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"Not just a cool name, not anymore"
ENEMY DOWN: the International Edition sub-title has now finally been added to the title screen. Huge thanks to Krishty, from the zfx developia forums at, for making this possible in the first place, danke schön!

A full report on the progress made and my new goals will all be on the next State of the Project, on my blog USEA Today, coming soon. Auf Wiedersehen!

I'm very happy to be able to post on this thread! Here's my first edit of my favorite game's title screen, huge thanks to Krishty whose tools made this possible!

A translator could give a better answer than me, but being very familiar with the text and the translation process, I can assure you guys that there's nothing unusual about how we translated Keith's dialogue. The change in register is evident in both the original Japanese text and in the way he speaks. Try listening to the way Keith speaks throughout the game and see how the way the sounds changes depending on the situation or general context.

And even though the Photosphere features an excellent professional translation, it would be a mistake to make him sound like that all the way through. And the lines from the booklet that do have a match in the actual game, those I did not alter except for when they were too long.

I wouldn't worry about that anymore. Stealth updates are something I've only done on day one for this and last year's release and after this last big release, featuring both discs, it's safe to say that's all in the past now. Any future updates, like say one that translates the credits scroll in-game for example, will receive their own version numbers, announcements, updated readme, and all that.

Here are the MD5 checksums of v2.0 with the fixed ending update (Dec 15th update):

Disc 1: 15f7580eebae2fab6381a4c65450a75f

Disc 2: b075b732f61371efe680323c21390204

Emulation issue - Disc 2 seems to crash for me on Retroarch + Mednafen. Makes swapping discs after the Fiona choice part difficult as "appending disk" seems to just crash the emu. Not sure if anyone else had this issue.

I'm no good at troubleshooting technical matters, but have you considered using a different emulator? I have two emu/config combos that I use myself, posted here. The game looks just like I remember it looking on my old PSOne on a CRT TV, many eons ago.

Also use SCPH-1001 as your BIOS since using a different one appears to break more than the 3 Search terms that I listed in the readme as non-working. (thanks to user Have4NiceDay for discovering this!)

EDIT: forgot to specify that the ePSXe config currently on there is still the old one for use with Pete's OpenGL2 plugin, which is nice overall but the reflections of the sun are off. The new ePSXe has a new plugin called Core GPU and with that one the sun reflections are just they look on the PSX.

I wouldn't have said that without having checked every file at my disposal beforehand, multiple times even as I've done during the past few years so I could gauge how much was doable, what was and what wasn't.

That's precisely what version number is for ^^;
Without seeing your post above I wouldn't have known, please at least make it clear in the blog entry, not a message lost in comments or here where most users won't check.

Agreed - I only noticed the new fix because I looked at the 'new hacks' update.

Done  :)

Enjoying what I see so far, though I did have a bit of trouble with the untranslated menus at the beginning.

I'm sorry about the menus that are still in Japanese, they're out of my reach and I can't translate them if I can't find them. Me and my team did what we could with what we had.

I get where you're coming from but I just consider 2.0 to be fixed now. A similar thing happened when 1.1 was published, I saw a very early video of it on YouTube where the radio chatter for Scylla and Charybdis had grey background and black text and quickly fixed it.

Yea, v2.0 has received a small but very important fix which was released two days ago so if you downloaded it on the 14th, download it again. Things got pretty hectic at the end and, funny enough, the only thing I didn't play-test during the days before release was that ending, which now completely is readable from beginning to end.  I also took that opportunity to put back a missing period in M07, change a semi-colon (that I hate) to an em dash, and switch "Mission" to the correct "Operation" in M10's debriefing.

AFAIK the most glaring and important error has been fixed, but if anyone finds garbled text somewhere else again, just let me know.

Now, with the release of the full game's translation proper, next will come countless amount of both enjoyment and playtesting on the community's end, and I believe during this process we will discover more instances for improvement to the release that can be iterated in the future. In this regard, will we still keep and operate this RHDN topic as the repository for such reports? I hope it can be the case so that we can reach the best possible state of quality and completeness for the translation.

Yea, you can use this thread to give us feedback and point out mistakes that need fixing, like people did last year with the Disc 1-only patch. So the current v2.0 release, while a major milestone, doesn't change anything as far as this thread goes.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Distributing patched ROM/ISO online
« on: December 08, 2016, 10:01:39 am »
(I wouldn't hire a samurai.  ;D )

Hehehe, yea, there's no need to resort to something like that :laugh:

But seriously, I think it's as you've said, you do what you can to the best of your abilities and keep on trucking.

good to see ace combat 3 in english, hope you can finish it till end mr dragonspike, good luck

Thank you so much for going through the trouble of registering just to wish me, and by extension my team, good luck.

I'd like to use this opportunity to say the translation is coming together really well and if you liked our previous release, you're gonna love this one, no doubt about it!

Gaming Discussion / Re: Distributing patched ROM/ISO online
« on: December 08, 2016, 03:54:15 am »
As part of a fan-translation team (working on Ace Combat 3, by Namco) I don't pretend to have that nor a moral ground over anyone but surely it sets a good precedent and, for what it's worth, is a show of goodwill from those involved. I think a company would definitely act more quickly if they saw rampant piracy going on in such a project, that's one way to attract bad attention.

About responding to someone sharing a patched image, what I saw earlier today was someone offering to upload a patched image of an old release, the first time I have to actually deal with this situation. So it didnt happen, and even if it did, I still think I'll follow through with my team next release, which is right around the corner actually.

I guess it was bound to happen sometime, but it's nice to hear some thoughts on it nonetheless.

Gaming Discussion / Distributing patched ROM/ISO online
« on: December 08, 2016, 02:32:59 am »
This is mostly directed at people who have released fan-translations, but any input or discussion is welcome.

So, in general, people know why it's good to ask users not to upload and share patched ROMs or ISOs. How would you handle the situation where someone violates that? Do you just ask to take it down and continue on whether they did or not? Do you delay your project until they comply or even indefinitely? What would you (fan-translator or not) do?

Good news, bad news-style post today:

Good news is the Search menu titles have all been translated in-game,

bad news is three of those now cause the game to freeze, these are the victims: "Neucom Inc.", "Neucom's history and facts", "Opto-Neuron".

Making new strides towards the game's interface and menus:

First up, the Data Swallow logo, (reference)

Mission menu also got a revamp, (reference)

As did those for Search and Archive:

A small but important update on the stability of the patched Disc 2 to say Cynthia and Fiona's route work just fine with no hiccups anywhere. I wonder if those 30mb from Disc 2's original BPB are just junk.

Anyway, dropping by to post some stuff about the upcoming 2.0 release, sort of a change list, read at your own peril:

- Continuing from 1.1, I'm ramping up my efforts to respect the official terminology down to a T. Main sources being the in-game Search glossary and the books I bought years ago (these turned out to be really useful after all). Fresh examples are the word "Nano-bite" from mission 13, which during the actual mission is just "nanobite" without the dash even though everywhere else it has the dash, clearly due to space restriction, and what was translated as "bacteriological weapon" in the 1.1  version of mission 8 is now "bio-chemical weapon" as in the official book's notes for that mission. These are just two of a much larger number, thanks to AC3's rich futuristic setting, and they will all be respected as much as possible.

- As a sort of silver-lining to the utter garbage that is the US version, some of its text has also proved useful. In some cases where the mission objectives didnt change, I've found the briefings, mission update and debriefings to be actually quite handy when I found our old HTML script to be lacking. There won't be too many instances of this, but it does help fill in a few holes here and there while I edit on my own.

One such example is mission 19: for 1.1 "...control over..." became "...demilitarize..." and for 2.0 "control facilities" will be the more accurate "installations" while in the debriefing "suppress" will be slightly changed to "reduced Megafloat's defenses" as a result (the HTML script even had it as "gain control in the invasion of Megafloat." which never happens and was a rather confusing mistranslation at first)

- In the plane selection screen, "Dogfighting", which I took from the US version for testing and just left it there, has been changed to "Fighter" for conformity since all the other description I'd included were based on what the devs used in-game and in the books.

 Not a big deal IMHO but one particular exception is in Disc 2, where the Remora and the Sepia use the same texture file for their respective descriptions. In Japanese this might not be a problem but it does cause one for us anglophones because one is a Strato Fighter and the other a Star Fighter (official English names, which can be seen to the left in the same screen and in the books). Currently I'm thinking of using "Special Fighter" or "Special Ops". This is only a problem in Disc 2, with Disc 1's Blackbird keeping its Strato Fighter name.

- After receiving Greenrose's translations, I'm now being more flexible with regard to the word メール (lit. mail). It'll range from mail, to message to videomail on a case-by-case basis instead of translating it strictly as "v-mail" every single time.

- The japanese word 作戦 will be translated just as "operation" instead of "mission" and sometimes operation as is the case in 1.1. This was a misguided attempt by me to differentiate between bigger and smaller missions but this has been fixed. The japanese word for mission, 任務, remains "mission" in 2.0.

- The 2nd page of the news bulletin from the beginning of mission 9 has been fixed. The text reads properly now.

- The same goes for grammar errors that were found in patch 1.1, such as when Dision says "until we change world" at the end of mission 26 (this one made me laugh when I caught it though, gotta admit). There were a few more here and there but that's the only I remember off the top of my head.

 Me and Greenrose are both play-testing the next release in order to at the very least minimize such mistakes in the text. If any should slip by us, they will be fixed right away.

- The last also goes for a number of lines which are present in the texture files for the radio chatter of a not--that-small number of missions. I managed to transcribe and translate 3 out of 5 lines in the case of mission 34 since that was the only mission where the so-called hidden lines actually showed up (3 out of 5 in this case). If anyone should see a message with  --- or -  as the only subtitles during gameplay, let me know and I'll at least try to transcribe them (the source file is incredibly low-res though so no guarantees).

- Regarding profanity, the word くそ kuso will range from damn, crap and shit depending on the translator's choices for each instance and won't be just translated as something related to feces every time as I did for 1.1.

- The short bit of text from mission 19, where the news cast goes to Keith to ask him about what he thinks of the player, I tried thinking of a workaround to get the last bit of text to be the proper and lighter tone of black, but then I still had to trouble I think with the file's header because the colors went all crazy during testing. Not a big deal since it's just a handful of lines that last a few seconds only, but this little issue persists atm.

- Oddly enough, my old test file that I used to see if translating the title Rena Hirose's Search entry was technically feasible with current tools, didn't cause the colors to go all glitchy last time I checked. It still looked really ugly due to the shift to Index mode, nowhere near the nice edges found in the titles that use the alphabet. For another time, until I find the right tool for this subset of files.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Hisou Kihei X-SERD is out!
« on: November 06, 2016, 08:56:48 pm »
Congrats guys, looks great!

Ok, so I just finished replacing the text from Cynthia's missions, all except one message that has some lines that I couldn't decipher. All in all, the process went way smoother than expected and the result will not only help save time during translation checks but a good part is definitely ready to go. Tested fine too.

Moving on to her little sister, I just took a look at the first mission from Fiona's path, and the first mission of her's Resistance starts off rather rough and hard to understand, but the rest is mostly good and definitely workable. They don't seem to have received the same level of attention as other parts but the other missions seem to be in good state, so I'll keep busy.

After I finish replacing the text of Fi's ending, there will be no more new material for me to replace. It really feels like the beginning of the end right now. It's kind of nostalgic after all these years but that's what we've all been working for, to finally reach this stage.

And by the way thank you for your very kind words Ser Evergreen, I'm sure the team appreciates the love and the cookies.  :)

EDIT/UPDATE: almost done with Fi's missions too. Half of Revenge and Sole Survivor left. After that, quality control continues, fixing typos, grammer, lines that go out of bounds, things like that.

EDIT/UPDATE#2:just finished replacing the final bit of text for Fi's story. Now it's all fixes, testing and such.

One month and one week until release and we're in the pipe, five by five.  :)

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