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Wait Zeldix is back on? Someone told me that yesterday Zeldix is gone for good.

I do want get done with tunic and stuff, but somehow staff lock my thread then my account got delete o Zeldix. It was Darkie, that me. But I found out that PuzzleDude is against deaf people in forum. I sent message to him in here and he called deaf people, dumb and dumber. That why Zeldix turn to worst. Now it forbid anyone else tp join member of Zeldix. He delete my account include my beat friend who is deaf too. He told me that his account has be delete. He and I didnt get anything for warning.

I, as the admin of Zeldix, decided to refresh the ranks by first removing the users, who were not logged in for at least 10 months.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: ALttP: Expand # of Bird Locations?
« on: February 14, 2015, 03:06:59 pm »
I was curious, is it possible for me to expand the # of bird locations? I wanted to make it to where you can be transported to secret areas and such, while keeping the original bird locations for dungeons and whatnot. I'll greatly appreciate it if anyone can help me with this!  :D
A lot of things can not be expanded in Alttp due to the game's engine. Flute locations and the number of those has yet not been documented and are currently stuck with the number 8 (normal) and 1 (special after Agahnim). I'm afraid you are going to need an ASM expert for this. I think this will be a lot of work for a very little effect.

Yes, of course it is not mandatory. You just need to specify the CRC. But headers can cause more problems, since there can be a "File CRC" and the "ROM CRC". With no header these two terms become identical.

By the way, the header is actually a leftover of the copier. So if the original rom has a header, then the person, who "scanned" the cartridge, was just lame enough to not erase this redundant info, which all emulators ignore.

The "real", so called internal header is actually "inside" the game's code. You can see it just at the end of the first 8000 hex bank. (Funny part: if you edit the name of the game in this internal header, the Zcompress will not work as well). This was one of the reasons people could not create the Bin file of Parallel Worlds gfx for a long time.

Ironically one of the greatests coders around, Fusoya, made a choice to program the SMW editor so that the header is needed, which made the SMW community used to headers. So they made all their patches header depended.

This is probably the only reason the headers are still around. And Zcompress brought the header into Alttp...

There is no difference between the smc and sfc file. Extension really doesn't matter. It is the code itself that matters. The sfc might have a different code, so that the IPS doesn't work then. Your patch currently works on an US headered rom with the file-crc DD42510E. But the rom crc (ie the core with no header) has the typical 777AAC2F.

You can also add or remove the header on any file, if it is smc or sfc. You probably left the header, because you want to edit the gfx. And Fusoya made a strange choise to program all his tools to be header-depended. Probably because he is from the SMW community. And their main editor needs a header, the Zcompress as well.

But the general standard is a file with no header, mainly because when calculating pointers, the address is always defined if there is no header. Bringing in the header could cause false pointer calculation. If the file is headered, the pointer actually points to: address+200. So the rule is this: always remove header when hex editing, but always add when gfx editing Alttp.

I can also recomend that you expand the rom to 2MB, or 2048 KB in explorer, 1FFFFF in hex. Your current 1.027 is an ortodox size, which makes the Naming screen glitched.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda: Bruce Campbell vs Ganon and the Deadites
« on: February 13, 2015, 09:25:42 am »
The person who made this hack was around a while back, not sure about now.

Regarding the game. The author thinks of it as a finished project. Of course it still needs a lot of debugging, but still, you can not keep the "game over" dimension. You just fall down to other rooms, where you were not supposed to be. You can not fix this in an way, but to rather respawn the sprite at the nearest door (so called hurting pits, rather then transport pits, but HM supports only 57 rooms to have them, out of 295 rooms). We recently discovered how to expand this in hex to all rooms, since this game has a lot more rooms with pits than 57.

Other possibility would be to remove some pits or exchange them with spikes, but the author would not approve with all that it seems, since the pits are there intentionally.

Third possibility would be to redefine all the falls into this dimension to the same room, which has a way out again.

Other than that there is a lot of smaller things to debug including redrawing some gfx as well as some Overworld drawing paradoxes.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Hyrule Magic and doors
« on: February 12, 2015, 07:00:52 am »
The easiest way to fix this is to draw an entrance without the actual door being shut.

When exiting a normal door, the overlay of the door appears, which means, your door appears on the exact X and Y of your house. Walk around the village and the opened door should be glitched somewhere.

You fix this by openin the entrance in HM and going into Exit properties. Then select wooden door and fix the X and Y to a new number depending on which quadrant the door is in, when you press the Grid on overworld. If X quadrant is 25, multiply this by 2= 50. Same for Y. This will get the door overlay close to your location (but not fully). Then make a final correction: bigger X is moving the door right, bigger Y down, until the overlay is centered right above the door.

Easier solution: select the door= none, and place the white exit dot lower (Link will not walk over the door this way).

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: ALttp Eastern Palace Tile?
« on: February 06, 2015, 12:29:43 pm »
Where is this tile from the Eastern Palace in YY-CHR?

At C800. Only 1 quarter is used and mirrored 3 times to make a simbol. As you can see in the picture 2 gfx sets are using it, while the one, which I indicated is loaded in the Eastern Palace.

Someone doesn't like your stuff, boohoo. The opinion of random people on the internet doesn't make a hack non-compliant for RHDN.
Speaking objectively (since I did not make the overworld or gfx editing or ASM for this game) the overworld is best thing, that ever happened to Alttp editing. I doubt, that if Nintendo would make a sequel of Alttp back in the 90s, that the overworld could be done better than this, specially due to multiple new gfx and palettes used. And the extensive ASM written for the new snow overlays in the dark world could be a challange for every programer.

Sure there are some weak links in the game, but I'm just trying to understand how someone can come to such a grotesque unobjective oppinion. Furthermore, when the original PW was introduced to the public, it was similarly targeted due to its hyper difficulty.

Maybe I should just write a seminar entitled: The life of a romhacker. Main guidelines: if you make a technologically a marble hack, it will do you no good, if you fail at gameplay. If you make a game to difficult, they will hate it (example PW), if you make it easier, they will still hate it (example PR).

Sooner or later someone will cart you hack and make money on your account, while the original authors will hate you for that and hunt you down, but you will be depressed, since someone is making money based on your work.

At the end of the day you are all at once: hunted, dissed at and regarded as a criminal (since you are "hacking" foreign intelectual property). Conclusion: don't romhack and your life will be better.

That's what you get for being to smart to be able to edit roms and simply loving the game and the work, that rom modding brings.

I have to admit I have neither played your hack nor the original Parallel Worlds hack, but I know these two comics.
There are bound to be people like that with 25k downloads. If you don't agree with any of the criticism, or if any is too trivial for a revisit, you shouldn't concern yourself with these people.

Nice. Made my day.

Want to hear something irronic: once I wanted to view a music video of someone who won on some talent show: after 2 days, the video was erased, due to its "violation of the rules" ie. uploading copyrighted material owned by a local TV station which organized the show.

At the same time someone uploaded a video on You tube of 7 guys beating up a chinese guy. They were all basically children (around 15 years old). There were obvious signs of rasism and similar nationalistical remarks (spoken during the "incident"). According to the You tube law there was no direct reason for removing the video, since it was "copyrighted" by the uploader.

The video was eventually removed, not by You tube admins (they thought nothing was wrong with it) and not by the police (they did not have the rights to do that), but by the uploader himself being scared when the cops show up on his doorstep.

Something is seriously wrong with You tube. I know how to make this world a better place, stay away from You tube.

Recently hyper negative criticism has been made on one of the You tube chanels regarding the hack Zelda3 Parallel Remodel.

So I as the author request for it to be removed from the Romhacking database (already flagged it as non compliant).

I'm willing to bet that your overall opinion on this remake is going to be crap piled on crap, sprinkled with crap, lit with crap 0/10 why does this piece of crap exist? What I have witnessed in your l.p. thus far is a complete and utter DEATH of what the original was, and I really don't know what else to say.

I can only assume that Parallel Remodel was made just to mock people who complained of the originals difficulty, I find it very hard to believe he was serious with this.

Whoever made this quest should be kicked in the face multiple times and never be allowed to make a quest ever again.

Ayuh...this remake should not exist indeed. The one or two good levels just could not salvage this mess...methinks the author was not trying very hard when he created's obvious now he was stuck on a linear path lined with Beamos, leading to bright rooms of failure?

You actually found a bug. You were supposed to be able to get the L4 sword as soon as you enter the winter world! Seriously, fuck this remake.

It would seem that the author really loves linear paths, and vapid game play.

So after what I said about assuming this was just made as a joke to mock people and sadly from what I can tell it appears this was quite serious.

The Parallel Tower of the Parallel Remodel is a sad reimagining of what was an incredible climb. This is the moment the entire game builds up to? The Maiden's secrets in this version are worthless. The entire 7F was Empty Rooms, not even enemies. At least make some clear all enemies or Something. The sad part, the abysmally sad part is that Ganon's Tower is A Lot more difficult than this. This is a veritable joke!

Personal Projects / Re: Link to the Past Hack *UPDATED* (2-4-15)
« on: February 05, 2015, 07:43:26 am »
And about the hair, I've tried to edit the ROM itself in Hyrule Magic, and then recompress graphics into the ROM afterwards, and they wouldn't recompress.
That's because the Alttp ROM is full of data to be exactly 1MB in size. When editing in HM you will gain more data, making it a non conventional size.

That's why you need to open the rom in hex and add 00 bytes, untill the ROM is exactly 2MB in size. If you add a header to it, that the edited rom is again compatible with zcompress. You thus can change the gfx at any time.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets Graphics?
« on: February 01, 2015, 04:32:12 pm »
When I load them up into YY-CHR and switch to 3BPP SNES mode they display fine.
Great. Of course it is to be noted, that the 3BPP SNES is only available in YYchr ver 0.99, which has the well known language issue, so I was using the 0.98 and 0.97, which don't have this 3BPP option. Works fine in the new version. It is interesting, but some gfx block sets are a copy from Alttp. One other interesting part is, that the out.bin are standard tiles, while out2.bin are sprites.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: ALttP Item Icon Editing in YY-CHR
« on: February 01, 2015, 01:43:53 pm »
The gfx for all the Menu items (including the Flute) is at bin gfx address 38800, that's somewhere in the middle, right after that big empty gap. But the encoding must be set to 2BPP GB, since the menu is 8-bit, instead of 16-bit and only has 3 colours: white, black and the "colour", which is then defined as blue, red, green or yellow.

The gfx for the Flute coming out of the chest or when digged up from the ground is elsewhere and is in 16-bit, at 66000, where all the item-sprites are at.

Luckily the Flute has no third location, which is using the item in-game (like the Hammer). Some rare items have even more locations, such as the pendant (since it needs the gfx for the map display and when on-screen during the Master sword grab).

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets Graphics?
« on: February 01, 2015, 01:31:33 pm »
There IS a program that can extract the graphics for the Ancient Stone Tablets
That's good news. I wasn't aware of that.

Here's a rar that has a dump of the compressed graphics from BS Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets if anybody else needs them.

I ripped them from each week of two diff versions of the ROM just to be sure I didn't miss anything.
Thank you for this. By the way, are you able to load this in YYchr. I can only view the 2BPP GB (ie the 8bit gfx for the menu), but the standard 16 bit, 4BPP SNES is still scrambled.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets Graphics?
« on: January 31, 2015, 03:41:01 pm »
I need extracted graphics from Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets (the 3rd BS Zelda game) for my new ALttP hack. I've tried to do it myself, and the program (made specifically for this game) just doesn't work... Does anyone have any ideas? Or know of any programs that'll extract the graphics?
There is no program to extract the gfx in a form of the bin file from Ancient Stone Tablets. The only program written for this game was the dungeon editor (programed by Euclid). With it you can slightly edit the bg layers of the dungeons, which is rather simple and basic.

It seems tools made specificially for ALttP won't always work with AST. I guess they're different enough that not everything compatible with one will work with the other.
Actually all tools written for Alttp will not work for Ancient Stone tablets. In fact Hyrule Magic will only work for the US version of Alttp and not for EU version or the Japan version of Alttp. You can, however, transfer certain ASM codes (for instance Conn managed to transfer AST Pegasus shoes into Alttp).

In US Alttp gfx starts at exactly 87000 in hex. EU has this address shifted and thus the pointers. AST not only has this further replaced, but also uses a different compression algorithm. So zcompress has no chance here. Getting this data into the bin is currently not possible, unless we would have the help of someone like Fusoya.

There is however a manual way of print-screening, while the emulator is on hyper slow speed. I used this strategy to extract the chicken in Parallel Worlds (at 10% speed). Of course this method is long and not really recomended for a lot of sprites, but you can get one or two (specially the ones who don't have lots of states; for instance chicken only has 2 states, so only 2 screens). But I couldn't extract Agahnim/Draegor this way (to complex). Later I realocated all the hex data for gfx from PW to Alttp to get the bin (but this can not be done for AST).

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Hex Editors - Opinions Please
« on: January 31, 2015, 07:31:38 am »
This is what I use (HxD hex editor)


but for the "relative search" you will also need Windhex.

Some more Tools for you (since I know you currently work on Alttp:

Personal Projects / Re: Legend of Zelda ALTTP Hack (Play as Zelda)
« on: January 25, 2015, 05:02:06 pm »
The good thing is, that the palettes are easy to find for the main sprite in Hyrule Magic under pal. In Hyrule magic guide, you can also see the image detailing each colour. You also need to change the palettes for the blue and red armor.

So basically you need to know, how YYchr produced its Pal, which is different and what colour stands for what. You can see this in original sprite.

One other problem are the gloves, which will make Links hands a different colour, so this should be looked into, not to use the "hand colour" on the face (like Parallel Worlds). So when getting the gloves, Link's face (in PW hack) turns silver and golden when he is lifting or pulling.

By the way, the Zelda sprite was drawn by Crimson.

Regarding Zelda rescuing Zelda. Well, change Zelda in a cell into Link. This idea was first produced by SePH and can be seen in the Zelda Parallel Universes= Conker beta hack (currently not for public, since it is beta), when Conker is rescuing (dark) Link.

But the Pal for the Zelda sprite is difficult to find, since sprites can be complex and use special bytes, editable only in hex to bring up the global pal and individual pals. For instance you can not change the blue sprite bomb into red by repixeling (without hex edit).

Could also be Zelda rescuing her twin sister or another princess.

Personal Projects / Re: Legend of Zelda ALTTP Hack (Play as Zelda)
« on: January 25, 2015, 12:57:28 pm »
No, this wan't done yet. The gfx is a simple copy/paste, since the main sprite is not even compressed, so you can open the rom directly in YYchr. But the problem are the Palettes, which must also be fixed with HM, under palettes for clothes, shield etc.

It also can be difficult for beginners to copy/paste a section of the picture into the YYchr.

I guess there was no great interest for this adoptation, so no one has yet brought this into the final state and made a patch.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Zelda A Link to the Past Treasure Contents
« on: January 25, 2015, 12:43:12 pm »
Alttp Bible (currently in alpha/beta form, but still very useful)
that has all the current known info on hacking this game:

A product of Zeldix forum and its "masterminds"

I'd like to place a few extra chests in Link's house or somewhere nearby so I could start the game with: Pegasus Boots, the Cane of Somaria and the Magic Cape.

Anyway, I'm assuming that this could be done with Hyrule Magic but I can't seem to figure out how to alter the contents of the chests. Pegasus Boots, the Cane of Somaria and the Magic Cape.
Yes, it can be done with Hyrule Magic. The easiest was for you to do that, is to open Alttp in HM and open up indoors and remove some chests in a random cave, which has 4 chests with 20 rupees. Now you can add 4 chests in your house. Then click on them and press the + on the keyboard to change the content of the chest.

Note: it is difficult to expand the number of chests, but it was already decoded over at Zeldix. We found the way how to expand any indoors data: chests, items (=stuff under jars), sprites, bg data etc, number of pushable blocks etc. But it is not recomended to change this, since the rom is then no longer compatible with HM. So it is better to remove some chests first and add them on new locations.

Alternative: you can hack the srm starting save, so that Link already starts with these items by default. I/We also decoded this already for all possible inventory items. No new chests are needed then.

Assuming the file has NO-header,
go to 274D8 in hex and change the 00 to 01, = start with the Cape by default,
go to 274D6 in hex and change 00 to 01, = start with Cane of Somaria by default,
go to 274DB in hex and change 00 to 01, = Pegasus boots in inventory (no running yet)
go to 274FF in hex and change F8 to FE, = turn on running with Pegasus boots

you can play some more:
go to 274F4 = green magic start, 00= zero, 10=one eigth, 40= half, 80=full
go to 274F2 = heart containers: 18 18 is 3 hearts, 20 20 is 4 hearts, 28 28 is 5 hearts etc

Actually, if it's possible to make a few simple hex edits and have the Pegasus Boots appear in the chest that already exists in Link's house I would find this equally acceptable but I don't know where to find the info for this stuff. As popular as this game is I'm assuming that someone has already located this type of data.
Yes we have located this data and lots more of it. Smart choise to change the Lamp in your house to Pegasus boots, since the Lamp will than be in the cellar where the Uncle is at(automatically, since this is a special chest= Lamp, alternate is 5 rupees).
This is a simple edit with HM, click on the chest and hold + until the Lamp is changed into Boots. You can make a copy of the rom first and then hex compare the 2 files, if you wish to know where this is in hex, but there is no need.

Mandatory reading: The guide for Hyrule Magic has all this info already in it.

Guide for Hyrule Magic

Hyrule Magic Program

Recomended to visit

why some snes emulators can't read my Super mario world us smc file patched with ips file

from smwcentral website?

When i run it it doesn't run.

Is it a problem of header or what?

How can i patch my rom without modified header or to run like original super mario world

us rom?

nb. Smw us rom run very well in original state.
Perhaps my emulator can't read patched rom.

Any helps are welcome to resolve my problem.
I use emumaster on nokia n9 or emiSnes on nokia 808 purview.


Do you really think if you patch just any file with the IPS, that it will work. IPS allows false patching (which is patching to the wrong original rom) and thus can easily corrupt the rom completely. You need to make sure that you have the exact same original rom as the creator of the IPS. The region is not enough, can also be a rom with header or without and it could also be a different version all together.

You need to use the hash program to calculate the CRC id of the original rom and then compare it to the one provided by the creator of the IPS. If the creator of the IPS did not do this, you can only guess which on to use. For SMW this is usually US headered rom.

To test your patching success, run the rom with Zsnes or Snes9x Snes emulators for PC. If they work here, but not on your other emulator, than it is indeed the emulator's inability to run the rom, which is odd, since any Snes emulator should run a standard Snes rom.

I should make a Super Mario World hack that requires a rom without a header, just to fuck with the SMWC community.
Indeed. Why do they like the annoying headers so much. All tools by Fusoya require a header...

So just delete the header before you create the patch.
This should be a standard. It would only take seconds to make this. How do they even calculate the pointers, if they always point to the location+header.

Newcomer's Board / Re: If a hack / translation does not get accepted
« on: January 17, 2015, 07:05:05 am »
If a hack / translation does not get accepted, shouldn't the submitter get an explanation?

I submitted a patch for "Puyo Puyo Fever (NDS)" which disables the Mic.  For what ever reason, it is not in the Submission Queue now ( and has not been added to the website.

Really would like to know why it got denied?
You first need to wait before your submission even gets into the queue (only if there is a long line). Then you need to wait for it to be processed. After that you will get an email with the explanation, but it can be in the spam folder.

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