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Dang. The only thing that stinks is the mix of old lyrics with new doesn't quite match. Amazing performances for sure though.
Hopefully when I get around to converting the Distant World's English version it'll match up better... Really need to get around to doing that... *procrastination resumes*

March 16, 2018, 04:00:09 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Remember what I said about procrastination? Yea... about that...

Distant Worlds version of the Opera:!CUR2iLRb!X2H5KQVbq6_dqGmE6KveKvf_UGNfVVRYAUYezdjjRw0

Funny thing, about 5 minutes after posting that I was working on the Opera, lol.

Yes, it actually took around 7 hours of work to finish, I wasn't taking breaks.

And with that, I've converted every professionally done voiced version of the opera I'm aware of (I won't touch the Balance and Ruin remix album's version with a 10-foot pole, as far as inclusion in the actual game goes, NOTHING matches up).

If anyone knows of another performance of the FULL Opera (not just the Aria) that I haven't converted, let me know.

@Rodimus sadly, it seems the lyrics are the same as the More Friends version.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Are there any Namco-163 hacks out there?
« on: March 15, 2018, 08:36:20 am »
Wow, I'd forgotten about this, lol (sorry).

Give me a day or two and I'll convert the new track like I did the other ones.

So I spent a few days trying to figure out how to record video of gameplay at 720p/60fps so I could upload some videos of the opera in the MSU-1 mod, before finally giving up on various emulator's built-in video recorders, and got pointed to OBS Studio by Insidious.

A few hours playing with the settings and practicing my google-fu to get everything recording and encoded properly, and I come to share the boon of my labor.

View at 720p/60 to listen without an audio fidelity decrease from Youtube's re-encoding, text is the updated opera text from TWUE 2.0:

Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version Remastered album's version of the Opera:
This is currently included in the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod under the OST listing.
There's a slight fidelity increase, but overall you might as well use the SPC audio, it sounds the same.

Game Music Concert 4's version of the Opera:
This is the one currently included in the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod under the OTH listing.

The Black Mages' version of the Opera:!KJRGVKKK!7z_LdxBntuB7EoXA2Z42dN-XO8eokvWH8Ny9PkuUPsY
This is probably my favorite version of the opera for multiple reasons.
-The narration is voiced, although it's too fast to be matched up to the on-screen lyrics.
-When racing to Ultros, the battle between Ralse and Draco, complete with spoken dialog, continues.
-The Black Mages is led by the lead music designer from FFVI.
-First version of the Opera to ever be released in its entirety, allowing fans to find out how it was supposed to end if Ultros/Setzer didn't interfere.
-Electric Guitar. Enough said.

More Friends: Music from Final Fantasy album's version of the Opera:!nYREHQTL!FuvrBjtOhUOChpa8KeAonCukCRtYG9NZzNu0uDPBsIE

Distant Worlds version of the Opera:!CUR2iLRb!X2H5KQVbq6_dqGmE6KveKvf_UGNfVVRYAUYezdjjRw0

Get the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod:

@Rodimus: I did some work on a few of the (non-voiced) tracks in the More Friends album, and things are considerably better than the version I posted a few days ago, so you'll want the one I linked to in this post instead.

I tried this out and I noticed that the manifest it makes names the ROM ff3 and I'm reluctant to change it. If I did would it matter? Also I noticed that the wind sound is missing from the intro. If I only wanted the spoken English version of the Opera and the rest of the soundtrack be the original, which one do I choose?
What emulator are you using? I'd recommend SNES9x v1.55, it doesn't require manifest files at all and is the most up-to-date as far as MSU-1 mods go.

Theoretically, you should be fine renaming the ROM, you just need to rename the rest of the files to match, and edit the manifest file with the new filenames.

For that music setup, you'd want to select custom for the music selection. It should default to have OST selected for everything, but if not click the OST radial (the official remaster of the SPC soundtrack, alternately you can manually select "SPC" for every track to not download a PCM, which will default it to the SPC audio) at the top, then click 'load'.

About 1/2 way down the list of tracks is "2-07/2-08/2-09 The Opera" Select "OTH" for this one.

A thing to note, the vocalized opera included in the mod atm is Game Music Concert 4's release, which is in Japanese (still AMAZING).

To my knowledge, there are 2 professionally done English versions of the Opera out there:
-The Distant World's cover, which I haven't gotten around to converting yet.
-The "More Friends" Album's cover.
I actually need to closely listen to these 2 versions to see if they're actually different versions, or the same.

I have converted the More Friends cover of the Opera. I'd be more than happy to give you a link to this one, but I need to check over it first to make sure the timing for everything still matches up, I converted it a while ago.

All of the Opera versions should make it into the installer eventually, though Insidious said it'd require coding a whole new page into the song selection, since he can't add multiple "OTH" columns, so they didn't make it into the current release. Hopefully in the next one.

Now scroll down to the bottom for "Sound Effects and Miscellany". This is the selection that includes the sound effects like the burning house's audio effects (quite proud of that one, took a lot of effort to get the sound just right, ended up combining several fire effects together to get the right balance of crackles and pops and such to really sound like you're walking through a burning building), as well as the ocean waves sound you get on the desolate isle at the start of WoR (another one I'm proud of, took some work to find a good track, with no animal sounds or other background noises at all, and even then it took some work before I got to the point I thought it really sold the feeling of hopeless desolation for that part of the game), and a few others. The only options are "OTH" and "SPC", and they're all grouped together, so select OTH to include those effects.

That last option actually doesn't include the wind sound from Narshe in it atm, but there's actually a reason for that. That wind effect is called at several points in the game, and one of those is the wind sound you hear in the Rich Man's House in Locke's Scenario to locate the hidden path. This particular instance relies very heavily on fading, gradually getting louder as you get closer to the bookcase, and has volume adjustments to the wind effect going all the way to when you enter/exit the first floor of the house from outside. Fading is the one big hurdle with this project Insidious hasn't managed to tackle yet.

We actually did spend some time trying to isolate the wind track called in the Rich Man's House, so that could remain SPC, while every other call of the track would get the PCM, but we couldn't manage it, so we had to pull that track. If you don't mind the wind track blaring full volume from the second you enter the Rich Man's House, until you enter the Corridor before Celes' cell during Locke's Scenario, then I can give you a link to the wind track so you can pop it in your game, it plays properly everywhere else it's called.

March 01, 2018, 08:14:32 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
FFVI Opera, More Friends album (English) MSU-1 tracks:!6MB0mTbA!351WXB6xDpbAwaC5E025-i3j9Mzur5UgCN4aaI8fwRE!nYREHQTL!FuvrBjtOhUOChpa8KeAonCukCRtYG9NZzNu0uDPBsIE
*fixed up several of the tracks. The voiced sections were fine, but the non-voiced non-looped sections were a mess. Everything lines up now, and the 'actors' match up with the musical cues now.

FFVI Wind effect MSU-1 track:!eJhD2QLD!nvDkzPAXHXBk5orTa15APP9N6Wm3gHTBAPsRwBd3wWw

So here's the English version of the Opera I converted, along with Narshe's wind effect. The Opera seems to be a mix of the SNES and GBA (+TWUE) opera lyrics, unless I'm mistaken, the first Draco part is the SNES lyrics, the Aria is the GBA lyrics, and the second Draco part is a mixture of the two.

Just drop these files into the folder with the rest of the PCMs for the mod and you're good to go.

In fact, any added extras at this point should be something open to the community. If there was a way to add in the extra content into Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition (extra bosses, dungeons, and Espers, Bestiary) I would be all in favor of it. The ROM is already expanded to 4MB so there should be plenty of free space.
A prime example:
The FFVI Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod. I fair amount of effort on multiple peoples parts went in to making sure it was fully compatible with the Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition patch, along with the related Music Player patch.

It lets you play FFVI with a fully orchestrated and/or remastered CD quality soundtrack (many audio sources selectable in the installer).

The new beta release from a few days ago even includes TWUE 2.0 (only bugfix, updated opera, and addons version, if you want another version you'll need to apply it manually) as an optional component in the installer; and a copy of Madsiur's Music Player patch re-coded to work with the MSU-1 mod.

For this, you're probably going to want to try and contact Maeson, he did the Skies of Arcadia Maeson mod:

IIRC from reading the readme, he said that SOALEditor introduced a LOT of bugs and problems to the game, so he found it much easier to edit everything directly with a hex editor; apparently the ROM is formatted in such a way that it's relatively simple to find everything via hex editor. He did quite a bit of text editing in the game (mostly item descriptions), so he should be more than capable of pointing you in the right direction.

Every result I found when searching "Vizu Kart" that had anything to do with gaming was on French webpages.

Perhaps it's a patch for the French release of the game? Or to convert one of the other languages into French?

Did the timing for Draco's first part in the Opera (Overture Part 2, at the very start of the opera) get changed at all?
That bit.

Because weirdly enough none of the updated parts of the opera have any timing problems with the audio I've already edited for the MSU-1 mod, but I'll need to redo the timing for that part because it doesn't line up anymore...

Either way, holy heck look at that new conflict finder.  This might just replace Patch Checker completely, which would be great since I need to use a separate Wine wrapper for PC.  We can now apparently check patches with both TWUE and music player configs.
New conflict finder? I'm intrigued, can I get a link to this?

The older list created 3 spaces instead of typing an apostrophe so if you look at it in HEX, you'll see Terra 00 00 00 s FE (for space) Theme. So when you scroll down the list, it will simply say Terra.

Grand Finale is named Grand Final #3. Another World of Beasts is Beast. Dancing Mad is supposed to be in 3 parts. Dancing Mad I, Dancing Mad II, and Dancing Mad III. Instead you will see Dancing Mad 1, ? , and Dancing Mad # 4.2.

These will be corrected upon release.
Hmmm... Just labeling the character themes with the character names isn't a big issue, because it's consistent across them all. Dancing Mad has already been fixed in the MSU-1 version. So the only real remaining issue is "Another World of Beast".

Guess it's just down to how much of a perfectionist I want to be, probably not going to bother Madsiur for an update then, if it's just add 1 letter on.

It's a song name issue. There was an error in an earlier version with the Main Menu patch because of the 255 hour clock patch and Madsuir fixed it. He also moved the song names to another location in the ROM for Free Space issues with other patches. When he did, he used an older version of the song titles by mistake. This happens to be the version that is with 1.98. He got back to me and will have it before I'm ready to release the update anyway, so there shouldn't be any worries.
Hmm... Well I have all the changes made to the version of the Music Player in TWUE 1.98 already (given I'm the reason most of them were made, lol); so it's just a few song names are being changed?

Eh, I'll take a peek at the new music player's song titles and compare them before deciding whether to bug Madsiur for an update to the MSU-1 version.

Oh, and you keep spelling his name "Madsuir", it's "Madsiur".

The second has to do with the Music Player and Madsuir will be getting that to me soon.
Could I ask what needs to be changed in the Music Player? Basically, should I be contacting Madsiur for an updated Music Player patch for the MSU-1 mod to maintain compatibility with the new version of TWUE?

73 that the real opera music and lyrics can be used. It will sound epic once completed.
This part is already complete.

From dozens of run-throughs and tests of the various parts of it, I'm pretty sure that no more changes will need to be made to the audio files for the Opera (barring any slight adjustments that will be needed with the changes to the one part in the upcoming update of TWUE).

Just be sure you have the "OTH" option for the Opera selected in the Dancing Mad installer for the voiced version.

The version used is the one released by "Game Music Concert 4" (yea, real original name); if you'd like to have a different version of the opera, I've converted most of them already, just send me a PM and I'll send you the files to hear your desired version in-game (I've got them all timed properly, so it's really down to a matter of choice, I personally really like The Black Mages' version).

OH! There is one slight thing in the Opera that you might look into:
(note the video is old, the current music is timed MUCH better)
This line: "For your tenderness and grace."
The progression of text pauses slightly in the middle of 'tenderness', right after the 'ten', before progressing with the rest of the word.

The problem I see, is that it doesn't display "ten" while paused, it displays "ter", because some of the pixels of the 'n' are cut off.

Not really a major issue, but it's a bit jarring every time I see it.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Hacking the ROM on a physical cartridge?
« on: January 17, 2018, 11:52:25 pm »
For SNES flashcarts you'll want a SD2SNES over the Everdrive, but other than that exception, yea, Everdrive is the way to go.

Hey Rodimus! So, I'm using the Updated Opera patch and noticed that The Dream Oath, when Draco crashes Ralse's ball, still uses the old lyrics when Draco and Ralse declare they'll duel for Maria's hand.
*Has flashbacks of after he sent his 4th revision of PCM's for the Opera scenes to Insidious for the MSU-1 patch, and then realized he had only fixed the timing on the Aria, he hadn't even touched on the rest of the spoken parts, let alone matching the musical cues up to the action on the non-spoken parts...*

Ah... Good times.

Here's the video example. I even replaced the speaking parts with (Abbreviated for space) versions of the GBA script. Sorry about the audio popping and I apologize for using speedup in parts where there isn't singing, but I attempted to record this 5 times and something went wrong for 4 of them... I was kinda getting sick of it lmao
Love the new lyrics in there.

I'll have to keep an eye out for when/if this makes it into the patch, and check to make sure I don't need to tweak the audio in the Dancing Mad MSU-1 patch to keep everything matched up properly (in some cases I had to edit the tempo of the music word by word to make things match up).

That music sounds unbelievable to be honest, for a video game, I have Sen 550's, sounds stellar.  I'm already like 5 hours in to the game though and don't want to restart or I would have done that. :)
You should be able to apply the MSU-1 patch, and carry the save (.srm file) over from your current playthrough to the new ROM. You'll lose any savestates, but you don't want to use savestates when changing the coding in the ROM anyways (that way lies glitching and madness).

*edit- The .srm will be compatible even if you need to switch emulators to get the MSU-1 mod working.

edale, how to compare asm code with machine code? Which program use for that?
I have absolutely no idea. I don't know machine code, and I don't know ASM. What I am good at is digging around for the raw data that more experienced/knowledgeable people can use. The only mod I've ever personally made was done 10% with a tool, and 90% through raw hex editing of the ROM.

If you're wondering about the Updated Opera, I chose to release this with the option for people to use the OLD translation for that section of the game as its a preference thing. Square currently uses the updated lyrics in their live performances as they BETTER match the actual melody of the song.
I can verify this after all my work on the different opera versions for the MSU patch. The updated lyrics match almost perfectly with the spoken lyrics in most of the versions, and the spoken parts match up to the point that the lip flaps match up once the song is timed properly.

Hey hey. :)  I have never ever played FF VI and now I'm deciding to take it by the horns.
Might I suggest trying out the Dancing Mad MSU-1 patch as well, it's 100% compatible with this patch, and massively enhances the audio.
(run the Dancing Mad installer targeting an unmodded unheadered 1.0 ROM, then apply the Ted Woolsey patch on top of that)

An MSU-1 patch basically allows the SNES to play CD quality audio. It is playable through RetroArch using the "lr-snes9x (current)" emulation core.
This video shows an example, and is from MUCH earlier in development than it is now (it's essentially finished atm, and pretty much all the bugs have been eliminated, and is on a public beta), but gives a good idea of the improvement on the music (and yes, the music has been properly normalized since that video was made).

There are several options for pretty much every track, so if you don't like a particular version of a song you can just replace it with a different one. Also, if you find a version of a song online that you'd like converted for use with the MSU-1 mod, just PM me and I'll convert it for you. (For the closest to the original, select "OST" as the music option, it's the offical remastered FFVI soundtrack CD released by Square; One thing, I'd use the OTH version of the opera, rather than the ost one if you go this route, sooo much better with actual vocals)!PJZg1IRb!kS3ECIgKhAkc-qHWkVGRAg
This is a little mod I made, called the 'Cut Songs Restoration mod', that is applied after the Dancing Mad patch which seamlessly reintroduces 4 songs from the FFVI Special Tracks album, which were written for FFVI, but not implemented in the final game.!3UR0nShJ!6V6FlV9kgMGIztJ5oGjS8C1QoojhaOrxtdtqZzP5crM
This is a version of Madsiur's Music Player mod (the same one included with the Ted Woolsey patch) altered to be fully compatible with both this patch and the MSU-1 mod. Credit to Madsiur for coding it. There is also a version in there with the songs from my mod added to the music player, should you choose to use my patch as well. Apply this patch after the Ted Woolsey patch.

Patching order for all 4 patches would be:
1. Dancing Mad
2. Cut Songs Restoration
3. Ted Woolsey
4. Music Player

Another nice little addition to the Dancing Mad patch here:!3UR0nShJ!6V6FlV9kgMGIztJ5oGjS8C1QoojhaOrxtdtqZzP5crM

This is a modified version of Madsiur's FFVI Music Player patch, or more accurately 2 different modified versions of his patch.

Dancing Mad version: The 'exiting the main menu' music resume code from Madsiur's original patch has been removed, as it caused a conflict with a bit of code in the Dancing Mad patch that served the same function. Some of the tracks have been adjusted to match changes made in the Dancing Mad patch (things like getting all 4 parts of Dancing Mad to play the PCM tracks and removing the SPC versions from the list). This was created using using the code from the Ted Woolsey version of the patch to maintain full compatibility with the Ted Woolsey Uncensor patch.

Cut Songs Restoration version: Same as above, but with the 4 songs from my Cut Songs Restoration mod added into the song list.

Each patch has 3 options:

Menu: The music player will show up on the main menu screen.

Config1: The music player will replace the "mono" option for the mono/stereo selection (mono disabled)

Config2: The music player will show up on the bottom of the first page of the config screen.

NOTE: If installing Dancing Mad + Ted Woolsey Uncensor + the 'Menu' version of the music player, patch you MUST apply the music player AFTER the Ted Woolsey patch, not before. This only applies to the main menu version (this is due to a compatibility issue with the 255 clock mod included in the Ted Woosley patch).

A big thanks go out to Madsiur for coding this.

This is likely to be added to the Dancing Mad installer at a future point.

@firedropdl PM sent.

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