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Me, again.  Hi.

So, in the Game Boy Color game, Mega Man Xtreme, the player is able to select a control scheme which allows for a dedicated Dash button, not unlike the Super NES Mega Man X games.  In the sequel, Mega Man Xtreme 2, this was removed in favor of an option that allows the player to either quickly change weapons, or quickly change between X and Zero (when the option is available).

I find this rather frustrating because I prefer one-button dashing.  I was kind of wondering if the functionality is buried in the code, somewhere, or if there was some way to bring that function to Xtreme 2.  I can't imagine it would be a quick or easy thing to do, but it sure would be nice to have, again.

Just wanted to update this post of mine.  Looks like ArcadeGamer1929 fulfilled my wish.  And, as I thought, it wasn't exactly easy, nor is it perfect.  However, it does work!  Which is fantastic!

Thanks, ArcadeGamer1929!!

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Rockman 7 EP English Translation RELEASED!
« on: September 05, 2021, 12:28:13 am »
This is such Excellent Progress!  I'm very Excited, Personally!  I've wanted to play this Extremely Professional ROM hack for a while.  It's nice to see it finally translated into English, Perfectly!

Thank you so much, Zynk, you Eccentric Programmer, you~!
… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Edit: I guess I Expressed Praise a little earlier than I should've.  Evidently, Problems have been found.  'v'

Well, if no one else is gonna say anything, then let me be the foist~

I think this project really brings the game up to the standards set by Super Butoden.  It's very obvious that Buyuu Retsuden was made specifically so kids who backed Sega instead of Nintendo could get in on the fast-and-furious fighting action Dragon Ball Z is known for, and while the base game is pretty great in and of itself, actually having almost every character say their attack names instead of just grunting or huffing really makes this game feel much closer to what kids got with their Super Famicom games.

I, personally, consider Buyuu Retsuden to be a hidden game among the Dragon Ball games, and it's really great to see it getting more love.  You guys ought'a be proud, 'cause even something as seemingly small as this can really make a game feel more alive.  Great job~!

If anything, what bothers me more is how bosses will mindlessly loop single attack patterns when you hit them with whatever weapon they're weak against.
I considered doing that.  It would definitely make the game more challenging and kind of counter-balance the other "game softening" changes we've made.  I'll look into it!

One thing that always bothered me is the way Megamans foot goes through the ground when landing a jump. Small detail, but I just can't unsee it...  :laugh:
Hate to tell ya, but that's a complete normal thing in most games…

… 'cept this one and, I think, Mega Man 8.  The backgrounds are more "3D-ish" on those games.
I get it, though.  It's like Mario falling through the level when he dies.  Weird.

Edit: I wonder if it would be possible to make this wonderful hack compatible with the patch that makes all the 8 bosses available from the start. If so, it would improve the feeling of continuity with older games that this aims to bring.
Those two patches should be compatible, already.  At the very least, you could use the mini-patches over that one?  And failing that, there's always that "special start" password, I suppose…

Speaking of bothersome little details, I love vanilla MM7 but the way MegaMan aims his Mega Buster when charging it seems very out of place for me, he doesn't do it in any other game...
Huh.  You're right.  I thought he did it in Rockman & Forte – the coding of which was largely based on Mega Man 7 – but nope.
Anyway, I think I'd need to talk with DS933, again, on that front.  There's probably a way to get Megaman to use his "Protoshield" charge animation – which doesn't have him hold the Buster out, even when he's walking.  There might potentially be a problem with the ending, though.  It uses the same call functions as normal gameplay.  That means Megaman just starts glowing without threatening Wily with his Buster.

Edit: The Beat Call description message by Auto seems to be missing a control call and a lot of text appears in at once. It only happened once and I couldn't isolate it yet, but I'll start a new playthrough and see if it happens. It might have to do with the museum boss flag somehow.
Mm…  I can't seem to get that to happen in either the "text fixes" patch or the "complete" patch.  The only thing I haven't tried is overlaying the "text fixes" patch on top of SCD's "Restoration" patch because Restoration has its own dialogue changes.  What patches are you using?

The weaker buster in MM7 has bothered me for years!
I'm very glad this hack exists and will make sure to play it, love the changes here.
Fantastic!  Thank you for your kind words – both here and in your review!

Honestly, this hack started out exclusively as a modification for the Charge Shot and I-Frames because I was bothered by the increased charge time and decreased I-frames, too.  Mega Man 7 is a really great game, and one can just as soon play it using only the weapons and Super Adapter, as I usually did.  Luckily, though, an idle thought became a project thanks to the help of one DarkSamus993.  And, once DS993 got more interested in poking around at values, more was able to be changed and the scope expanded outward into something I'm really happy to have made!

It means you are not a good player, the problem comes from you.
Ya know, the last time I told someone something along those lines, they disowned me as a friend.  And I was kidding with them.  (,:

Me, again.  Hi.

So, in the Game Boy Color game, Mega Man Xtreme, the player is able to select a control scheme which allows for a dedicated Dash button, not unlike the Super NES Mega Man X games.  In the sequel, Mega Man Xtreme 2, this was removed in favor of an option that allows the player to either quickly change weapons, or quickly change between X and Zero (when the option is available).

I find this rather frustrating because I prefer one-button dashing.  I was kind of wondering if the functionality is buried in the code, somewhere, or if there was some way to bring that function to Xtreme 2.  I can't imagine it would be a quick or easy thing to do, but it sure would be nice to have, again.


Imagine if this is what Mega Man Legacy Collection actually was.
Also, imagine if this had a better title screen.  (:

I'm completely and totally unfamiliar with the ins and outs of Mesen and other emulators and engines that, basically, slap stuff on top of what already exists.  My sole experience, on that front, has been with Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Angel Island Revisited (aka "Sonic 3 AIR").  Back when I heard of that, I was unimpressed.  Then I gave it a try and… I was very impressed!  From what I can see here and in the original thread, I'm getting that same kind of vibe from this project.

This looks pretty neat and I think this would definitely appeal to people who liked how The Wily Wars looked, but didn't like how it played.

There are just way too many of these hacks for MOTHER and Final Fantasy game claiming to be "the one true, faithful translation and the like.

Would all you nerds just put your noggins together and actually make a "one true hack" to rule them all?  I'm sure most of you are reasonable people who work well with others!  If not, there's always the bribery route…
You'd be surprised how effective a free pizza coupon can be~!  (;

I'm just gonna add my two cents in here instead of writing a whole review.  And my two cents is… this "reworking" is really inconsistent and weird.  And that's just from playing up to the first star.

Some things got changed to their Japanese counterparts.  An example of this is the Frogog enemy in Bandit's Way.  Its original name was "Richard" (possibly a reference to The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls, a Japanese RPG), so it's named "Richard" here.
Some things got a tune-up or redo on their name.  For example, "Kerokero Cola" was renamed "Croak-a-Cola" as a reference to Coca-Cola.  This was done because the Japanese name, "Kerokero Dorinku", is a reference to "Chero-Cola", the old name for Royal Crown (RC) Cola.
And then… there's a whole slew of things that were left completely alone for reasons I don't understand.  "Terrapin" instead of "Koopa Soldier" (or "Koopatrol" a'la Paper Mario?)?  "Spikey" instead of "Spike Trooper" or "Spiny"?  And most baffling of all… "Princess Toadstool" instead of "Princess Peach"?!  If you were gonna name-swap things to match the Japanese version, that one should've been first on your list!

I think I understand why this started life as a personal project just for yourself, CoolCatBomberMan. (… Cat Bomber?)  From an outsider's perspective, there's no real rhyme or reason to a lot of what was or wasn't changed.  It was vastly just a case of "I don't like it" or "this could use some work" – much the same as I did with the extremely unfinished Pokémon Gen I story revamp that I  injected into what was otherwise player character swap.  And that's fine.  I'm just really confused as to why the hack wasn't presented as such.

When the readme promises things like "Mistranslated monster/item names fixed", it tends to paint a particular type of picture…  Ya know?

Bracer = カタクナール / 硬くなる (Get Stiffer)
Crystalline = ミンナカタクナール / みんな硬くなる (Everyone Get Stiffer)
… *snicker*

In other words: don't make it Super anymore.

Funny you mention that, Tsu.  I actually bookmarked my idea post as "Normal Castlevania IV."  Heh heh.

So, after playing around with the game and especially after watching someone play through it, I've decided that I want a modification for the classic Super Castlevania IV which makes it play more like the NES games and Rondo of Blood.  Basically, the following changes would be made:
  • Disable the ability to lash the whip in any of eight directions*
  • Disable the ability to brandish the whip by holding the attack button*
  • Disable the ability to change the direction of a jump in mid-air
  • Extend the invulnerability frames to match the NES games
    (* Some whip hooks would need to be relocated as a consequence of this.)
As far as I can tell, this shouldn't really interfere with the game too much, and it would make a good challenge for people who like that sort of thing, as well as let people who say "the game is too easy; you only need the whip" put their money where their mouth is.  I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement, though.  I just know some code would need to be added, removed, or altered to make this happen… which means it's out of my league.

Anyway, just a random idea!

Uh.  I feel like I may have indirectly started something I didn't intend to, in this thread, and taken focus away from the point of the news update.  Though, I do like the idea of having all of the named, "incidental" characters survive until this very end, in addition to Leo or Bannon.

Still, I apologize for kind of derailing the spotlighted hack.  That really wasn't my intention.  ):

I like the idea of this hack.  It kind of makes me want to look into hacking this game and giving Biggs and Wedge more of a role, too.  I really do think they should've been recurring characters, like Solt and Peppor from Chrono Cross.  Maybe that's just me, though…

Anyway, I might have to give this a whirl.  It'd give me a good excuse to replay the game.  Again.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: April 22, 2020, 12:19:39 pm »
I can't get this to happen under Snes9x v1.60… which means I need more information.  :)

Can you tell us the circumstances under which this happens, Lt. Light Ark?  Did you use a clean ROM?  Are you using any extra patches – ones that either did or didn't come with this hack?  What emulator are you using?  Et cetera.

Cheers and thank you!

Ooh.  So, it's one of those "duct tape fixes" that, if undone, will absolutely wreck everything else?  That's a shame.  I guess I'll just have to play it in ZSNES, then.  How nostalgic~

Back, again, but with a rather odd request, to be sure.

So, there's a Chrono Trigger ROM hack by the name of "Prophet's Guile."  It can be found here.  The documentation specifically mentions that the hack doesn't work well under Snes9x.  It outright says that it'll freeze at a certain point, making the game unwinnable.  I'm not sure if that still happens at of Snes9x v1.60 The game still locks up after reaching a certain cutscene, but I have encountered another, much stranger problem…

Upon entering Enhasa, a remix of "Corridors of Time" plays.  Under ZSNES v1.52, it's quite a lovely remix.  Under Snes9x, however, the music is sprinkled with a lot of… unintentional electric sounds.  I'm not entirely sure why this happens.  In any case, I was hoping that someone could do something to fix this?  I'm not sure what would fix it, myself, but I can't say that I've tried anything…


Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: April 16, 2020, 02:24:15 am »
Oh-oh-oooh…  You did say that you were using those extra patches, didn't you?  I'm sorry for not paying attention.  D:

Yeah, I didn't actually test all the patches in my own playthrough, so I probably missed a lot of things like this…  So, I'm glad someone's picking up my slack.  Thank you for being so diligent and patient!  :D

Ooh, confirmed.  It even happens in v2.3.8.  The game expects two Imp Aces to move into position, but one object was removed in order to disable that battle altogether, so the second (first?) Imp Ace never gets into position.  Strangely, both Imp Aces disappear when the party comes back after 2300 AD.
 Not sure how I missed this one, though…
Probably because I didn't think to go back to 600 AD, ha hah~

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: April 15, 2020, 03:09:50 pm »
1. If you let the music end on the over world of 1999, then hit Y to change char, the game goes to black screen and locks up.  (repeatable)
I've heard of other people encountering this one, but I simply can't get it to happen in Snes9x v1.60.

4. Couldn't find any way to get into the sewer or power station in 1999.  However, when you go into the power station, there are two lasers blocking the conveyor belts.  If you go into the menu, and change char possessions, the one on the left disappears (still cant get in, that conveyor belt goes against you)
I'll add this to my list.  And, you actually can get in there by using the Speed Shoes.  You get warped to 2300 AD if you go down either elevator, though, and have to hoof it back to a Time Gate, from there.

7. A minor issue that gets more irritating once you get the suite and set it as you new "home", the save point at the end of time doesn't let you swap char, which doesn't matter much until there are no char to talk to there to be able to switch with.  (I found one other save spot in the game previously that also didnt let you change char, but don't remember where (not the jail).  If I find it again, I will let you know.
Have you tried pressing the "Y" button?  :)

I honestly don't know what you mean, with this one.  You're allowed to use the Warp button (default "Y") to exchange characters from your reserve party at practically any point in the game after the first trip to the End of Time.  Save Points have never had anything to do with that.  The only thing they do is, as the name implies, let you save the game.

Edit: I stumbled upon a weird one while looking for the Sewer Access in 1999 AD:
- The entrance to the Medina Teleporters dome becomes inaccessible after a certain period of time
(I can’t explain this one.  The trigger is there when I look in Temporal Flux.  It’s kinda moot, anyway, since Medina Dome has its own Teleporters.)

Also, I should probably mention that despite my sudden focus on this thread, I'm not actually part of the project team.  It's primarily TheGreatBen and, like, one primary bug-tester?  I'm just a nerd who loves Chrono Trigger and has a bit of experience with Temporal Flux (the best Chrono Trigger editor out there).  I also enjoy making game designers/modifiers cry bug reports.  Hee~

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: April 14, 2020, 11:22:05 am »
I took a look at the v2.3.8 ROM and the v2.4.0 ROM.  The exit trigger was originally located at X/Y coordinate of 10,2B.  In v2.4.0, it somehow shifted to the very bottom of the map, landing at 10,3F!  It also doesn't seem to work, either.  Very strange.

So, yeah.  This one isn't just you.  Really hope you didn't save on that island…

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: April 13, 2020, 04:50:58 am »
Why can't everyone who report bugs be as super-helpful and super-cheerful as you, LoneWolf?  ;v;

As for getting to 1999?  You have the Aero-Dalton Imperial Winged Epoch, right?
Try scouting around the world, a bit.  You may find something you missed!  Or… something you ignored?  ;)

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