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Ideally, you should try to keep all four main characters and the beasts that you are using equally leveled in order to tackle each chapter. The maximum level in this game is 16, which is not at all hard to reach. After a character has reached said level, you should allow another lower leveled one to get the last shot on an enemy for the experience. In the beginning though, it's more important to focus on leveling up the four main characters since it's game over if any one of them falls in battle. Whereas the summoned beasts don't permanently die and can be used again in future chapters (they auto-revive before each chapter).

By the way, I noticed that a few people were complaining on Youtube that the text is a bit hard to read at times. This can easily be changed in the menu. Both the text and dialogue box colors are changeable. I personally prefer using white text with black window/box borders.

Yeah, it is on me not you.  I should have changed those pictures out before now.  The ones on the front page news story were from the latest version but those were older.  Sorry that I implied that it was.
Nah, no worries! I never once thought that you were blaming me or anything. I just meant that I should've been more attentive to notice said error. That way, I could've reported it to you before using that screenshot here. But it's all been taken care of now, so it's fine. :thumbsup:

Does her hands supposed to look like that green?
Yes, she is wearing a pair of long green gloves. You can see this better illustrated in the fan drawing that my sister made at the Dynamic-Designs project page:
She also created two other pieces of fan art for us as well in case anyone is interested in seeing them too. One for Shinseiki Odysselya II and the other for Ranma - Hard Battle II. You can of course also see these at their respective project pages over at D-D.

And now to give a brief overview of the four main playable characters in this game:

Neina: Rather balanced in terms of strength and magic, but leans a bit more towards magic.

Dyno: The muscle head of the group. He has the highest strength and HP, but is very limited in terms of spells. He actually can't use any spells on his own, only a few via some summoned monsters.

Lim: The exact opposite of Dyno. She is the weakest character physically, but has the best spells and MP amount.

Aleph: Very balanced and similar to his sister Neina, but a bit more towards the physical side. He is the second best fighter and the third best spell caster. Note: My favorite character of the four overall.

Oops, I copied that screenshot from the D-D project page without taking a closer look. I see that you've already fixed this there, so I'll replace it at the project page here at RHDN as well. Thanks for pointing this out, AxelStone (nice Streets of Rage reference by the way)!

I also wanted to mention that other projects released by Dynamic-Designs here without a news article includes in chronological order: Aretha II, Super Shell Monsters Story II (Daikaijuu Monogatari II) and Shiji Hero Legend (Shiki Eiyuuden).

Gaming Discussion / Re: Question about Shiki Eiyuuden (snes RPG)
« on: April 02, 2021, 11:02:27 am »
It's been a while since I last played this game, but from what I remember, there's a part when a character tells you to go there to find some sort of buried treasure. If you try to go there before, as with the nearby cave with the dragon boss fight, nothing will come of it. Anyway, look at the sign, then count the stairs starting at the top left one indicated by the number of "months and days" on the sign. These stairs are supposed to represent a calendar of sorts. I can't quite remember if simply counting the "days" was all that mattered or if the "months" represented the horizontal set of stairs and the "days" the vertical ones (or vice versa). Sorry that I cant' be any more clear, but I beta tested two other rather lengthy RPGs after I had finished this one, so my memory of it is starting to fade a bit.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: February 08, 2021, 02:48:26 am »
It's nice to see that this project is still being worked on. I've enjoyed playing through the current version (2.4) and look forward to seeing whatever new features you may decide to add in next. :thumbsup:

By the way, will the Shakespearean dialect in 600 A.D. be part of the main patch or as an additional one? I'm only asking out of curiosity because there will always be some fans that might prefer the original dialogue. There's some people for example that didn't even like the fact that Frog spoke that way and thought that it was just an odd thing thrown in the script by Ted Woolsey. I personally didn't mind and thought that it added some flavor to Frog's character, but to each his own.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Is Japanese hard to learn?
« on: February 08, 2021, 01:46:12 am »
If you would like to take a look, I did translate an old book about Japanese grammar from Romanian to English a few years ago called "Japanese in 30 Days". You can find it at the Dynamic-Designs message board here:

It's mainly a tourism guide that also covers basic grammatical structures as well as commonly used words, greetings, expressions, phrases, etc. There's also a full Hiragana and Katakana table, along with some dictionary sections at the end of various chapters, as well as a few common Kanji meanings. Hopefully, it will prove to be useful to you or anyone else who might be interested.

It's incredible to see that there's already full playthroughs of this hack on Youtube. After watching through a few of them, most people seem to have really enjoyed playing it. So, congratulations on this release! I'm a fellow Megaman fan myself, so I'll definitely give this a shot when I have the time. So far, everything looks great. This easily could have been another entry on the NES library of Megaman games. :thumbsup:

Gaming Discussion / Re: Openbor games
« on: October 14, 2020, 02:23:16 pm »
I enjoyed playing Beats of Rage which as you might have guessed, is a fan game made as a dedication to the Streets of Rage series. So if you like OpenBOR games, definitely give this one a try. Here's a video of it:

The Streets of Rage remake fan game is also excellent, although it was made independently, not in OpenBOR.

If you enjoy fighting games as well, Mugen has quite a few good titles which can be modified and customized by editing various files within it. So far I've only played three which I really liked: DBZ Mugen - Edition 2011, Samurai Shodown Mugen Especial Edition and Street Fighter vs Fatal Fury. There's probably more up to date versions of these, as well as many more options to choose from as with OpenBOR.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono trigger plus
« on: August 26, 2020, 02:08:02 am »
It's nice to hear that this great hack is still being worked on. And just like the Schala hack, I feel as those this one also makes the game even better than the original vanilla version. It definitely adds a lot of replay value to an already great game. Thanks for all your hard work and to everyone else involved as well. :thumbsup:

Out of curiosity, are you planning on adding any new features of any kind? I'm only asking because I'm intrigued by what you meant when saying that you may resume work on this during the coming winter. Not that I'm complaining in any way nor about anything else as such. You've already added a ton of new features that were not present in the original version. Bug fixes are certainly very important as well. I personally haven't encountered any thus far, but it's nice to hear that you're still working to fix said glitches for others that have experienced them.

By the way, why is Zsnes not recommend for playing this hack? Is it because various glitches may occur or simply because said emulator is out of date? It seems to work fine for me, there's been no bugs so far as with the original game. But if there are possibly any, then I'll switch over to Snes9x then. And for anyone else whom might be interested, there are also some other old school emulators that still work well: The ZMZ emulator which uses the Snes9x core and compatibility along with the Zsnes GUI and FuSoYa's Snes9x and Zsnes custom build emulators. SNESGT is also pretty good, but it can be a bit glitchy at times on certain computers.

Since the original Seiken Densetsu 3 for the SNES felt kind of short, it would be nice if there was a hack available that would allow you to play through all three final dungeons. The last boss could still be based on who your main character is or perhaps all three could be featured in the final battle somehow. Perhaps a phase shift of some sort that changes who your fighting. For example, you take the HP of the last boss and divide it between the three. Maybe something like this:

Phase 1: Dragon Emperor
Phase 2: Dark Prince
Phase 3: Masked Mage

In this way, once the HP of the final boss drops by 1/3, the next one takes over after defeating the previous one. It doesn't have to be in this order though. I for one think that story wise, the Dragon Emperor is stronger than the other two who were both originally humans. It would also be nice if such a patch worked with the version 1.01 fan patch from 2000. I really didn't like the name changes that were made in the newer official translation release.

And on a different side note, the Trials of Mana remake was pretty fun except for the horrible English voices. Good thing it allows you to switch over to the much better Japanese ones with subtitles. This is why fans have to create undub versions of games as was the case with many PSP titles such as Tales of Eternia and Ys 7, among others. They really need to find better and more matching voice actors for characters in many English dubs (for both anime and games). The original SNES tracks also sounded better than the remade ones, at least in my opinion.

While the three PC Harebrained Schemes Shadowrun games are probably the best ones in the series overall, there's still a certain charm that the SNES and Genesis ones had as well. For example, the Genesis version does a better job of showcasing the life of a professional Shadowrunner. You're free to explore everywhere in a "sand box" type game world and take various jobs from the local Johnsons in the area while completing your own tasks to advance the story line. There's also numerous random encounters and scenes that take place which will require your input most of the time. The SNES version on the other hand focuses much more on the story line, but there's still a few optional side quests here and there. Overall, I would recommend that you give all five of these games a try if you have the time.

I'm interested in which one of the three PC titles everyone here liked the most? I personally preferred Dragonfall more than the other two. The story, side missions and characters were the best in my opinion. Returns was a bit too dark and gory at times for my taste and the last battle was kind of a drag. Hong Kong on the other hand was a bit odd plot wise and I didn't much like the characters in it either, but I won't give any spoilers as to the details why.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Megaman The Sequel Wars
« on: May 20, 2020, 03:26:11 pm »
This looks very promising so far. I wonder why they never officially released the second part of Wily Wars to cover the rest of the original NES titles remake as well? Or why it was never released in the US either? But regardless of that, it's nice to see that some dedicated fans have decided to do so themselves. I'm definitely looking forward to playing this when it's completed and I'll be trying out the current demo version as well.

Thanks for the translation, I've been waiting to play this one for awhile now. Adding the option to fast forward and turn off random encounters was definitely a nice addition as well. :thumbsup:

By the way, this is obviously a turn based RPG, so why does wikipedia list it as "an action-RPG similar to the Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana style of video games" when it clearly isn't? Very strange... There's even a screen shot of a turn based battle. I would say that this game is more similar to Phantasy Star Gaiden or the early Dragon Quest and Glory of Heracles NES games.

Amazing, thanks to everyone involved in the making of this fine translation. I've never heard of this game before up until now, but it looks great. The graphics and gameplay reminds me a lot of Beyond Oasis. These fast action based games are always fun to play. By the way, will this game and translation run well with the emulator known as "pSX"? It's the only one that actually seems to work on my computer and that I've been using up until now. So far, every game I've played on it worked perfectly fine, except for Threads of Fate which has a fixed freeze point after both characters' respective intros, making it unplayable. So far, this game with the translation patched works just fine. But I hope I don't run into any game breaking freeze points along the way somewhere. Khamrai also looks like a good game.

I wasn't trying to insult you in any way. By "get a real job", I was talking to the internet repro cart pirates. I also didn't mean to say that asking for donations is wrong or anything, I was only trying to boast a bit about D-D not accepting any. By the way, I live alone and work two jobs as well. After rent and bill payments, I hardly have any money left over for food. I usually eat nothing more than cheap rice with tuna cans and bread. I've had the same pair of shoes for over ten years now. I'm sorry if I offended you in any way. I was talking about illegal pirates on the web, not you personally or any other translation group. I believe that there's been some misunderstanding here. I should have said that "we don't even accept donations like AGTP". Again, as a small boast, not an insult.

Although, I will say that I've heard some rumors on reddit and a few other sites a while back about AGTP selling repro carts and such. I certainly hope that these rumors aren't true... Maybe someone was just using your name?

Except for the fact that they're selling their translations instead of offering them for free. Please explain to me what makes their translations worth more than those of any other? Not to mention the fact that they don't own the rights to Star Ocean: Blue Sphere. Why should they be making money off of this and on one else? Did Dejap make money off of their translations? Does Dynamic-Designs or any other decent translation group make any money from piracy? Did the French and Spanish translators of this game make any money at all? No, I rest my case.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Should I play Terranigma?
« on: January 21, 2020, 07:46:29 pm »
It's difficult to say. In my honest opinion, the gameplay was quick and fun and the puzzles were also decent. However, the story is quite bleak and mundane and there's a lot of overly melodramatic and sad scenes, especially in the depressing ending. I enjoyed it up until the second chapter, but started losing interest afterwards. If gameplay is more important to you than story, play it. Otherwise, you should probably just skip this one all together. By the way, if you do intend to play it, I highly suggest that you apply the font and/or NTSC patch to improve the text and gameplay speed respectively. Both patches can be found here at RHDN in the hacks section.

Forgive me, but what exactly gives you the right to be upset that your translation was leaked? You're selling repro carts with a fan translation for $50-$60 a pop. Last time I checked, selling someone else's copyrighted material is piracy, which is illegal. And now you're upset that you pirates got your patch leaked. Well, that's just karma. Your selfish actions may spell doom to the entire romhacking community if the video game corporations decide to take action upon on all of us. You should all be reported to the authorities for this.

How many fan translators have provided free quality patches without making a single cent off of them for all these years? And now you come along and try to make profits off a game that you don't even legally own. You'll never see such behavior from Dynamic-Designs. We work hard to release our translations without even asking for donations, unlike AGTP. This is because we have a little something called "honor". If you want money, get a job like the rest of us and stop trying to make profits off of piracy. Romhacking/translating is a hobby and nothing more. If you don't do it for free, then don't do it at all. You're making us all look bad. If you want to get paid for translating games, then get a real job as a translator. Don't be a bloody internet pirate for profit.

Besides the one that you already mentioned (Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie), the only other ones that I can think of having full English scripts in their original Japanese release versions are the following:

Golden Axe 3 (GENS)

Super Tetris 3 (SNES)

Bio Metal (SNES - The Japanese version also has much better music.)

Shadowrun (SNES - All the text is in English, but there are also subtitles in Japanese. The intro is also longer in this version, in English.)

Return of Double Dragon/Super Double Dragon (SNES - The Japanese version has no ending, it just goes straight to the credits. But at least the last stage is longer. There's also an options menu in English of course and some music, stage and gameplay changes as well.)

There's probably some other plane/space ship shooter ones as well. Also, various other fighting games that have an English menu/select screen. Then again, these types of games don't even need a translation to play. Unless of course, you really want to know what every character says before and after they fight each other.

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Hero Chronicle Fully Translated
« on: December 30, 2019, 03:38:16 am »
Awesome work, as always! I'm a pretty big fan of both the Gundam and Kamen Rider series, so this RPG should be a great one for me to play. I also enjoyed playing the Great Battle ones as well, so thanks for that too. For those that like these types of games, also check out the one called Super Tekkyuu Fight. It reminds me a lot of Coron Land, but a bit more fast and upbeat. The Super Robot Wars series is also a lot of fun to play for SRPG fans.

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