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Quote from: justin3009 on August 26, 2010, 11:39:10 AM
I'll see if I can do something like that.  Shouldn't be TOO difficult I think.

Also for people who don't believe the compressor/decompressor doesn't work, here!

- :D Just a test

You totally should have put "[thick_Jewish_accent]What? you were expecting Dr. Light maybe?[/thick_Jewish_accent]"
Quote from: Shimok on August 25, 2010, 04:12:33 PM
Quote from: blacksniper on August 25, 2010, 02:25:09 PM
There was a guy awhile back that was making a killer hack of this game... although I think he quit due to all the people telling him they weren't going to play his hack because they didn't agree with his choice of difficulty. He felt that making boss fights take a few minutes was a tougher fight (I agree) because your endurance actually comes into play and not just how much damage Alucard can take / do in 30 seconds. His hack was really impressive though, he changed bosses HP and gave them totally new attacks. If you wanted to make a hack  or maybe improve the editor he wouldn't be a bad guy to hunt down.

You mean Esco?  I've been following his hack for a long ass time.  He changes forums every couple years. 
He used to post here
and now he updates his hack here

Wow, yeah, that's the guy. I honestly thought he died.
There was a guy awhile back that was making a killer hack of this game... although I think he quit due to all the people telling him they weren't going to play his hack because they didn't agree with his choice of difficulty. He felt that making boss fights take a few minutes was a tougher fight (I agree) because your endurance actually comes into play and not just how much damage Alucard can take / do in 30 seconds. His hack was really impressive though, he changed bosses HP and gave them totally new attacks. If you wanted to make a hack  or maybe improve the editor he wouldn't be a bad guy to hunt down.
Quote from: WeebeeGeebee on August 25, 2010, 12:08:36 PM
Quote from: blacksniper on August 24, 2010, 01:57:56 PMMy thumb rested over B and Y allowing for easy jumping and firing and the side of my index finger was used to press A for dash.

Ugh, like in Rockman & Forte, I always hated that you didn't get an options screen where you could change Forte's dash to R instead.... I tried positioning my fingers in the way you described, wow is that ever uncomfortable. Atleast with R as the Dash I can press that with my index finger while still having the tip of my thumb over Y and the butt of my thumb over B. Give it a shot, you'll like it especially for that wall jump at the end of X3 where you're trying to climb away from Sigma's floating green vector head. Easier to get momentum off walls and get past those little bits that overhang above your head keeping you from being able to get higher without some space between you and the wall.

It's a little hard to explain to people exactly how I held my hand, and it doesn't really work with modern games either because the controllers aren't really shaped properly or my hands have gotten bigger (not sure which, I haven't held a SNES controller in over ten years so I don't know if I can even play like that anymore). It took a little getting used to, I do remember that, playing with my hand like I did but after awhile it felt totally natural. If you make an OKAY sign with your right hand and then move the index finger inward without twisting it until the knuckle of your index finger closest to your thumbnail touches the knuckle of your thumb that's about where the position was.

@ justin3009
Playing like I did meant that X button simply wasn't easily reachable and I wasn't really complaining about choice of layout (I've played hundreds of games, I can adapt to any layout) I was saying that I thought that making X change your weapon might work better. That is, instead of making it dedicated to firing your blaster you could make it change your primary weapon to the blaster. Press X again and you'd go back to using the Saber. My original idea was to make it change to a sub-weapon blaster that L and R couldn't change to but that would probably give you finite ammo and I doubt you want that. So if it was possible to just make each character have two main weapons that you could dynamically switch between via X button(or whatever you wanted through button mapping) I think that would work best.
I'd actually like to see the X button used as a weapon change button that only changes to the buster. If possible make the usual weapon switching buttons not able to cycle to it so they wouldn't interfere with the X button. If you made X fire the buster I can promise I wouldn't use it because the way I hold the controller simply doesn't allow me to easily press that button. Maybe I'm weird but I loved the button layout of the X games.

My thumb rested over B and Y allowing for easy jumping and firing and the side of my index finger was used to press A for dash. The middle finger was used for pressing R and the left hand was used the normal way. I play the X series like a ninja, but the Zero series remapped the buttons and didn't allow for my layout and it took me ages to get up to a skill level I didn't hate to see myself playing at.

Doesn't really matter to me... but maybe a poll is in order? Or would it be possible to easily implement both?
My dialogue:

Dr.Light: Zero... we meet again.

Zero: Ironic isn't it that the tests you set for X are instead being completed by me?

Dr.Light: Perhaps... In any case, please download this arm upgrade.

Zero: What does it do?

Dr.Light: (explanation of the upgrade)

Zero:  I can tell you feel a lot rests on X's shoulders. Too much, perhaps.

Dr.Light: In him lies the possibility of my life's dream coming true, a world where humans and thinking machines can live together peacefully.

Zero: I... I don't think that will ever happen. They fear us far too much because of the Mavericks.

Dr.Light: I feared a time of crisis would come, and it did. I pray that X and you are able to help these Reploids.

Zero: I follow X, his goals are mine.

Dr.Light: A variant compatible with your system will be uploaded as well Zero. Please, continue to support X.

Zero: Good, Dr. Cain wasn't quite able to repair me to full functionality. I owe X my life, there is nothing in this world that could stop me helping X.

There's my 2 cent's on the dialogue.

EDIT: removed some redundant dialogue, expanded on some ideas.
I'll be more than happy to go over that text later. Right now there are "zombie" heads that need airing out in a co-op match of Re5. Later today I'll check it out and give my thoughts.
I can't wait, this has been a short wait but still one of the most exciting ROM hacks I've waited for. With all the NES Mega Man hacks out there it's good to finally see a SNES one.
Here's the actual script of the capsule scenes from X5.

Dr. Light: You are... Zero, aren't you?

Zero: Who... are you...?

Dr. Light: Thank you for supporting X... Please continue to take care of him...

Zero: .........

Dr. Light: I'll give you a program for X's armor. Analyze and upload the data to X's main memory in a secure area. Then complete the Armor. For security reasons, the program is divided into 4 segments. Once you gather and upload all 4 parts, the armor will be complete. Nothing happens unless you have all 4. Ummm... Her name is Alia, isn't it...? She can analyze the data and let you upload it... Anyway, here is the program for legs. With the leg part equipped, X can fly through the air, and X becomes invincible while flying! Collide against the enemy to destroy them! I'm afraid that I know nothing about your body structure, therefore I can't enhance your power... I'm really sorry.

Zero: I don't need any power-ups... ............ But I have one thing I want to ask you... Sometimes unknown data emerges in my mind, and I can see a figure of an old professor... Do you know him by any chance?

Dr. Light: I don't know... Perhaps, if I saw him... But the data must be a fragment created by some error... I wouldn't worry about it. Why don't you just forget about it?

Zero: I don't worry about it, but when I saw you, I felt an urge to ask you...

Dr. Light: I'm sorry I couldn't give you the answer to your question...

Zero: Never mind. I didn't expect any answer... Anyway, I'll give X the Armor program.

This is another reason why I keep saying Dr. Light is a bad choice.
I suggest you watch this movie:

Many of those tricks used to kill bosses in that run can be done in real time... and you think no tweaking needs to be done? Those abuses are widely known. Making the boss recovery time faster wont change the fact that this games AI is a joke, more so than any other MMX game.
I would actually love to see some more dynamic AI. There are a lot of hugely exploitable quirks with bosses in this game. There are also some invincibility period exploits. Most notable Volt Catfish and Toxic Seahorse... those fights are just sad when you know how to exploit them. At the very least I'd like to see a boss not get stuck in a loop just because a certain attack hit it, or you upward airdash and cause a boss to ram the wall BEHIND  it.
Dr. Cain did make Sigma though, which is cool.
Dr. Cain is the one who gives you missions and repairs Zero in MMX2.
Pretty chatty and able for a dead man.
Actually it's pretty well established why Zero wouldn't have been around in X1 to obtain the armor upgrades. Immediately after the Intro level X and Zero split up. Zero tells X that while X is hunting down the mavericks he would be scouting Sigma's HQ for information. They then meet up only once more before Zero is blown to bits. In X2 Zero is a scrap heap until the very absolute final scenes in the game. Again, this is why Dr. Cain makes the perfect choice for the capsules... as Dr. Cain was the one who rebuilt Zero. On that note, however, Zero himself (as I recall) says to X he is still not fully functional and that is used as an explanation as to why he gets just 1 life.

Might be best to set the game in an alternate universe, one where Dr. Cain learned from his mistakes with the reploids, but was already fired from the company producing them (to explain why there still are mavericks), and is thus better able to figure Zero out. I still really do not like the idea of Light giving him armor upgrades. The capsules made by Dr. Light were made purely to oversee 30 year boot-up, and debugging sequence X had to undergo before being activated, as Dr. Light was afraid that X would run wild and do harm to humans as he was the first robot that did not have to follow the three rules of robotics.

It makes sense that Dr. Light built into those capsules a way to modify X on the fly or even had already produced his upgrades with the intent on slowly giving them to X as he proves his worth to humanity. I know if I made a robot that might go on a killing spree and take out a city I wouldn't fit him with his best armor and weapons right out the gate. Although should you do decide to use Dr. Light here's what I came up with.

DR.LIGHT - What's this? You are not X, this shouldn't have happened. A malfunction maybe?
ZERO - Your face, it seems almost familiar somehow... I kno--
DR.LIGHT - !!! Oh dear, that signature, you finally managed it... Wily. Did you ever learn, I wonder.
ZERO - You know me?
DR.LIGHT - Oh, yes, almost certainly. It seems like you've had a rough life. Fractures on the casing, poor soldering, even a mixing of alloys. I wonder what you've been through. But I'm getting ahead of myself, tell me, have you encountered a robot named X?
ZERO - You know X too!? Who are you!? Tell me now!
DR.LIGHT - Yes, that seems about right. That anger seems forced though, never learned after all Wily?
ZERO - Wily? You keep saying that. Who are you!? Who is Wily!? If you are trying to harm X I won't allow it!
DR.LIGHT - Do not worry, uh...
ZERO - Zero.
DR.LIGHT- Zero. I am Dr. Light. I created X. I'm starting to get the picture. Ah, and just in time.
ZERO - You CREATED X? gah.... my head, it... who. Wily?
DR.LIGHT - Oh dear... Zero, pay attention. I've scanned your systems and I can see a lot of room for improvement. I can repair you to full functionality, if you would do me but one favor.
ZERO - ...
DR.LIGHT - Keep watch over X. I'll tell you more about yourself in return, or at least all that I can.
ZERO - ... I promise.
DR.LIGHT - Fantastic! [insert upgrade 1 here]

It's a rough idea so far, but basically I see that as a way for Light to ensure that Zero is more stable and under his control. When Light scans Zero he sees something in him, a signature design piece that all of Wily's creations have had in the past but at the same time his programming is like X's. It has free will. This also builds up the foundation for Zero's dreams about Wily. I don't think Wily would trust Zero totally though, and what information Zero in check. To possibly even paint Wily as a hero to allow Zero to act more noble. It's a work in progress, hopefully you can use Dr. Cain.
Dr. Light would work from a lazy standpoint. It is shown that the capsule version of Dr. Light is more than capable of keeping up with current events. So throw in a line about the capsule being equipped with some sort of dynamic data download program (and how it was able to scan Zero) and optimizer originally fitted for overseeing the diagnostics program X was put through for 30 years in his capsule and a how the capsules are able to craft parts needed to ensure X was be able to reach Dr. Lights ideal parameters but these parts can also be crafted for any robot scanned into the capsule. Basically, making too much crap up.

From a logical standpoint the best choice would be Dr. Cain as he was the one who uncovered X. He used X's data to create the Reploids (some of which become Maveriks, might be a good way to explain the optional capsule parts being limited to one installed prior to the "golden" upgrade) so it's fair to say he could diagnose Zero and derive some upgrades for him.

Dr. Wily would make a good second choice. During Zero's creation Dr. Wily talked with Zero and tried to instill in him the urge to kill, the program parameters which later create the Sigma Virus, and also at one point traveled through time. You could invent again that the capsule isn't a hologram but a real-time link to the past Wily that is displeased with how Zero is coming along. Though, why Zero would then choose to upgrade himself using Wily tech I'm not sure. Might be neat to have each upgrade have some downside until the optional capsules are used. Then remove one downside and the golden capsule removes them all. Make the optional and golden capsules Dr. Cain, or even Dr. Light. ^_^

Lot's of room to get creative.