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Personal Projects / Re: Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru Color Hack
« on: July 13, 2016, 02:47:42 pm »

It felt so perfect... and balanced.

There is no difference between "smc" and "sfc" roms other than extension. None should have a header, ideally.
Other than for purity's sake: "sfc" for Super Famicom japanese titles or "snes" for western Super Nintendo titles, extensions mean nothing.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Is MSU1 chip emulation even possible?
« on: July 13, 2016, 09:47:49 am »
You just need the correct ".bml" file for that game's MSU1 hack.

This is my example for LoZ - A Link to the Past DX:

Code: [Select]
cartridge region=NTSC
  board type=1A3B revision=11,12,13

  rom name=program.rom size=0x100000
  ram name=program.sram size=0x2000

  map id=rom address=00-1f,80-9f:8000-ffff mask=0x8000
  map id=ram address=70-7d,f0-ff:0000-ffff
    rom name=program.msu1 size=0x0000
    map id=io address=00-3f,80-bf:2000-2007
    track number=01 name=track-01.pcm // Title Screen Intro
    // [ ! missing ! ]
    // track number=15 name=track-15.pcm // Title Screen Intro (Short)
    // [ ! missing ! ]
    track number=06 name=track-06.pcm // Opening Scene
    track number=11 name=track-11.pcm // File Select Screen
    track number=03 name=track-03.pcm // Hyrule Under Storm
    track number=16 name=track-16.pcm // Hyrule Castle
    track number=25 name=track-25.pcm // Princess Zelda's Rescue
    track number=20 name=track-20.pcm // Hyrule Sanctuary
    track number=02 name=track-02.pcm // Hyrule Fields
    track number=07 name=track-07.pcm // Kakariko Village
    track number=12 name=track-12.pcm // Chase of the Hyrule Soldier
    track number=14 name=track-14.pcm // Guessing-Game House
    track number=23 name=track-23.pcm // The Fortune Teller
    track number=18 name=track-18.pcm // Hidden Grotto #1
    track number=24 name=track-24.pcm // Hidden Grotto #2
    track number=27 name=track-27.pcm // The Great Fairy
    track number=17 name=track-17.pcm // Hyrule Temple Dungeon
    track number=21 name=track-21.pcm // Boss Battle
    track number=19 name=track-19.pcm // Boss Battle Clear
    track number=08 name=track-08.pcm // A Link Between Worlds
    track number=04 name=track-04.pcm // Transformed Into a Rabbit
    track number=05 name=track-05.pcm // The Misty Lost Woods
    track number=10 name=track-10.pcm // Breaking the Master Sword's Seal
    track number=09 name=track-09.pcm // The Dark World
    track number=22 name=track-22.pcm // Dark World Dungeon
    track number=26 name=track-26.pcm // The Sage's Message
    track number=13 name=track-13.pcm // Dark Woods and Mountain
    track number=29 name=track-29.pcm // Ganon Appears (Intro)
    track number=28 name=track-28.pcm // Ganon Appears
    track number=30 name=track-30.pcm // Ganon Appears (Full)
    track number=31 name=track-31.pcm // The Final Battle
    track number=32 name=track-32.pcm // The Triforce Chamber
    track number=33 name=track-33.pcm // Ending Scene
    track number=34 name=track-34.pcm // Staff Roll

  title:    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past DX [MSU-1]
  region:   NTSC

  revision: 1.2
  board:    SHVC-1A3B-12
  serial:   SNS-ZL-USA

    rom name=program.rom size=0x100000
    ram name=program.sram size=0x2000

Once you got that, you just load the ".bml" file instead of the usual rom file.
Remember to have this file, audio tracks, and rom file all in the same folder.
And don't forget to check if the rom filename (including extension) is the same as the one the ".bml" file expects ("program.rom" in the above case).

Anyway, ".bml" files should always come with the game's MSU1 patch.

I would like to see support for this for Wii/PS3/etc someday. I like the idea of using any remix track you want to play on a console.
Those modern systems don't need this kind of thing, but just a mere audio file exchange within their file system.

Aye! That looks awesome! :thumbsup:
I thought the project was dead, so I am glad you updated!
Now if only you could give some expected date (month?) for a new beta or final release...

Personal Projects / Re: Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru Color Hack
« on: July 13, 2016, 09:29:51 am »
Right one looks more legit as a GBC game.

Well, I guess Magic Knight's gonna be the best fit here!

How about changing "Precis.%" into "Accuracy" and deleting the redundant % in "Evasion%"?

Are you doing extensive asm hacking on this game, or just changing some bits here and there?
There's some cosmetic changes that could be possible with some assembly, but I don't know if it's worth the effort, so...

What's the tile/string limit here for class names, anyway?

There is, started out as plug'n'play and tons of features planned - turned out to have little compatibility, huge limitations, contains stolen code, and requires soldering to even boot.

tl;dr: pretend it doesn't exist.

Oh dear, you destroyed my hopes! lol
I only heard about it long ago when it was just announced.
Too bad! I'll have to stick to good old method...

P.S.: Oh, and looking forward for more PS dev stuff from you, Gemini! :cookie:

I would keep it as Magic Knight in this case (can't be very evil if it uses White Magic, right?). I was trying to point out how the change in the DS remake made sense.
Fun thing about japanese is there's more than one meaning with kanjis, and 魔 is one such kanji which is often used to convey more than one meaning.

This is awesome!
Wasn't there a similar thing for the PS(one)?

I hope consensus here is literal translations are bad.
To me there must be a middle ground between transmiting the meaning and being literal.

Magic Knight is a bit of a weird case. In the original FFIII, they could use low level White Magic. In the remake, Square Enix turned them into full-on Dark Knights (like Cecil from FFIV) and even gave them the Souleater/Darkness ability that was original introduced in FFIV, and named them as such in the localization. However, the term they use for that class in the Japanese remake is the same as the original (まけんし) at least according to this page, while only the localization of the DS version calls them "Dark Knight"s. The Japanese term for the Dark Knight class used in FFIV is あんこくきし (literal: Darkness Knight), which is different from the term they use for the class in FFIII, まけんし (literal: Magic Swordsman).

Ultimately, I felt it would be misleading to call them Dark Knights in this translation because they lack the Souleater/Darkness ability and can use low-level White Magic, so I went with "Magic Knight".

Just to remind you, 魔剣士(makenshi) actually means Cursed/Evil-Sword Warrior, so that justifies the change on the DS version.

Wat?  You must be referring to one of the remakes -- Cid wasn't in FF1.

Wasn't Cid referenced in FFI at Lufenia?
The joke there was precisely that he is a character which doesn't even physically appear in the game. Sorry.  :-\

Now I'm actually thinking that Quina could be a cute (chibi sized) and funny character to add into this already cute game. ::)

I'd love these:

FFI Cid, FFII Borghen, FFIII Une, FFIV Scarmiglione, FFV kame sennin, FFVI Typhoon, FFVII Cait Sith, FFVIII Selphie, FFIX Quina, FFX any (Except Auron & Lulu), FFXII Vaan...

 :P :P :P

Seems like an interesting (yet chibi sized) game though. But not releasing it on PC is kinda lame anyway.

Gaming Discussion / Re: One-Hit Wonders Games
« on: June 30, 2016, 12:18:56 pm »
Most evident case I remember: Alundra >>>>>> Alundra 2

But I don't know if it actually sold well (for its time), so who knows.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Dragon Quest turns 30 this year.
« on: January 13, 2016, 12:49:00 pm »
NINJA EDIT: Good morning, Crono!
You made me believe SE made a Chrono Trigger announcement, dammit! :-\

So sad they did nothing for its 20th anniversary... (like, a cell-shaded remake announcement at E3?) :'(

On topic now: Rather than hacks (unless it's a full new DQ engine based game) I'd personally be more interested in a good finished Dragon Quest III (Super Famicom version) translation.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Is Xenoblade for me?
« on: January 10, 2016, 02:53:26 pm »
Okay, I see. I always was too overleveled when I played it but knowing this game I think it can be a bit challenging if you're not overleveled.
However what means "make me think" might not mean the same to everyone, so I don't know. Of course I never had to think much at all being so overleveled.
Most thinking in this game goes into the setup phase before battles, such as what kind of battle skills and special supportive abilities each character has.

You just can't expect awesome levels of clever strategy in a more action oriented RPG, anyway.
I think Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U) is better regarding difficulty or strategy level.

I don't think I have one readily available right now (would have to dump it, really), but doesn't the gamefaqs site have savefiles?

EDIT: Here's some...

PS: Wow, spellchecker tries to change "gamefaqs" into "gamecocks", what the hell? LOL :o

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update (SNES)
« on: January 10, 2016, 02:35:25 pm »
BTW i presume this will work on real hardware too, right?
Unless he or she is doing some badly coded ASM changes to the game, it should.

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