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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Lufia-Patches by Artemis
« on: December 21, 2018, 12:34:31 am »
Better look at it yourself to be perfectly sure, but from quickly looking over it 30dd00 ~ 3ffe00(headered) looks free.
Wait a second...
*Checks readme's for both patches*
Yep... FreeLufia is for a headered ROM and the MSU-1 patch is for a headerless ROM.
*Uses IPSEdit to add a header offset to the MSU-1 patch, and checks it in PatchChecker again*
100% compatible.

Problem solved, I'll just send the modded MSU-1 IPS patch to the other guy, and tell him to make sure he's using a headered ROM... Then have him actually test it, since I don't have the ROM handy, lol.


OK, Problem NOT solved, lol.

Both patches work fine when independently patched on a headered ROM, but when both patches are installed you get a loop between the first 2 screens, doesn't make it to the opening.

Here's the MSU patch's ASM code (addresses are for a non-headered ROM):
Code: [Select]
; Lufia 2 MSU1 patch by Conn
; v1.1: better map point
; apply on Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals (U).smc no header


org $90C091  ; hardcore apu mute
db $2f

org $80B8CE  ; intro fix
db $80

org $80942E
JSL msu

org $809693
JSL fade

org $80863C
JSL nmi

org $80B8B1
JSL mute

org $81FD10
STA $54
STZ $55
LDX #$0000
LDA #$00
STA $2006
LDA $54
STA $2004
STZ $2005
BIT $2000
BVS loop
LDA $81FF00,x
STA $2007
LDA #$00 ;erase fade flag
sta $7ffff0
LDA #$ff
STA $7ffff1
STA $2006

SEP #$20
LDA #$06
STA $7ffff0 ;fade flag

LDA #$80
STA $2100
LDA $7ffff0
BNE $01
lda $7ffff1
CMP #$00
BEQ endfast
cmp #$10
bcs $06
lda #$00
sta $7ffff0 ;erase fade flag
sta $002006
sta $7ffff1

JSL $809528
LDA #$00
STA $002006

org $81FF00 ; loop table
; 01-Non-loop, 03-Loop
;   00  01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08  09  0A  0B  0C  0D  0E  0F
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$01,$03,$01,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$01,$03,$01,$01 ; themes 00-0f - 00
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03 ; themes 10-1f - 10
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$01,$01,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$01,$03,$03 ; themes 20-2f - 20
db $01,$01,$03,$01,$01,$01,$01,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$01,$03,$01,$03 ; themes 30-3f - 30
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03 ; themes 40-4f - 40
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03 ; themes 50-5f - 50
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03 ; themes 60-6f - 60
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03 ; themes 70-7f - 70
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03 ; themes 80-8f - 80
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03 ; themes 90-9f - 90
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03 ; themes a0-af - A0
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03 ; themes b0-bf - B0
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03 ; themes c0-cf - C0
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03 ; themes d0-df - D0
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03 ; themes e0-ef - E0
db $03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03,$03 ; themes f0-ff - F0
I don't suppose you see anything in there that might conflict with some of the code in your patch? One of them's got to be writing/reading to the same RAM address as something in your patch.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Lufia-Patches by Artemis
« on: December 20, 2018, 10:22:54 pm »
The ROM information still says it's LoROM. And there's lots of free space at the bottom of the ROM.
Do you know a specific range of unused addresses?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Lufia-Patches by Artemis
« on: December 20, 2018, 09:09:35 pm »

Hi, I'm trying to help another user get Free Lufia working with the Lufia MSU-1 patch.

I ran PatchChecker to check for conflicts.

PatchChecker report:
Code: [Select]
2432 Records Found
Errors: 5
The Records below are overwritten in part or whole by the 2nd patch.

1. 00FD28:
[00] [A0] [D0]

2. 00FD33:
[00] [A0] [D0]

3. 00FD40:
[00] [A0] [D0]

4. 00FD5D:
[00] [D9] [E1]

5. 00FF04:
[08] [C2] [30] [48] [DA] [5A] [E2] [20] [86] [C1] [8B] [A9] [96] [48] [AB] [20] [ED] [F4] [AB] [C2] [30] [7A] [FA] [68] [28] [6B]

11 Records Found
Errors: 2
The below records overwrite the above records in part or in whole.

1. 00FD10:
[85] [54] [64] [55] [A2] [00] [00] [A9] [00] [EB] [8D] [06] [20] [A5] [54] [8D] [04] [20] [AA] [9C] [05] [20] [2C] [00] [20] [70] [FB] [BF] [00] [FF] [81] [8D] [07] [20] [A9] [00] [8F] [F0] [FF] [7F] [A9] [FF] [8F] [F1] [FF] [7F] [8D] [06] [20] [6B] [E2] [20] [A9] [06] [8F] [F0] [FF] [7F] [6B] [A9] [80] [8D] [00] [21] [AF] [F0] [FF] [7F] [D0] [01] [6B] [AF] [F1] [FF] [7F] [C9] [00] [F0] [07] [3A] [3A] [3A] [C9] [10] [B0] [06] [A9] [00] [8F] [F0] [FF] [7F] [8F] [06] [20] [00] [8F] [F1] [FF] [7F] [6B] [22] [28] [95] [80] [A9] [00] [8F] [06] [20] [00] [6B]

1. 00FF00:
[03] [03] [03] [03] [01] [03] [01] [03] [03] [03] [03] [03] [01] [03] [01] [01]

So I have 2 questions for you:

1: Does your patch switch Lufia from using LoROM to HiROM or ExHiROM? If so, then a 1-line edit to the MSU-1 patch's ASM may be enough to resolve the conflict.

2: Do you know where a chunk of free/unused RAM is located in a ROM patched with FreeLufia where the MSU-1 code could be moved to?

Note, I'm not the MSU-1 patch's coder, or involved with its creation; I'm just getting info that would be passed on to him so he could make the changes to get these 2 patches working together. Though I have done the audio work for several MSU-1 patched games.

If you don't know what an MSU-1 patch is, see this:
(Snes9x is the prefered MSU-1 compatible emulator now, that's a VERY old video showing one of the first real MSU-1 patches)

Thanks for the help!

The version of TWUE included in the Dancing Mad installer has finally been updated to the 2.01 version, along with a lot of other but fixes and improvements to the installer.

Full list of changes with the new update:

This isn't a retranslation, it's a mod designed around taking advantage of the MSU-1 chip--basically allowing streamed audio on the SNES's hardware. (All that said, though, I wouldn't mind a new fan translation of FF6, considering how dated and admittedly bad Sky Render's translation is. That, or an import of the GBA script into the SNES game. Either would do.)
Have you tried the Ted Woolsey Uncensor patch? It's a MUCH better translation than Sky Render's. Also has a lot of bug fixes. Also renames all the monsters and such to the GBA names.

IIRC, the goal of the patch was to bring things as close as possible to the GBA version, within the limits of the SNES.

The version of the Ted Woolsey patch with all the bug fixes, addons, and updated Opera script is actually included as an optional component of the Dancing Mad installer (if you want one of the lesser versions of the patch, you'll need to get it yourself:

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Suikoden II Bugfixes
« on: September 02, 2018, 02:22:19 pm »
what exactly does the game fix?

I recently started this game along with Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2), although both really aren't my style.
Full list of bugfixes there.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger MSU-1 (with FMV's)
« on: July 11, 2018, 01:13:17 am »
So I came across an awesome real-instrument track remaster from Chrono Trigger on Youtube here:

And I HAD to try it in-game. It's as amazing as you'd think, so I decided to share.

Here's the PCM:!mBZRiAIS!0KPO1aX3klzonvQ9lz7Uj-fLnE0uBCEC8ClqUo7KI9k

A MIDI would be more useful.
I have no idea how good it is, just threw the SPC in the first SPC to MIDI converter I could find:!LFBl3BJb!UkbI8v5mvYp90qjE1dPqE5XAaKBct3C8XLco_evx-vk

May 30, 2018, 04:44:49 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

That sample pack sounds like it has all the needed notes of the right type of bells.

I'm hoping Someone who knows how could spare the time to make a quick remaster of this track:

Original SPC:!PAZk2TJA!iF4E2JwnQq8n2gOvfEO9ifIyvSPZsnvR2HYKzlAIlyo
Wav of a single loop:!XEwU0I7T!WNUX4FvL9jsDdk1PGXQyXhPj-0ld-D633u--11XFBnc

This is a very short piece, a 48 second loop consisting of a 36 notes (4 sections with a 10-10-7-9 note pattern), with a single instrument (church bells).

I'm just hoping to get the song with more realistic sounding church bells, don't want or need anything fancier done.

I don't know much about remastering, but I'd guess this would even be possible by converting the SPC to MIDI, then swapping out the audio samples the MIDI uses.


Given that this is a single-instrument piece that's only 36 notes long, I'm guessing remastering it would only be an hours work or so, if I'm wrong and this would be something that would take much longer, please let me know.

The actual player isn't the issue, it's the song titles. The spacing in the ROM incorrectly places 3 end song bytes to the apostrophe. So now, songs like Locke's Theme or Kefka's Tower are cut off just saying Locke or Kefka. I corrected this with the Music Player included with TWUE, but to my understanding you are using a modified version to be compatible with the MSU-1 mod.

This can be easily remedied by editing it and making a new patch for the Music Player. I can do it but the MSU-1 Installer still uses Version 2.00 of TWUE instead of 2.01. Once that's made I CAN make a patch with the live English performances that should work if I test it out.
I'll need to check, but I think those fixes are already in the MSU music player.

*edit- Hmmm, nope. Those tracks are displaying with the problem you described.

That's a link to the modified Music Player, including ASM files. Should make fixing the issue simple.
We only use the main menu versions in the Dancing Mad installer.

I made a ROM with the lyrics changed to match, however when I made the patch it wasn't compatible with the ROM made from the MSU-1 Installer. I haven't tested yet, but I am going to try and make another that will match the words better. Also, I don't know if you intend to fix the names in the Music Player.
What's wrong with the names in the music player? IIRC the music player patches in the MSU mod are fine.

Did you end up updating the Opera lyrics to match the English performances?

A slight change is being made to the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod, changing RAM address usage from $1E20 - $1E26 to $1E30-$1E36 to fix a compatibility issue with the Brave New World mod.

@Rodimus Primal Do you know if RAM addresses $1E30-$1E36 are used by the Ted Woolsey patch at all? I'd hate for that fix to break compatibility with this mod.

So it was brought to Insidious and my attention that Sean Schafianski (SSC option in the installer) actually had a partially completed Disk 2 for his remaster.

The tracks will probably be added with the next hotfix Insidious releases, but in the meanwhile, here they are:!SVYyyCxR!9nb0okEsbo3N0-e-zSd2ynjqs-FcBfFs1yaCkIVhpyQ

In particular the version of Another World of Beasts is amazing.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Are there any Namco-163 hacks out there?
« on: April 01, 2018, 02:24:55 am »
I know what that's like. You do something, think you did a great job, then a few days later you go over it again, and find TONS of obvious mistakes that you can't figure out how you missed the first time... But oh well, work on it later, there's at least something there, and there's several other tracks to work on...

Yea, lets just say my first few revisions of the Opera for the FFVI MSU-1 mod weren't as good as I originally thought, lol.

Just noticed I forgot to post these to this thread when I was spreading them around a week or so ago.

All the versions of the Opera converted to work with the Dancing Mad MSU-1 patch so far:

View at 720p/60 to listen without an audio fidelity decrease from Youtube's re-encoding, text is the updated opera text from TWUE 2.0:

Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version Remastered album's version of the Opera:
This is currently included in the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod under the OST listing.
There's a slight fidelity increase, but overall you might as well use the SPC audio, it sounds the same.

Game Music Concert 4's version of the Opera:
This is the one currently included in the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod under the OTH listing.

The Black Mages' version of the Opera:!KJRGVKKK!7z_LdxBntuB7EoXA2Z42dN-XO8eokvWH8Ny9PkuUPsY
This is probably my favorite version of the opera for multiple reasons.
-The narration is voiced, although it's too fast to be matched up to the on-screen lyrics.
-When racing to Ultros, the battle between Ralse and Draco, complete with spoken dialog, continues.
-The Black Mages is led by the lead music designer from FFVI.
-First version of the Opera to ever be released in its entirety, allowing fans to find out how it was supposed to end if Ultros/Setzer didn't interfere.
-Electric Guitar. Enough said.

More Friends: Music from Final Fantasy album's version of the Opera:!nYREHQTL!FuvrBjtOhUOChpa8KeAonCukCRtYG9NZzNu0uDPBsIE

Distant Worlds version of the Opera:!CUR2iLRb!X2H5KQVbq6_dqGmE6KveKvf_UGNfVVRYAUYezdjjRw0

If anyone knows of another performance of the FULL Opera (not just the Aria) that I haven't converted, let me know.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Are there any Namco-163 hacks out there?
« on: March 26, 2018, 03:52:32 am »
No preference, you're really that close to finishing the mod? Nice.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Are there any Namco-163 hacks out there?
« on: March 25, 2018, 04:10:25 am »
I'd say I have no excuse, but I have several, lol. I've been playing the hell out of FFXV PC recently, and I just got a PSTV (if you don't know what it is look it up, cool little game system, basically a stripped down PSVita as a console, official Sony product, not a hack), and no sooner have I got the mod for that working and everything running good that the 3.65 CFW is released (literally 2 days after I got my system), which massively expands the list of Vita games I can play on the system, including Ys VIII, the game I got the system for (which I couldn't play before the CFW was updated, which would have sucked), so I've been playing a few games on that as well.

I also figured out how to record gameplay video in 720p/60 so I could upload some gameplay video of the FFVI MSU-1 mod I've been doing the audio work on, and recorded and uploaded all of the different versions of the Opera I've converted for the mod to Youtube. (

So i finally get to this, just finish uploading it, go to post... and I see the updated version, lol.!nN53URiA!wtj-5Lfg0V1kxckTVCYDaA
Both V1 and V2 of Dungeon are done.

(Usually this is the part where I would rant about why the hell is there even a 1.1 version to begin with, but I digress.)
the 1.1 ROM was Square's attempt at fixing the sketch bug IIRC.

The ONLY thing I can think to do is alter the Updated Opera patches to match these English versions for the purpose of matching the MSU-1 mod.  This way anyone using the English language tracks can have them matched up better. That in addition to updating the Zombie/Rippler patch.
I'd personally do some research to find out where this translation came from before altering the Updated Opera lyrics you have. Is it from one of the non-SNES/GBA releases (such as the PS1 release), or an original interpretation?

Personally, I think both the Japanese version (The Black Mages / Game Music Concert 4's) are superior performances (from a purely musical standpoint) to the 2 english ones (although, pair up the Maria from More Friends version and the Draco and orchestra from the Distant World's version, and that new version might compete), so I'm not that invested in changing things to make the English parts all match, because the Japanese ones already do, lol.

March 20, 2018, 11:24:38 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I actually found a recording of a live performance of Draco and Maria from 2012 in English re-scored by Nobuo Uematsu himself, so it doesn't get much more of an official translation than that. It even included vocalized narration. Sadly, it looks like it was recorded on someone's phone in the audience, so quality isn't near good enough for me to want to convert it.

Lyrics match both English versions I've converted already, so I'd say that's confirmation that it's an official translation, and not a stylistic choice by the directors of those performances.

Up to you if you want to change the lyrics in-game to match, but finding out Nobou Uematsu was involved in the retranslation of the lyrics has me leaning towards 'yes'. Then again, that does take the patch a little away from your goal/theme of having it match the GBA version as much as possible.
You know... I want to say some people have way too much time on their hands, but then I realize how much time I've spent working on the Opera alone, let alone the rest of the mod's audio...

And it is kinda awesome.

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