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Hey, guys, I'm a rookie graphic hacker and I'm just trying to spread the projects I've uploaded here so far

Castlevania Dracula edition:
Play the Classic NES Castlevania as Dracula himself :D Now you must conquest Lord Olrox's castle and defeat his minions. New hero skins and game palettes, the castle also has a "newer" appearance, with less cracking and stuff

Assassin's Creed Gaiden:
Well, I made this because I love AC and think it earn get a oldschool game as well. Just a simple Sprite hack, also with some new palettes at the beginning of the game:

Eggman Vs Bowser:
Eggman in Sonic 1 doesn't run in my mobile, so I made that one. That the simplest of all, just change Mario, Peach and Toad sprites, with some text differences. Also, the power mushroom became a new Eggman gadget. Enjoy :)

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