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Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Land 2 DX (WIP)
« on: December 25, 2017, 09:35:11 pm »
I love you man. Now that just leaves the sequel:

Super Mario Land 3
Wario Land  :laugh:

That and a redo of the first game.

Personal Projects / Re: The Legend of Zelda II - Adventure of Link Remake
« on: December 21, 2017, 08:30:16 am »
This is great!

I hope you can get the Zelda II Soundtrack in there. Hearing it in 16 Bit would be so awesome.

Kind of reminds me of The BS Zelda. I always thought there should be a BS Zelda II.  :thumbsup:

I actually do know how to find where the music is but when I try to over write the current music with the new music its usually comes out all messed up.

The way I find the music is by opening the original NSF in an emulator with a Hex Editor.

Then match the values in the NSF and find the exact strings in the ROM, Since the NSF is basically a watered down version of the original ROM, The numbers will be the same.

Once I find the matching values in the ROM, I then take the values in the custom NSF and attempt to copy and paste them over the music in the original Rom. But....Apparently the music and the "TOC" are in separate places.
So replacing the music alone doesn't cause it to play correctly unless the game knows how to play the custom music. That's usually where Optomon comes in. Lol.  :thumbsup:

The music in Castlevania III starts at Address 100000, I find most games do.
Also, The music usually starts after a chunk of values that look like this... FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF
I believe FF is a space filler between codes and operations.

i would not be opposed to doing it once i am done with sound track for Resurrection of Darkness and/or Vengeance on Hell 2

idk maybe i am an overachiever  :-\

but if optomon want's to do it i will let the master work his magic XD

That would be great.
Right now I will only need 9 tracks.
I don't know if Optomon is going to be up to much after COA with his projects and all.
The stuff you have created sounds awesome!
Do you know how to import the music into the actual Rom or do you just create the NSFs?

new intro sequence is great but it gives black screen on the end where you can do nothing. when you break intro by pressing start it promp title screen again (so its good) but it wont prompt title screen when you watch entire intro. can it be fixed ?
many thank for your hard work ;)

I noticed this glitch as well. It messes things up when your trying to create a movie file.
If the start button isn't pressed just at the right moment, It goes black and freezes.
A cool thing to do would be after the intro completes for the game to go directly to the Start, Password, Load Screen.

Use Lunar IPS, I find it works the best. Find an unaltered Japanese Final Fantasy III ROM, Then apply the patch to it.  :thumbsup:

Alright, The project is back on.

I am going to create everything possible before the background graphics.

I thought to myself, Why am I worrying so much about editing the towns now. No one is going to play it yet.

So, First I am going to edit all dialogue. Then once Sinis is done with the Title Screen I will put that in.

Then, I will use existing graphics to build the new environment. (This will prevent the rom from being corrupted so early in development.)

I will alter palettes as well as begin installing new sprites at Sinis's Discretion.

Yes, I am going to have to redo some things I have already done. But they are fresh in my memory and I can get those installed fairly quickly.

Some other ideas I am going to post in the poll section later on.

Personal Projects / Re: Castlevania II - Cadence Of Agony Linear Reboot
« on: November 18, 2017, 10:42:43 am »
I don't know...

I don't feel the project is dead, I just can't continue it at the moment.

Every time I edit a town ALL the towns get edited causing a mess.

The way the game was designed was VERY Quick and use as little sources as possible wasting tons of ROM Space.

I will continue to try things as having Death as the final boss would work perfectly in Simon's Quest.

Alright I will keep trying as I just talked myself into it. Lol.

Looks like BOS is going to get scrapped for now.

The Simon's Quest engine is a complete mess, I thought CVIII was bad, CVII is even worse.

Until I find another way to continue, I am going to have to put BOS on hold for now.  :banghead:

A couple small updates.

I am going to create a new health bar based on inspiration from Bregalad's Improved Life Bar Patch.
Though mine is going to look more like Dracula X SNES's Version with the skull.

Also, I am going to install the characters that were saved in COA.
The small side quest of saving characters that got captured inside the castle now reside in the sanctuary with something new to say. (Zelda OOT Style when Link saves the carpenters inside Garudo Valley, They then appear safe in the tent.)

Other than that, Sinis's New Armand Sprite is in and works perfectly.
Now I am creating the environment, Character Dialogue and ideas for items.  :thumbsup:

A general idea of what the sanctuaries will look like.
Noticeable as to this is where Richter once stood, This is intended to connect the two games together and give the player the ability to explore new territory. (Pay no attention to the guys floating in the air. Lol)

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Land 2 DX (WIP)
« on: November 11, 2017, 06:16:31 pm »
Amazing, At first glimpse at the new screen shot I thought this was an SNES game.

The colors are really pushing the Game Boy's limits.  :thumbsup:

Snes9X Causes the glitch but the Snes9X for PSP doesn't.

Unless it has something to do with the graphic settings I have selected in the PSP version that differ from the PC Version.

I am using the same patched from on both systems. The only major difference I use is VSync. Where I have to have that disabled in the PSP Version because of resource limitation.

Turns out the Epilogue Error may not be permanent. I tried the patch on a different emulator and found the glitch didn't happen. The text scrolled perfectly. I am going to look into that now that I know it's not the actual patch that causes the glitch.  :thumbsup:

Cool!  :thumbsup:

Can you help me with the Title Screen?

I figured something simple like replacing "Simon's Quest" with Ballad Of Sympathy but smaller and not as enormous using a script like art.



Something like that has been floating around in my head.

I'll try a few things at some point.

Armand has entered the scene.

His Vine Whip will be a purchase item of course.

Here are some things that I am going to shoot for...

SRAM Saving System (Going to create a new patch to fit into the games alterations.) (COMPLETE!)
Removing the night system (Night time with shops open etc.) (COMPLETE!)
Some fixes I have seen in other hacks but recreated by me to work with this game.
Removing the tornado scene.



Continuing the story, Here is the prologue for Ballad Of Sympathy.

As you can see the main editing has begun.  :thumbsup:

Already began installing fonts.
Palettes are getting edited.
I feel this game is going to be fun to make as I love story writing.
I may remove the day and night system but unsure yet.
CV2 is easier to edit so I will have a lot more options this time around.

Personal Projects / Re: Castlevania - Cadence Of Agony Linear Reboot
« on: November 04, 2017, 02:45:06 am »
It's amazing!

The project has come so far since I first began importing the entrance graphics.

To think I almost didn't even attempt to rebuild the game.

Here is a tiny update on my end, I think I am going to investigate in another sequel but using Simon's Quest Engine to expand the story more into depth.

Castlevania III - Ballad Of Sympathy

Sounds like the old OCD malfunction occurred with the opinions of the non centered colon. Lol. :laugh:

In the end how many people actually pay attention to that clock anyway?  8)

Here is a thought for the Clock Problem.

If you move the : can you then move the first two digits of the clock over one to the left putting the : back into the center?

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