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News Submissions / Utilities: SMILE 1.0 RELEASED!
« on: July 18, 2006, 12:58:27 am »

...and SABS is obsolete  :-[

Here's what's new:
1) Loads and loads of bug fixes.
2) A back up and recovery system! Each time you exit SMILE, a back up is made with just you most recent changes (to keep the files small). If an irrecoverable error happens, you can walk through the recovery system to fix it, losing only a small amount of work. How is this done?
3) IPS is now supported. You can create a patch, apply a patch, or apply an entire folder of patches! Thanks to FuSoYa, because it's his dll that's doing the bulk of the work.
4) Text editing . . . SABS handled green intro text. SMILE handles that, plus area names, bomb texts, and my own text engine (not released publically yet, but it will be).
5) Samus palette editing . . . SABS handled some of this. SMILE handles *all* of this. You can even make new fade effects! Other palettes can be edited with this as well.
6) Game properties . . . Some that were only in SABS, some that SABS never had.

I am forgetting some things, I'm sure. Just rest assured that this release is big. I've also included some small IPS patches for the public to use:
1) clearmem.ips - needed in order to make the other two work correctly
2) gravity.ips - allows you to adjust gravity in individual rooms
3) torizo.ips - allows bomb torizo to activate on any item pick-up, not just bombs... X/Y are no longer based on the hardcoded values, but rather wherever you place it in SMILE.

Visit JZD for the download and other information.

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