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Gaming Discussion / Re: Enix and the quality of their games
« on: December 29, 2014, 02:53:01 am »
Overall, Square Soft did release better games than Enix, but I always thought that the Soul Blazer series was very good on the Super Nintendo. Maybe not as much as popular Square Soft titles like Chrono Trigger or Secret of Mana, but it was still pretty good. Before they merged, Square Soft was my favorite overall, followed by Enix, Nintendo and Sega in that order.

Edit: I also liked 7th Saga and Mystic Ark a lot too. The Lennus series wasn't that bad either.

It would be interesting to see a hack for the first Shining Force game released on the Mega Drive/Sega Genesis which would stop the characters' stats from going down after getting promoted like in the second game. The only hack available for this game is one with full cheats or something like that, which I'm not very interested in.

On behalf of Taskforce from Dynamic-Designs, I've come to request a small four line translation for an anime preview which can be found here:

You can either post the translation here or at the D-D forum. Thanks in advance for the help.

Gaming Discussion / Re: So called "silent protagonists"
« on: August 07, 2014, 09:39:40 pm »
I agree, most silent protagonists aren't actually mute in the game, the player just can't see their dialogue, as in the case with Chrono Trigger or Bahamut Lagoon (aside from a few options you can pick when asked something). Personally, I never liked the "silent protagonist" idea and not being able to see what they say. It does indeed seem to cut down on character development which is especially bad for the main character. I perfer games in which they do talk like everyone else, or in which you can choose what they say (most of the time in any case).

Really? I actually really like and respect Wildbill's script editing and writing abilities. Well, either way, you should at least try out this translation before passing judgement like Draken said. I can tell you right off the bat that these guys worked really hard to finally finish translating this game. And from what I've seen so far, the translation really is top notch. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. At least this way, you'll know for sure. :)

Well, Romanian is a Eastern European language afterall and part of the Romance family of languages that are based on Latin such as French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. So yes, it should be pretty easy for a native French speaking person to learn Romanian or any of the other Romance languages. I actually have quite a few Romanian friends that are fluent in French.

Thank you very much, I appreciate it! As for the translation, the actual dialogue in the game wasn't a problem as I was able to expand the script and add new lines where needed. However, I did have to cut the text short at times for some menus. For example, I had to abbreviate the words in Romanian for "buy", "sell" and "end" in order for them to fit in the text block since it was only four characters max.

In this case, I had to change "cumpara", "vinde" and "terminat" to "cum.", "vin." and "gata". Which is actually rather amusing because "cum" (which means something a lot more sick in English...!) means "how" and "vin" means "wine" (or "come") in Romanian. "Gata" also means "end", but it has more so the meaning of "enough". Heh, imagine reading that menu screen literally: "What would you like?" How - Wine - End. I thought it was pretty funny!

Though of course, I added an explanation for this in the readme in case anyone playing was wondering what I meant.

Pennywise: Thank you for the offer, I'll think about it as there's still quite a few D-D projects for me to take on such as Feda and Burning Heroes. I'll take a look through your list of translations here at RHDN to see which might interest me. I usually prefer working on SNES games though, as I'm more used to them than those of other platforms.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Post XP ROM hacking survival guide?
« on: April 13, 2014, 10:28:46 am »
Or if you must run a utility that only works in Windows XP, you could either use DOSBox (like it was already mentioned above), or you could download said utility using Windows 7 or 8, then use it offline with your Windows XP. That's what I do. Your computer can't be infected with anything if you're using it offline, which is a good idea if you still want to use an older model computer. But in general, yes, there are quite a few DOS based utilies that no longer work on Windows 7 and 8 (such as snes tool 12). Most seem to work well with DOSBox, but not all.

I also used to be a huge Windows XP fan back in the day. Ever since they introduced Vista, I didn't like the newer versions of Windows used, but at least 7 is better than vista (except for the 16-bit support). As for Windows 8, I really don't care much for it...

Gaming Discussion / Septerra Core: A total ripoff?
« on: April 08, 2014, 05:59:30 pm »
While many games have similar styles and plot elements, Septerra Core appears to directly ripoff a lot of elements from Bahamut Lagoon and Chrono Trigger. I'll explain what I mean below, but if you haven't played this game and want to, you may want to avoid this topic for now as there may be some small spoilers.

For starters, the "world shells" in Septerra Core seem very similar to the "lagoons" in Bahamut Lagoon, which are basically floating land masses (also like the Magical Kingdom of Zeal in Chrono Trigger, but not to the same extent). Though I've seen quite a few fantasy games with floating islands or castles, non of them had the whole world like that as in Bahamut Lagoon and later, Septerra Core.

As for the Chrono trigger references, aside from the unique speed/turn based battle system that exists in both games (with a minor difference in Septerra Core, there's three levels to which a character's speed/turn bar can charge instead of one), a lot of the characters in Septerra Core seem to be based on those of Chrono Trigger. I'll list these below:

Maya for example seems to be based on Marle. They just changed her hair to blue and gave her a rifle instead of a crossbow (both of which are similar). Going from a princess to a "junker" was quite a bit of a change though, heh!

Grubb and Led are based on Lucca (all three being mechanics that work on making and repairing robots).

Corgan and Araym both also seem to be based on Crono in different ways. Corgan is a swordsman and is a polite person who is always looking to help others for a just cause like Crono. Araym on the other hand has pretty much the exact same hair style and color.

Runner and Lobo seem to be loosely based on Robo. Runner uses the same type of laser based weapons and bombs, whereas Lobo is a humanoid robot (or in this case, a cyborg) like him with a very similar name. It seems to me as though they broke off Robo into two different characters, one that looks like him and the other that uses the same type of weapons.

The Mining Helgak (an enemy boss on Shell 7), looks very similar to Lavos and his spawn.

Selena doesn't seem to be based on any character I know from either of these two games, though she and the symbol on her cloak does remind of the main character from Chaos Legion.

And last but not least, Badu also looks like they loosely based him off of Frog. Though there is enough differences between these two characters to call them unique. If anything, he looks more like a primitive Protoss (Zealot) from Starcraft, hahaha!

Well, that's about it. So, what do you all think of this? Is this all a coincidence, or did the Septerra Core staff copy a lot of elements from these two classic SNES RPGs? And before anyone gets upset, I just wanted to say that while I enjoyed playing Septerra Core for the most part, a lot of plot elements and even characters seem to be copied off of Bahamut Lagoon and Chrono Trigger. It's not like I hate the game or anything, I'm just saying...

Edit: And one last quick note, the world of Septerra also reminds me a bit of the artificial satelites from the Panatasy Star series, namely Phantasy Star 3.

Edit 2: The core energy thing is also pretty similar to the whole "mana" idea in other games.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Translation for Ys 5 Finally Released
« on: November 29, 2013, 11:44:02 pm »
Nice, I've been looking forward to this release for a long time. It would also be great if it worked with Expert as well for more replay value, but either way, it's still an awesome translation. Thanks for all your hard work! :thumbsup:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Your #1 RPG you ever played?
« on: May 22, 2013, 05:37:49 pm »
Yeah, I'll have to say Chrono Trigger as well. It really was the best RPG I've played up to date overall. The characters, gameplay, music, story, everything about it was great. There were a few other RPGs that also came close like Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean, but I still think that Chrono Trigger was the best among them. Though, Seiken Densetsu 3 was also pretty good.

News Submissions / Re: Site: RHDN Pro and Jazzy Themes
« on: January 28, 2013, 12:52:27 pm »
I don't mean to complain, but I really liked the old theme a lot more than this new one... For starters, it was a lot more simple looking and easier to navigate. All the links on the left side of the screen disappear when one is logged in which makes it quite difficult to access anything when on the message board (such as the public maintenance). And on top of that, the RHDN mascot is now gone. Then again, maybe I'm just turning into one of those old people that hate and are afraid of everything new. I also dislike the youtube changes. I preferred the old layout and star system as opposed to the thumbs up and down thing they have had now for awhile.

Edit: The leaderboard was a nice addition. Is there anyway to use the old default theme again?
Edit 2: Well at the least now, the left side menu has appeared again. That's certainly good.

I honestly don't know why people these days keep trying to create pointlessly diffcult to use things. IPS patches are small, easy to use/create and are the most widely used. They work just well and I see absolutely no point in trying to replace it. Alright, I understand doing so for games over 32 MB, but it makes no sense to use other patch formats other than IPS for Snes/Gens games and other older platforms. I was pretty annoyed when UPS patches started appearing for Snes translations and now this new patch format appears... Whatever, I'm going to continue using IPS patches and hopefully others will as well for Snes/Gens translations.

And not to mention that average gamers who aren't romhackers/translators will have a hard time trying to use these newer patch formats...

Edit: Also in response to an earlier post in this thread, most GBA games are 16 MB like the three Fire Emblem games, so IPS patches can be used on them as well. In matter in fact, the translation patch for Fire Emblem - Fuuin no Tsurugi is in IPS format and works just fine.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Energy Breaker English V1.00
« on: September 29, 2012, 03:35:34 am »
Overall, I still prefer using Zsnes over other emulators as it has a nice looking and simple interface (also a small overall file size). That and the fact that despite what most people say, it can handle most snes games just fine. The graphics and music is also excellent in this emulator. I do also sometimes use Snes9x for a few games that do indeed not work well with Zsnes such as Tactics Ogre. But I don't know about the other snes emulators such as Bsnes, they just seem too much of a pain to use... And Zsnes also works well with other computer models as well which is an added bonus. For this same reason, I also prefer using ips patches over ups ones. It's just a lot easier and more convenient to use.

For one thing, you can easily use the soft patching method with ips patches if you want to save time or to leave the original rom unaltered. By hey, if it were up to me, I'd want to keep most things as they were back in the 90s, including the Windows 98. Man, I loved that computer...! Ah, and one more thing; Der Langrisser works fine on Zsnes so long as you don't disable the sound/music. But who would anyways? If you don't want any sound for whatever reason, you can just mute the speakers.

Anyways, moving along... Nice work on the Energy Breaker translation! It's top notch and very well written! :thumbsup:

News Submissions / Re: Site: Annoucement: Credit List
« on: June 20, 2012, 01:34:19 pm »
Awesome! This is a great way for keeping track and properly crediting all the people involved in a hacking/translation project. This feature is a nice addition to the site. :thumbsup:

By the way, one quick question. If a person took on multiple tasks in a project (such as hacking and translation or whatever else), should they be added twice (or how many else times) in the credits or only once for their most significant role?

That's exactly my point. C-E received a C&D letter because they were modifying Chrono Trigger to create an entirely new game. Chrono Trigger WAS released in English so this hack might have effected Squares sales of Chrono Trigger DS. It was a very bad move on the part of the romhackers to create a hack so close to the CT DS release date... It's the same with re-translations. On the other hand, games like Der Langrisser which were never officially released in English are not being targetted by the corps.

The companies choose to look the other way when translation patches are created for retro games which were never released in English or whatever else language (such as the gens and snes games which stopped being sold/supported for over ten years). However, if people start making money off their games, they may choose to finally put a stop to it. Do you really want the whole romhacking scene to come to an end just because some hotshot started selling pre-patched games? I think not. Furthermore, I don't care "how much time it takes to create a cart" simply because it doesn't even begin to compare with the time and effort it takes to actually translate a game. Not to mention that it's done as a hobby and the romhackers and translators don't even make a cent off it. This is getting a bit tiring so I'll just say that we at D-D do not allow our translations to be sold (hence the splash pages). Other groups may choose to do what they want. Though romhacking is supposed to be a hobby...

Yes, only an ass would take someones free work and try and profit from it. Humanity fails because there are always people like that.
Yeah, I agree entirely. It certainly does suck when some jerk steals someones work which they did for free and tries to sell it. How ironic it is when one works hard to create something that's available for free on the web and makes no profit off it and another lazy person sells it to people who don't know any better... Well, that's why some translation groups such as AGTP and D-D use splash pages. To avoid having their work sold. It might not work 100% of the time, but it does cut down on the chances of the patch being sold (or rather I should say, a rom patched with the translation).

Not to mention that romhacking itself is a real grey area as it was mentioned before, so it's never good to see pre-patched roms being sold. Companies aren't really targetting romhacking/translation communities that much because we're translating retro games which are no longer being sold and which were never released in English (or other languages for which a fan translation exists) for free as a hobby. But if money becomes a factor and patches/roms are being sold, then it's a whole different story and they may choose to start taking actions against the hobby and the romhacking comunity which is not good to say the least. It's best to prevent people from selling free patches (especially with ridiculously high prices) not only because of the moral issues, but also to defend our hobby. That's at least my take on this...

Here's a few more untranslated lines that Draken stumbled upon recently. Since double posting isn't allowed at RHDN until a week after the last one, I'll just quote his post from D-D (thanks for the help!):
File: CS 06
Desc: More crazy bird-speek
; せんじゅうかいひろい[Newl]
; はてのないせかい[Keyp]
; わたりのとりつよい[Newl]
; とりのとぶつよい[Keyp]
; とどまるとりつよい[Newl]
; さむさしのぐつよい[Keyp]
; ひとつくるとくい?
; ひとまなぶとくい?

File: CS 21
Desc: Sheep giving you philosophical advise (I've included the raw translation for the first block to give more context. The second block was totally overlooked by the translator.

; ものごとを[Newl]
; ご自分の意志で[Newl]
; お決めになるのは[Newl]
; 大切ですわ。[Keyp]
; ……勝手な人ね!
; たとえこんなふうに[Newl]
; ののしられようともね。
Making up ones own mind[Newl]
about things[Newl]
is important.[Keyp]
...what a selfish person!
For example if you curse like that.

; ほめてるわけじゃ[Newl]
; ないんだね……?[Keyp]
; ほめてましてよ?

File: CS 22
Desc: Princess of a Shrine is going on how she doesn't want to be worshipped.
; ……………[Keyp]
; 別にわたくし………[Keyp]
; わたくしのことを[Newl]
;  がめおがめたてまつって[Newl]
; もらいたいだなんて[Keyp]
; 思ってなんか[Newl]
; おりませんでしてよ。

File: CS 108
Desc: Looks to me like "The Shogun is a good man!" but want confirmation.
; よくも将軍を!

On behalf of D-D, I've once again returned with a spot translation request. This time, the game is Chaos Seed and the lines are much shorter (and fewer) than the ones for Aretha-II. Anyways, here's the link to the untranslated lines (in Draken's last post at the bottom of the page):

For the sake of simplicity, I'll quote Draken's post here. You can either post the translation here, on the D-D board or via a text file, just be sure to keep the "Newl" and "Keyp" tags as they are at the end of the lines. Thanks in advance for the help!
Hey guys! It's been a while since we've had to post anything in this thread. It looks like all major strings of text have finally been translated. Sadly, however, there were a few rogue bits of dialog here and there that got overlooked. Any help in translating the following strings is greatly appreciated.

File: CSeed 182
Desc: At this point the main character's Master is describing a "Teleport-Stone", which is a monument used to warp into the Enchanted Cave.
; へーっ、飛天功みたいにブワーッと[Newl]
; ワープするんですか?

File: CSeed 05
Desc: Comes from Senju (Spirit) World. Here one Senju creature is talking about the snake in the village. These creatures sometimes speak quite erratically, so the original translation was a little difficult to understand.
; あーははははは。[Keyp]
; やめちゃったっ[Newl]
; つったって[Newl]
; 何が変わるわけでもなし[Keyp]
; 安心して帰んな,
; 蛇のこたあ気にすんなよ。[Keyp]
; じゃあな。

It was translated as...

Nothing will change even[newl]
if you stop.[Newl]
Don't mind that snake...[Keyp]
Relax and go home.[Keyp]
You know(see you then??).

File: CSeed 25
Desc: Another one from the crazy Senju world. The problem with the translation is that I have no idea who Torisen is... Can anyone clarify it a bit for me
; トリサントッテモ[Newl]
; ウタガスキ

translated as:

Torisen really likes music.

File CSeed 25
Desc: These last 3 are crazy bird-speek dialog strings... Really not sure how to accurately translate them on my own.
; ピュッツツーイ、ピイ。[Keyp]
; ホー、ホータ、

; がんばれ。[Keyp]
; ホ、タルノー[Newl]
; マタタ、キニモー[Newl]
; ニタウーキヨノ

; クィクァイマニマニ[Newl]
; マニマニダスキー[Keyp]
; クィクァイコー[Newl]
; クィクァイカム

I think that's all of them... Rather i HOPE that's all. Many thanks to anyone who can help out!

On behalf of Dynamic-Designs, I would like to request a spot translation for these lines from Aretha II:

You can either post them here directly, at D-D or via link to a text file. The only thing I can say for certain, is to try and keep the translated strings in order and follow the format (I noticed that there's some "blue", "white" codes, etc. mixed in the text). Well anyways, thanks in advance for the help! :beer:

Edit: Special thanks goes out to LostTemplar for his translation over at D-D! :thumbsup:

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