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Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: October 15, 2017, 04:51:01 am »
While it is cool, I think it can ruin the reveal of Crono dying in Zeal for first time players. Having him as the forced main up to his death is, in my mind, the better choice - and creates a nice diversion (because characters dying - not new. The main character dying? Far more rare).
*looks at the LONG list of Final Fantasy main party characters that have died... and no Aerith was NOT the first one*

Well... I wouldn't say rare... Uncommon at least.

And one of the things this mod seems to be doing is making the game MUCH more nonlinear, so you can do a lot of post-Crono-death events before he dies, and a lot of pre-Crono-death events after he dies.

Didn't work much on this yesterday but I did make it so Crono could be swapped at anytime only a forced character in Zeal.
My real question is how do you block a party without Crono from doing the Zeal events?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: MMX MSU1 Genesis mod - Done?
« on: October 15, 2017, 03:59:34 am »
Thank you!
I will fully work through this as soon as I have a chance.
My SD2SNES is the old model, and I think the noise floor from the "fix" wasn't good, but I will fully investigate.  Unfortunately, the hardware upgrade is beyond my skills - I have not had good luck with surface-mount desoldering...
Hopefully I can change this so that the gain on the PCM files is correct to the ingame pcm samples without any clipping or soft-saturation.
I will also simply link to a set of mirrors with files for the "wrong" old SD2SNES stuff, and otherwise omit it from the submission.

I went through so much effort to make all the MSU1 hacks work perfectly with my SD2SNES... :P
Soldering? Hardware upgrade? All you need to do is upgrade your firmware, no soldering involved...

to quote qwertymodo:
SD2SNES users with hardware revisions older than rev H need to update their firmware to 1.7b or later in order to enable the MSU-1 audio boost.
You can get the Firmware here:

Oh, and your work didn't go to waste. All your loops and such are preserved (honestly, I didn't even really check them to make sure they looped properly, if they don't the problem is probably the loop points set in your script). The only thing I did was apply the normalization before converting to PCM.

Is that the same Dragon Slayer that was released in NA for the TurboGrafx CD?

That was my favorite TG RPG (not counting the Ys games).

Sadly I can't help with the translation :banghead:, but I'll gladly play this when it's done! :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: October 13, 2017, 03:16:03 am »
Regarding Crono's Clone/the Doppel Doll, edale's right... but, they're missing one important part of that explanation.

If you wait until you need the doll...
Gaspar will mention Dr. Bekkler, by name, at the End of Time.  When you go to visit Dr. Bekkler, he'll immediately tell you that he knows you need the doll and cut you a deal: If you win his game, the doll is free, like usual... but, if you lose, depending on how badly you lose, the doll will cost you money -- not Silver Points but actual money.
I always thought that was kind of neat and expands on an otherwise minor character in a significant way.
I was working off memory, so didn't remember that tidbit. Good catch.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: October 12, 2017, 02:06:32 am »
Really? I assumed it was only the latter. My bad, then.
Almost everyone gets the doll in the first 10 minutes of the game, becasue they assume they have to, or a guide tells them to, so most people don't hit dead Crono without a doll already; but the first prize of that game is ALWAYS Chrono's doll.

BTW, fun Millennial Fair trivia fact: The cats you win? They're not a gag gift. The cats actually show up in your house; BUT... You need to keep winning cat-food regularly to feed them, or they'll wander off. I think the max you can have at once is 9, but I'm not sure.

And to get a full-innocent judgement (all 12 jurors say innocent, rather than 1 still saying guilty) in the trial scene, you have to
return the cat to the little girl BEFORE she tells you it's missing
, although that bug may be fixed in this patch.

Yea, I was checking the timing for the OST version of the ending, because things were out of sync, with your patch installed, and noticed the problem, did a number of checks afterwards with differently patched roms to track down which one was causing the problem (needed to add some silence to the beginning of the track, and fade-out/fade-in to eliminate the cross-fade into part 2 of the ending, and add some more silence between the 2 parts. timing's perfect now).

The point at which the lockup causes the unending black screen seems to be if you don't hit the button to advance the text until after the next section's music (I think it was shadow's) ends.

The only way to keep things in sync is to be ready to hit the button to advance the text in Relm's ending as soon as it pops up. (with or without the MSU-1 audio playing, the effect is the same).

October 18, 2017, 02:44:30 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Sorry for the double-post, but I felt my last post too old for just editing this in.

The Music Player patch is compatible with the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod... Mostly... With some glitching...

With the Music Player patch and the Dancing Mad MSU-1 patch both applied, there is some slight audio glitching when entering/exiting the menu screen (usually just a momentary muting of the sound).

In at least one location, the Returner's Hideout, after Banon joins your party, and you are supposed to get on the raft, if you return to the hideout, exiting the menu screen will mute the music until you change rooms, and the wrong track will play on the screen just outside the Returner's Hideout (not the world map, the screen just outside the cave). This only happens with both patches applied, either one individually is fine.

This is likely not something that can be fixed without the code for the music player patch, since it's not a case of both patches using the same block of data, and frankly is minor enough to not be worth the time to fix (as compatibility is a nice bonus the patch author didn't even consider until I started testing, though I've seen him use the TWUE patch and music player on at least one of his demo videos since then, lol).

My advice: Use just the TWUE + MSU patches (patch with MSU then patch TWUE). If you want to use the music player to listen to the MSU-1 music tracks at some point, copy your rom file, apply the music player patch, use the player to listen to the music, then revert to the patch without the music player to continue playing the game.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: October 11, 2017, 10:44:35 pm »
What is this lacking that another patch could provide?
No clue, I saw other people posting compatibility questions, and posted that tool in response.
It will be the difficult way of replacing Crono with a doll in Death Peak, and it'll have the benefit of not locking you out if you didn't get a doll before losing Crono.
You aren't locked out if you didn't get the Crono Doll before he dies.

If Crono dies before you get the doll, simply win the game in the millennial fair that would get you the doll, and you'll get chrono's doll no matter who you win the game with. (at least in the stock Chrono Trigger game)

After that, you'll get the doll of the winning character on subsequent wins.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: MMX MSU1 Genesis mod - Done?
« on: October 11, 2017, 05:14:44 am »
There's no reason for both a emulator and non-emulator patch.

The volume should be set to FF (max, the SD2SNES patch should have this setting), and the PCM audio should be normalized (typically at either -18dB or -21dB, using RMS normalization).

The need for different patches came from a bug in one of the chips in SD2SNES's earlier releases, that has since been eliminated (with firmware patches for the older ones). Check here for more info:

A better/easier method to create the PCMs (including normalization):

Grab VGMPlay (not in-vgm).
Extract the folder, and edit the following line in "VGMPlay.ini":

SampleRate = 48000 -> 44100
LogSound = 0 -> 1

You can either drag-and-drop the VGM files onto VGMPlay.exe at this point, or convert them through the command line via batch script (I'm not that good with batch scripts, so you'll have to build that yourself)

It'll create the .wav files in the same folder as the .vgm files.

Using this method instead of in-vgm lets you stick to completely command-line, making it possible to do completely through a script.

*edit- Apparently you can just create a playlist file and load the playlist to act as a .bat for converting as well.


Now, once you've got the .wav files
Use that program for normalization.

Code: [Select]
normalize.exe -a -18dBFS [filename].wav
Does an in-place -18dB RMS normalization of the wav files.

If after playtesting, the audio is still too loud, you can use:
Code: [Select]
normalize.exe -a -21dBFS [filename].wavOn the already -18dB normalized file, you don't have to re-convert the wav's before doing the -21dB normalization.


Now that the .wav files are normalized, use wav2pcm to convert the .wav files to looped MSU-1 compatible PCM audio.

*Edit- A bit of checking shows that other MSU-1 mods for MMX needed to be -21 dB, so you should normalize to there.

October 14, 2017, 02:45:30 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)!ncpA2IaQ!ee5NcfLbK-oZ5CXqSSXxX8NXYmpcMEa4XGVtygsLewc

Your Genesis PCM pack freshly converted and normalized to -21dB.

Named/numbered the way your script would make them, so not sure if those 3 tracks you mentioned are misnamed in this or not.

Please host them on your own servers, my upload on mega is limited (free account), and I have other things I'm hosting.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: October 11, 2017, 03:46:11 am »
Just read through the entire thread, going to have to give this patch a try, especially as I already have the MSU-1 files.

I've seen several comments about patch compatibility. That tool lets you select 2 IPS patches, and compares the changes they make to see if things are using the same memory addresses and such. It gives you a % compatibility, and can print up a report on the conflicting addresses, if any exist, for those trying to get them to work together.

A quick search (google is everyone's friend) found me the tool IPS Peek.

IPS patch offset lists:
Current (2017-10-9 beta version) Dancing Mad IPS patch:
TWUE 1.96 + Bug Fixes, Updated Opera, & Add-Ons IPS:
TWUE - Music Player Main Menu IPS:

I'm pretty sure 100% compatibility is verified.

I'm about to start working on the audio for the Opera scenes MSU audio. I'll have plenty of chances to compare the two versions of the opera scene while I do it.  ;)

*edit- And now that I've done it manually, I find this by accident: Patch Checker Which is specifically designed to check patch compatibility... Again verified 100% compatible.

*edit2- BUG REPORT: "Final Fantasy VI (TWUE 1.96) + Bug Fixes, Updated Opera, & Add-Ons"(no MSU patch, just that one) - During the ending scene, specifically Relm's part, her last line (STRAGO: RELM! How can toy be thinking about pictures at a time like this?) requires you to hit a button, rather than progressing automatically. If you wait too long to hit the button, the timing gets messed up enough that the game goes to a black screen, and stays there.

Verified the bug is still present in the "Final Fantasy VI (TWUE 1.96)" basic patch, so it's not caused by the bugfixes, addons, or music player.

(Is the delay in posting for a moderator to approve my posts a permanent thing, or is that going to stop after I hit enough posts?)

I don't know if anyone has tested this to work with the MSU-1 mods and I'm not sure where it uses the free space in the game to make this work.

I made it a point to not remove any exploits when I added any bug fixes. I wanted to keep the original experience while fixing annoying and sometimes game breaking bugs.

You only need to use ONE of the 6 patches to get what you are looking for. The Updated Opera is a the GBA version of the infamous opera scene that matches the music much better than the original lyrics did, but some people prefer the original so I made you make that choice. The read-me details what is in each one but if you want everything, patch with Bugfixes + Updated Opera + Add-ons.

The Music Player was custom coded by Madsuir to work with TWUE because the version he has on and on here uses some of the same free space in the game as Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition does. You can add this IF you want to, and it's nice to have, but not necessary.
I understand how the patch is set up, I was asking which of them would be compatible with the MSU-1 patch.

Since that post a week ago, I've been getting into helping Insidious611 work on his Dancing Mad MSU patch (it's in open-beta atm), helping him locate a few bugs, fix his PCM music (it's now normalized and a few parts are edited), and I made a few new tracks for him.

Just last night I started compatibility testing with this patch (applying the MSU patch first, then this patch), and was coming on here to post the results so far, when I saw your response. :thumbsup:

The patches appear 100% compatible so far (to the point that the music player plays the MSU-1 PCM tracks!!!), but too soon to say for sure; I've already found 1 bug in the MSU-1 patch itself while testing this patch with it, and need to wait for that to be fixed before I can continue testing (fix should be posted later today hopefully).

Do you have a list of the free space addresses this patch uses (TWUE 1.96 + Bug Fixes, Updated Opera, & Add-Ons + Music Player)? Possibly the easiest, and most thorough, compatibility test would be just comparing that list to the list Insidious611 uses (it's apparently a very small list), since you both use an unheadered v1.0 US ROM.

Has anyone checked if this patch will work with MSU-1 mods, such as the Dancing Mad mod ( And if so, does this patch need to be applied before or after the MSU-1 patch?

Does the bug fix patch remove any of the uber-damage exploits like Wind God Gau?

And which of the... 6? patches would I need to use?

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