)
« on: January 07, 2019, 08:28:46 pm »
I have the patch for the 7 letters in your name ready:

I haven't had the chance to finish the other patches but I am curranty working on them while I have the time.
These patches might or might not be compatible with each other but I plan on releasing my docs for the patches
plus the patches to so everyone will be able to have the source code for the patches just in case
someone needs to move some data around. In the near future I plan on combining all of my 7th saga improvement
hacks in one but this wont happen until I finish most of my docs for 7th saga. When I do create my all in one
7th saga improvement hack I'm going to call the rom 7th Saga, The(U)[!][J].sfc.
And no the [J] doesn't mean Japan :crazy:

One other thing that I plan on making is a digital 7th saga players guide. I'm not sure if I'm going to make it in
html or a .exe but I'm leaning towards a .exe. This will be a long time before this is ready. Probably after I release
the 7th saga editor. But here is something I was thinking about having for the enemies in the guide:

I modified some tile sets and came up with my own tiles for the edge of the menu and the bars for the stats. These
tiles may or may not be used inside of 7th saga when/if I create a new in game menu for viewing your stats, items, and
magic. Some other stuff that I'm working on like this I'm going to also use to make new custom 7th saga posters to add to
my super nintendo collection. I already have a complete in box 7th saga and elnard, the 2 7th saga players guides, the 2
7th saga mangas, 7th saga nintendo power card, elnard phone card, and one of the 2 enix books that has a small amount of 7th
saga stuff in it. So yea I need more posters for my 7th saga collection. :o

I would like to complete my 7th saga collection. Can anybody locate this enix guide book for me? Its almost imposible to
find. I have only found one but I was too late in being able to buy it. Image for the enix guide book is large so I made a url.

Also I'm looking to get all magazines that have 7th saga ads in them. Does anyone know what magazines have the 7th saga ads in them?

Personal Projects / Re: slidelljohn (a.k.a.[J]) snes projects page
« on: January 04, 2019, 09:20:17 pm »
More info you got it 8)

I have some more pcb components on the way from China as soon as these come in(about 2 weeks) I’ll be able to see if I’ll be able make the upgrade that I would like to do. I’m going to try to split the pcb into 2 pcb’s. One pcb I’m going to try and put header pins on it to mount it around the cpu and the ppu1 and it will have all of the resistors, transistors, status leds, a couple switches and a connector for a flat ribbon cable on it. The other pcb will only have the two ram chips and a connector for a flat ribbon cable. The second pcb I will also drop the castellated holes for a bga setup. I think this setup will make everything a lot cleaner and professional looking. Now this 2 pcb setup probably won’t work on the 1st released motherboard that has the vertical ram chips because you have to solder directly to the pins on the cpu and ppu but I might be able to figure something out for that one.

With my current setup for the pcb using the cpu unused i/o ports I haven’t found any games that don’t work properly. Without using those ports from the cpu there are games that don’t work properly with the major one being super mario world 2.

All of the major details are in the link to byuu’s archived forum. I have good pictures for mega man x1 showing what the original 64kb of vram looks like and what the upgraded 128kb of vram looks like and it has the patch for mmx1 and the nSide debugger to create hacks for it.

Currently the only games I plan on hacking with the extra vram are mega man x1 and the 7th saga. The only other games I’ll probably add the 128kb of vram to is one that someone has a level editor for that they are willing to add support for the extra vram.

Yes I looked into some of it but I still need to do more research on that. From what I was seeing the slowdown is caused by the algorithm for the sprites. Yes removing compression does speed things up but not really during gameplay mostly when levels are loading. I have mmx1 and 7th saga that I have removed all graphics compression and gameplay still slows down but level loading is way faster. I already have 100% of gradius 3 asm disassembled and most of the data mapped out so interesting things are being worked on to improve the game.

I could release the disassembled asm for gradius 3 but I’m not really sure what the right way is to release it. Can I release a text file with all of the asm on without getting in trouble or do I need to write a program that rips it out of the game?

Personal Projects / slidelljohn (a.k.a.[J]) snes projects page
« on: January 01, 2019, 10:46:14 pm »
Welcome To My Projects Page!

I currently have 2 important projects that need to be finished and released.

Project #1 Gradius 3 (fast rom about 99% complete, sram support work in progress)

I have a near complete Gradius 3 fast rom. All assembly is complete there is just some data that still needs
to be changed to fast rom locations but it shouldn't really affect the speed much. There is definitely a noticeable
amount of decreased slowdowns but it still doesn't remove all slowdowns. Here is the patch:

I also added extra difficulties that you can unlock by holding L, R, Y, and B buttons at the same time when you go into the
option menu. There are 4 new difficulties which are elite, master, expert and pro. Normal, hard and arcade are slightly easier.
Elite difficulty is the same as the original arcade difficulty but master, expert, and pro are gradually harder with pro as the

The lastdual helped me with this patch by checking for bugs that I might have missed. There could still be some bugs so let me
know if you find any. I really need someone to try and beat the hardest level to see if there are any bugs in the gameplay.

My main goal for gradius 3 is to remove all slowdown, add sram and make it feel like a competition cart. I also want to add
a new system for calculating your score after each boss kind of similar to super punch out. Now fast rom will never remove all
of the slowdowns so I have been learning about the sa-1 chip. I do have a gradius 3 rom that is updated to use the sa-1 chip but it
does not load gradius 3's assembly yet. I have been gradually changing the assembly code to store all wram data into bw-ram for
the sa-1 chip to work properly, this is near complete. When I complete the wram to bw-ram change I'll start working on getting
the sa-1 to load most of the assembly. I plan on having the snes cpu live in wram so the cpu's don't collide so I can get the full
speed out of the sa-1 chip. I have no clue how long this is going to take but I chose gradius 3 for this because it is a small rom.
I hope everyone enjoys the fast rom patch and the extra difficulties.

Project #2 New snes mod chip called Super V-Power! (v = vram) (100% working but could still be improved)

This mod chip is for adding extra vram to the snes. The snes has 64kb of vram but the ppu is capable of using 128kb of vram.
Creating this mod chip kind of just fell in my lap. I did not figure out the ppu can use the extra vram and I'm not really sure who
did but byuu made higan v1.00 and up capable of using the extra vram because he said it should be possible. You can see how I ended
up creating this mod chip on byuu's forum. Byuu's forum is gone but it has been completely archived here:

All of the mod chip stuff is at the end of that page but you can see how it ended up getting made from reading everything from the
beginning. I also modified a snes debugger to show the extra vram in the vram viewer so there is a debugger that's supports the extra
graphics. The link to the debugger is on that 1st page. Qwertymodo was a really big help in showing me how to create the castellated
holes to mount the pcb to the snes and he helped me in how/who to send the pcb to to get made. The entire pcb I designed myself and
created in eagle cad. Im getting ready to create a updated version of the super v-power mod chip and when its finished I'll upload
all of my schematics. Im not interested in making any money off of the mod chip it will be fully open source for anyone to make it if
they want to. I do have a few mod chips that Im willing to give away for free to people that have the skills and want to create hacks
that use the extra vram. If anyone has a fully working level editor for a snes game and would like to add this feature to their editor
I would be willing to modify the game that uses their editor to use the 128kb of vram. I already have a mmx v1.1 rom that fully supports
the extra vram but I need to write a editor from scratch to be able to use it. As far as all my searching online I am the only person
to try and get 128kb of vram to work on the snes. I was trying to get analog to get their super nt to support the extra vram but I
didn't have any luck probably because nothing uses the extra vram yet. One day they might add support for it.

Here is my mod chip installed on the snes motherboard:

If I can get the sa-1 hack completed it would set me up for a project that will blow all other projects that I have worked on away,
which is, mega man x with sa-1, 128kb vram and a new engine to have game play like super metroid.

Hopefully it was/is ok for me to talk about this chip here because it could be a game changer for future snes rom hacks. If I broke any
rules let me know and it wont happen again and I'll delete the Project #2 post.

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