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Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: March 01, 2009, 01:25:01 am »
Hi there

I've been playing Nintendo since 1986 when my grandparents bought one for my brothers and I. It was just the basic set with 2 controllers and Super Mario Bros. We never had either the zapper or ROB but I don't really think that we missed out on much. My brothers moved on to other systems and other games and while I've played a bit of SNES, the NES is still where my heart is.

In the last few years I got married to a wife whose parents never let her play video games, so I decided that the time was ripe for me to pry my NES out of mothballs and I've begun a quest to beat every game for the NES that I've ever wanted to play, so while I still have quite a few of the games that I had originally for the NES I have also bought a huge collection that now numbers over 90 games and I am beating them one-by-one. My wife's claim-to-fame is beating both quests of Legend of Zelda, a fact that she is quite proud of even though she shows little interest in other games. She likes playing Super Mario Bros but dies fairly early on.

I've recently discovered the concept of ROM hacking. I've known what ROM's and emulators are for years but I've never bothered to use one because I prefer the play control on the original system. However, now with the idea of hacking and being able to create new games, using the old ones as a base I have become somewhat excited by the concept. My wife has already asked me to create a Super Mario Bros Simple which would be a version of the game that is made easier so that she can beat it. However, I have a lot of other ideas on ways to "improve" old games. The only problem now is learning how to hack in the first place. I can't wait to get started...

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