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Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Kanji ID FTW
« on: July 16, 2018, 04:40:31 am »
Few years ago the online Japanese OCR helped me lot to complete Wizardry6 japanese Tile set.
Its works best if you convert bmp to black text with white background, other colours could be confused the algorithm (it works but less character recognised)   

I planing to resurrect my projects (this and Wizardry 6 SNES translation).
I needed to realize translating into good english in not fitting on me. So I worked to extract text from this games.
Here I sharing now the japanese scripts from the game, translating these with help the google Translate will be easy somebody how is expert or native english speaker. And also easy can get the english script from the DOS version of the game. But PC-E version have more clues in the inns, and some other minor changing in the scripts and quests.
If you interested to help the translation pm to me and I will share with you the in-progress ROM (all towns and some of dungeons and outside areas is already translated but I sure it's have tons of error in a text).
If I got a full translation one of the area I easy can put into the ROM in one weekend or less, because I already revers-enginered the needed part of assembly.
I planed the make a tool for this but I wanted something more universal what every translation project can use. (Someting like good old SNESedit with good text encode-decode ability like Kruptar, with in modern desktop application.)

So here is the link for the scripts:

Thanks, I will try these.


A have a question about PSOne ISO romhacking. I planed new project (full english translation from japanese Playstation Wizardry 1-3, 4-5 and 7 games)
I can not extract the .xa and .str files from the .bin or mounted cue, with right size.
I tried many way... if I just mount the image .xa and .str unreadable, if try extract with Isobuster with raw, mode file sizes is didnt same with the mounted image (and not just these file, all). Ok I can extract in user mode any other files with same size, but I can not the .xa and .str (unreadable or not the right size).
I want to rebuild the image with modified files,  (I dont want modify the .xa and .str, just the text data and .exe) but I cannot rebuild the correct iso without these.


Some guy ask me how the translation on going.

I need a realized if I do the translation only myself it takes too long, because not enough time the translate the text with google and babylon and editing the rom. Plus this translation is in this form is lame because my english is lame, and the game have lots of additional scripts which is missing from other english releases. (And someone complained my previous SNES version wizardry 6 translation because I use only the PC version text in there translation). I released "in progress" translation in Underground Gamer torrent site a weeks ago maybe help found someone good japanese-english translator.
If you wait some hour I can upload one filehost site the this file (with configured mednafen and rom and in progress riped  texts). I know maybe break some forum rules but not too easy make the iso patch, because most emulator works correctly with bin/cue + .wav or .mp3. I don't want convert back to full is to make patch after every inserted sentence. And translation useless without 8x12 font hacked PCE-CD System.rom.

November 29, 2011, 08:45:41 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I add the link to the first post.

Oh god! I should  needed a good japanese translator. I work with the google and babylon translate, but if I work alone every maps translation takes a week minimum. The towns and castles 2 or 3 weeks. I translated 5 maps  (55 maps had in the game) and harder things its a found good translation to the lots of additional texts.  (80% texts not pointer based, assambely code load the string directly, but not too hard found this. (Exp. A9xx85yyA9zz85ww  zzxx load to wwyy)

Huh! I found lots of texts in the tavern tips (with japanese voiceover) wich is not founded every other releases (not in the PC and NES version). I try translate with google translate but I need anybody how can help me, this translation is how good.
Good news: I found not too hard method convert all 12x12 text too ShiftJIS text.

Sorry, but I need a lot to learn and need work if I want paid my studies. I hope in exsams session and in the Xmass holyday have some time work on translation. The porject didn't dead, just I have very little time to work on it.


I found one hardest thing  this project. If I want correct english battle text, with right word order, I need swap two words (someone "on" someone action -> someone action "on" someone), but buffer loaded in serial. I found two subroutine which loads the words. I swap it. first looks like works,  but if monster die in this turn, the name is a next monster in the list. Gash! Help anybody???

Yes I'm use the mednafen, this is the great app for this. Some months ago I try the begin translate this game, and I try the use the ootake for debuging. Ootake is great PC-E emulator but not too usabel for debuging. I almost give up... and some weeks ago I found Mednafen... At now, the full translation to dependent on the free time which I can spending for this.



I found one, which is works, but is sad :( this solution ruin the menu window frame. Annoying a bit, but I don't have better idea this time. Anyone have?



I works a lot on this translation in a past days. Found a new problem: When a 8x8 text string is 14+ char long a system put automatic line drop. Some monsters and items names in original game is 14 chars long. The string loader  put line drop after names in some menus, and this doubled the line drop in 14 chars long names.
Like this:

I cut one char from every 14 chars long names, and it looks like this:

If I found the routine which put the automatic line drop and I can expand whith 1 char (to 15 chars long) I can chance the names back.

I try solve a text space problem and I hope succeed!

I had a idea: if glued in a first byte from shift-jis coding I can doubled the 8x12 text length in original place. I need more hack the syscard.pce and I hope 255 ( minus some controll bytes) chars enough the english text.
Hmm, maybe work... If I change the input TBL...
looks better...

I missed something on the new TBL or syscard hack but if I correct them, maybe the 8k ram not problem anymore.
And need increase the 20 chars line length to 30 chars.


I Begin Might and Magic: Book One PC-E translation and I discover lots things.
First time I try reverse enginering font and text system, and look like success. In a last few day I can hack the fonts from 12x12 to 8x12, but kanji font isn't on CD, is in the system card. I need well modded syscard3.pce with good looking 8x12 ASCII chars font.
Anyone have them? (I made one, but it's not look too pretty, I think)

And text string looks well mixed with code, not the easy modify strings lenght. PC-E  8k memory address space is to small, and not easy modify like a SNES segment addressing. Memory banks relocation is looks too difficulty to me, and looks more hard with CD system. Is someone can help, please inform me.

Here is some pics from early state:

PS: I don't know image why don't work? :( Here is the links!

How i said here is the in progress pack of translation:

This areas translated: B1, C1-3, D1, E1, Cave North Barrier, Dusk, Erliquin and Cave, Sorigal and Cave, in progress Portsmith.

All translated text is in the torrent in .jce file format, can use with JWPce (JWPce is a freeware japanese word processor). I use these format because easy to rip texts from the game to the ShiftJIS coded file.

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