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Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy VI: Divergent Paths
« on: September 16, 2021, 07:20:33 pm »
So I was really loving this mod (seriously, this is amazing work), but alas, I just ran headfirst into a weird, game-breaking bug.  This manifested itself right after I recruited Leo on Mt. Zozo.  After that, I warped outside, and everything's long as I stay on the world map.  I can even fly around on the airship if I want to.  But as soon as I enter any town or cave or anything (including switching to deck view on the airship), a text box appears in which Celes declares that "Narshe will be stained with blood regardless."  After I dismiss it, I'm frozen.  I can change the direction I'm facing (except on the airship, where I can't even do that), but I can't move or call up the menu or do anything else.  I was playing via SNES9x on an Android device, if that's relevant.

Great work!  I'm curious about one thing: I noticed that in this version, when you obtain items lying on the ground in the overhead sections, the icons somewhat confusingly don't disappear.  This really just looks like a bug to me that was fixed for the US release (where it definitely doesn't happen); I don't understand how the translation could have caused it, but can someone confirm if this happens in the untranslated version?

For the record, I had trouble too.  Stuffit Expander on my mac gave me an error message, and several online rar expanders likewise didn't work.  I was able to open it <a href=>here,</a> however.

So I'm glad this is available and everything; I don't want to take anything away from it.  But a serious question, offered in good faith: is there any point apart from historical value in playing this over the SFC remake?

I just wanted to report a thing that might be useful for people to know: I patched the game with the ips patch, and--playing it on a Mac with OpenEmu, so the SNESX core--the problem with the clock game up (the numbers whizzing through the cycle), and after that, the game hung on the second text window of the introduction.  It seemed unplayable, but on a whim, I tried using the .bps patch instead, and for whatever reason, bam, everything worked perfectly.  And my story.

Right, I made an account specifically to say how cool this is and to thank the translators.  Well do I remember thinking that this game was cool but that the [old] translation's obvious space limitations felt like they were kind of strangling it.  Maybe now I'll have an incentive, after all these years, to play through the whole thing!

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