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No need to get rude.
Also Mario 2 is more of a remake than a localization, just like the wonderboy in monster land localization that change all the characters. Hell they ported Mario 2 back to japan as "Mario USA", not many people mention that when flaunting their knowledge of Doki Doki Panic :P.

I honestly sorry if I'm coming across as such, I did remove some stuff here and there that was a bit much. It's a bad first impression.

Mario 2 is a pretty interesting exception, it's been localized so much it's pretty much a new game. But at it's core it's Doki Doki Panic. Really the only thing they did was Mario-fy the game and add a run button.

A better example of localization would probably be the SNES era Square games and some people debate about that heavily too.  At least they didn't stray too much in the gameplay department.

Since you aren't catching the nuiance of what I have been trying to say, here is a TL;DR just for you

TL;DR: Yeah I understand why you might not like the translation 20 years later but that doesn't mean you need to be an asshole about it.

(Or I dunno DantzB, maybe you think removing stuff like credits from someone's work is cool or something?)

Tl;dr, you're butthurt over something 99%, that even give a shit about this in the first place, thinks is bad. Shitty localization is shitty localization. Mario 2 = good localization, Yakuza 3 =  shitty, and various games in between with varying offences.

And about the credits, I think it's a little funky but who really cares (besides you?) People who've already played Lunar are these patches main audience and I bet most don't even give a shit in the first place.

And just skimming through the thread, I don't see the "hate" that Supper is getting, just you ranting and others discussing and disagreeing things normally.

Heck that quote from Victor even says when they started it was a new thing and not everything they did was the right thing to do.

Yeah, and they were great for taking the first steps in doing that. I dunno, the impression I've always gotten from Ireland is that he can be a pretentious wanker.

I've heard a bit of drama and stuff he's said over the years that makes him seem like that. Especially with the Silver Star remake on PSP.

The blatant white knighting is what bothers me the most though, as if Ireland is going to spontaneously burst into tears because somebody harshly criticized his work.   


Jesus, did really have to white knight Victor like that? *Some* of the things they did were great *at the time*, the rest have aged like milk in the sun.

If he wants to be critical of the quality of the games, he's not wrong too. A lot of the stuff Wrecking Designs did is objectively bad, thus them earning the name.

Being hearing impaired, lack of subtitles in voiced scenes annoy the heck out of me too. I don't know how you're gonna add them in though.

I'm pretty sure it's possible, a lot of translations have been able to pull it off. I don't get why they didn't do it in the first place though, with all the empty space on the screen they had to use properly. 

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