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Yes, absolutely, we are back and going full steam ahead towards the next big release, the big one.

Regarding the SLPS-91214, my first tests were made using the latest builds but I did as you suggested and tried applying the 1.1 patch to a personal rip of this version, MD5 checksum 30F7DCE98B6901290CB26C9BAF27268F .

I managed to apply the patch with success by using DeltaPatcherLite with "Checksum validation" off (go this from the Echo Night#2 readme, big thanks to them!) and I actually managed to get in-game, but the game locks up when it loads assets, in the case of a New Game this means the UPEO loading screen.

It locks up right at the end of the loading process, when the bar is full. In the past, one bad file would mean it could freeze before that, for reference. Also of interest, after the anime intro is over or skipped, if you don't press start, the game would normally start up an Attract Mode, but here a slim vertical line with garbled colors appeared and then the game locks up completely before we see the actual real-time gameplay video.

Judging by the slightly different file size, and the fact that I can access the first few menus and the anime intro video only, this can only mean there is a difference in the file structure and/or content that results in incompatibility with our current tools, which are based on just the SLPS-02020, which somehow I managed to get to work with Disc 2 (but not yet fully tested). I have already spoken to my team about this and we'll see what can be done about this in the future.

I too doubt that this will mean much to those at large, especially those who don't have a physical copy (and obviously not everyone has a copy of every single game that has a new fan-translation on the block) but I do remember one or two people who contacted me telling that's what they had on hand and with the reprint available to purchase used, it was and still is my hope to make our work even more accessible, especially to those who do have the actual discs. Who knows, maybe this reprint is technically better, as is the case sometimes, but without documentation or investigation, this remains unknown AFAIK.

Other than that, this week I'll be working on editing the rest of the missions from Disc 2 by myself and give it my best shot as I always have. In the meantime, Greenrose is currently working on the entirety of M39 Power for Life as well as a number of Search files, together with his friend Momomeno. Their translations are high-quality and they're extremely motivated, despite the difficulties in this endeavor which I've noted in the past.

After inserting my edits for these last Disc 2 missions, 44 up to 52, I'll be able to test it and say if it's working and if it's stable, like Disc 1 has been. For now I choose to remain cautious. The thing I like from the final missions, no matter which route, is they're dramatic and concise so I'll be coming back soon with reports on this.

Just tried patching the SLPS-91214 to test it and see if it works but it refuses to go past the "Produced by Namco" screen. It doesn't even work with the original files.

I'll try talking to a team member about this and see if we can solve this problem.

This will not have any effect on our SLPS-02020~1 patches that are currently scheduled for a mid-December release.

The status on SLPS-02020 remains as fully working after patching and is currently being tested. SLPS-02021 doesn't have a full translation implemented yet, only an initial edit up to mission 43, but it's also confirmed as working after patching it at least up to the final decision point.

There's also some work being done on entries from the Search menu, menu titles excluded due to a glitch when editing them via GIMP. I think I'll need another editing tool for these and then hope it won't cause the colors the go crazy when the edited titles are on screen.

Congratulations on your open beta release, looks great so far!  :woot!:

Congratulations and thank you for translating this game, looks interesting!

...any luck on this?

No answer yet, I think he might be really busy.

Yea, looks like it's been shut down along with all the goodies it had.

I don't have that particular patch with me anymore but I was thinking of sending the webmaster an e-mail to ask what happened, I think I can put a question in there about the files and their whereabouts too. I'll try that later on tonight.

Wake up guys! This thread is one year old. If the op hasn't made his mind yet it's likely he won't translate anything at all...

Holy moly! :o

That'll teach me to look at post dates before posting! ;D

On the one hand, Mizzurna Falls for the PS1 for its Twin Peaks-style open world setting,

on the other, the Saturn port of SOTN. The Saturn has so few fan-translations for it.

Whichever game you choose to work on, you've got a good list there, so good luck!

I'm already fine with most of that short monologue. Except for those two lines that I can't edit alone, and it seems to be another small but delicate sentence to deal with. It's not a matter of rewording but checking and possibly proposing a new translation.

EDIT: got another couple of lines. that need checking since the translation isn't very clear. Really trying to get this character right.

Context: after a mission to protect a rocket launch.

お疲れさま。                                         Good work.
ニューコムのロケット、見た?                    Did you see Neucom’s rocket?
科学によって……                                   Thanks to science...
人を空の向こうにまで飛ばそうとする輝き。   a glimmer flies people up beyond the sky.
いつか誰かが創造した世界。                    A world that someone once created.
わたしたちって、                                    And yet, we are
そこに創られただけの小さな存在だけど。    but small beings there, mere creations.
その力が私に翼をくれたって事だけは、 <---And so, I can believe only that  <---
信じられるから。 <---                            that power gave me wings. <---

いい出来 means something like "pulled it off pretty well," or to have made something passable, generally by someone still in training.
For example, if I was trying to make pottery and made a half-decent pot, the teacher could say something like 「いい出来だろうな」, or "Your work's not half bad."

I'd translate this like as something like "Hey, you're not so bad!" or "Hey, you did all right back there!"

Without more story context on the character, their health, and background, it's hard to say on 調子悪い (which can be used when someone is sick, not feeling well, or just generally "out of sorts").
However, maybe something like "What's up? You're not quite yourself..."

I agree, pacing is... well, weird. And also incorrect here.

Oh, so it's not just a compliment, there's another layer to it then! It makes sense for Keith to speak like that, as a teacher or a superior, at that point. After that he starts seeing the player as more of an equal. So I think I'll go from "Ah, nicely done" to "Hey, you did all right back there"

The second part is really that simple, we come out of a cut-scene and after that we're back to seeing us and him flying, indicating the next mission is about to start. So from his point of view we go quiet all of a sudden because our character is busy and he wonders. There's no health concern but this is the second time he did ask the player a similar question about 3 missions ago, so that's why says "again". Here's the video of the whole thing ->, first two minutes. Something like "What's up/What's wrong? Are you out of it/not feeling well again " should do.

And thanks for the quick Japanese lesson, Seihen! Those two lines were really weird in the first release, they're gonna make much more sense now!


guys, need help with two lines from a short scene:

Context: Rena opens up for the first time about killing her former wing-man and other co-workers in the previous mission.

Rena (original)
わたし……飛び続けられるのなら、            If I... can continue to fly,
この先どんな罪でも                              it is true that I will bear
背負うと思ってるのは真実(ホントウ)よ。        any kind of sin that lies ahead.
いつか、力尽きてしまう  <---                  In time, I will be running on empty, <---
その時がくるまで。 <---                         until that time comes. <---
でも、これだけは信じて。                        But believe this only.         
フィーの事は……。                               The thing with Fi was...
――今さら何を言っても無駄だよね。        —by now, saying anything is pointless, isn’t it.

Maybe you should consider some jet pilot lingos or something...

In the examples above, going by the way characters speak, the dialogue leans more towards informal language. I do use more formal phrases when appropriate but those don't occur that often (until now at least).

"Now that's how you pull it off!" 

Your other suggestion was a better fit but I might come back to this other one later on.  ;)

"Nicely done!"
"Great skill, out there!" or "Great display of skill, out there!'

"What's going on? Are you spacing out?"
"What's up with those low skills? Need a readout?"

"Nicely done" and "spacing out", those are gonna fit in pretty well, thanks for the script doctoring!

EDIT: OH and I forgot to clear one thing up, might be a little late: that wasn't a typo, General (Resource) is a corporation that's at war with another one.

Hope this helps.
Sorry if you don'tagree with some comments - they're just intended to provide options.

Corrections and alternatives like that are exactly what I need, so thanks for that! Implementing most of them right now :thumbsup:

About the "...Well" vs "...well", my project was on hold for a while so I forgot what I even had decided on. In some places I capitalize the first letter, in others it's in lower case. It's more of a stylistic choice so it's not a big deal (for now).

Regarding the two uses of "pacing", I forgot to provide context since they're used in different situations.

"Good pacing" is said when Keith, your wingman, is impressed by your performance mid-mission (he says it every time though, it's fixed). As I read your suggestions I thought of maybe changing it to "Nice going" but I'm not sure it's the best choice.

For "What's wrong? Bad pacing again?" it's the same guy talking to you after a cut-scene. So, from his point of view, he's probably looking at you flying straight without saying anything while you watch the cut-scene, wondering what's going on. I got nothing here, "out of it" but it doesn't fit the situation imho.

LOL too many!
Okay, I think this is pretty good.
Your Translation is pretty well.
That's my only opinion.

I don't mean for one person to go over every line. One could come one day and help with a few lines here, and then someone else could take a look at a different set of lines. The editing is gonna take a while before it's releasable, so I intend to keep it all in one thread (this time).

And thanks for your comment, good to know that it's good overall!

Hey all, I've got some stretches of text here and there that could use a look-over by someone with a good level of Japanese.

The parts that I'm most unsure about are indicated with an arrow but the whole thing could use checking for mistakes or improvements. Any input at all is appreciated.

The translation itself is by BRPXQZME and I did the editing. My goal is to make it sound natural and stay accurate while keeping a look on the length of the lines because of how they are timed in-game. I think a lot of lines could have their wording improved too.

Mission 01 awakening

Context: a short interview with a famous ace pilot who flies for a peacekeeping UN-like organization. She's a little out there as can be seen in the last lines, so translating them to make them come out right becomes difficult.

レナ     ……ええ、はい。
インタビューアー     (あなたの夢は?)
レナ     今、こうしてパイロットになっている事が
    ただ最近……思うのは、 <---
    体なんて人間にとって <---
    いつも心で飛んでるんです。 <---
    体には翼がないけど、 <---
    心の翼が……わたしに空をくれたから。 <---
    このまま心ごと翼になってしまいたいって。 <---

(first release)
...uh-huh, yes.
My days off?
Going for walks... is not an option,
so I read books, watch movies.
Just the usual, really. (And your dreams?)
Well, being a pilot is already
enough of a dream come true.
But lately... I've been thinking — <---
that if the human body is nothing more <---
than a shell for the soul, <---
then it doesn't mean anything to me. <---
Because I always fly with my mind. <---
My body didn't come with wings,  <---
but my mind does, and it gave me the sky. <---
At times all I want is to be a pair of wings. <---

Mission 10 fates intertwined

Context: Rena and Erich, her wingman argue over what transpired in the previous mission. In it, Rena was ordered to shoot down some people who were very close to them.

(Every time she talks about wings the whole thing gets weird, the way it's translated will make or break the impact of the scene, I think.)

RENA          空を目指す翼があれば、<---
                 いつまでも……こうして、 <---
ERICH     その為なら、仲間でも撃ち落とすのかよ!
RENA     その通りだわ……いい?
            この空が嫌なら、 <---
           その羽、自分で今すぐもげばいい! <---
ERICH     レ、レナ……。

(unedited and unreleased)

Rena    If I have wings aiming for the sky, <---
           I’ll always... this way, <---
           if it’s for living here, I’ll do anything for anyone. <---
Erich    If it’s for that, you’ll even shoot down your friends, will you!?
Rena    It’s exactly like that... alright?
           We didn’t have wings or anything to begin with.
           If you don’t like these skies, <---
           you should break off those wings yourself at once! <---
Erich    R-Rena....
           Are you crying?

Mission 13 bug hunt

Context: Rena is a young pilot who can't go out in the sunlight (a fictional syndrome). An ace pilot gets her to join a secret project for an experimental aircraft. This whole scene is her finally telling her story to the player.

(original)                                                                    (current edit, unreleased)
わたしは、生まれた時から                                                 From the time I was born,
一度も太陽の光を浴びた事がない……。                                I haven't basked in the sun even once...
そんな病気は、まだほんの子供だったのわたしに、                  An illness like mine was to me, then just a child,
生きる意味を失わせるには十分だった。                                enough to make life lose meaning for me.
近所の公園へ出るのに、まるで宇宙旅行にでも                       Every time I went to a neighborhood park,       
出かけるような姿にならなければならなかった。                       I had to suit up as if I were going to space.
やがて、外の世界から隔離されたように、                               By and by, it didn't take me long
自分自身によって心まで閉ざしてしまうまで                            for me to shut myself in and
そう長い時間はかからなかった。                                         isolate myself from the outside world.
──そんな時、あの人に出会った。                                       And then, I came across that man.
電脳空間(エレクトロスフィア)の持つ力とその可能性を教えてくれた……。He taught me the power the Electrosphere holds...
その出会い──。わたしを普通の人間として                             After meeting him... I truly believed that
扱ってくれた最初の人の事を、                                            I had found someone who would
わたしは、心から信じていた。                                             treat me as a normal human being.
身体こそ触れ合うことは出来ないけれど、                              Because we weren't able to come into contact with
だからこそ、心は電脳空間(スフィア)の向こうで                          each other, I thought that through the 'Sphere, we
誰よりも分かり合っているつもりだった。                                could understand each other more than anyone else.
あの人のためだったら、何でもできた。                                 I felt I could do anything, if it were for him.
いつ滅んでもいいと思っていた肉体なんて、<---                     My body could have perished at any time, <---
どうなってもよかった。 <---                                               I still would have been happy to do it. <---
たったそれだけの事で、 <---                                             Just because of that, <---
彼が持っていた翼をわたしも手に出来るのなら、 <---               I wondered if I could have wings like him... <---
でも、それは間違っていた。                                               But I was wrong.
わたしが始まりだと思っていた時こそ、<---                            The very time I thought would be the beginning <---
あの人にとっては終わりの時だった。 <---                            was, for him, actually the end. <---
あの男、ディジョンが手にしたかったのは、                             What that man, what Dision wanted,
──わたしなんかじゃなかった。                                           — was not me.
こんなにも弱いからこそ被験者となり得た、 <---                    He wanted me to be a test subject<---
わたしの身体だけ。 <---                                                  because my body was so fragile. <---
また、わたしは、わたし自身の身体に裏切られ、                     Once again, I was betrayed by my own body,
その時、心に決めていたの。                                             so I made a decision.
人間としての心まで捨てて手に入れたこの翼だけは、              These wings, for which I had to abandon my soul,
絶対に離さないって──。                                                  — I will never let them go.

Mission 20 megafloat

Context: the player changes sides during a war. Keith and Dision are two aces from the side you just joined. Dision is the one who invited you while Keith doesn't take kindly to outsiders at first.

……ま、それは俺の気分だから <---
オマエが気にする事ではないがな。 <---

(first release with some changes)
Yo, rookie.
I’ll hand it to ya,
your skill is definitely about
lower-mid at General.
But Dision is just a bit pleased,
so don’tcha get
all big-headed.
You and him are on whole different levels.
I still don't understand why
he put you under his
direct supervision.
Before you came,
we were just fine with him and me.
...well, that’s just how I feel, <---
nothing you would care about, kid. <---
Don’t forget that if you mess up,
Dision will be the one who
takes the heat.

One last one for this post, how should I reword this? "Pacing" doesn't feel right to me, I've never seen phrases like these. There has to be a more natural translation but I'm stumped.

(snippets from mission 22 and 32)

Ah, good pacing.

どうした? また調子悪いのか?
What’s wrong? Bad pacing again?

Thanks for yet another report, raven, your collection is turning out to be really useful. I suppose that's the copy you successfully patched yesterday seeing as the MD5's match?

Maybe more versions of the same SLPS release really do exist in AC3's case, after all... at least, it's starting to look that way.

My first idea of how to go about this would be to gather information regarding these different versions (which you're helping with) and that I work in tandem with you or people who have these different versions to prepare .xdeltas that work with each one of these releases and host them as possible alternatives.

To ser evergreen:

How did I not think of that? Geez, I just mounted one of my burned images and I can see this meta data just like in your pictures (I really need to get some rest...). I see 1999-05-27 just like in your picture, this being the result I expected since this is indeed the Japanese release date so nothing weird going on here. I can also see 020.20 which is correct and no surprises here.

I had to play a bit of AC3 but I got to M09, tried it multiple times, and I got the bottom picture that raven posted (indicated by him as the SCPS version, which this one is not). From memory I thought this would be the case as I've never seen the other variation, but that's just my copy/ies and doesn't mean others shouldn't be able to see it.

I also checked a couple of playthroughs made by Japanese players and on one I saw the Disc Change screen, on the other I saw the one I got with just the Check O.K. text. So both are out there, not a big deal if playing vanilla but something to keep an eye out for here.

At first, I thought I was having SLPS-02020 actually, but taking a closer look into the disc's content revealed that they got a datetime tag of 1999-05-27, which corresponds to the release date of SCPS-45397. When I voiced this disparity up, including the fact that there was also the metadata SLPS_020.20.bin included in the disc, Alcahest cleared it up that 1.1 is pretty much a 1 to 1 copy of 1.0, with a tiny bit of change to it. This, coupled with the details of the change provided by D.O.Eraven, I am now convinced that I in fact have SCPS-45397.

Now that we know what that tiny bit of change is, thanks to D.O.Eraven, you can simply complete Mission 9 to invoke a disc 2 change and see if the disc change graphics corresponds to 1.0 or 1.1's. Of course, you can also try to redump it and re-verify checksum again, both MD5 and SHA-1 just to be absolutely sure.

All the posts relevant to what I mentioned here can be found back Page 12, Reply #232 to #236. Hope this could be of help to you.

How can I check the meta-data of my images, this is something I'd love to do to get a better understanding of what I have with me. What programs are you using?

Things such as the SLPS-# and the release date are a good start if they can be seen inside the image. One thing I wonder though is why the 1999-05-27 would correspond to the Chinese release date when the game was advertised in Japan as being released there on that day.

We hope everything goes to plan!
So guys , we talk to you later ! ( In Italy it is 8 am and are awake by 3 XD )
As soon as I wake up , I have a surprise for you to see ! :)
A particular version of AC3 translated from RGR studio!

Wow, that's crazy man, good night/morning I guess!

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store!

Okay Dragonspike, i make my copies of two version of AC3 .
First of all, Both copies of AC3 have inside the TOC , the same executable code .
Both the PS TheBest , both the standard version have the code SLPS 02020 .
The result of my image are :

02020 (GENUINE DISC) - 699.454KB/ 716.240.448 / MD5 : 0191be8a064a64be4f80d62b29e0fa8e
91214 (GENUINE DISC) - 699.454KB/ 716.240.448 / MD5 : 86fd694677098d26909086895404f571

Then .... there is a mess of information :'( !

Thank you for chipping in, raven. I'll take note of this for future reference, so it's a possibility that we at Project NEMO might have to take additional versions of the same release into consideration (time and crew allowing).

I wouldn't call this a mess, don't worry. I remember when the Front Mission 2 project was active and IIRC they managed to prepare patches for different releases (i.e. SLPS-#), maybe even versions of the same release. If the need arises I hope we'll be able to do the same.

It's super simple.

If disc1 of your set has MD5: 86fd694677098d26909086895404f571
then your set is 1.0

If disc1 of your set has MD5: 30f7dce98b6901290cb26c9baf27268f
then your set is 1.1

So both your sets are 1.1.

"pure" jpn release: japanese release for the japanese market.
In contrast to SCPS which is the japanese release for the chinese market.

While pure "jpn" release can be either 1.0 or 1.1, it seems SCPS release only come in 1.1, so compatible with the patch.

That's about it ^^;

I agree that it's simple, it just seems we have conflicting sources/information. You seem to know how to check if an image is "1.0" or "1.1", as I said before I'd be glad to check my files for 1.0s or 1.1s, more information can only help. Do you know of any such program that can do this?

If I do have a 1.1 Japanese release, then the SCPS release is supported but I'll need someone to report back before I can include this in the readme as officially compatible. I can't include it just because of hearsay, I'm sure you'll understand. I'm available to analyze my copies but mine are SLPS, so it's a different release.

Reply to ser evergreen:

My copies clearly show SLPS-02020~1, no SCPS anywhere, and they even say "for Japan Only" and are also marked Not for Resale (both, but there are Rental versions out there). Google search shows the SCPS version as having slightly different information in the back cover, completely different from my copies.

You can even find a scan of Disc 1 I made years ago in my picasa gallery:

Clearly marked disc, packaging, all in line with the regular Japanese release.

I can't be any more clear than this, I've been repeating the same information for a while now. This is my source, first-hand, and I stand by it. Somehow this seems to be conflicting with your information but what is your source and what release of AC3 do you have? This is important if we're to discuss and understand this.

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