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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Terranigma MSU-1 - PAL and NTSC
« on: December 08, 2017, 08:23:42 pm »

A tool similar to SNES Tool that will allow you to add/remove headers (among other things) that works in x64 Windows.

And I believe ASM files contain the ASM code (Which I believe is assembly-level programming code used to build a mod, not 100% sure on the specifics though) for the patch. You don't need it if you're just applying the IPS patch, it's more for people trying to get this patch to work with another one.


*edit- Just finished beating Terranigma, this was my first time playing it. I have to say... Amazing game, but the least satisfying ending to a game I've ever personally experienced. And that's including the 20ish second after-credits chunk that doesn't actually conclude anything, and depending on how you interpret it could either completely kill the emotional and plot impact of the rest of the ending, or be completely irrelevant...

Overall I give it a 7 out of 10. -1 point for the bad grammar (at least what's meant is actually clear... mostly), and -2 points for the ending.

And I dislike many of the choices they made when removing channels.
With the MSU mod, no sound channels are removed to play SFX, because the music isn't using any of the 8 sound channels.

I was just reading up on a thailand FF6a patch, and noticed in the notes that they were saying "the sound is awful, please be sure to use the restoration sound patch."

I would never do that. In-fact, if there was a patch to change FF6's SNES OST to the GBA version, I'd apply that patch and finally play the SNES version instead. For now I will be sticking to the GBA version.
If you want to track down a COMPLETE copy of the GBA soundtrack, preferably in whatever the GBA's native sound format is (baring that, WAV or FLAC), I can convert the music to PCM to use with the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod.

Although, frankly, you can get a MUCH better soundtrack than either just by using the MSU-1 mod as-is. Quite a number of remastered soundtrack sources to choose from in it.

I had actually already done this with the PS version's soundtrack a while back (figured it might be cool to use if anyone ever imports the PS videos into the game, as is being done with Chrono Trigger's MSU mod), but haven't been able to finish that, because I can't find a copy of the ENTIRE Dancing Mad track, just the first movement.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Terranigma MSU-1 - PAL and NTSC
« on: December 05, 2017, 01:45:24 am »
Does this work, with terranigma spain? :-[
You lose nothing from just applying the patch to the spanish version and seeing if it works.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Terranigma MSU-1 - PAL and NTSC
« on: December 04, 2017, 01:13:26 am »
Wow thank you for this great msu1 patch :D
I am wondering, is there a way to patch the French version to NTSC to play it in 60Hz?
The german patch indeed work to patch the french version, but the patch with NTSC doesn't work sadly...
I'd imagine this patch would convert the french version to NTSC for you:
though as this patch needs a headerless ROM, and that patch needs a headered ROM, you'll need to apply this patch, use something like SNEStool to add a header on the ROM, apply the NTSC patch, then use SNEStool again to remove the header (because headers are bad, m'kay).

@RedScorpion - I just grabbed this, but I noticed something odd while setting up the files.
This file is only 8-bytes, and hexedit shows it only contains the MSU-1 header information. Did I get a corrupted download, or is this file supposed to be like that?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Insert Orchestra Music in Final Fantasy 6?
« on: November 30, 2017, 12:17:59 am »

There you go, job done. :thumbsup:

ATM, There is full track coverage with the Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version Remastered (OST), and the OCRemix album. And several other choices for music (that's don't cover the entire soundtrack) including:
FinalFanTim's remasters (can't find a link with the full playlist atm)
Sean Schafianski's remasters (

And soon to include (when the next hotfix drops):
Final Fantasy Acoustic Rendition (
ChrystalChamelion's remasters (

As well as several tracks from other sources.

If there's a specific orchestration you're looking to add, let me know.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I've converted and re-timed all the professionally done versions of the Opera, though the only ones available through the installer atm are the OST and Game Music Concert 4's version (in the OTH section); so if there's a specific version you're looking for, I can drop you a link (I'd recommend either the one in OTH, or The Black Mage's version myself).

I'd recommend the newest version of Snes9x for the emulator to use. Alternates are BSNES, Higan, and an SD2SNES flashcart (to play with the enhanced music on an actual unmodded system).

The soundtrack is "full of fail" using the soundtrack on:

Odd, looks like that one was done by qwertymodo, he's not one to mess up on an audiopack (on the contrary, he usually helps others fix the problems with theirs).

Those 2 videos will teach you everything you need to convert audio to MSU-1 compatible PCM audio.

The second one is actually an updated version of the first one, since qwertymodo (who made the vids, as well as the conversion tool) made a newer version of his conversion tool.

I personally haven't watched the second one yet, and still do pretty much everything using the methods on the first video with the older tool.

He links to all programs needed in the description of each video.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Poll: Do you want a Xenogears remake?
« on: November 27, 2017, 07:58:28 pm »
Actually, Xenosaga was meant to be a prequel and parts 1, 2, and 3 of a 6-part series that Xenogears was meant to be I believe the 5th game of. I think they abandoned that plan after the 2nd installment flopped, but it was originally meant to be pretty strongly connected.
Actually, Xenosaga was meant to be a 6-part game, but after the disaster of Part 2's reception, parts 3, 4, 5, and 6's storylines were condensed into one game and released as part 3 (at least they didn't just drop the project, like what happened to Shenmue). Xenogears was never meant to be part 5 or anything like that.

It was only really a prequel in that it happened thousands of years before Xenogears in the same universe, not really a direct prequel.

Although it is kinda ironic how the condensing of those parts into part 3 mirrors the budget problems that caused the middle third of Xenogears to basically become a visual novel.

For what I'd actually want to see in a remake? Easy, I'd want that middle third of the game taken out of VN territory, and properly expanded to RPG standards, so it matches the rest of the game.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Are there any Namco-163 hacks out there?
« on: November 19, 2017, 02:11:29 pm »
Do you have any recommendation for which song I should do next?
It seemed you were doing the songs mostly in the order you come across them in-game, wouldn't that put "Dungeon" as the next track?

Or you could do "save" and "potion" and get all the short 10 sec or less clips out of the way.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Are there any Namco-163 hacks out there?
« on: November 15, 2017, 01:13:50 am »
Old ship song renamed to ff_namcot_ship_v1, and added the new ff_namcot_ship_v2.!nN53URiA!wtj-5Lfg0V1kxckTVCYDaA
And your Youtube link doesn't work. "Video is unavailable" message.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario World - The Phantasm of Lord
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:50:28 pm »
Mario and Luigi travel to the beach. Bowser kidnapped Peach from to space. You must collect nine eggs from nine worlds. Good luck!
This grammar is painful.

Maybe try something closer to "When Mario and Luigi traveled to the beach, Bowser took Peach to space. You must collect nine eggs from nine worlds to save her. Good Luck!"

I think that would fit in the display box in-game. (still not perfect grammatically, but space limitations...)

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger MSU-1 (with FMV's)
« on: November 12, 2017, 05:19:02 am »
If you do pay and get that licensed soundtrack, it can actually be a lot of fun swapping out and testing which theme you prefer throughout the game.  I ended up doing that and additionally made two extra PCMs; one for Singing Mountain that I used in place of sections of the game where you only hear the wind blow (most notably the surface world when you first arrive at 12,000 BC) and then my own personal rip of Undersea Palace from the old Brink of Time arranged OST.
I know what you mean.

I've been helping with the Dancing Mad FFVI MSU-1 mod, and atm there are something like 5-6 choices for some of the tracks. I've done nothing but add to those choices, lol.

After I converted the "More Friends - Music From Final Fantasy" version of the Opera, Insidious wasn't sure where he could fit it into his installer... Wonder what he's gonna say when I drop The Black Mages version of the Opera on him in a day or two, lol (I'm aiming to get all 5 or 6 of the vocalized versions of the Opera converted, and trust me, getting the words to line up with the written dialog is NOT easy or simple).

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger MSU-1 (with FMV's)
« on: November 10, 2017, 11:58:27 am »
Hi! Just make an account here to ask directly on this post (i already ask in YT video but i thing here is better):

Is there any update on this? From what i understand (not EN native speaker) in the OP there is only a patch for the first FMV, the rest is only for closed beta testers.
Other question: most of CT MSU-1 considers i'm purchasing Chrono Symphony, but i dont like it. is there any chance for we see this patch work with other music (let's say, with WAV-converted Chrono Cross OST)?
Check the first post again. There's a free alternate audio pack now.

That said PCM files are freely interchangeable between MSU-1 mods, so you could put whatever music you want in the mod. (for example, when doing testing for FFVI's MSU mod, I converted a chunk of "We Are the Champions" to PCM and replaced the victory fanfare with it, for lols)

"With a bit of a mind flip, you're into the time slip. And nothing...will ever be the same."
Mystery to me as much as you...I'm gonna try this out, and use the OST, because, while it won't be that different from what I'm used to, the bass samples presumably won't drop out of the mix when that sound channel is being used for sound effects.

I'll let you know if I run into any problems Insidious. I know this soundtrack very well.

Update: Well, I tested it on whatever version of the standalone Snes9x MSU-1 Build I have, there were some pops and hisses and stereo channel confusion issues with it. I think I need to update or something though, because afterward I loaded it up in the Snes9x Core on RetroArch and it worked fine. I do notice that it doesn't fade in or out where it should, but I trust you'll get it sorted before long. :)
That link should have the newest version of the MSU-1 compatible version of Snes9x, including the fix for track resuming.
Of note:

I don't know the name of the track that plays in this scene, but it is SOOOOOOO WONDERFUL to not have to deal with the 'ding' sound effect, the 'clang' sound effect, and the whole lightning/fire/explosion sound effects making the bass guitar drop out of the music. The 'knock knock knock' sound effect in the next scene (when the Narshe Guards come for Terra) likewise does not take the bass guitar out of the mix during "Awakening."
That song would be "Esper World" AKA "Another World of Beasts." It's track 33 with this mod.

You can listen to the PCM audio in Audacity through: "file>import>raw data" then on the resulting dialog (after selecting the track) set:
Encoding: Signed 16-bit PCM
Byte Order: Little-Endian
Channels: 2 Channels (Stereo)
Start Offset:8
Amount to Import: 100
Sample Rate: 44100

*edit- I was 1/2 asleep when I posted this, not quite sure why I included the decoding info here, lol.
"Omen" needs a quick fade at the end, when you figure out fades. I know why, because I used to have the OST you used, and "Omen" and "Terra's Theme" are just faded right into each other. I can hear "Terra's Theme" starting just at the end of "Omen."!2JYU1ALR!o89BX6bA9r5Q-EWwuYf5N5DUeane8mFBDHYUG6m83eA
Try that version of Omen3. I had to jack up my volume all the way to hear the faintest traces of Terra's Theme in there, and even then I wasn't sure I could hear it. That said, I made the fade at the end of the track a bit more pronounced, so this version should be fine, plz check and verify.

Omen 3 isn't a looping track IIRC, so a direct audio edit should work no problems (with a looping track, I'd have to see if I could find an earlier looping point so I could cut out the end).
In addition, and this is probably something you can fix now, I would recommend inserting less than .5 seconds of silence at the start of all the tracks. Maybe less than .25 seconds. Something. They are starting JUST A HAIR too soon, compared to the SNES version. Could even be less than .1 seconds. I don't know. It just sounds like all the tracks start just a tiny bit too early.
As far as tracks starting early... I don't think they are, I think it just sounds like that to you because the tracks aren't fading in like they should.

That said, if the tracks do need a small chunk of silence ended at the beginning, I have an idea for a relatively simple way to do that without needing to re-loop the audio by modifying a script Insidious made to help normalize the PCM audio.
I. Love. This.

I won't spoil it for people who want to try it for themselves, but your little 'surprise' when the downloader/patcher gets finished scared the crap out of me. :D
When Insidious mentioned putting that little surprise in, he was gonna put it at the start of the installer. Glad to see my suggestion to put it at the end had the desired effect. >:D

Once I figured out that there were no real timing issues with the Opera, I converted the OST Opera to satisfy the FF purists (prior to that, selecting OST would result in the basic SPC audio for the Opera), so you will have PCM audio for the Opera with the OST options. That said, I'd HIGHLY recommend you try the OTH Opera.
You can see the OTH version of the Opera there, but be aware that video was made with the version of the Opera from right after I fixed it up and got it timed decently. The version in the patch has had MUCH more work done on it, and is MUCH better; especially the Aria.

I see, thanks. I'm gonna redo those parts. Don't be afraid to point out my mistakes, it only helps me.
When I was saying

"'thee' and 'thou' are more recognizable as from the dialect you want her speaking."

I was saying it was fine to keep her using those, you just needed to use them properly, which leads into what I was actually complaining about: The subject/object usage of the words. Very rarely in fictional works do you see royalty using "royal" speaking conventions, such as we royal "we"/"us" to refer to themselves. Instead fictional words often specifically use informal speech pattern to appeal to a wider audience. (You'll probably still want to use the formal version for speaking in a ceremonial role)

If you don't mind a lot of biblical quotes used as examples then this page has a decent breakdown of the proper usage of thee/thou/thy/ect:

The problem is that modern English combines pretty much all the different usages of the words into "you", so people aren't really used to breaking down their grammar to know how they're actually using a word, and the words actually in English still like that, we know which to use instinctively, so we never really think about it.

As far as the "est" situation... Roughly 60% of the words used in Shakespearian works are gibberish, made-up words whose meanings are all only obvious through context (see: Jabberwocky). People trying to emulate old-english should NOT follow his path.

There are lots of people out there who do know how to properly write old-english, and even more, to blend it into modern English to keep everything understandable. It wouldn't be too hard at all to find someone with the proper knowledge to fix her script up for you.

Actually.. A tiny bit of research, and what you're looking for is Archaic/Early Modern English (circa 1500's), not Old English. direct your research on the script that way.

[post removed]

You know it's odd, I refresh the page before making my post about the final beta, nothing new, make my post, nothing new, come back several hours earlier... and Insidious has a post about the beta that's listed as posted an hour before mine...

Not an expert, but I believe your first task is finding a way to extract and re-insert the audio files from the ISO (assuming you can even locate the audio portions of the soundtrack).

Ideally, you could just extract the audio from both versions, and insert the audio from the japanese version into the english version, and you'd be done. But as I understand it, things are rarely that simple.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Are there any Namco-163 hacks out there?
« on: November 07, 2017, 10:19:52 pm »
Whelp, when you release a patch with a new/redone track, I can remake the wav file. Can't do much until then. ;)

November 14, 2017, 02:04:43 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I was looking into how to rip the music from an NES rom. Apparently it's a LOT more complex than doing such for something like the SNES.

NSF files (NES native soundtrack files, contains soundtrack for the entire game, not just 1 track) are apparently the actual game ROM stripped of everything but the music engine and the track data.

The absolute hardest part of making one? Tracking down the exact locations of the music engine, and the track data.

I didn't get to deep into how to make one, it quickly got quite a bit over my head, but if I understood things correctly, if the exact addresses of both the music engine and the track data are known, it's a relatively simple process to make the actual NSF file.

This wouldn't be something I'd consider trying to do now, but once you're completely done with the game?

Needless to say, I'm hoping you've documented everything in such a way that you already know the hex locations of everything a NSF file would need.

No big deal if not though.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Need help removing demo mode from a ROM
« on: November 07, 2017, 09:59:53 pm »
From that RAM map linked a few posts ago:

0x001E   Title Screen timer(time until attract mode)   Counts down from FF to 00.

I'd wager this is what you're looking for. I don't have the skills to tell you what to do with it though.

I did verify that a cheat code of "001E:55" (I just chose a random number somewhere in the middle of the countdown, after watching that RAM Address' behavior for a while, and 55 was what I used) in FCEUX will completely eliminate the game entering the demo from the title screen, hitting Start still started the game as normal. You'd have to play the game for a while to see if this introduces any bugs.

If you can set your emulator up to load that cheat code with the ROM, then that may be your solution right there. A ROM hack solution would require more skills than I have.

That utility should help you with renaming all the files quickly.

BSNES and Higan actually were coded by the same guy.

The trick with Higan, is to load up the ROM once, then quit Higan.
Then you go to:
C:\Users\[username]\Emulation\Super Famicom\[rom name].sfc\
'[rom name].sfc' is a folder, not a file.

And drop program.rom (rename you MSU-1 patched ROM to this), msu1.rom, and all the track-#.pcm files there.

Then load up the game in Higan again, and it should run with the MSU-1 audio.

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