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Out of curiosity do you have a changelog of the most recent version up updated today (and yesterday for that matter)

I'm curious what the 'urgent' changes were. Either way awesome game and thank you for your hard work.
it fixed the shops, however this latest patch also ruins the new enemy formations, so i dont recommend starting the game until you see a new one come out. should be out soon.   :)

Loving the hack so far, the only thing that bugs me personally though is that Luigi still looks like Mario aside from the clothing of course. I know that's not a big deal to some as they've looked identical in past games though. I don't know if custom sprites are in the works or not but just my two cents. Sound like nitpicking now that I read it.  :P

All that aside I am amazed at all the work that went into this. Thanks so much for the experience.  :)

AFAIK custom sprites over Mario would not be possible with the amount of space left over, I share your grievance though.

I'll be sure to fix them in the update once I spot every single case of poor balancing! :) if any other typos are spotted please let me know!

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