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For those who don't know what Isao Kronos it talking about, back in late June/early July, Photobucket decided to ax support for external linking for free and Pro users alike.  This decision was made because the site was losing money -- and a lot of it!  Since then, free and Pro users' linked images have been replaced with something along these lines:

Following the URL in the image leads to a new payment plan page.  This new plan -- which is completely independent from the previous "Pro" plan -- allows users to link and display their images on the web from Photobucket... for about $400.00 USD annually.

Photobucket did this with very little warning, sending out e-mails to everyone only after the fact.  Amusingly (or frustratingly), some mail services (like GMail) recognized the e-mail as junk mail and some people never got it, to begin with -- myself, included.  Luckily, I'd already migrated elsewhere years prior since the redesigned interface wasn't working for me.  But, I digress.

The point of this (currently unsanctioned) PSA is to warn and/or remind users that Photobucket is no longer allowing external linking of image.  I'm also not sure they're allowing users to use pass-through links (posting URLs instead of IMGs) but I haven't tried.  So, for now, it's probably best that you guys find alternate image hosting sites such as the aforementioned Imgur, PostImage, Tinypic, or other sites which allow external linking.

Stumbled upon this, someone made it for his own enjoyment with the help of his friends, thought you might like it
That's pretty cool!

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: August 11, 2017, 06:16:35 am »
I gotta say... the way you guys implemented a "cutscene skip" for the intro stage is, uh... interesting.  Heh heh heh heh.

It's pretty neat that this hack is compatible with my hack, too.  I mean, as far as I know.  I haven't tested it or anything but I'm assuming you guys did.  Otherwise, why would that specifically be mentioned?  ;3

Alright, my interests have shifted.  Instead of a Castlevania III ROM hack, I've found something far more simple to do.

I want to prevent all the music in Mega Man (World) II on the Game Boy from playing, but leave the sound effects active and functional.  This isn't for a hack or even sound effect ripping.  I actually just want to mute the soundtrack so I can make a playthrough where I overlay a completely different soundtrack over the semi-silent game.  Silly idea, I know.  But, it passes the time.

In any case, I've found that the music is stored at $1CCC0 to - $1F442 (with three trailing $00 bytes, for some reason) and that tinkering with the first byte -- $F0 -- will make the game play the New Weapon tune all throughout the game non-stop.  Messing with the first three bytes will also silence the game music, but the sound engine will eventually deteriorate and cause the sound effects to stop working properly.  That being said, I have no idea where to go from here.

If anyone wants to tinker with it, I'd be very appreciative.  Otherwise, don't sweat it.  I'm just goofing around, after all.

I'm sure this has been suggested -- probably numerous times -- but, how about a hack of Castlevania III that adds the Akumajou Densetsu VRC6 soundtrack in while leaving the game itself intact?

"Why would you want that?" you might ask.  Well, the international release of the game is actually considerably harder, as was the case with many US NES games during this time.  Damage dealt to the player increases every 3 levels, some bosses and enemies have harder or different patterns, and most impressively, loop 1 (the "second quest") of the game adds unique enemies, such as the Armored Spear Guard and Medusa Skulls, which are far more irritating to deal with.  There's also "name codes" for loop 1, starting with the helpers, and of course, the "Help Me" 10-lives code.

Now, the ultimate version of the game would be this idea, but with the inclusion of the harder Phantom Bat, Orphic Vipers (Water Dragons), and Dracula 1 and 2, plus the Dracula 2 collision fix (Alucard can't kill Dracula 2 in the US/EU version because his skulls block shots) as well as the opening coffins from the Royal Mummy/Cyclops/Pazuzu (Lesser Demon) bosses and uncensored graphics (crosses, half-dressed statues, Medusa) from the Japanese version, but I'm willing to settle for just the US version with the Japanese soundtrack as I figure that would be considerably easier to do.  But, that's just me.

Also, since I saw it:
It always annoyed me that in Zelda ALttP you cound not change directions while running fast with the Pegasus boots. […] So my question would be if it is possible at all to put this Feature in ALttP so Link can swoosh though Hyrule in super speed?
I thought someone already did that but I'm not certain.
They did!  And, boy, is it a lot of fun!  Hee hee.

News Submissions / Re: Site: RHDN 3.0 Site Refresh Launched!
« on: June 25, 2017, 08:33:11 am »
Cool. Back on my laptop and now there's a bar on the left and the right. BUT, when I pick the Metroid theme the site is still using the old layout. :(
Isn't that a good thing, though...?  ;D

Actually, the new site theme looks alright, now.  The double-right column thing only happens at larger (than 1366px) resolution and the left bar is persistent until about 1024px.  But, um... why did the main site forget what theme I was using since yesterday?
It's still mighty bright, too.  If I could get this theme in a nice shade of blue, I'd be good to go~

News Submissions / Re: Site: RHDN 3.0 Site Refresh Launched!
« on: June 24, 2017, 04:55:29 pm »
I didnt have any issues changing the theme on the main site either.

it's here:
I looked numerous times last night and just looked today. I couldn't find anything to change the theme for the main site.

Same here. I like the new layout of the main site and forum but when I select the Metroid theme the forum has the old layout and the main site is unchanged. The new layout with the Metroid theme colors would be cool enough for me.

I'm using Firefox and Windows 7 and the main page does not have the menu on the left side.

EDIT: I even cleared my browser history and reloaded the page but it still did not appear.
I (and I think a couple people before me) figured it out.  The updated site, on the default theme, requires users to have a display with greater than 1366 px (which is my laptop's maximum display width) to see the left sidebar.  Alternately, zooming out to 90% in Google Chrome seemed to do it, for me.  Changing the theme from RNDH Boss to RNDH Pro changed the site back to what it was before, but for those who are curious, yes, the Metroid theme is still there and fully-compatible with the new HTML5/CSS3 backend!  At least, as far as I can tell.

So... yeah!  The new theme is not exactly ideal and I would have gotten used to it, but I'm infinitely happy that I don't even have to!  Yay!

Edit: Changing the site theme also changes the forum theme, just like always. (You can still set the forum theme independently of the site theme, though.)

News Submissions / Re: Site: RHDN 3.0 Site Refresh Launched!
« on: June 24, 2017, 02:46:11 pm »
Wh-wh... where's the old, classic site?!  This is intentional?!  Oh my god!  I thought my connection was doing that thing where it fails to load a CSS style sheet, so the page loads up in plain text format!  Wah!!

Hyperbole aside, I can honestly say I do not like this theme.  It's "sterile," it has no personality, the forum looks generic, and the front page is squished and clunky at 1280 1366px width.  And, actually... the site looks a little better at a more narrow resolution as the right-hand boxes on the front page get stacked into one column.  The default forum theme is also very bright and changing it to a darker one doesn't (yet?) appear to carry over to the main site... which is also very bright.

I know time is ever-progressing and things need to change for this-reason-or-that, but I'm really hoping that more work is done on the default themes to give it more of that familiar personality of the old site.

Edit: For the curious, you can change your forum theme back to the old classic theme ("romh"), as well as others, by going into the theme picker under your Profile.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: May 24, 2017, 01:22:50 am »
The new news layout is applies to general hacks, too?  This is awesome!  Thank you, RHdN!

Oh, man!  Look at this fancy new Translation News layout!  I approve!

It's always really fascinating to see a video game translated into proper Arabic.
In my head, it would be like trying to add a perfectly connected cursive font into a game.
And then, of course, there's the whole change of left-to-right into right-to-left...  How do??

But, maybe it's easier than I assume it would be...  I've never tried!

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: April 02, 2017, 09:42:16 am »
Oh, snap?  How did a screen shot from my thing get in there and not Roll-chan World?  The odds, man, the odds!

(Also, this topic doesn't link from the front page correctly.  It's looking for when it should be looking for ... or something. All fixed!  Cheers!)

I dunno about that, DocDim... but I will say there's been some interesting discussion over why these hacks exist over on (Protodude's) Rockman Corner, heh heh heh.

I... did not know that about Magical Doropie.  Those extra costumes are really neat!  Doropie's beret costume is especially cute!

Too bad neither Doropie-to-Megaman hack takes those into account.  Boy howdy, what a mess!

I don't think there are enough synonyms for the word "excited" to describe just how excited I am to see this.

Ya know... when you're right, you're right.  I was able to finally find the glove palettes.  The funny thing, though?  I ended up finding the glove palettes completely by accident.

See, the glove palettes are at address $DEDF5 - $DEDF8 -- two bytes for each glove set.  The bytes in the locations are $F6 52 and $76 03.
Now, I changed a couple of palette entries in Hyrule Magic for Link's Green Tunic to match the colors of the Power Gloves and Titan's Mitts.  The numbers I got for each individual entry were $52 76 and $03 9E.  That being said, when I ran a search for the first set of bytes, I found the glove palettes straight away.  However, when I couldn't find a pair of bytes matching $03 9E that actually did anything, I got a little confused.  That's when I started messing with each byte of the ones I'd found individually.

To cut to the chase, I eventually found out that I was off by one byte.  Twice.  On top of being one byte too far ahead in the glove palette, I'd also grabbed the wrong values from my tunic editing -- which were one byte backward (so I got $52 76 03 9E instead of the proper, matching $F6 52 76 03).  Derp.

In any case, I now have full access to all the palettes I want to edit, thanks in no small part to you, kerberos7 (and Puzzledude, of course).  Thumbs up, man!  Thank you!  Hopefully, this thread will also help any other people looking for these palettes in the future, as well.

kerberos7, you have been incredibly helpful.  Thank you.  If I ever decide to release this hack to the public, you are definitely getting a place in the documentation!
(Also, I ran a search for that Bunny Link palette address.  Puzzledude found it first, right?  He'll get a credit, too, but you get the credit first since you were the one who found it for me.  ;3)

Also... now presenting... a bunny! (Without a Moon Pearl and in the "Fake Dark World," no less.)

Edit: Now, also, there is a video of this in action.
That image is probably a huge giveaway as to what sort of hack I'm working on~

As you can see, I decided to give Bunny "Link" a unique palette after all (which is actually Bunny Link's old fur color).  I may or may not pop the "world map color fix" hack later (I know I saw that floating around somewhere...), but with the way I redid the graphics, it's not really a huge concern anymore.

I'm not sure the glove thing bothers me enough to outright disable it, personally.  However, I did notice a couple of oddities while messing with the graphics:
  • Apparently, the "You are here" icon on the World Map is not the same icon located around graphic bank $863C0.  I've edited that particular graphic, but the icon still has a shaded hand.
    Wrong, sir, wrong!  You were using save states instead of loading fresh from a save game.  You butt.
    (The graphic starting at $863C0 is the one-and-only "You Are Here" graphic for the world map.  Derp.)
  • It would appear that neither the World Map nor Dungeon Map "You Are Here" icons are programmed to have recolored hands, regardless of glove status.  Neither were actually colored for it, but recoloring the hands to use color $13 still just shows the default color instead of silver or green.
    Well, shut my mouth wide open.  The "You Are Here" graphics just spontaneously started showing the glove color, too.  I could swear it wasn't doing it before... but again, maybe it was all because of save state shenanigans...  Weird.
There are also quite a few sprites in Link's sprite sheet that just don't even bother with color $13 for some reason.  For example, the upward-facing sprite as well as the "New item" pose both lack color $13 on the hands.  It's almost like the folks at Nintendo had the idea, then either forgot about it or abandoned it half-way...  All the more case against keeping that feature implemented, I suppose!  Though, if there's a way to implement it on the map screens...  They probably just forgot to edit/change those sprites after the idea was implemented.  I guess.

Well, the solution I ended up going with was to replace all instances of ellipses (character $43) in any text I changed with half of Link's face (character $4A) from the "wanted" sign.  Since that character is only used one time in the entire game, it made hex editing a simple matter of pressing F3 and typing 4 and 3 in XVI32 a bunch of times (and then looking for "$43 4B" and changing it back to "$4A 4B" when I was done.  Whoops...)

Again... it's kind of a shame (and kind of odd) that Hyrule Magic reads ellipses as three dots instead of a single character (how hard would it have been to implement a special symbol for that?), but once I got a system down, it was pretty easy to work around.  But, on to other topics.

I was wondering, where exactly are the glove colors for Link's hands stored?

For those who don't know what I'm talking about (which is probably most of you, since I didn't even notice this until just now), Palette Entry 13, Link's hands, change colors from the default (orangey-tan -- #E09050) twice over the course of gameplay -- the first time being when you get the Power Glove (silver -- #B0B8A0) and the second time being when you get the Titan's Mitts (bright green -- #B0D800).  I was curious as to where these particular color values are stored mostly because I think Link looks weird with green hands.  This is one of the few colors you apparently can't get to in Hyrule Magic, but I have no idea where it would be located in the code.

Once again, thanks in advance for any help.

Edit: Also, while I'm at it... where is Bunny Link's palette located?  That also seems to be one of those "few colors" (15, to be exact...) that can't be edited by Hyrule Magic.

Originally "[Hyrule Magic] Ellipses Not Auto-Formatting in Changed Text"

This feels like a really dumb problem to have, but I genuinely have no idea why this would be happening... so here I am.

I'm doing a bit of text editing to A Link to the Past with Hyrule Magic.  Everything seems to be working just fine, so far; I've been able to give one particular NPC far more dialogue than it ever had with no noticeable negative impact on the game. (I'm guessing Hyrule Magic does text shuffling in the code kind of like Temporal Flux?)  However, one thing I did notice is that if I have a group of three periods in a row in an altered text field, instead of display the ellipses character with its 1-pixel-wide dots (…), it instead displays the 2-pixel-wide dots individually (...).

In the grand scheme of things, this really isn't a huge issue... but for me, personally?  It's driving me absolutely batty... and there doesn't seem to be any good reason for it!  Even copying text from other strings causes dots to not merge together.  Am I doing something wrong, or is Hyrule Magic somehow missing that feature?

Cheers and thank you!

Edit 1 (1:25 AM EDT): Did a little poking around in Hexecute.  It would appear that Hyrule Magic does not automatically implement "dictionary" and special characters, but does interpret them and convert them to standard text during the editing process.  I mean... okay, fair enough, I guess?  But you'd think it would be able to go both ways...

Edit 2 (1:36 PM EDT): Nothing like spreading a little misinformation...  Yes, Hyrule Magic does implement dictionary characters.  However, it does not implement ellipses manually.  Why?  I have no idea.  Probably an oversight on Sephiroth3's part...?  There may also be other characters it doesn't implement automatically, but I don't feel like digging around the code.  Frankly, I'm just happy it scoots text pointers around like it does...  Full freedom to make all the text I want* is pretty awesome.
* "All the text I want" within the free space of the ROM.

In any case, it looks like I'll have to manually insert ellipses using Hexecute for now, but I'm open to suggestion -- unless the suggestion is to use the Zelda Script Editor.  It doesn't run on this computer since I'm missing some crucial DLLs.

Whew!  That's quite a few posts, I have to say!

I'm glad the general consensus of the patch is that it does indeed improve the game, even with the more questionable choices (like changing the fonts or removing the charge sparks).  As I said... uh... somewhere, I'm sure, this patch started out as a simple "decrease the charge shot time/increase the I-frames time" patch, but as ideas kept popping into my head, it just kind of kept growing into the patch it is today.  That being said, I'm really glad feedback has been so positive!  I was really worried people wouldn't like it, but feedback has been really encouraging!

Now then, let's talk about some of these suggestions!
**Long post warning!!**

-The biggest problem with this game is; (though this might not be possible,but if you can,) make the game more zoom out than it is, like in the nes games.

-Slightly alter Mega Mans sprite to make him slightly more skinnier and smaller, while keeping the serious nostalgic Snes 7 look. Doing the same with the enemies, give some classic enemies from the nes, more high quality, slightly refined, skinnier, smaller looks, like the old, but made new with SNES sprites. (This may be hard to accomplish).
**A perfect example of this is batton, from the nes series made anew with 16bits sprites in MegaMan X

-Give some stage areas more space, and make the boss rooms slightly more bigger.
It's absolutely true that Mega Man 7, like most Super NES games, uses the exact same screen resolution as the NES games (256 x 224 pixels) and that, compared to the originals, the Super graphics are roughly double-sized and look a bit... clunky?  It's kind of like playing the Game Boy games on a Super Game Boy... except that the companies that made those games actually made some appropriate changes to accommodate for the significantly smaller playing field.  But I think Bregalad said it best...
I agree but that's basically asking for a brand new game, and this has already been done with a fan-made "Rockman 7 FC" game for Windows/PC.
Plus, as gauchomax said, it would be a huge headache to rescale everything, what with having to fix the collision/hitboxes, accommodate for the altered physics, and so forth.  In short, it goes beyond the scope of the hack's concept just a wee bit...!

-Replace the health bars with the classic ones from the nes series.
I'm not sure why I didn't just pop the tops and bottoms off the health/energy meters, come to think of it...  They're pretty boring as they are and since weapon icons aren't a thing, they really serve no practical purpose (though they do look kind of neat).

-Make the weapon menu more classic and refined, being more zoomed out like the nes.
I'm not saying this isn't a possibility, but again, it goes a little beyond the original scope...  That and I'm not talented enough to rearrange things properly.
(If I were, certain letters in the menu screen wouldn't still be wedged together!  Lookin' at you, Wild Coil!)

-Replace the boss menu(stage select) with a slightly more classic one.
I'm not sure what you mean here... but I guess you mean enable all eight bosses from the get-go?  That seems possible.  I mean, the menu loads the last four bosses once the "stages beaten" counter hits a certain number, so it should be as "easy" as finding that value, finding out what that value triggers, and having that enabled from the start (after the intro stage?).  Kind of failed to find said value when I gave a whirl just now, but I probably wasn't searching for the right things...

-Make the slide and jump more smoother, like the nes ones.
I'm not sure what you mean here, either.  The jump and slide work like they do in the NES titles, as far as I can tell... but upscaled because of the larger graphics.

-Make Burst Man and Junk Man more harder (and any other ones that are easy, I can't recall).
I'm not sure they really need it...  All the Robot Masters are pretty easy once you get the patterns down -- at least in my opinion.  Slashman is really the only wild card because of his random goo-bomb placement and his "maybe he will, maybe he won't" diving slash... but if you're really good at pressing buttons fast, you can shake off/out of those things.

**Mega Man 7 is notorious for having one of the hardest final boss in video game history. Don't nerf Wily. Just make him slightly more fair to avoid. Slightly. Ironically the stages are the easiest in the entire franchise probably. Add more enemies to stages to slightly increase the difficulty.
Am I the only one who doesn't have any problem with the Wily Capsule?  I personally have a lot more trouble with the ones from earlier games -- particularly if they have a spiral energy ball attack.  Though admittedly... I did end up doing something...
namely, increasing the damage from Wild Coil
... because I find the fight a little tedious.  Still, though, I do hear that people find that boss fight to be ridiculously hard.  So let me run this idea by anyone who's interested:
How about I look into changing how Wily's four projectiles work?  Specifically, the fire, ice, and energy ones he fires when he appears.  The idea I have in mind is to either increase the movement delay... or decrease the speed (but keep the range).

If anyone has any more specific suggestions about this, please do say something!  This feels like it should be an easy fix, once we find the right values, depending on what's being done.[

*Battery Backed Saving, codes are annoying and Capcom only did it because they were too cheap at the time.
I think that might be do-able, but I'm not sure how to do it, myself.  I'd need some help from someone who's worked with adding battery backup to non-battery games. (And even then, it'd probably work like Mega Man X3 on the PS1, but with only one save slot...?)

*Switch to Rush Items via L & R buttons, this always bugged me, the weapons can be scrolled through, why not the items?
The only problem I see with this is the fact that Rush Coil, Jet, and Search, and the Super Adaptor all use the exact same Megaman/energy meter palette (or lack thereof).  But as with other suggestions, this seems perfectly do-able by changing an appropriate value. (In this case, the value that tells the Quick Select to roll back to $00/$08, depending on which way you're going.)

*Cut-Scene/dialog skip via start button, this is one game I find myself unconsciously jamming the start button trying to just 'get to the game already'.
I've already implemented this feature to all cutscenes possible (the sole exceptions being the first part of the intro stage live cutscene, due to time-sensitive events).  Holding any button will speed the text up, but holding Start will basically skip it.  It's not instant like in Rockman & Forte, but it's as good as I can do for the moment. (Though that's certainly something to look into...)

*All eight robot masters available at start, I think there's even a code for this one.
See above.

Can we have "Dr. Willy" fixed?
I left that and "Iɢᴏɴɴᴀ ᴅᴏ [...]" to keep a certain "90s translation authenticity" to it... but, give how much of the text I messed with elsewhere, I probably should fix this/these Capcom-made typo/s.

Mega Man holding out his buster while charged looks a bit goofy.
I agree.  However, Megaman not holding his arm out while charging during the ending somehow looks goofier.  Still, I'll see what I can do. (I'm sure there's a way to call the proper animation for that specific scene...)

If you want to make the Robot Masters harder, you could do what RM7FC did and remove the special weakness animations.
That's not a bad idea, actually.  Stun-locking bosses really makes them a breeze.  Though... removing it would remove a part of what made the game stand out...  I'll give it some thought.

Also, a couple of other things I found amusing (and correct):
Megaman 7 is a Staple of the MM series, not a Stable.
As soon as I read the news post (once it was up), I noticed that flub.  And I felt great shame.

Yes, I agree the hack's title is pretentious compared to what the hack seems to actually do (hence my 1st comment).
I'm not sure if you mean the title of the news article (which does try and "hard sell" the hack) or the actual name of the hack, "Refit."
For the former, I dunno...  I agree both pages do feel a bit pretentious in hindsight.  I think it's because I kinda got nervous when writing and ended up turning both the news and the hack page into all "razzle-dazzle."  This was something I was genuinely proud of and really wanted people to share in my happiness, but at the same time, I really worried that people would hate it because it changed so much.  So... there's that.
As for the latter?  Well, the idea there is that Megaman is "refit" with better charge time and I-frames.  Plus, it fit really well within the limited space I had to work with on the title screen (since I didn't know how to tile edit screens).  Sure beats the previous title ("Retrograde") by far...

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions!  And as Capcom always said, "Thank you for playing!"  I'll be sure to update this thread if (when?) I make any significant updates.

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