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In my opinion the best one we worked on so far was the Mega Drive version by far. It was the most polished and content-rich out of the bunch. I don't know about the PC/PC-98/MSX games, and supposedly the Saturn game is also quite good (it's the only party-based RPG, all the others are dungeon crawlers).

1. PC Ports of older console games seem a lot more common to me, now. I might hazard a guess that the porting process is now largely a lot more automated than it may have been back in the day.

2. The availability of previously Japan-Only games in English seems to have increased a lot. I'm not saying that it's only because of RHDN, but... Anyway, seriously, I feel there have been a lot of translations of games previously only in Japanese to English in the years since.

3. Is it just me, or does it feel like having so many options available at one time degrades the enjoyment of the individual games themselves? It now takes a lot longer to think of what I might or might not want to play, and it is not as enjoyable as it used to be, when I do (notwithstanding that this is likely due to my advancing age as much as anything, but it's also because I am not as good at them as I used to be either). Additionally, I am far more likely to feel like quitting one game to play another instead.

So, to reference your points and give some thoughts:
1.Agreed, but also the reverse is kinda true as well. Switch for instance already has more than 3000 games. Many of them were first released on Steam and only later ported to Switch - in some cases they sold much better on the latter, a second wind if you will. The quality is another matter, but there's always been shovelware (Hoshi wo Miru Hito, all the stuff by Imagineering and maaany others).

2.There will be many fan-translations still, and inevitably fewer and fewer regional exclusives released. It just doesn't pay off anymore to release games only in one region, seeing how the markets all over the world keep on growing steadily in size, and mostly decent translation is more readily available as well. As such, localization will become even more commonplace with each generation.

3.I have the opposite experience. It's way easier to choose now, because you don't have to wait for some magazine to publish a review or some of your friends to buy it in order to share their experiences. You can just see the user reviews, trailers, videos online etc. Sometimes I wish we had the era of CD demos back, but in terms of convenience this is the best things have ever been. I wasted money back in the 90s/early 2000s quite a few times not really knowing what to buy and just going with something random (sometimes just judging by the cool cover art, only to play something horrible afterwards), but now I no longer have that issue at all.

However, it's true that there are more decent games in each genre that you'll ever be able to play (just check any random list on Wikipedia - and they don't even have all the regional exclusives, usually), so there's no reason to play mediocre ones, or the ones in genres you don't like (I'm not big on sports games/simulation games or stealth games, so I simply skip those by default). And, since you can now know easily what's at least considered good, you can try it on your own and reach your own conclusions as well.

Newcomer's Board / Re: universal translaters
« on: November 15, 2020, 09:26:22 am »
i looked at that jorpho and i dont like it especially when it pauses every time text apears plus it does not always translate the text cause it just may be too fast for it to translate it. and the voice acting stuff........ i really dont like it. maybe someday i might change my mind and try it out but im just gonna stick to having megami tensei 2 in my rom collection and wait until a complete translation of it relases

The only thing you can do now is to give the SFC remake (Kyuuyaku) a shot, since there is a fan-translation - though MT2 FC is also being worked on, up to you if you wanna wait. There is no way to do decent in-game machine translation without any human input for now (and it likely won't happen for a long time, if ever). Though, ReroArch works better when there's kanji involved. When used with the old FC/SFC games it will just throw up mostly nonsense.

I think "barge" is closer, but it's hard to tell - it really looks like the Zoid just "floats" on water, it's not really a boat, but more of a parade float for sure. There's no boat sprite or anything of that sort in-game from what I checked. It's definitely not a "ferry" or a "boat" in the traditional sense, so I'd either keep "float" or maybe go with "barge" at most. Anyhow, so far it looks like it's mostly the items so far. Be sure to double-check the dialogues near the end of the game, since there are a couple things that might still need fixing. :) Aside from that, it's likely just the items, we'll know in a couple days!

It still is, seemingly. Like, the Communicator in the first town - it seems to be mixed up with Float, but I think the correct item appears in your inventory. This will need some more work, but other than that it's just the minor stuff left it seems. The problem is that all of those items are hidden beyond invisible stairs pretty much (pretty common design back in the 80s), but hopefully I'll get it done fairly quickly.

Yeah, we'll need to do another run, because if you play the game legit the NPCs which give you items on the first main continent seem borked. Not sure if the same pertains to the experience system. I'll just grab the savestates before each item (the Ultrausarus' parts work fine, it's just the items for Gojulas).

Saihig-san, it would be superb if you have the time and will to help out with the translation of Tomato Adventure. It looks like there is a translated script, but Njosro-san used Google Translate to translate some other parts and it would probably be best if a human did it instead. Thank you so much for your offer, Saihig-san! Have a 1337 weekend!

It's done already. Demille translated the script recently and me and him posted it in that thread, just in case. :) That's pretty much it for that project, now it's all in the hands of Njosro/[Unknown].

Personal Projects / Re: Tomato Adventure (GBA) translation/tools
« on: October 03, 2020, 12:39:20 pm » - looks like Demille from the other thread (Help Wanted section) translated the script and put it for everyone to use up on the RHDN discord, but he couldn't add it for now on the forum. Decided to drop the link here, since he said anyone could use it to finish the project. Might come in handy if you are still on it. :)

Well, I figure if I'm going to do it, someone might as well get something out of it. That would help in terms of motivation. I'm essentially always translating stuff in my head as I play anyway since I always play Japanese developed games in their original language.
I don't see an abandoned project section, but I assume that since they are abandoned, no one would actually use anything that was translated.

Not quite. That section is generally for stuff that someone else stopped working on; essentially, you could put all the hacking work or scripts in there to make it easier for others who want to do either part themselves. However, there is a project we could use some help with perhaps - it's a fairly big one, but half of it is translated. Drop my a private message and I'll let you know more about the details. You can decide yourself if you wanna give it a shot. :)

So, I don't really remember the details on it, maybe Filler could help with that, since he dumped and translated this script, but if not you can always ask in the Help Wanted section. As for the patch, any file upload link should work, megaupload and things like that. I don't think this is forbidden here, as long as it's just an IPS patch. You can also do that in a private message if you want, but if you do it here everyone will be able to see it right away. :)

Personal Projects / Re: My NES Translation Projects
« on: September 27, 2020, 06:15:33 am »
I'm excited to play this when you finish. I have a strong tendency to want to start at the very beginning of a series and work forward, and the lack of a finished translation for the second game has been the main obstacle in me wanting to commit to the whole SMT franchise.

Technically you can just play the remake, Kyuuyaku, on the SFC. It's translated, that's both the first and the second game. There are some differences here and there, but it's the exact same story/events. I will admit that I like the soundtrack and some visuals more in the original Famicom game though.

If you end up needing testers for the text, let me know. I looked through the script once already for Filler years back, so I could do the testing of the full game as well to check everything in context additionally when all the text is in. For the menu entries you will probably need some ASM magic, so maybe Pennywise or Danke could tell you more about that. As for the credits, personally I'd put them at the end of the game somewhere, in the actual ending credits roll (I find that to be the best place for those), but that's just me.

53 - the closest one I can think of, but that's just for SNES (and it's sorta outdated, a lot of these are already done). Generally, groups work on projects in silence, until they're almost done and/or nearly done. Most people work on older consoles (and Nintendo consoles in general, including the likes of DS), but there are some which are much less popular with crowd, such as Wonderswan or most CD-based consoles. The least popular ones would have to be the PCs though, like PC-98 and so on. What systems are you looking for specifically? Or is it just everything in general? If so, you may have to do some digging.

I can tell you that one group is doing Jungle Wars for the GB now, they may need some assistance (there's a thread on the forum). Other than that, can't think of anything specific off the top of my head.

I think it's probably better to have the script checked by someone with more experience in Japanese if you want to release a translation of any kind, just in case, especially if there's no kanji at all in there. Better safe than sorry and all that. It's more likely you'd find a person who knows Japanese really well and wants to just edit the script, as opposed to translating it from scratch. If it's just for yourself, Retroarch should do the trick.

AFAIK the names were changed and there was some censorship going on in the SNES version (Legend of the Mystical Ninja). It's kinda similar to that Super Ninja Boy game for the SNES, there was also supposedly some censorship/translation errors.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Ganbare Goemon 4 translation patch
« on: August 26, 2020, 10:57:39 am »
I think someone else uploaded the patches anyway, so it's not a big deal. Probably some people will try to false flag them as non-compliant, but to my knowledge there shouldn't be any issues with these. I quite liked The Legend of Mystical Ninja back in the day, good to see this newer English version. :)

Very cool post, great job so far! I'd like to mention that Star Cruiser was also a multi-genre game, with adventure game, RPG, FPS and other elements. It's really a game way, way ahead of its time. I prefer the Mega Drive port myself, but the original was something else for back when it came out. There's literally no other game like it on the Mega Drive.

Little Ninja Brothers is an interesting case too, fun series with both turn-based and action battles, but almost all the games within their respective series are the same - they even reuse a lot of the music. There was one more game on the Famicom, that one was never localized. Also, 2 more SFC games and 1 GB game. Good stuff all things considered. :)

One that's often forgotten from 1987/1988 is War of the Dead. It's essentially one of the very first survival horror games, along with La Place no Ma (that one was an RPG though). Not sure if that alone makes them noteworthy enough for your list, but I thought that being the first at something still counts. ;)

Gaming Discussion / Re: What to play next? (retro AA & ARPG edition)
« on: August 10, 2020, 01:55:15 pm »
Esper Dream 2 with a translation is quite good. It's not a long game, it's also definitely better than the first one on the FDS. I don't think you have to play the first one to get what's going on.

Have you tried Getsu Fuuma Den? It's also pretty good, maybe except for the mazes, but I really enjoyed my playthrough way back when.

Lone Ranger and Cowboy Kid are also quite interesting, if short. Cowboy Kid is essentially like Goemon 2 (you could try that one as well with a translation - it's probably the same/very similar engine). Lone Ranger reminds me of Getsu Fuuma Den a lot, just in the Wild West. Good stuff. :)

I'm sure this thread is gonna get locked soon probably (no translation requests is the forum rule), but before that happens - I'm pretty sure someone's working on Devil Children games. No idea how far along they are though, it will probably take a couple years to get that project done. No idea about the other games. And yeah, Japanese is the language when it comes to console game translations, since they got tons of exclusives.

We tend to forget sometimes that this used to be the norm back in the '90s in particular. In Japan they also had massive guide books on top of manuals and other stuff like that, with tons of strategies, secrets and whatnot. I'd say this makes the project more complete, but sadly this can't be done every time due to (un)availabilty of such resources. In this case it's certainly very helpful though, seeing that there's no in-game tutorial, even though it sure could have used one.

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