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Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Ys V - PS2 opening
« on: May 02, 2019, 02:48:31 am »
Like Gideon Zhi said, Ys is indeed mostly based on real places with their names slightly edited. Just to add a few more places to the list above this post:

Eresia - Eurasia
Medo Sea - Mediterranean Sea
Ispani - Spain

They didn't bother changing anything for Europe though. You can see this right in the beginning of Ys Seven:

Commander Raud:
That red hair...
You must be from Europe.

The only thing left that would make the Ys series more close to reality was if the "Romun Empire" would sack/destroy "Altago" and salt the earth there so no more plants and crops could grow. Instead, if I remember correctly, they signed some sort of ceasefire agreement in this series. This was mentioned somewhere in Ys Seven.

Edit: I also forgot to mention that "Canaan Islands" is probably either a reference to the Canaan settlement on the island of Saint Croix (in the United States Virgin Islands) or to the Canary Islands. That would seem to match the whole Spanish and Mediterranean theme in that area of the game (where Europe is supposed to be).

Gaming Discussion / Re: Snes Recommended Translations...
« on: May 01, 2019, 05:32:59 am »
Like it was stated above, if you would like a complete list of all the SNES translations, you can always look here at the RHDN project page or at a group site like AGTP or Dynamic-Designs. My personal top ten recommendations would be the following:

Tales of Phantasia
Star Ocean
Seiken Densetsu 3
Bahamut Lagoon
Ys V
Magna Braban
Nekketsu Tairiku Burning Heroes
Record of Lodoss War
Mystic Ark

Of course there's many other good ones out there as well. I just mentioned the few that I could quickly remember off the top of my head.

Edit: I also forgot to mention three other games that I would recommend playing: Rudra no Hihou, Live A Live and Treasure Hunter G. Ys IV is also pretty fun.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Ys V - PS2 opening
« on: May 01, 2019, 05:24:43 am »
Thank you very much for the translation! I always wondered why Dogi was left out of the SNES version of Ys V since he clearly came on board with Adol at the end of Ys IV as he always does. Maybe it was something they forgot to do and then decided to add him in the PS2 version. Or perhaps they chose to leave him out because Adol always fights alone in the Ys series up until when Ys Seven was released where a party system was introduced, including in the games after it.

In any case, thanks once again for the translation. :thumbsup:

Script Help and Language Discussion / Ys V - PS2 opening
« on: May 01, 2019, 04:06:10 am »
I've always been curious what the dialogue between Adol and Dogi is in the PS2 version of Ys V as this was not present in the SNES version:

The actual dialogue takes place between time frame 4:30 to 5:40. If anyone could please tell what they're saying, that would be nice. Thanks in advance for the help!

Gaming Discussion / Re: Seiken Densetsu 3 questions
« on: April 24, 2019, 11:19:02 pm »
I've always had the best playthroughs with this combination:

Duran (Paladin)
Kevin (God Hand)
Hawk (Nightblade)

This will allow all party members to use their powerful charge attacks for multiple targets. In these classes, Duran learns heal light and saint saber, Kevin learns heal light, pressure point and aura wave and Hawk learns a large number of very damaging and status lowering spells. To learn these skills, Duran and Kevin should level up Spirit (PIE) and Hawk should go for Agility (AGL). As for which stats to focus more on in general, I would have to say that strength is the most useful one followed by vitality and agility. And if you ever decide to play with Angela, level up her intelligence so she can learn her attack spells. Grand Divina seems to learn the best and most amount of spells, so I would suggest that you go with that one. I never really bothered playing much with either Lise or Carlie, but I'd say that their light classes seem better spell wise (stat raising and healing ones respectively). So to summarize, I would choose all light classes, except for Hawk which is dark. It's an interesting balance. Aura Wave charges the attack gauge to full which will let Kevin unleash his powerful attack multiple times. This is why I recommend the God Hand class.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Best RPG
« on: April 24, 2019, 10:57:26 pm »
Well, when it comes down to facts, Chrono Trigger really is the best SNES RPG. It wins all across the board in terms of graphics, characters, music, story, battle system, etc. What I don't understand is why all those old Final Fantasy RPGs are so popular (1-6). The graphics are terrible, the monsters and their attacks aren't even animated. All they do is flash. At first glance, it looks like some kind of lame fan game. Even Phantasy Star III which was very rushed, still had some attack animations. And why are the first five Final Fantasy games all about crystals? Talk about over using the same plot elements over and over again. I pretty feel the same way about most Pokémon games as well. Bad graphics, cheesy music and the same old routine (beat the eight gym leaders and elite four to win). 7th Saga on the other hand is a greatly underrated gem. Everything about this game is fantastic, except maybe for the somewhat lame ending. It blows Final Fantasy right out of the water.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Homebrew titles
« on: April 21, 2019, 04:45:20 am »
If you like games like The Legend of Zelda, then you'll be sure to enjoy Anguna: Warriors of Virtue, which is available for both the GBA and DS:

GBA version:
DS version:
Official site:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Best RPG
« on: April 21, 2019, 04:37:35 am »
Chrono Trigger will always be the number one RPG in my book. I'll never forget how amazing that game was when I first played over twenty years ago. And even to this day, it still remains one of the best RPGs. I don't think that I've ever played a game more times than this one. As for somewhat more modern ones, I really enjoyed playing Ys Seven. It's probably my second favorite game after Chrono Trigger. Seiken Densetsu 3 was also very good, but far too easy and it lacked quite a bit of character development and dialogue. I found the party of Duran, Angela and Hawk to contain the most amount of interesting conversations. However, the all male team of Duran, Kevin and Hawk really kicked some serious ass. I could take down bosses in less than five minutes with these guys fully leveled up and stat buffed (using items and/or spells). I never really understood why people like Earthbound so much though. It's even worse than Secret of the Stars in my honest opinion...

Gaming Discussion / Re: What techs would a playable Schala have?
« on: April 08, 2019, 02:08:05 am »
That does look very impressive indeed! I hope that it all goes well and that the eighth character integration is a success. :thumbsup:

I once read an article over at the CT Compendium that Gaspar was originally supposed to be the eighth playable character, but he was cut out before release. I wonder why this is? Did they think that having eight playable characters was too much or did they decide at the last minute that they didn't want to add an old man in the party? Maybe it was a data limitation of some sort or story conflict, who really knows? If anyone else is interested in this, they may read more about it here:

I don't really believe that this is the case. Just look at the size difference between Booskaboo in SD3 and the Turtle Island in SoM. Booskaboo is about as big as an elephant. Only three or four people can ride on it at a time (and actually fit on its shell). Whereas Turtle Island is large enough for an entire village to fit on top of it. Unless of course it grew that much larger than it originally was, but I doubt it. And the idea of Booskaboo's dead shell remains floating motionless in the middle of the ocean is not only disturbing and morbid, but also highly unlikely as a floating empty shell would be constantly moved by waves and could not be stable enough to have an entire village built on top of it. The villagers also say that "this island is actually a giant turtle" or something along those lines, but we don't know for sure if it's true or not. They could just think that because of its shape. Not only that, but said "gaint turtle" could also still be alive. That's just my opinion, but I could be wrong.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: March 28, 2019, 04:49:27 pm »
It might also be interesting if the End of Time had some stores in it as well. Perhaps with an inventory that changes/gets better every chapter. And maybe even a training room. And not just with Spekkio, but with the option to challenge your own party members and perhaps even other time travelers as well to a friendly sparring match (1 on 1, 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 options). I can easily imagine Magus being sour about losing and not admitting defeat. Something along the lines of: "I was going easy on you, but next time it will be a different story!" It could be a good way to level grind for money and experience points. Maybe there could also be Colosseum type matches. Win ten battles to get a rare item or something like that with the choice of easy, medium or hard. Or progressively harder matches like in Tales of Phantasia or Star Ocean. Prizes such as MegaElixers or strong pieces of equipment would be good choices to have. Now that would be something worth seeing!

Gaming Discussion / Re: What techs would a playable Schala have?
« on: March 28, 2019, 04:18:16 pm »
If a new character can't be added, then maybe one of the already existing ones could be replaced with Schala instead. Let's say Marle was replaced with Schala, it could lead to a Chrono Trigger hack with an all new story line. One in which Schala was teleported to 1000 AD via time gate like the other characters there were after the Ocean Palace disaster and was found and adopted by King Guardia as his own daughter. She might have a case of amnesia and not actually remember her past all too well. Perhaps only certain flash backs that appear slowly throughout the game until the party reaches 12,000 BC where at one point, she will remember everything. Think about it, this could be an awesome hack where that annoying spoiled Marle could be replaced with Schala as Crono's girlfriend and eventual wife.

In this version, the whole "Kingdom Trial" part would still happen and most things would probably still be the same overall, with a few interesting changes and twists. For example, when encountering Magus in 600 AD, there could be a different scene if Schala is in your team. Perhaps something like this for instance:

Magus: …!
No it couldn't be...
This must just be some strange coincidence...

Schala: How do you know my name?!

Magus: …

Another change to the story might be when Marle and King Guardia had that argument in 1000 AD during her side quest. Only in this case, Schala will question the king about why he didn't tell her that she was adopted all this time (after she finds out the truth during the Ocean Palace disaster). There could also be a touching moment where he apologizes and tells her because he always thought of her as his real daughter and didn't want to lose their bond or something along those lines.

Edit: I just thought of something pretty funny. If Crono (a red haired swordsman) had a child together with Schala (a blue haired mage), would their child be a purple haired swordsman with lightning magic? Kind of like future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z? Sorry, but I couldn't help myself. Akira Toriyama did make the art for both. :laugh:

Gaming Discussion / Re: What techs would a playable Schala have?
« on: March 19, 2019, 12:46:51 pm »
Or she could alternate her attacks between punches and kicks kind of like the "gargoyle" type enemies do in Chrono Trigger. Although, this would just make her a weaker version of Ayla attack wise unless there was some sort of weapon she could equip like kung fu shoes or something. Either way, it wouldn't really matter since magic would be her specialty anyways. Though, you all can't tell me that you wouldn't want to see Schala doing some high kicks? The only question would be if she is still wearing her robe then or something else. Maybe some sort of fighting/martial arts outfit/uniform or perhaps even some tight yoga pants and a tank top? ;)

Edit: I just realized that this might make her look a bit like Sarah from Shining Force 2 when promoted to the Master Monk Class (scroll down a bit to see her sprite):

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: March 19, 2019, 01:48:34 am »
I agree entirely, having characters from other Square titles appearing at the End of Time is fine, but having random characters from different series such as Dr. Who appearing is just too strange. However, if you really want to see Dr. Who in the Chrono Trigger series, just watch this:

Though after seeing this, we should all be glad that he isn't in the Chrono Trigger series. :laugh:

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: March 14, 2019, 03:00:05 pm »
Though I know that this would be quite hard to implement, it would be interesting if there was branching story line options such as having the chance to save/recruit Schala at the Ocean Palace (like in the Schala edition hack or even before that incident) or being able to play as human form Glenn by having his curse removed (either by defeating Magus or having him remove it after joining the party). Azala might also be an interesting character to save and possibly recruit by having either Crono, Ayla or some other party member convince her to come along with them. But I suppose that such a thing would be unlikely to happen, though it's still an interesting idea. Frog is already an amphibian, why not add a reptilian Reptite to the team as well? :laugh:

By the way, having a bar/lounge area at End of Time where you can talk to other accidental time travelers as well as your party members sounds like a great idea. Having new places like this in the game for players to explore adds a fresh experience to a timeless classic. :thumbsup:

Gaming Discussion / What techs would a playable Schala have?
« on: March 14, 2019, 02:30:57 pm »
The idea of Schala being a playable character in Chrono Trigger has always been an interesting topic of conversation among fans. Most agree that if this was possible, she would have probably joined either before or after the Ocean Palace disaster. But what techs would Schala actually have? Based on what we see in game, although she is a powerful spellcaster, she doesn't seem quite as good as Magus/Janus is. Especially when it comes to offensive techs (being a nice and non-aggressive person). I honestly think that her techs would probably be somewhat a combination of what Magus and Marle has (and possibly a bit of Frog's techs).

In my opinion, Schala's tech list as a playable character might look something like this:


Not necessarily in that order, but something like that. Perhaps it would be better to have her learn the three offensive spells first like Magus, but this makes more sense to me seeing as how in the game, she is an expert at support/barrier type of magic, along with possibly healing. This tech setup would therefore make Schala a great healer and support character, but a bit lousy at fighting which again, makes sense for her character type and personality. She might also make Marle look a bit useless by comparison. Which brings up another point, instead of trying to add an eighth character, couldn't a romhack just replace Marle with Schala? Now that would be an interesting thing to see. Especially story wise, since the replacement of these characters would change the story line drastically. But enough of that. Moving back to topic now, what techs do you all think that Schala would have and why (assuming she joined the party).

Note: I only added what single techs Schala might have, but you can add double and triple techs as well if you like. Making such lists just seemed as though it would have taken too much time for me. Another interesting point of conversation would be what weapon she would use if any. I'm guessing that it would either be a crossbow like Marle or a staff of some sort. Either way, she would not be a good attacking character (which is to be expected of spellcasters).

Edit: And as a separate thought, it would also be a great idea if shield/barrier/haste would be changed to target all characters instead of just one at a time.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Underrated Games
« on: February 20, 2019, 04:31:47 am »
Zoids Legacy for the GBA is another one of those rare gems that's not widely known. It features a story line that combines those of the different Zoids anime series into one. It has a lot of characters and Zoid machines to choose from which can also be customized and equipped with different weapons as well as other equipment. There's a lot of interesting tournament style battles some of which have different restrictions and requirements. It's a very fun game to play overall, with good music and graphics. The only downside unfortunately is that the actual translation itself is not best. It's still better than that of Breath of Fire II was on the SNES, but it could definitely use some script polishing.

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division for the PC also deserves more credit than it's given. Up to this day, I still think that it's the best FPS out there and I don't even like these types of games. Shogo is the only one that I was ever able to get into as an RPG gamer. Featuring anime style graphics, great music and levels, along with two modes of play: on foot and in a giant mecha robot, what's not to love? It's way better than all the other FPS games out there. And yes, I've tried the so called "popular" ones and didn't like them in the least bit.

And last, but certainly not least, the Gothic and Risen series also for the PC (and a few consoles as well) is a wonderful, but horribly underrated and overlooked series. They're both amazing open world series of games that were made well before Skyrim (which took many elements from them) yet are not half as well known in the gaming world. There's also different factions, classes, equipment, spells, quests and options to choose from. It's honestly a shame how many great German and Japanese titles go unnoticed in the U.S.

Edit: I might as well mention Robopon 2 and Medabots, both for the GBA:
Both games are great and often overlooked. They both feature interesting 3 on 3 turn based battles with lots of different customization options for the robots used by the player. And by the way, Robopon 2 is much better than the first one was. It kind of reminds me of Robotrek/Slapstick for the SNES mixed with a bit of Pokémon.

Ys V and Brain Lord for the SNES are also often overlooked. The worlds are nicely detailed and the fast paced hack and slash battle system is definitely a welcome addition in a time where most RPGs were turn based. Brain Lord also has a lot of puzzles which are well designed. Sadly, this game is often overshadowed by The Legend of Zelda - A link to the Past. Whereas, Ys V is great all across the board. It's a bit short compared to most RPGs (requiring about only eight hours to complete). Other than that though, everything else about it (the graphics, music and storyline) is perfect. The alchemy/magic combination system was also very unique.,_Kingdom_of_Sand

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: January 29, 2019, 03:55:24 am »
Amazing work so far. I'm really looking forward to trying out version 2.0 when it's released. The map design for the new areas in 1999 appears very well done. The NPC follower idea for quests is also an interesting and welcome new addition. I just have two questions if no one minds:

1. Will using the bucket at the End of Time or the Epoch take the player to the Lavos battle as in the original game, or to some newly added place in 1999? Is it also possible for the player to access the Lavos battle while in 1999 or only by the use one of the three original methods (either through the Black Omen, the bucket at the End of Time or by using the Epoch)?

2. Can the player travel anywhere in the game while an NPC is currently following them or are they limited to travelling only to certain areas until they leave the party? Also, as a quick follow up question: Will these NPCs also help the player in combat or not? Hopefully, they're immortal or else it might be a bit tedious having to reload the game if they get defeated. And knowing how NPCs are like in most games, they usually tend to lose quite quickly when they have limited HP.

Edit: I have a great idea for a possible alternate version patch that could be included along with the main one. If this project could be combined with the Schala Edition project, it might be an awesome joint project that could let players experience a very fresh take on Chrono Trigger. So, what do you all think of this? If everyone involved in these two projects agree to this, it really might be worth considering.

By the way, about the Schala Edition... I noticed that on the Chrono Trigger Compendium site, the first post on the project page still lists it as version 1.1 when it is currently at version 1.2. I'm not a member there, so if anyone could let the project leader there know, that would be nice. Furthermore, I noticed that the Compendium site is now displaying an error "502 Bad Gateway" message when accessed. Does anyone know what's going on and when this will be fixed? I'm just wondering whether or not this is just an ordinary bug/glitch that sometimes occurs on message boards.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden games
« on: January 29, 2019, 03:27:27 am »
Interesting patches, but I may have an easier alternative:

After inputting the cheat codes to unlock the hidden characters, make a save state at the title screen via emulator. This way, you can just load the game instead of having to enter these codes again each time. This is just a suggestion.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Underrated Games
« on: January 09, 2019, 02:05:06 am »
7th Saga (Elnard) for the SNES is a vastly underrated RPG in my honest opinion. Aside from the somewhat weak ending, everything else about it is fantastic. There's seven unique characters to choose from, alongside whichever partner (if any) the player can select, giving this game a lot of replay value. The gameplay, music and graphics are all great as well. As a matter of fact, the sharper graphics and clearer music in 7th Saga is arguably better than that of Mystic Ark. Another very interesting feature in this game is the crystal ball (radar system) which is used to see places, treasures and even enemies. This lets the player actively seek out or avoid enemies altogether if one so desires, meaning that random annoying encounters are not much of an issue in this game unlike many other similar RPGs such as in the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series.

Lufia: The Ruins of Lore (GBA) is another great and underrated game that is often seen as the least popular in the series because it's a side story (gaiden) that doesn't connect directly to the main plot. This is a rather foolish reason to not like a game in all honesty. As with the example above, the graphics, music and gameplay are all perfectly fine. Besides that, the story and characters are not at all bad either. Furthermore, the class system used in this game is great and fun to play around with, alongside the ability to befriend certain enemies and training them to fight alongside you using the "catch" system (along with an evolution system similar to that of Pokémon). Besides, how can anyone actually claim that the GBC Lufia is better than the GBA one...? Lufia: The Ruins of Lore is about as good as Lunar Legend is for the GBA.

And lastly, Secret of the Stars (Aqutallion) for the SNES isn't that bad of a game either, despite what many others might say. I've completed this game before and found it pretty fun. Changing between the main and side parties was an interesting feature. Besides that, it certainly is a million times better than EarthBound which flat out sucked for more reasons than I can remember (bad story and characters, annoyingly high random encounter rate and just over all bad gameplay to name a few reasons). Now, I better run and duck for cover before a bunch of angry EarthBound fans start throwing insults my way. :D

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