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Gaming Discussion / Re: CRT shaders
« on: April 27, 2015, 07:49:18 pm »
This is a pretty nice and IQ/Performance balanced combination, using xBR and an NVIDIA's engineer Timothy Lottes CRT shader:

Click on the images to see at full-screen:

Only thing it lacks is NTSC effect, which is just an artifact, IMHO. But it is a matter of taste, anyway.
Even I (from PAL region) sometimes use it on old NTSC region games depending on my mood.

Regarding the matter of CRT in general...
I didn't like it at first long ago, but I've recently (2 years~) come to appreciate it, though, as it gives a more authentic feel to it if you are forced (most likely) to play on modern displays.
Anyway, most older CRT or scanline methods I tried before were pretty shitty or had way too much other inconveniences, so that didn't help me on liking it.

Now I can't stand looking at the old weirdly crispy non-CRT methods, even if using xBR or xBRZ. Not on a LCD/LED/OLED/AMOLED, but maybe Plasma only.
I'm glad and lucky to be able to still play old games using a real CRT too, and even more if using real hardware and not an emulator (though most of the time old controllers feel pretty clunky and uncomfortable, unlike my X360 controller aside of the horrible non-D-Pad).

Konami isn't going to die.  They have non-videogame things anyway in the meantime.  Like YuGiOh and a record label.

As much as I'd like an Azure Dreams sequel, I don't think we'll be seeing one anytime soon.  I'm willing to bet they have a mobile product on the back burner.
Look: Konami delists itself from New York Stock Exchange
Maybe they are not making too much money anymore?

Aha! I found the reason behind all this drama! It's a conspiracy! A viral marketing strategy!

That image should be updated with a line saying "F**k us too".
:P :P :P

Now, it is confirmed, Konami is "D.E.A.D." ...

Will they bring up other old IPs, to then cancel such hyped up projects?
(please Konami, don't do this with Gensou Suikoden or Akumajou Dracula >:(, though Suikoden staff and Castlevania's Koji Igarashi are out... :'()
or... Will they create new IPs, pay the media to create hype, and then releasing some s***t and run away with the money?
or... Will they continue milking MGS, except this time without Hideo Kojima?
or... Will they try continue milking the outdated (since PS2) soccer PES game series every year?
(instead of upgrading the game/graphical engine and releasing a Master Version updateable through small/reasonable price DLC for new soccer seasons or free middle season updates)
or... Will they end up as Sega, or be bought by Square Enix Holdings?

Please, place your bets right here.

I think they will try all I've written above.

Ah, so it is like the ol' ZSNES dump spc command.
Well, nice, but I hoped for it to be implemented the other way I described. You think that would be too difficult? ::)
It could be great, as it would make it easier to make very accurate OSV rips, unless there's another easier way I have missed all these years. :huh:

SPC file dumping
How does it work?
Do I have to do that manually pressing a key?
Or is it automatically detected when a new song is played and then dumps it from the beginning to some folder specified previously?
The former is nice, but the latter would be awesome.

Anyway, awesome project here. I might use it in the future. :thumbsup:

Gaming Discussion / Re: New PSP RPG getting localized
« on: April 23, 2015, 10:28:58 am »
I think you should give it a try and translate them to Spanish. :happy:
Though I am no big fan of this type of J-RPGs...

Programming / Re: Secret Of Mana MSU-1 Help
« on: April 22, 2015, 09:22:03 pm »
This might help you:!WVFDGbKb!4ohlUxRzEOYo3ZDjxbO-BtC9wc31dQYrgqYthS2sOWc
It's being used by me for this Zelda AlltP hack:

You might have to change some values in the .bml file, though.
Sorry I can't be of more help since I am no expert on this specific matter.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Zelda - ALttP - SNES - Worldmap -
« on: April 22, 2015, 08:33:35 pm »

Hey! Seeing an all new Zelda AlttP Overworld Map reminds me of the joy and the magic I experienced the first time I played it! Like, "What mysteries are waiting to be revealed as I explore?"
The placement of that tower is interesting.
*You know, I once started a project like this and my goal was to put it inside the lost forest, and... er... I abandoned it... Ooops! *

Sorry if my post is not helpful to you but I just had to say that. I am always eager to see more Zelda AlltP hacks! :thumbsup:
Please, if you are really doing good progress on this hack I suggest you to make a post full with screenshots on the Personal Projects forum.
Wow, somehow I managed to "sound" like a forum moderator there...

Gaming Discussion / Re: Retron 5 and save files
« on: April 22, 2015, 11:13:40 am »
Hell, if you want to go that far, why buy a game when it's new if you can just pirate and emulate it? I mean, there were decent GBA and DS emulators throughout their lifespans. Did you endorse the mass piracy there, too?

Some of use like to do the right thing because it's right. But even if we were to forgo the moral high ground (because god knows I have a lot of emulators on my PC at home), (1) convenience, (2) features, and (3) accuracy are great reasons.

  • I bought Katamari Damacy off of PSN for $1. Taking into consideration the inconvenience of either having to play in my office or to use my home theater PC in the living room and explain to my non-technical wife the way that emulators work, I figured that the $1 for an emulated copy was worth the convenience. I also own a PS2 and could track down a used copy, but I'd be paying about $6 for that.
  • Related to Katamari Damacy again, sure, I could buy a PS2 copy and play it that way, but then I'd be missing out on going through my HDMI connection and wouldn't have choices of upscaled screen resolutions for my modern tv.
  • Finally, we have accuracy. "BUT WAIT!!!" you say, wanting to tell me how god-awful emulation is for purists. That's mostly true, and it's not like the big companies always get it right. However, I find that the Virtual Console games and PSN Classics are practically bug free and perfect.  Have you ever tried to play Pokemon Snap on an emulator? Welcome to hell. It happens to be my favorite N64 game, so it was worth it.
TL;DR -- Sometimes paid solutions are worthwhile.
Seems you have not understood the very same words you just quoted. When did I endorse any kind of piracy?
Quote from: SC
Why spend money on emulation? Be it legal (as in Virtual Console, or PSN PSOne & PS2 emulated games) or not. Specially since the price is unfair and exorbitant either way.
One should either use it's proper console hardware or go all the way and emulate for free, at least as long as you use your own dumps and don't hunt for ROMs on the internet.
Please better read what you quote so you don't make such wild accusations the next time. Though anyone can make a mistake, anyway. ::)

And regarding to emulation accuracy.
It is true that some of the recent generations console emulators are not very accurate, specially when talking about the PS2, but most of the rest are very accurate or accurate enough to not see the difference on a "blind comparison":
FCEUMM or Nestopia (for the NES),
Genesis Plus GX (MasterSystem, Megadrive, and add-ons),
BSNES (the mighty Super Famicom),
Mednafen PSX (for the PSOne),
Mupen64plus (Nintendo 64, though it is still WIP, but promising),
Gambatte (for the GameBoy/Color),
VBAM (still not perfect, but accurate enough GBA emulator),
PPSSPP (very accurate PSP emulator),
Yabause (a promising WIP Sega Saturn emulator), and...
Dolphin (not very accurate, but it is enough for most GameCube and Wii games).
PCSX2 for the PS2 is still not very good for many games, though. :banghead:

How about a few possible answers to that question.  :)

1. Purchasers of the RetroN5 own legal and legitimate physical cartridges and want a way to play them on their TV with original lag free controllers. 
2. Purchasers own original hardware and cartridges but want to keep their consoles in working and in good condition so they buy this.  <-- My buddy falls in to this group
3. Purchasers own a newer HDTV that does not allow the use of an analog video signal thus rendering all consoles older than the PS2 useless.  <-- I fall in to this group
4. Purchasers want to cut down on the amount of wires connected to a TV by only having one console for multiple systems.  <-- My co-worker falls in to this group
5. Buying a RetroN5 is cheaper than building a "small emulation machine" capable of producing high quality audio/video, using lag free original controllers instead of those USB adapters that are junk, and running games full speed with no issues.  Plus a RetroN5 takes up less space vs a computer and using original controllers will always be superior vs USB adaptors/controllers. 

I think it is pretty clear WHY people buy this, where the issue gets heated up (as seen in this thread already) is this GPL license thing.  I find it ironic that the majority of the people who are having an issue with the RetroN5 because of a "license" violation are a part of and or contribute to a community that downloads ROMs--which last time I heard was illegal.  Two "wrongs" don't make a right I understand, but the hypocrisy does exist nonetheless.    :thumbsup:

I'm not trying to be an ass here, what I am doing is playing devil's advocate here and give an opinion from someone who owns the machine in question and the reasoning behind it. 
Those are some valid points, yet still can be solved in other ways. Like:
1. Dump your own games and play them on accurate emulators on a simple USB computer.
Intel has just released a powerful enough one for most ancient simple consoles emulation.
The only thing you would probably miss is using the original controllers, though most of the time these were very clunky and uncomfortable anyway (MasterSystem, NES, N64, PlayStation AnyNumber...).

2. Well, this is a strange one. Why would one want to keep them functioning if you are not using them at all?

3. That's strange too, since my recently built and bought HDTVs (like the latest Panasonic Plasma, or LG LED) still support all those old connections.

4. Fair enough. I would like that too. :thumbsup:

5. Well, all I said on point 1 is still relevant here.
I still haven't tried it, so I might end up being wrong. It may not be powerful enough to play PS2+ games, but in theory it should be possible to play NES, Genesis, SNES or PSOne games with it.

You won't be able to use real cartridges with a self-built setup. That's the big selling point.
As I said, you just need to dump them yourself.

Which takes us to this:
All I am really interested in is backing up my battery saves and get them on a computer before the battery fails.  I primarily want to back up NES, SNES, Game Boy and Nintendo 64.  I've looked at multiple options, if anyone has a suggestion that avoids a controversial choice, I am glad to look into it. 
You might have a good start with this:
You shall choose the option that best suits your needs as I can't do that.

PS: Of course, you can still do whatever pleases you, dudes. Even if it means having to waste money. :P
I myself usually play on either the original hardware or through my own retroarch setup, either locally or by streaming. :happy:

Personal Projects / Re: !
« on: April 21, 2015, 10:19:22 pm »
Yep! Also, I'll try to put some Ocarina of Time references in the game too.  :D
And you could even call this hack "A link to the Pest"! But maybe it's been used already...
What about "A Pink to the Last"? If that even makes sense...
Sorry, I am bad for hack names. :-[

Anyway I am glad you're back to it. It's always nice to have people modding/hacking this legendary game. :thumbsup:

Excellent news! I was hoping for that since I saw this awesome project! :crazy:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Retron 5 and save files
« on: April 21, 2015, 10:11:29 pm »
This doesn't seem real hardware compatibility but an emulator. Am I wrong? If so, how does it work?
Well, since no one here answered my humble innocent little question, I had to do some research myself.
So yeah, it is an emulation machine. Not surprised really, though it would have been really cool a legit console hardware compilation.

Hmmm, as a side note, Nintendo released on Japan a new mini Super Famicom revision some years ago, right? Or maybe I am confused.
Actually I am right, though it was many many years ago until it was retired in 2003:
Nintendo should have released a legit console hardware compilation instead of the Virtual Console, but I guess building the old original
hardwares would be too expensive nowadays since the chip factories don't support such ancient customised hardware anymore.

Oh, and found some drama about this too:

Well, now I think this is a totally epic fail now.
And why would someone buy this anyway? Can't people just use retroarch and do local streaming or something?
You could even build your own small emulation machine with your hardware of choice.

Why spend money on emulation? Be it legal (as in Virtual Console, or PSN PSOne & PS2 emulated games) or not. Specially since the price is unfair and exorbitant either way.
One should either use it's proper console hardware or go all the way and emulate for free, at least as long as you use your own dumps and don't hunt for ROMs on the internet.

Gaming Discussion / Re: FF6 iOS is amazing
« on: April 17, 2015, 06:13:21 pm »
It's the same.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Retron 5 and save files
« on: April 16, 2015, 08:16:30 pm »
This doesn't seem real hardware compatibility but an emulator. Am I wrong? If so, how does it work?

Is that a boss?
Have you used all the entire palette on it? If there was a way to better blend those shades of colour...
But I guess it would require an incredible amount of work for an HDMA effect on it or using another type
of Super Famicom graphic with more available palette colours, like BG? Not feasible, it seems.
Looks too cartoonish, though maybe I am worrying for nothing and it looks good when playing.

Anyway, that Wario sprite seems suspicious, too. :thumbsup:

Gaming Discussion / Re: I love SE, but I hate them too.
« on: April 16, 2015, 05:26:36 pm »
Well, they DID provide me with countless hours upon hours of entertainment and catharsis in my relatively short life.

But at the same time, I shirked my studies, sat around playing FF instead of looking for work, sacrificed social relationships, etc.

I both love and hate them. They've been in my life for such a long time that it's like they're part of my psychological makeup. I can't imagine life without playing an SE game once in a while, but sometimes I look back and wish I'd tried to become a more well-rounded person, instead of playing jRPGs so much.

Ever have that feeling of ennui when playing? Do you want to gush about SE's awesomeness? Have SE pissed you off beyond redemption? Or perhaps your views fall somewhere in between these two extremes.
Hmm, I sometimes think of stuff like that as well - if I had been doing such and such instead of playing this or that.  I've lost touch with some of the people I know, sure, but not all of that was from gaming over socializing.
Gaming over doing something may have inadvertantly saved you from some freak accident like a car crash or being mauled to death by a bear or something.
Yeah I agree with you guys on that matter.

About Square Enix?

This still applies for me:
They are still somehow unable to take Dragon Quest 7 3DS to the west. And how about Dragon Quest X?
They didn't localise KH DDD on many European countries where it was normal to have KH games localised before (in my own case, Spain).
They have abandoned other IPs that the fanbase wants (from both SquareSoft and Enix).
They are now just releasing unwanted zero-quality things on mobile, or very wanted things on mobile but not localising it or with very bad gameplay adaptation.

 :banghead: Ain't that reason enough to be angry?

I used to like this company, even after the merge of SQUARE and ENIX when many haters said too much undeserved shit even putting blame on ENIX (lol).
Nowadays it is fair to write $quare €nix.

I just hope that FFXV brings back some quality, even though the series has lost much of its essence. Looks a bit promising.  ::)
FFXIII series was OK, probably very good if not for the big name, and I even liked it. But the FF name requires the essence.

Well, not everything is bad, its just that the things they get right are a very small amount: Bravely series  :thumbsup:, FFXIV ARR  :thumbsup:, probably the new mobile Mana game, and maybe something else.
But, if they are gonna milk the golden cow, I would expect them to do it the right way.
Oh, retire Masashi Hamauzu (though Naoshi Mizuta and Mitsuto Suzuki are good in absence of Uematsu) and be technically/graphically relevant again in the industry too.

Am I really being unreasonable? I just demand some quality of past glories for the future. The fanbase is worth quality, respect, and localisation for the big money they ask.

Yeah, I forgot. Both Type-0 and FF4 Complete are things SE got right (not counting having to wait for a remake of Type-0 for localisation).
EDIT: No, wait. FF4 Complete didn't get localised except for English and French. What a waste of an awesome remake.

I don't think I am on the extreme hating here, just mostly angry with bad/non-localisations (for some European countries historically getting localizations, Spain in my case) for some very good games (at least main FF series and such still get high quality localisations), and mostly pissed off because of the mobile crazyness even ignoring 3DS & Vita (though SE might have a good excuse with Vita).
Still, I haven't lost *all* hope.

Let's see if Star Ocean 5 (or "2 and a half", timeline-wise) gets localised on my country. Star Ocean 4 (Zero, timeline-wise) was, mostly thanks to Microsoft the publisher, who takes the matter seriously.
And it would be great if more people could buy it on other platforms other than PlayStation 3 & 4. I don't like exclusiveness' like these because it makes it hard for everyone to enjoy 3rd party games.
Example: Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon on the Xbox 360 and Tales of series on PS3 except Vesperia (was first on X360 and co-produced by Microsoft to some extent, like SO4).
I am sure many jRPG fans were unable to play and enjoy them.

Then the earlier games got lucky that the resolution was too low for the ridiculousness of those characters to be really noticable.

This is also a thing of the earlier FF games. You see those tiny sprites and imagine how the characters actually look like in your head. Then you see the opening FMVs in the PSX remakes and you just want to puke :P
It was VERY noticeable on the Super Famicom Star Ocean. As well as the winged race too.
Regarding the classic FF characters getting CGed on the PlayStation ports, well, it was horrible due to the modeling and detail quality. Those ports were horrible anyway.
You should check the original cocept arts and Yoshitaka Amano's designs. Best way is by the Tetsuya Nomura's redrawings for Dissidia.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda 2 for GameBoy - Missing Link
« on: April 16, 2015, 09:31:31 am »

Left: African Zelda
Middle: Normal Zelda
Right: Goth Zelda

Choose your very own Zelda!

PS: Doesn't the middle one look better as Zelda? I mean, it's Zelda!

Weren't the 'catlike' creatures called the 'Fellpool' species?
Yeah, exactly. But I think there's two variants.

Gaming Discussion / Re: FF6 iOS is amazing
« on: April 15, 2015, 06:31:27 pm »
I loved the DS remake of FF4 and I was hoping soooo hard for a similar treatment for 6 on the 3DS... The higher resolution, more detailed textures, and 3D novelty (floating continent!) with voice acting and all that...

It would have been glorious.

But instead we got this. Its good but not worth the price tag to me. I'll stick to my tweaked SNES rom with SNES9X EX and Moga controller.
Yeah, at least we can enjoy the original Super Famicom version, with all the hacks, bugfixes, and (re)translations available. :thumbsup:
I'd love a hack to enable MSU-1 music playback. Games like this deserve it, like Chrono Trigger too, or even Estpolis II (Lufia 2, or simply Lufia on Europe). :woot!:

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