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News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 07, 2015, 01:12:13 pm »
Like I said before, this Great hack by Fusoya:

uses the same strategy of mapping (his is Exhirom 6MB, mine is Exlorom 8MB, both are in the domain of the above 4MB Expansion, Exhirom is even more exsotic!). Both ARE specific-emulator hacks. Why is his game not flagged or discussed to death on the mapper choice?!

His hack is here since 2003! and the community had no problems whatsoever with it!

prodigy ASM
Yes, yes. We all know you're God's gift to ROM hacking.
The ASM was written by Conn. I actually don't do ASM, but everything else. You should have seen the code he wrote for the Morning Star New weapon. Months of struggling and brainstorming on his part. This is really not ego, it is a fact. I'm not the author of ASM.

And now Link can give those Morning Star knights their payback! Because they are now not the only ones with this awesome weapon (which is actually also a Hookhot, so it is a Hookshot upgrade).

Also ASM - ice rod freezing water to walk over - which is impossible to do. Multipushable blocks, water block (makes water trail, but can not push a block if standing in water), brown block (can not push block over brown trail but can walk over it), stone block (clones another block over pushed block in the direction pushed).

Prodigy is actually a mild word of what wizardness Conn did to Alttp hacking community (not even all ASM could be used in this game). On the other forum he was given the "rank" Zelda Legend.

Again, this is not me, but him. No egos here, just facts.

Funny part - when I wanted to credit him for being in charge of ASM - he said "not neccesary to credit me".

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 07, 2015, 12:37:29 pm »
I'm not going to argue with some kid half my age whose ego is so big he can't even see he doesn't have the first clue what he's talking about.
I can never be half your age since then you could almost be a grandfather.

And I do know what I'm talking about. Every sane person would know, that you can not sell, what you don't own. You can not sell, if someone else has made it - let's forget the law - this is common sense.

Can I sell your car. No I can't. Can I distribute, what I personally made - yes I can. (I'm not even selling it). Ie a patch.

Can I distribute, what I don't own, ie the code of the original. No I can't. Thus I can not link to a ROM, not original and not modified. And I can not make a cart obviosuly (contains the rom).

Every sane person using common sense would see, that selling of carts is without doubt wrong, while distribution of Patches is not wrong or (a lot less) wrong.

Also, I would appreciate, that next time I make a release of a hard-work project, that you don't pollute the topic with obscure debates on something so irrelevant as a mapping method of the ROM and endless debate over how much legal/illegal romhacking is. We know how things stand.

Regarding the ego. It was not my intention, it was a simple reaction to people who don't appreciate the gift given to them.

Do you know, how much "sacrifice" was neccesary to finish this project: developing, designing, algorithmic brainstorming, remapping, prodigy ASM endless debugging, endless testing, emulator recoding etc etc. Every sane person would give up long ago.

And then Patch making, uploading, submitting, linking, and then giving it away For Free.

Excuse me if, as a reward for all this, I don't want to be backstabbed Again by seeing my game soled on ebay on a illegal cart... Again.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 07, 2015, 11:34:38 am »
The game was released as a PATCH, which requires for you to OWN the original, to able to enjoy this freeware "add on". The rom was never released. A cart is a ROM, the patch is not.

is a ROM hacker illegally taking someone else's work and using it to their own end
Without making money or hurting the original authors whatsoever, since they already made money on this game (8 million copies soled by the way). We are making no profit what so ever, and don't release any Actual copyrighted material.

By the way: the PATCH which was published contains My Personal Work only, without the original code. I OWN the code (hacked part) which I released.

A cart maker doesn't own anything, Not the original, Not the modified code. They don't even own the phisical cart, since the cart was taken from some other game. They don't even own the freakin manual (booklet) or the paper-box the game is in.

I never released anything owned by original authors - not even the picture of Link on a paper.

All I released were ones and zeros of my personal work. I own this code. (Isn't software beautiful.)

A cartmaker however is hurting the original authors. He is distribuing/selling roms, we do not sell, not even distribute roms, not even pictures of copyrighted game-heros. Patch is useless if you don't OWN the original.

With repro cart you don't need to own the original.

because ROM hacks are just as illegal as repro carts
Yes, they are, however the ROM hack was never released, and it never will be (the irony of romhacking).

By the way, I personally own the code, which I released.
I have copyrights of my code and my puzzle designs are under my copyright and the new item Morning star, which is a prodigy ASM, is owned by Conn. Original game did not have this item, nor the puzzles. The original game was simply used to "run" the whole thing.

That's the main difference between GREY and BLACK, don't you see the difference in colour.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 07, 2015, 07:16:55 am »
im stuck in the second dungeon, the one with the holes everywhere, I managed to progress a bit but cant seem to find a way to get the second key which is probably in the top left chest under the "PUZZ" room.
From the entrance go up and drop down the most upper hole you can reach. Drop down a few more times on the neighbour holes. You are now in the room with big holes, you are on the left side of the room. Perform a dash jump (run right with shoes and the bounce will take you across the pit). Drop down the very left pit. You will auto drop in the next room to the key.

Just so that everyone knows:
The user obscurumlux01 has flagged this hack as Noncompliant and the staff might remove this work-of-art hack from this site.

Probable Reason for his act: the hack is not compatible with his reprocarts and thus can not be soled in his Reprocart-making piracy store.

So basically if he can not fill his pockets with money, based on someone else's work, the hack is no good and must be deleted.

The hack however IS emulator specific, which is apparently in conflict with this site's policy.

BUT I don't make emulators. Every emu could easily add this STANDARD EXLOROM MAPPER to it and make the game compatible with it.

But emu makers tend to mimic real hadware so perfectly, that they are blind to this STANDARD FORMAT FOR ADVANCED ROMHACKING.

And because emu makers are blind to this STANDARD FORMAT FOR ADVANCED ROMHACKING, is what makes this game emulator-specific. Some people, like makers of Snes9x as well as Fusoya, are fortunatelly not blind, which is basically why you can play this game.

This hack by Fusoya uses the same/similar format!

His however is Exhirom 6MB, supported only by Snes9x and Zsnes (like my hack - since in my case the emus included are also Snes9x and Zsnes).

Take a look at the review of his hack. The title is "One of the best".

Are we going to remove "One of the best" hacks from this site just because of the way it is mapped.

To change the mapping of the hack back to Lorom is EASY, just as is EASY to add Exlorom mapper support to all emulators.

The main reason of Fusoya's and my choice of hack mapping was to STOP ILLEGAL CART MAKING and obviously also to prevent others to edit the game further.

But apparently IF YOU WANT TO STOP THE PIRATES and other hack abusers, it's a crime.

I agree that the game, which is emulator specific is questionable! and looses audience! and looses credibility! and compatibility, but THE REPRO HORROR HAS BEEN STOPPED.

It is because of my game that WAS NOT USED AS A VEHICLE FOR PIRACY. Just following the site's Rules.

It is because of all other hacks, which are compatible with real hardware, that WAS USED AS A VEHICLE FOR PIRACY.

If however playing a freeware game on a freeware emulator is a crime ALSO, why isn't the entire site banned then (this could easily be done, since Nintendo brought down sites). But only the sites which host roms! They tend to "leave" the sites such as this one with PATCHES only.

They are heavily against any emulation though, but that goes mainly for up-to-date consoles! not 20 year old extinct game, from which they made no more money of.

We could however put the removal of both hacks to the POLL. Let's vote, like in any democracy:
-Do you want IQ and TLC removed from this site (since they ARE emulator specific, since they use advanced romhacking methods) or not?

The games just use another mapper (ironically this is not even a format but only a rom Expansion), otherwise the code itself is completely based on original game and thus compatible with real hardware - the hardware just doesn't know where to look, isn't that ironic.

October 07, 2015, 08:01:00 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
If you made a hack then make up a bunch of carts.
Erock, you know better that I despise hardware in general. The hardware is the devil - my oppinion. The hardware is what brings the grey area of romhacking into the black area of romhacking (no area is white though).

You really need to let that "You vs Piracy" and "I'm the victim" shit go.

Between this and that "seminar" thread, it sounds like you really need to step away from ROM hacking for a while. People are going to repro no matter what you do and you're not entirely innocent in the matter either. You may took the time to create the ROM hack, but its STILL the original game developers who created the code that you're rearranging, which is yet again a grey area issue on legal here. How do think they feel (if they gave a shit) you messing with their hard work? Piracy annoys me too, but the war you have against it is a loosing one. Repro comes with rom hacking and if don't like it then maybe you should try Game Maker or Zelda Classic (is that still alive?), or simply walk away for this because its clearly eating you alive.
Not a chance. I'm just getting started. And by the way not only can we engage pirates, we have WON.

Me and Fusoya - hyperhackers, who made it, and put an end to repro cart making. Namely, the IQ is not only Exlorom, it also has a super anti-repro-cart Lock (ignored by Emus!), which makes the game completely incompatible with real hadware - and yet emulates the game normally. But you need an Emulator in any case, just not hardware, because hardware is the devil.

Me and Fusoya, the pioneers of a new age, where romhacking is safe from repro abuse. NOTE: with this new format Conker DEMO hack and Oracle of Secrets DEMO were locked also (in this case to prevent data extraction).

In fact I can do any existing or future SNES Lorom hacks in this "format" and thus allow the author to stop the abuse of their hacks, if this is their wish.

Makes me want to Open a Subforum on Zeldix (where the IQ hack mapper IS allowed, why wouldn't it be) to host Patches for all other quality ROMs in this format - current and future.

With this a new subforum for all hacks of this sort would emerge.

The author of ANY Lorom SNES HACK can thus, because of me, choose:
-release unlocked (maximum compatibility, but carts possible)
-release locked (normally played on specific emus only, prevents carts and prevents data extraction and any editing of the rom all together)

the author could also choose to release the locked to the public and unlocked to his friends!

It's the dawn of the new era.

Not to mention what you can do to a game, which allows 8MB, you can make prodigy ASM, GFX, levels etc etc, but obviously based on real game, since this is what this art is all about. Don't make me laugh with Zelda classic and make-from-scratch methods - read the title of this site - all the work is strictly based on original game!
Making games from scratch is something completely different!

By the way, I'm thinking of bringing out the so called MIMIC emulator, my own (recoded) personal emulator, which will Not support save stating, cheating and bg layer disableing, to allow players to play, as if on real hardware (litterally!). And of course with ALL freakin mappers! (there's only 4 of them Lorom, Hirom, Exlorom, Exhirom, how difficult is that, seriously). So you can play any SNES hack and game, that ever existed, on it.

October 07, 2015, 08:16:11 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

If the hack gets removed, you can always get it here:

where it IS "allowed", why wouldn't it be, seriously.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 06, 2015, 04:02:15 pm »
Just a lovable fact. When the Alttp was first released in the 90s and we bought the cart, we could only play it on the SNES console.

According to some people here, the upper statement should be a crime... Let's read this again: "We could only play it on the SNES console". O, how very selfish of Ninteno, only 1 console (which would be an emulator today) to play on. Why couldn't we just play it on Mac, or gameboy, or Sega. I actually know people who would try to stick the SNES cartridge into Sega and Play station.

In addition there was a lovable text on the SNES cart: "only for" SNES to prevent such strange wishes.

So as you can see, the idea of something working somewhere is not really that selfish. It is a miracle that today we can play SNES on their rival consoles.

Any author of the hack should in some regard also know, where his game will be played on. I'll say it again: I'm not a company with 300 workers to test the game on Winsows, Mac, Linux, smartphones, anodroid, Wii, DS, PSP, real hardware, SNES doctor, sd2snes, powerpack, flash cart etc etc and only because someone wants to play it there.

I can only verify that the game works on any system, capable of running SNES roms, which also supports Exlorom mapping, and this mapping is quite known. This is not fabricated. I did not invent this format. The game is still the same, only the data has been moved around since the original is absurdly "squeezed" (why is this such a crime).

Here the proof of this well known mapping:

Any emulator, which was done after 2001, should support this well know mapping system (but it unfortunately doesn't), despite the fact that the original hardware did not (pretty much like the emulator supports save stating and cheating and the original hardware doesn't).

As far as I know the Snes9x (with 6MB Exlorom support) was ported to Windows, MAC, Nintendo DS and Wii. Just saying.

HOWEVER: quoted from the Romhacking rules section:
The following types of hacks are not accepted:
-Demos/Alphas/Betas: Any incomplete version of a hack, usually given out well before the final version is ready, for feedback or other purposes is not accepted. You may post such hacks on the forum.
-Texture Packs: Commonly made for Nintendo 64 games, and consisting of new textures which will be loaded in place of the originals. Actual texture hacks are acceptable (as long as they are complete ), however these packs are not.
-Sprite-Only Hacks: Typically single or few sprite only hacks are considered incomplete and/or non-improvements, and will not be accepted (Think Naked Mario hacks). Extensively difficult or artistic sprite hacks however may be considered.
-Emulator Specific Hacks: Any hacks that are known to only run properly on a single emulator such as ZSNES or Nesticle only hacks.

So according to the last line, anyone is welcome to flag this game as Noncompliant, which can/will result with its removal from the database.

rule2 from forum rules:
RHDN should not be used as your vehicle to piracy - we're not a piracy ring. Any requests for or offers, either directly or indirectly, or hotlinking to illegal material, such as ROMs, ISOs, DVDRips, animations doesn't belong here. This includes discussion that would encourage or enable piracy of "0-day" or recently released games (discussing emulation problems, copy-protection cracks, etc). Discussion on "reproduction" cartridges is not considered within the scope of this forum and is not permitted.
This is a paradox then. Since if it is required for the game to work on real hardware (or Not on certain emus only), then it is automaticlly possible to make a repro out of it and sell it, which means that the RHDN would be used as a vehicle to piracy and even money making.

By the way: my hack Goddess of Wisdom was downloaded from this site. IPS patched, Rom carted and it is still being sold today on ebay. Wasn't thus used as a vehicle to piracy, since I was so generous and made the game compatible with real hardware (which I can do for any SNES hack obviously!).

Disch, I hope you are happy, you can play my lovable Goddess of Wisdom hack on a pirated cart on real hardware, and Higan as well, since it is compatible with real hardware, and you got your 100% emulation accuracy.

Goldenband, I hope you are happy, you can play my lovable Goddess of Wisdom hack on your Mac, using a SNES emu for Mac.

Now you are both happy and satisfied, everyone is happy, since the hack Goddess of Wisdom will run on any possible SNES emu that exists... but piracy has been done. I'm not happy.

So now we, the romhackers, are in the eyes of public bad people - we made this piracy possible, since we were dumb enough to make it compatible with "everything". So things are not ok.

Now that a certain hack is not compatible with everything, things are still not ok. Hm.

Does that mean I'll refuse to use one of the two emulators included? Hell no - I wanna play me some Zelda.
Made my day.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 06, 2015, 12:30:22 pm »
I really liked GoW and PDQ so I tried to give this an honest attempt. I played for about an hour and a half and didn't feel like I got anywhere. The first mini-dungeon was variations of the same rooms over and over, the worst kind of maze. The next one (Misery Mire theme) was a little better but kinda the same. The 3rd one (Water Temple) was where I almost started to like it, block puzzles are a little old but they were being handed well.
Not sure how to feel about not being able to move while charging a spin-attack... The spin attack does need a nerf but that's not quite the right way to do it.

I understand LttP is hard to hack (Hyrule Magic is a buggy mess for example) so I can respect all the effort put into this. I just think it missed the mark.

I think "IQ test" is a bit of a misnomer as well, but of course it is.
Yes, well it is a nonconventional hack, much different from the standard game, and something complex is not neccesarily attractive.

Emu developers are not going to try to keep pace with whatever bullshit features ROM hackers want to fabricate to make their hacks easier to produce. They are only interested in emulating the system.
Exactly. Let's read this again: "They are only interested in emulating the system." This means they don't care about romhacking or hacks at all, nor advancing forward or updating. They just want to emulate the original - and for the purpose to be able to run original games. But do read the title of this website!

Also, how is save stating, cheating, bg layer disabling, fast forwarding, rewinding! mimicing the real hardware. Those features are gravly interrupting the standard concept of game play, meant for a game. Cheating allows to interrupt and change the RAM, which can make a game crash. All emus should not allow this then, but they do, because that's the beauty of emulation - it is much more advanced than real hardware and supports things, that the real hardware doesn't.

If you want to make games that aren't restrained by the limitations of ancient hardware -- don't make games for ancient hardware. Use RPG Maker. Use Game Maker. Use Unity. Use Zelda Classic.

In fact, this hack would have been a lot better if you made it in Zelda Classic. SNES is really the wrong medium for this.
Read the title of this website again. We, the hackers, are hacking the rom, since this is the most pragmatic thing to do. Everything is already there and it is the Snes engine, that everyone is so nostalgic about. This is what attracts us and the players and this is what we are good at. You always hook the ASM from the original rom, what else, and put in the new code. That's what this art is all about. Adopting, updating, changing the original.

Someone who makes games is a game designer, not a hacker/modder.

All other systems you metioned are a totaly different thing, since romhacking focuses strictly on the behaviour of the original game, learns from it and adopts/updates it. The result is always a modification of the original game. So is this game, it is a modification, based on the original.

don't make games for ancient hardware
But we don't, we modify games, which were once for ancient hardware. Now they are new/updated games for updated ancient hardware.

Don't you grasp the idea of romhacking. No sane person would be dumb enough to make an entire game from scratch (we are not a company with 300 workers).
All of our work is strictly based on the original game. In fact you always "hook" from the original code, and then insert new code in blank space. You always repoint, adopt, change, update what already exist, you never make it from scratch.

The result is a modification, an update of the original game. Such an update migh/or migh not require an update on hardware as well, but like said: a hacker is in charge of software.

Some advanced hackers might also be able to actually build editors for games and even recode emulators for their benefit, to bring this "update" into the thing, which will eventually run the game.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 06, 2015, 11:03:52 am »
Since you admitted Exlorom did not exist on the SNES, how can you say it's a SNES game? It's just a game that runs in emulators.
But don't you see Exlorom is made from Lorom. This is a Lorom (ie a SNES game) expanded and new data added. The original global engine of the game is not changed at all, it was just updated and expanded, repointer and remapped/reformatted. The data is still there. The data placement is better and fully used (the original was squeezed and poorly used= only what the actual game design needed).

For example, if I were to take your ROM hack, replace Link with a giant penis, and rerelease it, that would not be an official release of your hack.
It's one thing to deliberately mock the original, or if you actually fix its obvious mistakes, with minor changes.

from the memmap.cpp

Code: [Select]
void CMemory::Map_JumboLoROMMap (void)
// XXX: Which game uses this?

map_lorom_offset(0x00, 0x3f, 0x8000, 0xffff, CalculatedSize - 0x400000, 0x400000);
map_lorom_offset(0x40, 0x7f, 0x0000, 0xffff, CalculatedSize - 0x400000, 0x600000); //FuSoYa: Now restores 64Mbit support
map_lorom_offset(0x80, 0xbf, 0x8000, 0xffff, 0x400000, 0);
map_lorom_offset(0xc0, 0xff, 0x0000, 0xffff, 0x400000, 0x200000);


The original authors regarded the Exlorom as JumboLorom
As you can see only one line was edited! which was forgotten in 1.5 series, but is there in 1.47, that adds 8MB or 64Mbit support, and fixes this "typo".

So this is the simple Exlorom:
Code: [Select]
000000-008000= mirror of 400000-408000
008000-3FFFFF= empty by default (here is where you repoint new data to)
400000-7FFFFF= former Lorom data, max is 4MB (above 7E0000 reserved for RAM)

Do you now see it from the map, how a SNES game in an Exlorom is simply 4MB "shifted" to area 400000-7FFFFF. In the case of Alttp, which is only 1MB, and if restructure in Lorom 2MB, this makes it a 6MB.

Further repointing of data into 7-8MB and 0-4MB, makes it a 8MB Exlorom, with primary area: 400000-5FFFFF, area of repointing "forward"= 600000-7FFFFF and area of repointing "backwards"= 000000-400000.

In in other words, this is SNES game, which has been "very" expanded.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 06, 2015, 06:41:02 am »

But I don't feel like configuring a whole new emu.
Other than to select which button does what there is nothing else to do. It is a matter of seconds.

Exlorom IS supported by Higan. Star Ocean runs just fine.
No. Exlorom is NOT supported by Higan (I tested this out, not even 5MB Exlorom is loading), since Star Ocean is Not Exlorom. Star Ocean is simply a SA-1 6MB rom. It is not really the size alone, it is the mapping. Original hardware did not have the Exlorom or Exhirom mappings.

The problem is that Exlorom apparently caps out at 6 MB.
No it doesn't. There is no mapping difference between 5MB, 6MB, 7MB and 8MB Exloroms. Higan doesn't run any size of Exlorom or Exhirom.

You are not obeying that restriction. So what you are doing is not Exlorom. But is some custom thing that is totally fabricated.
Ho, ho, ho (and it is not even Christmas).
Wrong all the way. What I'm doing is exactly Exlorom!

and never actually existed on any SNES cartridge.
You got that right though. Exlorom never existed on real hardware, since this format is the future and was invented right after the millenia, around 2001, SPECIFICALLY FOR ROMHACKS.

That kind of thing will not be supported in future emulators. If anything, emulators will go out of their way not to support it as more emphasis tends to be put on accuracy as time goes on.
The Exlorom format IS THE FUTURE. It is the real hardware, which is extinct and outdated with its old Lorom format. Real SNES hardware died in the 90s.

How difficult it is to make an emu, which runs like original hardware and also throw in something like save stating! (not supported by real hardware!) and BG layer deactivation (not supported by real hardware!). How difficult it is to add another mapping system. I checked the source code of Snes9x - easy to do).


Read the page you linked to. Nowhere does it say Exlorom or Exhirom support 8MB. It specifically says 6MB. The code in official Snes9x was not a mistake -- it was implementing proper behavior.
The code in official snes9x WAS a mistake. Look at the source code (a dumb mistake was done, a "typo" basically). Snes9x 1.48 supported 8MB Exloroms, and 1.51 suddenly not. Fusoya corrected this with no more than a cuple of lines changed (to correct this "typo").

Standatd Lorom size is 0-4MB. Exlorom starts the code at 4MB (while having 0-4 empty for repointing data into it). Can't you sum 4+4? That makes it 8MB, don't you think... specially if Hirom.

Lorom 1MB, expands to 5MB Exlorom
Lorom 2MB, expands to 6MB Exlorom
Lorom 3MB, expands to 7MB Exlorom
Lorom 4MB, expands to 8MB Exlorom

Hirom 0.5MB, expands to 5MB Exhirom
Hirom 1MB, expands to 6MB Exhirom
Hirom 2MB, expands to 8MB Exhirom

PS Star Ocean is not either of the above, since it doesn't have a Lorom or Hirom base.

The definitive test here would be to take an existing ExLoROM cartridge.
Which doesn't exist, since it was never made, since the format was invented around 2001, Specifically for Advanced Romhacking.

ExLoROM doesn't support 8MB.
You clearly don't know what Exlorom is. How many original games are 4MB - so many 8MB Exloroms can be made.

Don't you get it - this is an "EXPANSION" method, not a standalone format.
Exlorom means= expanded Lorom, so something that used to be Lorom.
Ex can also refer to "previous", so "previously" a Lorom.

Star Ocean was nothing "previously". It simply is a Lorom, which has more than 4MB.

If not? You're busted and your hack gives a big 'FU' to emulation accuracy.

I'm assuming you did not perform this test -- so at best you are playing with fire. And again... since no emulator actually officially supports this... that's a huge red flag telling me that this hack is not legit.
It is very legit and Unique as well. You know what they say: the best is also the most rare. Exlorom was invented for advanced romhacking after real hardware was already being replaced by 64bit era.

And what is an official emulator? All emulators are unofficial and based on the statements of original author an act of piracy.

And don't make me laugh with the "emulation accuracy", an invisible thing, which is completely irrelevant, since no normal person can see the difference between hyper-minor performance changes between real hardware and proper SNES emulation on PC (or any well designed emu).

However some other (non PC) emus really are poor, like DS SNES emu. This thing really is a mess. But such poor emulation performance is due to average nature of people who made it.

October 06, 2015, 06:41:24 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

This hack will not run on my RetroN5 and I suspect it won't run on flash carts as well. That's the future of 8/16-bit emulation so it not being compatible with those devices cuts out a portion of the audience.
The devices that you mentioned support only what the original hardware supports, since they are all phisical devices, designed for original SNES games.

If it runs on real hardware, it's legit. If it doesn't, it's bogus.
And how do you play a hack on real hardware. You need to make a cart then, which is by defalut an illegal act of cart making.

If it runs on real hardware, it's illegal. Because then you can make a cart and sell it (and it works). If it doesn't run on real hardware, it's legal.

If it runs on real hardware, it's old and outdated. If it doesn't, it is advanced, unique and futuristic.

By going against what SNES hardware dictates, this hack is destroying its playability.
A very true and unfortunate side effect of keeping things legal and a very true and unfortunate side effect of the advanced/future romhacking, on which the old original gives up, since it is limited.

Also, do note, that Exlorom is VALID AND KNOWN MAPPING SYSTEM (which however DID NOT EXIST ON REAL HARDWARE). This mapping system was already taken into the regard by Snes9x developers (and yes up to 8MB on verison 1.48).

Any future versions of Repron, sd2snes, flashcart, emulator etc could easily add this mapping system.

Besides, you clearly like puzzles, so here one is, get it under 6mb.
Doesn't really matter if it is 6MB. It would behave the same as now.

SNES emulators simulate SNES hardware.
How very true. But note: WHAT IS THE GLOBAL GOAL? The answer is logical - to play a SNES game on a device, which is not SNES hardware - since those are extinct.

So if someone wants to play a SNES game on a PC, he needs a program. The emulators were the easy way out!: a pragmatic solution to the problem - it is easier to scan a cart into the file and emulate it, rather then to adopt the game into a Windows based game, to run it with a new OS depended .exe application.

I wish it would be the latter by the way. The irony is that such applications exist! and game looks like a poor copy of the original (authors of the app did a poor job obviously) - which makes emulation even more popular, since it actually has more qulity. That's we have emulators.


An accurate emu, on the other hand, will simply always work. It does what the hardware does, so it can't ever be wrong.
True, but it can never be better either. What if I want to make a game that uses better and more gfx, than the original hardware would allow. Original Alttp has the gfx space limited, why not expand it and make a better game with more wall blocksets (currently only 4 allowed). What if we want each dungeon to have its own unique walls? We can't - not "allowed" by real system. GFX space limited and compressed.

What if we want the enhanced MSU-1 sound? (very popular today). We can't - not "allowed" by real system.

What if we want 500 dungeon rooms, instead of 295 as the original. We can't - not "allowed" by real system.

That's why so many advanced SMW hacks don't run on real systems.

We can change that with the emulators. And that's what I did.

The warp maze in this game uses so many room header properties to make all of those room transitions, that the real hardware would not allow, because it's outdated. Each room now uses maximum room header (original game can only dream of this).

The original rom is squezeed into 1MB! which is absurd. The original game should at least have 3MB. Imagine what we could do with 8 (and obviously on this size we will still have free space).

Note: we must distinguish between a bugged rom hack, which runs only on Zsnes, since it is bugged and poorly made; and an advanced and unique romhack, which uses modern futuristic methods, which can not be handled by old real hardware.

Besides, it's not like what PD has done here isn't strange given that there isn't 8MB of content. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the ROM is mostly empty space (I only looked through about half in a hex editor so I am assumming when I say "mostly").
Exactly, since obviously this is a shorter hack and does not implement all the new ideas with advanced hacking (for instance I expanded the gfx space, but didn't fill it all). With this size, you will surely not use all the space, so that the game "can breath", rather than to squeeze it all in, like the original. That's the main problem of Alttp, which disallows and limits romhacking. The first thing you want to do with original when modding is expansion of the rom.

Also do note, that it is the mapping that it's importaint. A standard Exlorom made from Alttp (original game) would have the same amount of data as original - ie 1MB actual data - but mapped into 5MB Exlorom. The rest is 00 bytes, untill you start hacking and thus filling this empty space, or simply reorganize the data to be much less "squeezed".

Since all of this thread has been arguing/debating about formats and definitions: Just play the hack, people. It's great.
Yea. And you got the Green Pendant! - good job (that's difficult to get!).

By the way, nice self-promotion there Puzz
I was testing the ASM with Hex here and could make it so that custom tiles get loaded into menu, and didn't know what to write. In the bata it was: MAIN ITEMS.

October 06, 2015, 07:26:25 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
This game uses some prodigy-ASM by Conn. The original game can only dream of this: brand new item was made! (I will not spoil it for you which one it is!) Multipushable block was implemented, water block, "brown" block, stone block. Can not push block if standing in shallow water ASM etc etc. It is highly questionable that the old system (ie not Exlorom) would allow such an update.

Original gfx was compressed. I used the non compressed method with a least 4 times the amount of that the original uses (I didn't know if you noticed the new Armos gfx SGP), but obviously I didn't fill all the space.

Maximal room header-properties used (original game can only dream of this). Same for all indoor data actually - all repointed to expanded space to use maximum data possible -
IE I can add so many sprites that any emu would go to infinite lag! Can you imagine this: No More Sprite Limitation! (original game can only dream of this).

The potential of this format is endless.

So as you can see, the game is better in any way. This is how the original should be done and any Alttp hack actually, the original however was "viciously" squeezed into 1MB (for financial purposes), since distribuing such carts was easier.

This advanced romhacking, however, has side effects regarding compatibility.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 05, 2015, 05:21:56 pm »
I don't think we need to worry for the future. People will be smarter. With any PC emulator of the future we can assume that the author will want to make it complete (like save stating, cheating, IPS and UPS softpatching support, zip and 7Z and rar support, different rom-mapping support).

Exlorom really should be one of the standards since it allows a lot more space and data to be added (image how much SMW levels would fit into 8MB). Note: Fusoya made such a rom/hack (his was 6MB Exhirom, which is really not that much different than this one) in 2003.

SNES Stuff address calculator has these addressing modes implemented: Lorom, Hirom, Exlorom, Exhirom. The same (even more possibilities) with the calssic Lunar Expand.

The original authors of Snes9x took both: Exlo and Exhi rom mappings into the regard. I looked at the source code (easy to implement into an emulator if you are a programmer and are making a SNES emu). The only reason it did not support 8, but only 6MB was by accident.

Real hardware was somewhat limited to Lorom mapping with 4MB max for a cart due to phisical reason, which involved money (to distribute an 8MB cart would be much more expensive than 1 or 2MB one). There are some exceptions however which use expansion chips.

That's why real hardware can never run something, which has been updated. And this mapping is an update. However, certain clones of SNES, which were made, actually support save states and cheats, even IPS soft patching. I expect that in the future SNES clones (hardware), as well as emulators will support this format as well.

You might want to ask byuu to add Exlorom and Exhirom support to future Higan releases. This should not be that difficult for someone who mannaged to program an entire emu.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 05, 2015, 12:35:54 pm »
I did some testing and the extension matters. It probably can not run on a "false" extension, pretty much how .doc and .docx are different. And the .docx doesn't work on old Word.

Regarding the formats, they are explained here:

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Time to test your IQ
« on: October 05, 2015, 06:23:28 am »
So this looks interesting but I can't get it to work.

I've verified the CRC of the source ROM
I've patched using the supplied patcher
I've tried running in both the supplied emus, as well as in Higan v094

Nothing but a black screen.

Plus, I'm extremely skeptical of any hack that requires a custom emulator in the first place.  Was this verified on hardware?
Then you are obviously doing something wrong, since the Rom and the patching process and the loading on supplied emus was tested numerous times.

Make sure to read these simple instructions again from the Readme:
Open the Xdelta UI patcher (Included in the ZIP).
Select APPLY patch.

-Under Patch select the Zelda3_IQ_Patch.xdelta
-Under Source File select the Original Rom (US non-headered Alttp rom with 1.024 KB)
-Under Output File press the ... button and then type in Zelda3 IQ.sfc

-Note: the file extension of the hack must be .sfc

The xdelta will prevent patching to the false rom and will thus not produce bugged roms like ips.

The second thing you should know is, that this game simply uses a different format. It is a Exlorom instead of Lorom. And will run on any device, which supports Exlorom. I've just supplied Fusoya's emulators, so players don't need to search for them, since they are the most appropriate choice.

The famous SMW hack by Fusoya called Super Demo World The Legend Continue uses a similar format. You even need to expand the rom in his case before patching and his game is a hit. So this format should be acceptable for hacks.

Also, do read the Legal Notice of the Readme.

I disagree with the idea of removing IPS patches completely. For starters, it's a very small and simple to use file that is still the most commonly known and used. For ROM hackers, it's not a big deal what type of file they use for patching, but most gamers have no idea how to use anything besides an IPS patch. Not only are IPS patching utilities easier to use than those of other types, but they also allow for the soft patching method with Zsnes and Snes9x.
Not really, the UPS patching is identical to IPS patching. The UPS is the "next gen" derivate of IPS and easy to use as well. Shame that IPS "has won" the battle and that everything is based on it, specially soft patching. It would be easy to implement soft patching for UPS, I believe the new Snes9x actually has the UPS soft patching programed already.

RHDN could encourage people to not use them anymore, but not ban them completely. Doing so will stop many potential ROM hacks and translations from being submitted to this site anymore in the future. Besides, do you really want to see a ton of people asking "how do I patch this" or "how do I use this patch"?
The author of the hack can make the UPS as easy as IPS. If the IPS exists and if any user knows how to correctly patch it, the additional/alternative patch can be easily made.

And the person who is patching it should have no problems when patching IPS or UPS or any other format actually, since the process is always the same or similar.

But there is one difference: IPS patch can produce false of bugged roms (due to patching to the wrong original file), other patching formats don't. I really don't understand why this format has won, or why wan't it updated with that easy-to-implement CRC checksum validating before the patching is actually processed. Then it would be the best patching format for small games.

puzzledude, I tried to send you a PM, but I guess you have PMs blocked or something. It was nice to see a reply from you. I hope things have gotten better for you.
The setting should be fixed now.

While it is clear that a checksum is required, it is not clear if it is over the header or not. I think the rominfo page would on average cause the file checksum to be provided (which then differs from what FCEUX or ROM Hasher shows, for example).
ROM/ISO info should be changed into Original file info, and the hashes should always be provided for the whole file. If headered file is necessary, then the info should be different from the situation, where the unheadered file is necessary.

Seriously, IPS sucks. Hard.
Thumbs up. There is also a German "version" of a romhacking site and guess what, IPS is not allowed. All patches are required to be in UPS format (which has a CRC validation of the original rom and will not patch if CRC of the original rom doesn't match), plus all patches have a txt with the info on original rom again in crc and if it needs to be headered or unheadered and a version as well US, EU, Jap, Ger). This should be a rolemodel.

I hate to be rude, but in my honest opinion, I find this whole new policy with the ROM/ISO information to be rather annoying and pointless. Most people don't even know what any of it actually means. Wouldn't it be enough to just have a readme text file included with the patch that says "use version 1.0 or 1.1 of the ROM - headered or unheadered" or whatever?
Unfortunatelly thats not enough. Every patch needs to have the exact ID of the original rom to patch to. Usually the CRC checksum will do, but ofcourse the MD5 and SHA are too much, however one byte can still be different on identical CRC. So the MD5 id checksum is necessary. It's like going into the bank, you need your personal bank account: id est a number.

When dealing with IPS, you also need such an id number for the original rom to patch to. If the number doesn't match, the patching will produce a bugged rom. So the Rom/Iso info is vital, as well as the header info (since sometimes the header is not included into the id number, which is a false thing to do).

Mandatory info should be this: the id of the original rom (but CRC and MD5 only) and also of the correctly patched rom. And the header should be included into the id calculation. 4 numbers which would ensure correct patching.

The other possibility would be to unallow IPS and switch to UPS format or xdelta. Anything which has this id CRC calculation info in the patch itself and won't allow patching if the original rom CRC is not the same from the one the author used to create the patch.

Of course I agree though that the submission process is quite complex in general.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda - Bruce Campbell vs Ganon 2.0
« on: September 20, 2015, 01:51:08 pm »
Where can I find the hookshot? I cannot find it before the castle.
Move the block in your house for the chest-appear.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Fast ROM hacks
« on: August 30, 2015, 06:49:22 am »
Has anybody done any Fast ROM hacks for SNES games that suffer slow down and are on Slow ROMs?
Yes, in fact all Lorom slowroms (default is 1MHz) can be converted to fast roms, since there is usually one byte always changing in the entire rom multiple times, so that the game can now run on 2MHz. Zelda A link to the past has been converted from slow to fast rom, but this also brought up various new bugs, which needed to be fixed (and they were).

... slow rom? Hate to break it to you, but the cause for slow down in most (all?) games is when there's too much activity and the software is doing too much at once. Has nothing to do with the speed of the rom itself.
Actually it does, the fast rom can simply handle more sprites on screen than the slow rom. Example: original Alttp starts "lagging" when there are 3 knights throwing 2 bombs each, fast rom version has no lag in this case. But all version will always lag with 4 knights throwing bombs.

Fast rom is however not the best solution, there is too much work for very little effect, since the game can only handle slightly more activity, and will be affected with new bugs for sure.

The "next-gen" of getting rid of the slow downs when having multiple sprites on screen is actually not fast rom, but a new method of RAM remapping, so that the sprite engine is handled by the SA-1 chip (which apparently can handle incredible 10MHz), example for SMW:

Unfortunatelly we were not yet able to do the same for Alttp.

Newcomer's Board / Re: How do I update a patch?
« on: August 19, 2015, 08:54:38 am »
I submitted a news item about an updated patch, but it was rejected because "The updated patch must be available here first before submitting a News."
So, how does the patch become available here?
You can not submit the news if the update was not yet submitted/accepted to the site. Use the "edit entry" and wait until it is accepted. Then submit news.

What should I put for "filename"? Just the address for the file on the remote site?
As it is says on the right "URL only", which basically means you need to upload the IPS or other patch to the Scratchpad on this site first. When the file is uploaded, you can link to it. Add this link in the filename field. The same with the readme as well as screenshots (they are also "Url only"). The other popular uploading site is zebucket ( or Dropbox. Do not upload or link to megaupload, and similar. The link must be a direct download.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Having some trouble applying an IPS patch
« on: August 07, 2015, 06:27:34 am »
If you take a look at the "Patching information" in the left column, it says "Header (Snes)", which means the original rom is required to have the header. And the CRC (probably without the header, since it says "unmodified Rom Crc and not file Crc) must be CRC32: EE345FBD.

This submission was also kind enough to name the Crc of the Patch applied (which any submission should have): 229DDF9D.

You can verify the Crc in snarfblams ID hasher:

And for adding or removing the Header it is better to use Tush:

Newcomer's Board / Re: Linux: Patching Super Mario World
« on: August 02, 2015, 02:17:02 pm »
Your problem was due to the fact that there are 2 possible checksums: the File CRC and the ROM CRC. And under ROM Iso information you never know which one it is. I always submit the File CRC here, but sometimes it is the ROM crc which is submitted (excluding header). So the Patch information: header or no header is vital.

It could help to know what the file crc of the original file is (if headered and unheadered). In your case, if you would know, that the file crc of the original rom without the header is B19ED489, it would be logical that the same crc can not be valid for the headered rom, so you now know that the "patching info: header" is "separate", so the Rom iso info is Not the file crc, but the rom crc (on which you also have to add the header for the patch to work, due to the patching info being: Header Snes).

Of course all problems would go away automatically if the (cursed) headers would be removed (from original and hacked roms); or if the default rom iso info would always be the file crc.

By the way 99% of the SMW hacks always use the header (original and hacked roms), this is because of the Fusoya's tools, which are all programed to work only with the header (which is odd), since file headers are redundant copier "leftovers" and usually ignored completely when the file is being executed. It seems that headers survived, because people who scaned the cart forgot to remove them.

The actual (file crc) of the file to be patched is: A31BEAD4
And if excluding header: B19ED489.
Or (as it is presented on this site): header+B19ED489

And if you load the original rom in snarfblam's hasher:

Code: [Select]
Platform           Super NES                               
ROM format         Super Magicom                           
External Header    Yes                                     
File Size          524800 (80200)                         
ROM Size           524288 (80000)                         
ROM CRC32          B19ED489                               
ROM SHA-1          6B47BB75D16514B6A476AA0C73A683A2A4C18765
No-Intro entry     Super Mario World (USA)                 
Checksum valid     Yes                                     

File MD5      DBE1F3C8F3A0B2DB52B7D59417891117       
File SHA-1    553CF42F35ACF63028A369608742BB5B913C103F
File CRC32    A31BEAD4                               
ROM MD5       CDD3C8C37322978CA8669B34BC89C804       
ROM SHA-1     6B47BB75D16514B6A476AA0C73A683A2A4C18765
ROM CRC32     B19ED489                               

Or in other words, this is the sandard original SMW rom.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Puzzledude's seminar on romhacking
« on: July 31, 2015, 03:54:23 pm »
Only thing I haven't seen him do was sprite editing.
Yes, I can do that as well. Pretty much similar as all gfx editing (objects etc etc). The only thing I can not do is ASM, since this is somewhat specific, but Conn helped everyone here and made it happen, so basically we can make some fine mods.

Just for the record I'm not quiting anything, at least not until I finish what was planed (and that's quite a lot and will probably need some more years to finish).

The thread was more a satiric point of view on the whole thing, with a pessimistic note, due to the fact that romhacking is a so called grey area in general. So at least this part is accurate, the other parts of the message can easily be disregarded, if (as some of you pointed out) we ignore the critics, which we definitely should.

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