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Apparently, while working on the text, I somehow broke the ROM. I have no idea what I changed or deleted to cause this, even when comparing it to a backup ROM. Sure, I could start over, but like I said earlier, I had already gotten sick over this, and I just recovered not even a whole couple days ago. Last thing I want is a relapse. Honestly, I'm just looking for an excuse to give up at this point, so that's what I'm doing. Apologies for PowerPanda and Reld for wasting their time, but I really was in over my head with this. Peace, and sayonara to this forum.

Thank you so much! I'll get to work as soon as I can!

Once I'm done with this hack, don't expect to see me here ever again. Stressing out over how I was going make any progress with the text made me sick. Literally. I have no interest in a hobby that's detrimental to my health. The next time I want a certain hack/translation, I'll just cross my fingers and hope someone does it someday.


Still though, I don't really see reason to re-translate the game and then a throw a bunch of official localized titles in. Seems kind of opposite to the point, not unless you plan to throw the actual Sword of Mana or Adventures of Mana scrips in there.

That actually was my idea. Probably should have made that a little clearer in the OP.

So much effort put into this game already! If only I could find a solution for the text.........

Apparently, when text is compressed, you usually have to code your own tools for decompressing it. This is a serious problem for me, because the only thing I know about coding is the difference between decimal and hexadecimal. I really don't want to abandon this project, but the more I look into it, the more clear it is that I'm biting off more than I can chew. I'll keep looking for some kind of workaround, although I won't be able to use a computer until Monday, assuming I get lucky and we don't go camping.

Well, after some deliberation (and further research), I've decided that there WON'T be a patch removing the FF references. Seiken Densetsu as a series may have become its own beast nowadays, but there was a time when it was just an FF spinoff. Ignoring that would be disrespectful to this game's legacy. I've also decided that "Sword of Mana" truly is the better name, as it's a closer translation to "Seiken Densetsu."

I'm still working on that compression (although there's only so much I can do while away from a computer) but I'll let you know once I figure it out.

Also, nice job with those mockups, PowerPanda! Have a cookie! :cookie:

Yeah, that just requires finding the code for tile arrangement and changing it, and I'm lazy.  :laugh:

If you just want me to create the graphics, and you work at the actual coding, we could collaborate.

Well, that wouldn't be a bad idea at all, although I plan on saving the title screen for last.

Adventures of Mana (This one may give me trouble as there's not enough space without shrinking text)

Couldn't you arrange it to where "of Mana" is below "Adventures," rather than to the side? That's what I was planning on doing.

Well, if Vanya approves, then what am I waiting for? ;D

I plan on basing my retranslation off the mobile remake, Adventures of Mana, which retained the Final Fantasy references, unlike Sword of Mana. It's easy to see why not everyone would like that decision, however, so I'll make 2 separate patches, one that leaves the references intact, changing the title to "Adventures of Mana," and the other patch removing those pesky shoutouts and changing the name to "Sword of Mana." Maybe as a bonus, I could try basing the "Sword" patch's text off the actual "Sword of Mana," but that game really shook up the plot, from what I've heard, so no promises yet.
EDIT: I'm already starting to get a hang of table files, and text editing. Here's a preview for the opening crawl:

(I can't figure out how to add the photo within a post......:()
EDIT #2: All done for the prologue! I seem to be having trouble finding the rest of the text, though. Maybe it's compressed, or something? I don't plan on letting that stop me, though. :thumbsup:

im not really sure how many people agree with me, but if you ask me,
i think projects of such magnitude as translating or retranslating a rom that actually requires substantial amounts of work
should solely be driven by the creators personal desire to see it thorugh, as such, if you have doubts about it
even before starting the project, atleast give it a good thought before jumping into it, instead of spending X amount of time
only ending up dropping it realizing you werent actually even interested of doing it.

i've had this happen to me when i wake up one monday and decide that i want to do X,
and after spending a month on it i just threw it in the "unfinished junk" folder and it's been there since late 90's
simply because i just dont care lol.

Well, I'm a total sucker for RPGs, so the fact that there's going to be a lot of text to work with isn't what's causing my self-doubts. I agree that personal desire is a big factor in completing huge projects (after all, I did complete two RPG Maker projects, levelled Ultima up to its max damage output TWICE in Final Fantasy II, and completely filled the Pokédex in every Pokémon game made prior to Ruby and Sapphire), but what I'm wanting is confirmation that someone wants to see FF Adventure relocalized, since a commitment of that magnitude, in my opinion, should only exist if there's more than just me who benefits from the results.

Another source of apprehension, I'll admit, comes from the fact that I don't really have any experience with hacking. :-[ Sure, there's plenty of tutorials and documentation on how to get started, but I'm still a little nervous, like how your first time on a roller coaster leaves you feeling anxious right as the ride starts.

When Collection of Mana came out, I was unbearably irked by how both FF Adventure and Secret of Mana were unchanged from their original release. Secret of Mana has a "Relocalized" patch, but FF Adventure has nothing. Honestly, it's bothering me so much, that instead of complaining about it, I think I'll just hack the game myself, and update its translation to be more in line with the mobile remake.

However, what if the reason no one's done this before is because there's no demand for it? If FF Adventure really is just fine on its own, then I guess I'm just wasting my time. But then again............

As you can see, I'm a lot more conflicted about this than I should be. Does the idea of relocalizing FF Adventure appeal to anyone here? If yes, I'll get started right away. If not, then I'll just leave it at that, and go back to watching YouTube.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: June 18, 2019, 02:09:55 pm »
As far as the pen names vs. real names. Did you ask each of these people if it would be ok to change their names? I mean no disrespect by this...altering a game created by multiple people is one thing...especially since it's quite old now. Altering it for the better I might add. However, altering their names is another story entirely regardless of situations in the mid 80's. I could argue that if they wanted their names changed up to this point they would've done it with current version you can buy in the Nintendo store.

Personally, I think the reason Nintendo hasn't changed the names in later releases is due to either technical issues, or there being no real need for the change. After all, it's common knowledge nowadays that Shigeru Miyamoto was the director of Super Mario Bros, or that Koji Kondo composed the music for Zelda 1. Granted, I can't speak for any of the developers behind the game, but if I had to use a pen name for a game I helped make 30 years ago due to an industry standard that no longer exists nowadays, I don't think I would care much if some hacker changed my pen name to my actual name, something that a quick Google search would reveal anyway.

Well, I had a wall of text planned, but I realized I was missing the point of the question.

As a kid, I always thought those hopping enemies in the Chai Kingdom were deranged ninja girls, for whatever reason. Love how this hack better establishes them as zombies.

After watching a YouTube vid of Super SIG World (An SMW hack series spanning 30+ patches), I got inspired to make a hack of my own. There's one problem, though: I've never really played Super Mario World much before. Does this make me unqualified to make hacks for that game? Or, in other words, has there ever been a decent SMW hack where the creator wasn't really familiar with the game s/he's hacking?

Personal Projects / Re: Dragon Quest I - IV: Delocalized Editions
« on: February 24, 2019, 01:25:17 pm »
I appreciate these types of hacks when they're done well, but just a quick word of warning from someone with a lot of experience in this area that a lot of romhackers and JP enthusiasts often fail to understand:

Literal translations are typically inferior to translations that take a bit of localization liberty. Even technically superior translations (like many of SE's updated ports of older games) end up being inferior in practice because of feeling stilted to western audiences.

CT is a prime example of this - there was a very detailed analysis of the original Woolsey script compared to the new DS one that eventually revealed a consensus that, despite its many technical errors, the Woolsey script was better overall because it took liberties to adapt the script to a western audience instead of fussing over accuracy, leading to greater & more believable emotional expression within dialogue and, therefore, higher contextual immersion and character relatability.

Your argument, I'm afraid, is outright weak. Just because a foreign culture sees various subjects differently doesn't give localization teams the right to completely do away with the creator's original intention.

Take a look at Mega Man 7 on the SNES, for example. After the final battle with Dr. Wily, Mega Man threatens to kill the mad scientist. Wily reminds him that the Asimovian laws integrated into his code forbid this, and in the Japanese version, Mega Man becomes silent, proving that Wily is RIGHT. Mega Man is truly powerless to stop him once and for all, explaining why he never tried to kill the man before, and why he never will. The English version changes this scene, having Mega Man proclaim that he is more than a robot, and tries to kill him anyway, only to be stopped by Bass. This is in direct contradiction to the series lore. Even X, one of the first robots to truly express human emotion and conscious thought, rather than predetermined routines dictated by code, was still, by the end of the day, a robot. Nothing more, nothing less. Going against pre-established lore and character development for the sake of making a story sound better for an audience the creator never had in mind to begin with CAN ONLY WORSEN THE EXPERIENCE IN THE LONG RUN. And if you think my argument about the creator's intent is ultimately baseless, here's a quote from J.R.R. Tolkien regarding a translation of his novels that, like Chrono Trigger, took liberties for the sake of storytelling:

"In principle I object as strongly as is possible to the 'translation' of the nomenclature at all (even by a competent person). I wonder why a translator should think himself called on or entitled to do any such thing. That this is an 'imaginary' world does not give him any right to remodel it according to his fancy, even if he could in a few months create a new coherent structure which it took me years to work out. [...] May I say at once that I will not tolerate any similar tinkering with the personal nomenclature. Nor with the name/word Hobbit."

yeah, nobody want to translate tales games, not Namco, not fans.
Yep, seems like the only way to truly enjoy these games is to know Japanese.

He seems to have a line that I think the King was supposed to say "If thou dies I can bring thee back for another attempt without loss of thy deeds to date." but as far as I can tell, isn't actually used, so I took a gamble and redid it as part of Dragonlord's new dialog when you surrender.
IIRC, he says that when you surrender to him (in the JP version, he even gives you a password [the kind you use to save your progress] before killing you). Perhaps he's saying that to sweeten his "deal" with you?

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: December 04, 2018, 09:21:51 pm »
I got one. Presto! Complete with the exclamation point. Magicians say that all the time when pulling off various magic tricks. Think about it:

Watch me as I make a building appear from nowhere! Presto!

Watch me as I turn this monster into a Bot! Presto!

What do you think?

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: November 30, 2018, 03:32:50 pm »
I'm all for the first shield as well. It's (somewhat) consistent with Zelda 1 that way.

Woah! I leave for a month, and come back to find this?! Alright!!! You deserve a cookie!  :cookie:

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