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News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Release of Manall's FF1
« on: July 05, 2020, 12:20:15 pm »
Nah, the use of tables there gives the page at least a 1996 vibe, and it would be cutting edge at that! Pooh-pooh on pages that require html > 2.0.

While I've (almost literally) been under a rock for about 2 years, it is nice to see the community thriving, and this looks like a really great project that I hope to check out.

I would like to see assassin's alphabetical rage as an add on (of course the sorting order would have to be modified for the "new" names) and adding in the button configuration menu would not be too difficult either (need to un-hardcode Blitz, airship control, and dash button, all easy enough).

This makes me want to use it as a base for a side project I had a long time ago. Yeah, it would be great fun to tinker with FF6 again.  :)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: FF6 randomizer
« on: June 14, 2015, 10:28:05 pm », I finally got internet back, and it looks like I've missed a lot!

The poison damage is something we've discussed toning down. In the hack as it is, it's pretty strong. Of course, that is true if used against you, too. One thing we may do is have monsters be intelligent enough to use an Antidote on themselves. But we also may tweak the damage formula for it a bit. We're not really sure what we'll end up doing on that.

The steals are something that we may possibly tweak a bit further, but as it stands, yeah, we wanted to give some steals from the random encounters that could (a) be a little better than what you can buy at that point, and/or (b) be worth enough Gil that you can sell it off if money is tight. That's because in initial playtesting, we found that money could be tight in places, and that weapon selection could be bumped up a bit without hurting balance too much. As for bosses, of course there is some stuff, but it's more likely to change as we don't want to give away the really good stuff too early.

Also of note is that we not only added steal slots (and made it possible to get more than 1 item from an enemy), but we changed the steal success formula too, so agility (and not just levels) helps now. And of course, when you get to that point, multi-stealing in a turn is not bugged anymore. :)

It's not to say it won't get a little tweaking, but it adds a little light element to the game, so it's not a straight, linear copy of the original story-wise. Besides,
it's an important lesson that you can even get back to Nikeah, so, to make the deal sweeter, we have better equipment available in Nikeah at that point so that you have something good for your trouble. Plus, a few extra fights is a good thing at this point, because money may be tight in the near future.

And yeah, the monsters are supposed to put up some resistance. While I have no issue with fast-forward, I do have a problem with the "hold A and breeze through fights" strategy.  ::)

I'm impressed that a lot of the stuff that we figured would not be noticed (for a while, anyway) is getting noticed. And, annoying as it is to get stuck sometimes, we really do appreciate it when we get those reports, so we can fix them.

The reports of cheaper-than-should-be items is noted, we just forgot to put final prices in for some of the items. So, for now, just enjoy the cheap equips. It's not intended, so it won't be that way in the final.

I hope everyone is enjoying the demo. While we have tried to make it a bit tougher overall, it shouldn't be crazy hard, and it's not beyond a little tweaking here and there.

The most common complaint I've seen so far is the lockout of the menu during multiparty battles. The reasoning for this is that physically separate parties shouldn't be able to share a common set of excellent equipment during what is essentially one large battle. Of course, if you retreat to the starting point, that's another matter entirely.  Also, it's a sort of unstated goal that we want to encourage even growth, so that you don't reach the end of the game with 4 great people and the rest being lacking. Of course, there is not one true path to victory, and if you choose not to train somebody that's your business.

Also, I encourage everyone to visit the classroom in Narche. While the game is still very much FF6, there's enough new stuff that it may warrant a visit to brush up. This will be even more important in the final release.

As for issues with the dialogue messages, I'm sure there are plenty of these problems to go around. We haven't looked at those in quite a while, and there may be several problems lurking in them. Not just spelling, punctuation, and grammar (although there are plenty of those), but also text width and spillage into new pages could be issues you find. While I encourage anyone that finds these to point them out, I'm just saying that we won't be too surprised as it's tough to anticipate every situation when you have 8 fonts of differing widths and 9 letter character names which could interact to cause extremely different layouts for messages.

It would be naive of me to think that this is the last critical bug out there, as it probably won't be, but we'll keep an eye on all the posts so we can fix issues quickly if such a problem comes up. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the demo!

Hopefully, "One True Path to Victory" will not be the case for Pandora's Box, but demos are made to point out such issues.

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