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Don't worry, they've proven before that they're not the bitter type. Judging from the PMs we exchanged, I think the BGM fix will still be released by them in some form in the future. We're just gonna have to wait a while longer, that's all.

Trying to link one completely unrelated event from 2018 to another from 2021? Yes I was thankful then and still am, and I agree that we did have a rough start (that's the problem). If you'd like clarification on this, then PM me and I'll answer this time, I'd be happy to clear it up after all these years.

About what transpired with the BGM fix, I've taken the proper action and provided my best answers to you. Adding questions on top of questions and requesting apologies from me or my team (most of which isn't even active anymore) isn't a course of action I agree with. Like you said, we all have real lives to worry about, and I'm not going to keep pointing fingers and keep delving into this any further. I understand how serious this is to you, but consider this my last post on the subject, I'm moving on.

I'll get straight to the point and tell you in no uncertain terms that nobody here, me, Team Nemo, or Rythus, went out of their way to go to you, or people you trusted with said files, to get them and release the fix as ours.

As for the fact that I didn't reach out to you, and why you're blocked on my twitter, those go back to reasons that have nothing to do with this and I think you know why (but that's neither here nor there). But of course I took the time to make things right (investigate and remove the file ASAP) as it was my responsibility.

Also, I'm the one who made the readme file and credited both the anonymous source, the one who came to me saying they could help me in changing the music for those missions, and Rythus, who I've actually known for years, and who I asked to help me with beta testing the supposed "BGM fix" as I call it.

I don't appreciate some lowkey insinuations I saw in your post but I do appreciate you keeping a level head despite all this, all things considered, something that almost happened to my own project years ago and that could have ended like this or worse. It's not the first time fan-translators have had to deal with this sort of thing and it very probably won't be the last, from the looks of it.

- Project Update - (as posted on my Project Nemo's Twitter page)

we're in the final stages of checking and fine-tuning the script. I had said back in late 2018 that the script was finished then, but the more I played it, the more issues I found. After two years, I believe it to be (almost) up to snuff.

also managed to translate the credits scroll and make it look decent this time but no success with the BGM fix for M27 and M29, so we may have to release it as "beta" because of this after all, despite the community voting in favor of waiting for a finished release back in 2018;

similarly to the previous point, the lack of success on the hacking front means the subtitles for the "Controls" menu will remain in Japanese. The menu is still perfectly usable as the original game used a lot of English already;

I've also dropped the patch for the AppenDisc due to difficulties in transcribing some parts of the audio from the Original Movie, and also waning interest on my part, but I may still release the fansubbed video separately at a different date once the issue has been resolved;

we have also prepared translations for some of the game's extras, to be included with the patches. "The Analysis of Fighters," translated by @Task_Force23 , is already up on the AC wiki --> , courtesy of @Azekthi ;

Lastly, there is still no set release date, but I'm positive the new patches will be released this year.

Thank you all for your patience in this regard, I really appreciate it.

- DSXIII, Team Nemo

Howdy, any updates on this? Hope it's still kicking.

Yeeeaaaappp, still chugging along.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: question - what is VWF?
« on: May 05, 2020, 03:51:57 am »
Variable-Width Font

It allows you to fit more characters in a given space. It is a necessary hack for many fan-translations because Japanese games often use a monospaced font, AKA Fixed-Width Font, due to the shape of Chinese and Japanese characters.

Thank you so much reyvgm and Seihen for these translations :beer:

Personal Projects / Re: PS1 tools
« on: January 31, 2020, 12:58:33 pm »
Hi, sorry to be a bother, but Windows Defender tags this download from mediafire as a severe trojan. Where can a get the Raw to TIM?

Here's a link to just Raw to TIM:

Just dropping by to wish you guys the best of luck in this new chapter of your project. :woot!:

I used to follow your progress on /m/ way back in 2014, and Dashman played a crucial part in bringing my own project back to life. In fact he used his experience with your project to help me and my team edit our game. Like I said to one your team members, we last spoke in late 2016 where he said he was in the process of moving and that he'd be back soon. And that was it.

I hope your project can find the support it needs so you can reach the finish line.

Now THIS is what I call an announcement. Can't wait!

I know it's the usual question of which you must be bored to death by now, but is there any even rough estimate to completion?
I'm asking because I've been holding out from playing the current version in hopes of the new one but if it's very far away I'd just play the current build.

The only people who have been bugging me are the same rats who tried to play me and steal my files a while back. So I'm not bored, I'm living rent free! :laugh:

Now, to answer your question, there's no estimate of any kind whatsoever. But if I were you, I'd wait. Try v2.0 for a few minutes, you'll see what I mean.

Is the next version still being worked on?

Yes, it is.

Anytime, Krishty ;)

I wish that I, in turn, had updates as fresh or as interesting as yours in this here thread but I need to stay focused on getting the next release done.

Surprised to hear that none other than weissvulf lent you a helping hand with your TIM thumbnail handler. My project wouldn't be where it is right now if it wasn't for his patience and generosity two years ago. Shout out to him as well, good to know he's still around.

By the way, you didn't have to thank me here too, I AM monitoring your thread :thumbsup:

Thanks for your extensive detective work and all these details DragonSpike!

Here's the definitive investigative reporting on the subject, courtesy of Krishty. Turns out the difference wasn't just one file after all.

Yea, that's normal for v2.0, it'll be translated in the next version.

Ten years! The mark of a true fan! Thank you so much and congratulations! :woot!:

All right, here's a recap of the dealio with 1.0/1.1 that me and other curious users dealt with here a couple of years ago.

First things first, don't let the naming scheme cofuse you, 1.0 is the PlayStation the Best reprint from 2000 and 1.1 is the original print from May 27, 1999. Testers from a known PS1 image archival group, whose name I forgot, made a mistake and mislabeled them, and added a bit of confusion on top.

Second thing is the original print, "1.1," is the more recent build, believe it or not. Usually reprints, no matter which region, are either identical to the original release or updated with fixes and additions, bit with AC3E it's the opposite. If you mount "1.0" on your computer you'll see the files were burned on May 20th, 1999, which happens to be the release date for China. "1.1" files were burned on disc on May 27th, 1999.l, the Japanese release date.

Third, the only real difference that I could find is that there's an additional file in one of the game's folders inside the BPB, a compressed container that houses all subtitles and graphics and maybe models used by the game (this project's bread and butter). The file itself is nothing special from the little that I can remember. And this, I think, is the main reason that our translation patches don't support the "1.0" reprint, this one file changes the index (which I think is the file that ends in .BPH) by one so every file after that gets moved up by one, and our AC3 Toolkit doesn't like that.

Anyway, since we already support the original and more up-to-date version of the game, I've ceased pursuing support for the reprint, as well as the Chinese release, for that matter. We dodged a bullet here, because when EsperKnight began working on the Toolkit he found "1.1" and based his work on that version thinking that it was a bugfixed re-release, little did we know back then that it was the original, and that that one was the more recent version.

So if you want to play the game with our fan-trans, secure a "1.1" copy. You can find checksums for it on our RHDN page (translation number 2307). Checksums for the next translation release will also be present on the ReadMe file after someone requested it when I released version 2.0 of our fan-trans.

It deserves better font. This one is way too generic.

Thank you for your criticism, no sarcasm, it is a fact that the font is nothing special or unique but it is the one I envisioned for that sub-title (the International Edition part). Space (height) restrictions also played a huge part. Nonetheless, there's still time before release so I'll try asking some people from the AC community for suggestions. :beer:

"...I can't wait to see this completed. hopefully by the end of the year! Thanks.  :thumbsup:

That's still possible. There are only 2-3 weeks worth of work needed to finish the new script for the missions. After that the only componenent left to translate is the in-game encyclopedia but it remains to be seen how long that is going to take (to do properly, without rushing things). A month doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility though, especially if I can enlist the help of a translator that I can trust.

Help Wanted Ads / [Technical][PSX]Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere
« on: July 23, 2018, 03:07:32 pm »
Hi, I'm DragonSpikeXIII from Project NEMO, a team that's translating this PlayStation game and related materials such as booklets, guidebook extracts, home video merchandise and interviews with the staff. Here's our RHDN entry page:

The translation for the game itself is almost over, with me in charge of editing, translating and playtesting duties. What I need help with are two finishing touches.

One is graphical in nature: the drawing area for the names of the developers that scroll down during the end credits sequence is a little too cramped in several instances, making some names lopsided and almost unreadable at times. The texture files do allow for a larger size font, so all that's left is to tell the game to show more of the textures.

The second finishing touch is music-related, and is a fix: the devs assigned the wrong music track for two missions. The music in this game, I'm told, is in XA2 format. The good news is the correct music tracks are already on the disc.

I'm no programmer but I've looked for information so that I could at least get started on these two final things but could hardly find anything. These are the last two things we need to do to achieve a 100% final build, one that looks professional and fixes things that the devs intended but, probably due to time constraints, didn't.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Our website:

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