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Personal Projects / Mega Man X 1~3 Relocalization Project
« on: April 08, 2020, 05:44:08 pm »
Hello, this is my first proper series of text hacks / relocalizations, so what does this project entail?  It's an overall project to relocalize Mega Man X within it's currently existing ROM size.  Since Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3 already have existing relocalizations done by Thriteen 1335 and co. for Mega Man X2 and Solid One for Mega Man X3.  In the case of Mega Man X2 any changes in regards to that will just be a fork of the current patch V1.4, since I believe further updates will be using a VWF by DarkSamus993... which if it's like Her-Saki's Rockman X translation would increase the ROM size, someone can correct me if I'm wrong.  The reason behind wanting to keep the current ROM size is that this will also ultimately be a patch for the Mega Man X Legacy Collection as well, which needs Mega Man X1-3 to be the same as their original ROM sizes.  This is also being done as a sort of practice before I tackle the Mega Man Zero series for the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, and maybe do my own series of relocalization hacks there too, I'm not sure yet.

There will be two main variations of this patch and it's in regards to the series' terminology which for simplicity purposes will just be referred as the Maverick and Irregular versions.  The Maverick version will stay consistent with the series existing naming terminology so there won't be any changes in that department.  The Irregular version will be more in line with the Japanese naming terminology so Maverick = Irregular, Reploid = Repliroid, etc.  For the purposes of this project, I'll be basing them on both NectarHime and Hondoori Game Center's translations.

Overall Changes
  • Relocalize the script for Mega Man X
  • Make addendum's to the Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3 relocalizations to adhere to a consistent manner.
  • Implement coloration for character text similar to Her-Saki's Rockman X translation.

Maverick Ver.
  • Revert name changes from Thirteen 1335's Mega Man X2 relocalization, thus Sageese = Serges and Counter Hunters = X-Hunters.  This is mainly for consistency sake for the Mega Man X Legacy Collection.
  • MMXLC Only: Have a patch for Thirteen 1335's X2 relocalization, without any changes.

Irregular Ver.
  • Change all terminology to match the Japanese ones.
  • Make the boss names the same as their Japanese counterparts. // EX: Flame Mammoth = Burnin' Noumander
  • Separate patch to change Mega Man X to Rockman X and Dr. Light to Dr. Right.

MMXLC Patchers
Since there's going to be various patches to fit someone needs I'm going to try to set up a form of patcher along side the base patches for customization purposes of trying to match everyone's sensibilities.  Which will feature the over all changes mentioned above along with DarkSamus995's title screen patches and perhaps other oddities.  This is primarily for the Mega Man X Legacy Collection since there are separate patches included with the ROM relocalization / relocalization addendum hacks.

Mega Man X Relocalization Spreadsheet
The following contains a spreadsheet with the original USA script, my current relocalization script, NectarHime's retranslation script, and Hondoori's literal translation script.  These have all been put there for input on what should end up in the relocalization.  With all that said... here it is:

Mega Man X2 Relocalization Addendum Changes
All Patches
  • Minor script changes to allow for consistency between both patches.
  • In dialog Dr. Light and Dr. Cain are labeled as "LIGHT" and "CAIN" instead of "DR.LIGHT" and "DR.CAIN" for simplicity's sake and to allow for more room in the script overall for changes.
  • Consistent character text colors for the most part. Due to palette issues though Agile, Serges, and Violen's dialog are the default blue outside of cutscenes.  Otherwise everything else is consistent.

Maverick Version
  • Changes Sageese back to Serges and Counter Hunters back to X-Hunters.

Irregular Version
  • Changes "Maverick" and "Reploid" to "Irregular" and "Repliroid" respectively.

Mega Man X3 Relocalization Addendum Changes
All Patches
  • Script changes to allow for consistency between both patches.
  • In dialog Dr. Doppler, Dr. Light and Dr. Cain are labeled as "DOPPLER", "LIGHT" and "CAIN" instead of "DR. DOPPLER" "DR. LIGHT" and "DR. CAIN" for simplicity's sake and to allow for more room in the script overall for changes.
  • Consistent character text colors... at least for the THREE whole consistent text palettes Mega Man X3 has...

Irregular Version
  • Maverick = Irregular, Reploid = Repliroid, Bit = Vajarila FF (V.FF), Byte = Mandarela BB (M.BB), Dopple Town = Doppel Town, and Vile = VAVA

Mega Man X

Mega Man X2

Mega Man X3

Mega Man X Legacy Collection

I'm hoping this project will aim to be a fairly enjoyable project not for just those in the ROM hacking community but those who are fans of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection on PC as well and have been hoping for mods for the overall collection (not that it's going to improve input latency in MMXLC... har har har...).

Mega Man X Relocalization (v3.0):
Mega Man X2 Relocalization Addendum (v3.0):
Mega Man X3 Relocalization Addendum (v3.0):
Mega Man X Legacy Collection Relocalization Patcher (v1.7):

Thirteen 1355: Their work on the Mega Man X2 Relocalization had inspired me to work on similar projects for other Mega Man titles that haven't had any work done yet.
Solid One: Their work on the Mega Man X3 Relocalization.
Metalwario64: Their updated Mega Man X title sprites along with sprite fixes to X's Second Armor in X2 regarding charging and buster sprites.
DarkSamus995: Their work with Thirteen 1335 and porting in Metalwario64's title sprites and Rockman X1~3 boss name porting and for the Rockman X1~3 title logos.
Hondoori Game Center: Their work translating the original Rockman X1-6 scripts to English is definitely something to admire and part of the basis for this project.
NectarHime: Their work localizing Hondoori Game Center's translation into something closer to western sensibilities is also a big inspiration for this project and the main basis for the work done here.

I'm looking to see if there's anyone who can help me with a few endeavors with the recent Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection.  This might be able to apply to the PS4/XBONE versions as well, but I'm not entirely sure so for the time being I just want to focus on the Switch and PC versions.  As far as any work with the Switch version I would actually need someone with a Switch and the game to help me with this since I don't own a Switch but I'm fairly certain a lot of this work could mostly be ported over to it.  Which info will be provided in more detail below.

#1. Porting over the English script from Mega Man Zero 1-4 to Rockman Zero 1-4 and un-censoring it.
This is probably the hardest one to do, so I'm not sure how much luck I'll have with this, but I would ideally like to be able to port over the script from the Zero series over the JP versions of the game since I figure that might be easier on a technical level than trying to restore all the blood in the English versions but I haven't actually been able to find where the game has the script files.  My best assumption would be "talkz#.bin" but I'm not sure and unlike the ZX games' dialog isn't as easily editable in hex editor since all if the text is there it just comes up as an unrecognizable mess regardless.

#2. Converting existing PC mods over to the Switch version.
A group of people including myself over the past month have been working on multiple mods for the PC version as various quality of life changes such as modifying the soundtracks, and undubbing Mega Man ZX / ZX Advent using Rockman ZX /ZX Advent based on Geo's undub patches here: // which they are aware of since someone got in contact with them for assistance in regards to the names in text boxes in Rockman ZX / ZX Advent.  If I'm not mistaken the Switch version uses an OPUS format rather than OGG so I'd need someone to test those out to make sure they copy over properly and in the case of ZX / ZX Advent's undubs it should mostly just be a case of copying over files since if it's like the PC version they're all based on the DS version's files anyway.

#3. Making the title menus English in the Japanese version.
This isn't the biggest priority but since most of this work is based on porting over stuff from the English versions to the JP versions getting them to display English text on the title screens would be appreciated since those use a more generic font now.  Maybe getting a better title font for menus in general would be nice too.

That should cover just about anything, I expect it's a long shot but if I can get someone to help me out with this I'd greatly appreciate it.

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