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Yes, I'm still working on it but haven't made any progress on the technical side, just the translation.

There are a few issues, the first of which is I don't have a tool to get an actual file out of the game image. This is because the credits are stored as uncompressed images and we never made any tools for that, just ULZ-compressed files. I know where they are on the disc, I just don't have actual folders or files. That's the first problem to solve.

The second issue is that because they're TIM, they're likely using palettes. If they do, then that too must be decoded in order to edit the images and re-insert them.

This should be it as far as issues go. Is there anything specific that you need to know before trying your tool? I can look around my files to see if there's any more information that might be usable.

The programmers for this project seem to have left and after more than a year of wait, I'm looking for new help. Project topic:

This fan-translation is almost 100% finished with an almost-complete patch package already released last year, we just need a coder who can finish the decompression that our programmer did and make an easy to use recompressor as well.

Another important thing we need in order to translate the whole game properly are the credits, this has to do with the PS1's TIM format, doesn't seem to be compressed and I can take care of the translation, currently in beta. [this one has been solved]

Also trying to switch a music track with a different track, if someone out there has experience with the XA2 interleaved format, then I could use your help. This last point is not essential to the translation itself, the above things though are.

If you want more info on this project, check out our thread linked above, or PM me.

EDIT: problem solved by the AC3 Italian Fan-translation team, big thanks to them and programmer Infrid

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll go with your literal version for now just to stay safe.

Thanks to you kuoushi and mz! :woot!:

Thank you for correcting me. I got a bit ahead of myself but, you know, there USED to be a time when my guesses were right, years ago. :P

I actually did read documentation assembled for the PSX and the SPU so I might be able to do something about it. Of course, if someone who's had experience with this sort of thing wants to help out with the music, then I'm.. huh... all ears (pun not intended, I swear :D). I don't want to give up and I want this to happen but I'm so swamped with translation work that I think the best course of action will be to put the music deal on the back-burner for a while.

Changing subjects, if you want some support on the usage of AC3 fan-translation tools, don't be a stranger and shoot me a PM anytime. I just wish Dashman were here, I think he could have made you a custom version to your specifications real fast.

Thank you for the hex value, I looked for it in the exe and image files but found nothing. It seems that my line of thought was wrong and that this isn't about a simple hex value. And to think that the music track is already there in the files, going unused. Real shame.

Thank you for the suggestion! Wouldn't "I couldn't let you enjoy this power." be better suited, since this is a while after Clarkson died?

As an aside, I noticed that the subtitles for "mono" are in katakana. I read that the Japanese do this for emphasis, but does it have to have an impact on the translation? Such as "I can't let you enjoy a power like this?"

This line has been a major thorn in my side for the longest time.

Context: the speaker ordered the other subject to the be killed, named Clarkson a colleague of his, high up in a peacekeeping organization.
Now he's the number one boss and he says this after entering his new office.


My current best bet after quickly reading about each single component is: This isn't a power I could enjoy with you.

Need check on this, if you know your stuff please help me out!  :woot!:

The PS1 has a few standard sound formats. I'm guessing that this music is in a separate audio track on the CD, as opposed to the PS1's MIDI-like format?

If so, there are a couple things you could try. First, find the origial music's start LBA (aka the number of the sector where the music starts) and search the game's exe for that value (remember to account for endian-ness). If you're lucky you may it and be able to edit it to the new music's location. The theory being that the exe has a 'play music' routine which uses the music start sector as an argument to prepare the data for the PS1 hardware.

Yea, the game uses music tracks that can be ripped and played on any player.

Another important detail is that I can see where the sectors for each music track begin and end with jPSXdec. However, I can't replace the offending track with the desired one because that other track is used on a number of other missions.

So I know the sectors for both tracks: - the wrong one for this mission is in 167275-188211 and the one I want to use is in 213005-239981 of Disc 1 (this is a Disc 1 problem only)

I just ripped two files from the CD that could be the EXE, one has the SLPS catalog number as its name SLPS_020.20 and the other ACE3. Not sure which is the one that might help since both say PS-X EXE in their first lines when using a hex editor. I looked into both and I'm seeing some CD-related words such as cd_read, write, error and bios too.

My questions are: are these sector numbers supposed to translate into specific hex values that I can then use to search the EXE? Like, does beginning sector 167275 have its own hex address? If I can find the right hex address in the exe, for the mission I need, then I just need to copy the value from the track I need, right? (sorry if this sounds weird, not my specialty, but I've dealt with hex and big/little endian at least once before)

On a different topic, does anyone know if the AC3E Text Editor only supports AC3E files? It looks well laid out and I'm wondering if it will function on other image formats such as standard PS1 TIMs.   :thumbsup:

Hmm, it's a pity that Dashman isn't here to answer, but if you ask me I'd say try to use it and see if it works. If I'm not mistaken, that tool is one of the more specific that we have. I think he configured it to recognize and use the CLUTs that AC3 uses so that MAY be an issue but I never tried it on other games so I don't know. You can also use it for bitmap images with no CLUT. If image dimensions exceed 256x256 then you won't be able to see it in the preview window. Line spacing is also configured for AC3's two styles, big and small text, so you might need to adjust spacing for your desired game with GIMP or Photoshop. If I were you I'd try and see how much mileage you can get out of it.

« on: November 11, 2017, 07:56:50 am »
There's something I've put off doing for awhile now that some people asked me about in the past and that I'd like to add to this project too: I want to change the BGM that plays during one mission with another track that is already on the disc, but went unused for reasons unknown.

I've read the SPU documentation and a little bit on debugging. I've also searched for previous attempts at PSX music hacking but found nothing that helped me in this endeavor.

What I know:
- the track is already in the disc so I don't need to replace any music

- the ntsc-u version does use the BGM I want to have in the ntsc-j version

What I need to know:
- is this feasible or am I in for a world of hurt?

- how do I locate the BGM pointers, is it possible to do it with debugging emulators?

- if such a thing exists, how do I then find the address for it in HEX so I can modify the values that decide which BGM plays during the mission.

I was googling hacking tools for this game after reading this thread and a text-only Brazilian-Portuguese fan-translation for VP1 that was released last year came up in the search results. This should already let you relax a bit because that means people have already managed to manipulate VP1's resources, which are all stored into one big compressed file.

(in Portuguese)

A forum post:

Some tools by one of the posters in the link above (in French):
This one's interesting because it talks about having Japanese voices in the game.

Decompression tools available right here on RHDN:

RHDN post:

Plus this guy's blog post about VP1's encryption (in English):

I'd say don't be a stranger and contact the fan-translators and tool makers right away so you can get your undub project started.

Damn, I had no idea that happened... I can confirm that this game-crashing bug occurs on M08 Scylla and Charybdis, M23 Tainted Peace, M28 Dilemma and M43 Utopian Dreams. I advise people to stay away from entering the Search menu during these missions, most entries are not in English anyway. Thank you for bringing this to mine and everyone's attention.

Me and Greenrose, who recently returned to the project, are working on the Search entries that are still untranslated in v2.0. He's currently translating the first four files but said that it's gonna take longer than usual because this kind of text is harder to translate compared to what can be found in story-line script.
I'm also doing my part by working on all the others, both transcribing and translating them, and I'd be inclined to agree. I told him that I have no self-imposed deadlines this time around and that he can take the time he needs in order to get a good translation out of those files. So no pressure at all, which makes for a better working environment. I, too, need time as I'm a rookie at this sort of thing and also working on many other aspect of the game, which I mentioned on my last project report State of the Project 2017 (available on my blog "USEA Today" for those who would like to know more).

EDIT: update on the game-crashing bug. As I suspected, this has to do with the uncompressed Search title translations. I just tried replacing ten Search titles at random with the compressed originals and the menu worked. I'll keep testing to see how many is too much for the game to handle, and consider whether to leave some Search titles untranslated.

The character who says that line is more neutral-to-friendly towards Rena at the start of the game. It isn't that obvious just from this very short exchange but it becomes clear as the player advances into the game. The other girl on the other hand, not so much (she and Rena never talk to each other, unlike Erich, just to give you an idea).

I just tested the new translation as "Must be nice to fly in a Flanker like Rena." and it fit like a glove, not too short and within limits.


Must be nice to fly in a Flanker like Rena.
Cut the chatter.
Commencing attack.

I think that like this the dynamic between them at the start of the game is clear now. "Good thing Rena's flying a Flanker, eh?" just wasn't doing it for me but it took me a long time to figure it out.

Anyway, thanks for the help guys, really!

Byyy the way, did you guys know that the company that made this game used the wrong version of this line for one of their games, they actually put the "Good thing..." line verbatim in Ace Combat Infinity during a special event for that plane. I^mean, I'm fine with that, but see what happens when pros copy fan-translations, things like this happen.

Thank you for your input, it seems my hunch was right. I can't use your version verbatim because there isn't enough space for it in-game but at least I know where to start from and go from there.

Oh and the translations at the bottom of my post aren't translations, it's just me spelling everything out in a very broad way, sorry for the confusion (the current translations are at the top). Just saying this so people don't think we're mangling the script.

There's a line in this game I'm working on (Ace Combat 3) where a pilot says as soon as the mission begins:

Good thing Rena’s flying a Flanker!

Whole conversation:
ERICH     レナはフランカーに乗れていいよな。
FIONA     お喋りしない。 Cut the chatter.
RENA     攻撃を開始します。 Commencing attack.

Video, starts at 8:35 so you can hear the voice actor's inflections:

It's a pretty simple line all things considered. I've asked 3 skilled translators to make sure it's correct and the answer was always positive. And I don't doubt them but I keep having this nagging issue with the scene.

Now bear with me here. Every one else in the wing is flying the worst plane in the game while Rena has a late-game plane right from the get-go. I always thought that by いいよな that he meant they wouldn't have to worry about the enemy planes, since the Flanker is technically superior in every way but the way Fiona tells him, in a stern tone (she's not at all friendly with Rena, even jealous according to a Japanese fan), to stop makes me think that he's actually using いいよな to say "Rena's flying a Flanker. She's got it nice, eh?".
I have found a reference online that translates いいよな like this and now the scene clicks finally, but I'd like to confirm this with another translator. Does this alternate interpretation of いいよな Ii yo na make sense?

In short this is how it reads right now in the v2.0 patches (available now btw):

Erich: I'm so happy she's flying a really good plane, we have nothing to worry about!
Fiona: Shut up!
Rena: ...


Erich: Man look at her in her fly plane, she's got it good, huh?
Fiona: Stop praising her!
Rena: ...

The second interpretation makes more sense to me but does it accurately translate the Japanese script, that's the question I have.

Thanks for reading the ramblings of a distraught editor :D

Good job Infrid and co., really cool :thumbsup:

Big thanks for the info and confirmation, :beer:

I'm having doubts over whether the speaker here is talking about the player (you) or the player, her and their flight wing,a group of 4 (we).

Everything else is top notch, translated by former fan-translator BRPXQZME, who used to be active here a lot once upon a time. The lines of interest have been marked with arrows. Is it really you? Or is it we?

Original Japanese
これからは、UPEO特別航空部隊   <---
まぁ……彼女のような            <---
中継も多くなるし、             <---

Current translation
Oh, you're there...!
There's something I needed to tell you.
Dated today, complete authority over
UPEO’s peacekeeping activities
has been given to Cmdr. Park.
From now on, you'll be teamed up   <---
with Rena as a member of SARF,
UPEO’s special aviation squadron.
Well... if you’re going to be      <---
together with a UPEO star like her,
you’re gonna be on live a lot,     <---
so you can’t afford any mistakes now.

Thank you for the feedback guys, very much appreciated. Reception has been mixed on my YouTube upload, currently at 4 likes vs 3 dislikes, but we do what we can under the circumstances. In this case I was forced to use every pixel the textures for the logos had left, and even then I had move stuff closer together.

I forgot to post the original for reference:


Ok so this thread's a f#@¤|g mess, I can't find anything here anymore. Even links for tools are dead. Not on my watch! This post is going to help people find the latest tools that were created for this project. If you came from my State of the Project post that I'm gonna post weeks from now: hey o/ this is what you want, fam

"All you need" list

20170718: Everything crucial is here, but I'll add more links for tools in the future.
20171021: Project NEMO programs submitted to RHDN.
20180123: Added tools used to translate the final credits scroll, courtesy of weissvulf.

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