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Oh seems you have a "pure" jpn ver 1.1 then..
Are both "disc 1" of your two copies identical (md5 match)?
It'd be funny if one copy was 1.0 and the other 1.1.

Regarding SCPS support, since the patch is made for v1.1, you're supporting it de facto.

Well, I don't know what to make of this pure/1.0/1.1 business, I can only go as far as my first-hand experience allows and my information is as stated in my posts.

Which is SLPS-02020~1, two physical copies which share the same identical checksum as stated by myself more than once as 30f7dce98b6901290cb26c9baf27268f

Hence this is what I've written in the readme file for this patch since that's what I have here. I can't comment on the other releases as I don't have any access to them. They may or may not be compatible with this patch in spite of their presumably different checksums. In the case they are, then we're all the better for it but if they're not then there are no plans at the moment to support them. If someone either one or both of these releases, feel free to try this 1.1 xdelta patch and let us know here.

Far as "1.0" or "1.1", I would need to check the images I have with some program but I wouldn't know which one to use. I wouldn't mind checking this just to add more details to my reports.

Actually you are supporting the Chinese/SCPS release (which is internally SLPS v1.1).
What you don't support is the "pure" jpn release (SLPS-02020 = SLPS-91214 = v1.0).

I don't think so, the only release I have is the SLPS-02020~1 (two copies). I had to make an image from one of these copies to make this new patch work.

How could I even be supporting a release I never even tried or used during internal development :huh:

However soooo stupid question , but if you remove it from XdeltaUI checksum verification , it is possible to patch everything ?
If so it would be great because you could patch any version of AC3 in JAP .
( SLPS 02020-1, SLPS 91214-5, SCPS 45397-8)

About supporting other releases of AC3, such as SLPS 91214~5 (the Best reissue I presume) and the Chinese SCPS release, there are no plans to do so at the moment.

Thanks ser evergreen, seems this is finally the good one.

Since verifying the MD5 checksums helped me find and replace a bad image that I was using, here are the checksums plus file sizes for Disc 1 and for this third iteration of patch 1.1:

SLPS-02020: 30f7dce98b6901290cb26c9baf27268f

Size: 683 MB (716,287,488 bytes)

Size on disk: 683 MB (716,288,000 bytes)

Patch 1.1: d0e44f993f711c9c67753d7c1ffbe7d3

Size: 5.04 MB (5,290,830 bytes)

Size on disk: 5.04 MB (5,292,032 bytes)

Barring any further oversights, these two put together with xdeltaUI should give you a good image.

Patched: a00c2658d1d0da4e9d435fdbacb02b7e

Size: 688 MB (721,774,704 bytes)

Size on disk: 688 MB (721,776,640 bytes)

Additionally, since the patch applies only to the BIN image, and we're all still using the BIN/CUE format, here's a link to the .cue file that should be coupled with the BIN. It's made to work with an image named "ac3.bin" but if you want to rename your image, you can always edit the .cue with notepad, it should still work. I don't think you'll need it if you're playing on your computer, but it might come useful when burning or converting. Find the .cue here:

By the way, the right 1.1 patch will be available on my dropbox for now but I'll take it down once it's up on our homepage ( and here on RHDN (

That's so strange. I based this patch off a fresh new image. I'm gonna take a look into this and try to find the problem.

EDIT: there's a new patch on my dropbox, if anyone here wants to try and give feedback on whether this one works or not, here it this:

The project has been updated to v1.1. You can grab the new patch on my dropbox for the time being:

Blog post:

State of the Project 2015 coming up late next month.


Oh God!

It's happening, thank you so much!

I think this is getting more complicated than it should as well. I took a look at my files and checked their MD5s s I could add a couple more facts to the table.

I checked the MD5 of both my SLPS-02020~1 (1.0) copies of AC3E, and both rips are identical (30f7dce98b6901290cb26c9baf27268f) and correspond to what lists as the SCPS AKA 1.1 release of the game.

As I do not have what redump claims to be 1.0 with checksum 86fd694677098d26909086895404f571, I have no way to comment on this particular release.

It's a shame that there are people suffering from issues during the patching process but I can safely say that me and members of Team NEMO have been play-testing for months and not once did we come across any such issues, or any for that matter. It is also reassuring seeing reports coming in from many players that their copies are indeed working on a variety of devices and configurations.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Kaizo Mario Bros 3 released!
« on: July 06, 2015, 02:29:52 am »
The trolling being even before getting in-game! Must be a hellish mod to be sure  ;D

Thanks a for the quality post, Evergreen! Much appreciated especially from someone who's been following Project NEMO since the beginning more than a few years ago.

Saturn fan-translations... hmm, we could use more of those!

Thumbs up and thanks for this, the game looks pretty cool.

Hey guys, dropping by to let you know I've just tried making an .xdelta version of our CD1 patch and from the looks of it everything went ok, the game started and the English text was there. This was tested using the regular Japanese release, as always, SLPS-02020~1.

One thing that surprised me was how small the patched file was in comparison of our original release with the toolkit: 5.05mb uncompressed and 2.58mb with RAR as opposed to 106mb and 56.9mb with RAR!

The 5mb must be the difference between the original compressed text images and our uncompressed translated TIMs.

Right now I'm working on fixing errors in the translations such as weird colors, typos, missing wordsand such. Give me some time and I'll be posting a v1.1 Disc 1 patch as an xdelta soon.

I wish I could but I really can't help you with the ripping issues you're experiencing. Just don't take my using Alcohol 120% as a be-all-end-all guide to AC3 ripping, it's just the program I happened to use and it seems to work for me but the same may not apply to everyone. I don't know but maybe you should try other ripping programs and see what results they give you but I'm just throwing that out there, good luck!

Uncheck "Read sub-channel data from current disc."

Thanks for the numbers on the PlayStation the Best version. I can't say for sure if our current patching tools are compatible with it or not as I don't have that specific copy. Hopefully someone else, perhaps another avid AC3 collector can chip in on this. Thanks to one user we at least know it works, burned, on an actual PS1, so there's that.

And about an italian translation, I'm sorry but I don't think I'm the right one to do it. I could give some explain how to use our editing tools but the actual translation and editing should be done by italians in order to ensure the highest quality. I tried a couple times before on my own to see what I could come up with and it really fell short of the standard set by our English translation. So maybe form an italian fansub group for AC3, preferably with a jp -> it translator?

I'll take note and report what's happening to your patched copy.

In the meantime, check the file sizes of your un-patched and patched copies, this might be helpful in the interest of full disclosure.

Size of my own personal bin/cue copy ripped with Alcohol 120% made from an SLPS~02020 disc (CD1):

683 MB (716,287,488 bytes) and 683 MB (716,288,000 bytes) on disk.

Size of a copy that's been patched with our Disc 1 patch v1.0 release:

688 MB (721,774,704 bytes) and 688 MB (721,776,640 bytes) on disk.

Other than that, I hope we can make our releases more compatible in the future in order to minimize the hiccups. I know how annoying that can be, it's just that we haven't found the time to deal with that issue yet but it's definitely in our to-do list.

Our translation patch for Disc 1 has been released.

Get it here:

Password: nemo

Full post on USEA Today:

An update on the current status of our AC3E fan-translation project has just been published here.

Thanks for the input, Seihen.

I uploaded a video clip here with my edit:

I'm mostly happy the way it is right now but I'm not 100% sure.

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