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Thanks for working so hard on it!
Unfortunately, I'm not particularly good at this sort of thing, but I appreciate all the effort and a workaround at the very least! I'll be more mindful of swaps and if I trigger the bug again, I at least know how to fix it.
Thanks much!

Good, glad I was able to get through, it took a few days for my post to be approved!
Thanks for replying so quickly, good luck!

This hack is fantastic!
I literally just tried to run Xtreme 2 yesterday and realized that it did not have a dash button just like in Xtreme 1.
It had some decent workarounds, but it's just not the same as having a proper Dash button. However, I've already run into a pretty major bug.
You mention that you can pause in places you shouldn't but it doesn't affect dialog, and that seems to be true. However, I just ran into a softlock in Launch Octopus's stage by pausing at the last miniboss before opening the boss door. The door won't open now!

I'm not sure if this would affect any door of this type, but I definitely can't get through here no matter what I do.
Otherwise, this is great, I'm so glad you made this.

Gaming Discussion / Re: PSA: Stop making FF6 script edits
« on: April 08, 2021, 04:08:34 pm »
i would love to do a script edit of wild arms 2.

You would forever be my hero if you did this.
I've been replaying the game recently for some friends, and it has some extreme pronoun trouble and Japanese onomatopoeia even at the best of times.
I know there's a Spanish translation out there, so the tools to edit it exist in some capacity.

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