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Personal Projects / Re: Independent Girl Translations
« on: October 01, 2017, 08:05:23 pm »
Yes, it is. That reason is taking some lines out of context... The sentence before those lines say "Everything should be translated."

In other words:
* Main story is ~50% of the text in the game.
* ~90% of that main story was translated by x_comp.
* Everything else (remaining ~%10 of main story, NPC dialogue, side quests, magic and item descriptions, battle text, graphics, etc.) was translated by me.

Thanks :) I'll submit a correction.

Personal Projects / Re: Independent Girl Translations
« on: October 01, 2017, 02:14:13 pm »
Is FMA fully translated? I just noticed that someone set the status to Unfinished ( using some sketchy non-evidence.

Either it was the only ROM they found and they don't know better, or more likely they want to take advantage of unintentional enhancements offered by inaccurate emulation (such as MMC3 with up to 2MB ROM).
(or maybe intentional enhancements? Like N64 texture packs is the best example I can think of, and much less known, an HD SMS emulator)

It's because of the expanded ROM that the DoaE editor uses, which converts the mapper to 245.

From the tiny amount of research I did, it looks like mapper 245 support got bugged in FCEUX at some point, which is why an older version is recommended. But, the hacks should work fine in anything else that supports that mapper (including EverDrive).

Gaming Discussion / Re: Akujin Contact?
« on: July 30, 2017, 05:48:20 pm »
Have you checked on the Dynamic Designs forum?

Personal Projects / Re: Translations of early Famicom games
« on: July 29, 2017, 12:57:24 pm »
Why not use  Square Enix's official retranslation they made for the smartphone remake?

The dialogue was revized in the transition from FC to mobile, but the translation is top-notch. It impresses me how well-written it is. Here's an example of the differences:

FC: "ああ [HERO]! ゆうしゃロトの ちをひくものよ! そなたのくるのをまっておったぞ. その むかし ゆうしゃロトが カミから ひかりのたまをさずかり まものたちをふうじこめたという. しかし いずこともなくあらわれた あくまのけしん りゅうおうが そのたまを やみにとざしたのじゃ. このちに ふたたびへいわをっ! ゆうしゃ [HERO]よ! りゅうおうをたおし そのてから ひかりのたまをとりもどしてくれ! わしからの おくりものじゃ! そなたのよこにある たからのはこを とるがよい! そして このへやにいる へいしにきけば たびのちしきを おしえてくれよう. では また あおう! ゆうしゃ [HERO]よ!"

Mobile: "おお! [HERO]! 勇者ロトの 血をひきし者よ! そなたが来るのを 待っておった. その昔 伝説の勇者ロトは 神から ひかりのたまを さずかり この世界を おおっていた まものたちを封じこめたという. しかし いずこともなく現れた 悪魔の化身 竜王が その玉を 闇にとざしたのじゃ! このままでわ 世界は 闇に のみこまれ やがて ほろんでしまうことらどう. 勇者[HERO]よ! 竜王をたおし その手から ひかりのたまを 取りもどしてくれ! わしからの おくり物じゃ! そこにある宝箱を 開けるがよい. そなたの役に立つ物が 入っておるはずじゃ. そして この部屋にいる者に たずねれば 旅の心得を 教えてくれよう. では また合おう! 勇者[HERO]よ!」"

NES: "Descendant of Erdrick, listen now to my words. It is told that in ages past, Erdrick fought demons with a Ball of Light. Then came the Dragonlord who stole the precious globe and hid it in the darkness. Now, [HERO], thou must help us recover the Ball of Light and restore peace to our land. the Dragonlord must be defeated. Take now whatever thou may find in these Treasure Chests to aid thee in thy quest. Then speak with the guards, for they have much knowledge that may aid thee. May the light shine upon thee, [HERO]."

GB: "Welcome...... I the distant past... The gods gave Loto the Light Orb. With it, he drove away the monsters that lay siege to the land. But DracoLord, evil incarnate, emerged from nowhere and sealed the sacred orb in darkness. Without it, darkness will swallow the world. Extinction will soon befall us. Brave [HERO]! We implore you to defeat DracoLord and recover the Light Orb. Take what you find in the chests. They should help your quest. Speak to those in my chamber. They will give you worldly advice. Let us meet again, brave [HERO]!"

Mobile: "[HERO]! Scion of the bloodline of Erdrick, hero of legend! Long have I awaited thy coming! In days of yore, thy revered ancestors did receive of the Almighty Goddess the Sphere of Light. By its power was our world rid of the menace which did beset it. Yet, alas, some few years past, there did arise a new threat—the Dragonlord. With his cunning, he did steal away the Sphere of Light from us, plunging the land into darkness once more. Should this state of affairs be suffered to continue, the night must surely take unrelenting hold, and our realm perish. So I say unto thee, [HERO] of the bloodline of heroes, vanquish the accursed Dragonlord, and reclaim the Sphere of Light! In the chests o're yonder wilt thou find items to aid thee on thy quest. Take what thou wilt, with my blessing. Partake thee also of the wisdom of those loyal subjects gathered here in my throne room. Doubt not but that their knowledge will serve thee as well as any shield. May the Goddess guide thee to victory, and return thee unto us ere long, brave [HERO]!"

Man, I didn't realize how much the GB translation sucks until you put them all side by side like that

Personal Projects / Re: Translations of early Famicom games
« on: July 14, 2017, 05:27:57 pm »
As you can see, there's not much left of 1986 to finish off. Mississippi Satsujin Jiken, as we've heard, is coming along very nicely (keep it up, Pluvius! ;) ) and the script of Sherlock Holmes - Hakushaku Reijou Yuukai Jiken is near completion according to Filler, but I don't know who is actually doing the hacking part of that job. Seikima II - Akuma no Gyakushuu and Space Hunter were being tackled by KingMike, and I think I'll give him a PM because both projects look interesting to me, so I'd be happy to take them off his hands if he's busy. :D

I'm hacking Sherlock Holmes fwiw.

News Submissions / Re: Site: RHDN 3.0 Site Refresh Launched!
« on: June 27, 2017, 09:22:05 pm »
Whoever they are, they sound pretty sexist. I wouldn't be surprised if there were also racist and voted for SOPA.

now you've done it filler

Discussion about the ending credits, with Mr Fwibbles.

1) Original game has a bug showing them incorrectly. Mapper chr write issue. Fix here.

Code: [Select]
rom w/header

3e004 = fc bf
3e016 = 0d 0f

2) rom 7f000 + 10 header has specialized font. It's stored as annoying interleaved 1-bpp tiles. 2 colors = two different alphabets.

3) Bigger irritant is they are drawn as two 8x16 sprite tiles. Reusable kanji and such. To get the replacement text to fit, 8x8 English font has to be used. There's a decent # of 8x16 tiles to play around with though.

If there's someone worthy of finishing this off, please send a PM directly to Mr. Fwibbles. Only serious intent please and maybe -after- you've demonstrated that you've inserted your own replacement alphabet and overcome the technical challenge. :)

Thanks for this! I was wondering what "messed up by default" meant on the project page. :)

Personal Projects / Re: Translations of early Famicom games
« on: June 10, 2017, 02:51:15 pm »
Excuse my horn-tooting but I have an online spreadsheet of every Famicom game and whether or not it was released in English, and I still keep it updated. You can even sort by release date. :)

Personal Projects / Re: Translations of early Famicom games
« on: June 06, 2017, 06:22:15 pm »
Push, Press- what's the difference? Don't they mean basically the same thing?

Well, "Press Start" is more common on English-language title screens. You only tend to see "Push Start" on Famicom games, though there are many exceptions, like Legend of Zelda.

Personal Projects / Re: Translations of early Famicom games
« on: June 04, 2017, 09:35:07 pm »

Maybe just put Super Dimension Force in regular text above Macross? Maybe it would be fun to make a Robotech version too?

Also, you gotta change that "To start push" to "Push Start".

"Press Start" would probably be more correct.

Personal Projects / Re: Tengai Makyou Zero translation project
« on: May 19, 2017, 10:46:04 pm »
And definitely don't bother to solicit the community for feedback about whether the name should be translated.

And then try to tell everyone to use the game name that YOU specify.

It's your world, we're just walking through it, eh?

It's his translation, that's for sure. I think the typical response in this case is "feel free to translate the game yourself, and you can title it whatever you'd like".

Or you can make your own title screen hack afterward if you (clearly) feel so strongly about it... this approach is not without precedent.

The dictionary can now be modified but that special case $9F is tripping me up... Where is the string located in a non-headered disk image and where is the pointer? The pointer location you gave me is where a file name is...

Well it's the player's name, which they enter themselves when they start a new game, so it's not exactly a string you can locate. Once the name is entered after starting a new game, it gets stored at $44B in RAM for dictionary purposes... and probably elsewhere too, I mean it's a disk-based game so I'm sure it's saved to a more permanent location, but that doesn't really matter much in terms of the dictionary compression itself.

Again, if you want to expand (or shrink) the dictionary table, you'll need to move the location of that player name in RAM (not ROM) to wherever the end of the table is. The pointer for that name is at $4E4 in the ROM (not RAM). :)

EDIT: I just realized there may be a separate pointer when loading a game (as opposed to starting a new game). I kind of doubt it, but the coding in this game is kind of weird, so who knows. I'll take a closer look later at how the name is saved and loaded.

ANOTHER EDIT: I pulled up the game in a hex editor just now, and I see what you mean about the pointer being where a file name is... I don't think it's a file name ($141-$3C12 is all one file named "OPEN"), but immediately after the pointer is the word "DISK" in ASCII. Still, I'm pretty sure that that's the correct pointer, so I'll double-check and confirm it later on today.

filler asked me to take a look at the dictionary table and pointers.

The values are located from #60 through #9E in the TBL (#9F is a special case for the player's name), and the table is from 7B38 through 7C82 in the ROM. The TBL value at #60 labeled "[STARTDIALOG]" is simply a colon, line break, and a quotation mark, so you can change that to something else if you like (for instance you can remove the line break if you're concerned about a lack of space on-screen).

There are actually no pointers for the dictionary values - the game will simply start at 7B38 (300 in RAM) and "count" each end break (#FF), until it reaches the right number. I hope that makes sense, but essentially, as long as the dictionary values are all sequential, they'll work fine without needing pointers - with one exception.

The dictionary values are added to RAM at 300-44A. 44B-44F are five bytes reserved for the player's name (four characters plus the #FF end break), appended to the end of the dictionary values. I'm not sure if the dictionary table can be expanded (I imagine that would take a lot more testing to find out), but the name pointer is stored at 4E4 in the ROM if you want to move it elsewhere. Just make sure it's at the very end of the dictionary table.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.

(edited for clarity)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Fixing a decade old translation.
« on: May 15, 2017, 07:08:08 pm »
translate Tokimeki Memorial

Thank you for that information, Spinner8. All that info is good on my end except for the last bank ... bank #8. Could you double check that one? (FDS headers are pointless ... all the information contained in it can be figured through the disk dump size...)

Hmm, I just double-checked everything and it still looks good to me. I could be missing something though.

News Submissions / Re: Other: Castlevania 30th anniversary
« on: May 13, 2017, 02:22:24 am »
Yup, Win10 Defender says it's a trojan. Who knows, emulators always come up as false positives, but someone else is welcome to try it and let me know. :)

Anyways this isn't a ROM hack, it's an emulator hack. It uses the CV1 ROM untouched. But, it's just a news post, so whatever.

I took another look at the text banks and the pointers. :) Here's everything I have (for now).

Code: [Select]
bank1: 91AD-93F2
bank1 pointer: ROM+28B9
bank2 pointer table 917B-91AC (25 strings)

bank2: A3D2-A62E
bank2 pointer: ROM+1B28
bank2 pointer table A3AA-A3D1 (20 strings)

bank4: 10F86-1234C
bank4 pointer: ROM-4E27
bank4 pointer table 10EDE-10F85 (84 strings)

bank5: 14263-15192
bank5 pointer: ROM-7BD5
bank5 pointer table 141E3-14262 (64 strings)

bank6: 167B4-174C2
bank6 pointer: ROM-A6D6
bank6 pointer table 16704-167B3 (88 strings)

bank7: 1828C-18815
bank7 pointer: ROM-C9B4
bank7 pointer table 18252-1828B (29 strings)

bank8: 1A02A-1AB3F
bank8 pointer: ROM-DD14
bank8 pointer table 19FB2-1A029 (60 strings)

Note that bank 3 isn't listed, and this all assumes a ROM without header.

Yeah, I checked it out. Does this game not use pointers for the dialogue? Some games generate pointers on the fly. If not, offsets will not be enough to create a tool for you...

I was taking a quick look at this game last week. The first two text banks (91AD-93F2 and A3D2-A62E) have the pointer tables just ahead of them. Bank 1's pointers start at 917B, bank 2's start at A3AA. (These addresses assume no header.)

Hope this helps a bit :)

EDIT: I forgot to mention the pointer offset! Bank 1 pointers are the ROM address + 28B9, and bank 2 pointers are the ROM address + 1B28. I don't think bank 3 has a pointer, since it's just a single long message. I didn't look at the other text banks.

Gaming Discussion / Re: No rumble in ePSXe. >:(
« on: May 05, 2017, 02:34:36 am »
I found a few different drivers on their website, have you tried these?

EDIT: third one in the list (北通神鹰_BTP-C036_PC驱动(可测试震动)) supports vibration, according to Google Translate.

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