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Still haven't had a chance to get to that yet. But as soon as I can I will upload some more music.

I have started installing some of the COA Beta Sprites.

Wolf Man or whatever it is, is in and shoots daggers.  :thumbsup:

Title Screen Touched Up.  :thumbsup:

Very Nice Sprites!  :thumbsup:


Check your PM Box, I sent you my E-Mail so you can directly send me the Sprites.

Here is the Skeleton Sprite I am hoping for, It's by the top in the picture below.

@Everyone Else

Last night I had this idea pop in my head for a future project if no one has done it yet.
After seeing Sinis's Sonia Sprite it gave me this idea of making a Metroid Game using The Castlevania Engine.
Creating an actual game called, "Metroidvania".
Using a Zero Suit Samus Sprite with her Gun Whip like thing from Smash Bros. Brawl.
I'll do some research to see if that idea was ever done. Though after COA is complete. I need a serious break. lol.  :thumbsup:

Are you referring to the color of the actual lighting or the color of the title screen before it appears 100% after the lighting?

There are 3 Palette sets for the Title Screen, One for the Cinematic Title, One for the Press Start Screen Title and One for the Ending Flash Back Title Screen. All three must be edited identically.
Also all three Title Screens are split into 4 Separate Palettes of their own. Which have to be searched out one by one and edited.

To edit the fade, You will find that there are Three States of Color Palettes used.
The First one will appear such as 0F 0F 0F 22 for example, then 0F 0F 22 22 and then finally 0F 22 22 22.
You won't be able to find the Palette set by searching for the whole thing at once. The First Frame of Fading only has One Number,
Example 22. It will be hard to find since there are about a zillion 22's in the hex editor.
So, What you can do is figure the Title Screen is at the beginning of the game, So very early in the Hex Editor (At the top).
Edit all those first and do Trial And Error. Eventually you will find it and it will work.  :thumbsup:

Now in some RARE Cases, You will find a Single Number that controls about 10-13 other Colors at once.
The goal to find the Single Number is much harder but usually fairly easy as it will stand out among the rest of the strings.

Before I explain what just happened to me, I want everyone to know, I have the Rom BACKED UP and safe so no one panic!  :thumbsup:

You ever have a moment when a rom just gets on your nerves and you basically start pounding the laptop because the Hex Editor just won't do what you want it to?

Well I finally got fed up and copied all of the hex code from the beta to the remake from the header to the address 5000.
It spite to make this rom do what I want. (After hours of fighting with the debugger.)
I figured there are only so many ways to program a rom so I will eventually tap into something useful.

Well, I almost had a heart attack after completing the spite work because it actually worked!  :o :o

The crappy part is I over shot the code and ended up crashing the game.
Which is why I mentioned the BACK UP earlier. So I simply undid the code transfer.

But DAMN! I was so CLOSE!
I can't believe it actually worked. I just have to find the right regions to prevent any collateral damage.
I'm talking timer removed, Complete HUD, Hearts and Life bars fixed. Only thing that accidentally happened was the word
"Entrance" came in. Which is expected because it was copied over too.

Here is a screen shot of what happened. I am going to continue experimenting.  :thumbsup:

Wow!  :thumbsup:

That is amazing! That is exactly what I pictured in my head! Awesome Awesome!  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Didn't get much time so I've only started doing Arachne(spider lady) and Crow. They look a bit busy to me, but I'm happy with how they came out to be. Although I will have to finish Arachne as the animation looks ankward.

Hopefully you can see these, if not I'll make a photobucket account and edit the post.

Seph, one question, why did you say that merman lacks a frame, the one in the lesser enemies pic has 4 frames, just as the original one has, or at least that's how I remember?

The sprites look pretty good, The only thing I need is for you to put them into a format I can use with YY-CHR.
I can probably separate the parts and put them into the sheet but will need them in Bitmap Format or just paste them into a blank YY-CHR like Sinis does. Then I can copy them over.

As for the Fishmen, I was referring to the beta rom that was lacking a Jumping Animation. The beta had a jump but it was custom programmed in so when trying to install it into the new rom the graphics didn't line up.

I can certainly make cheat codes now. Lol!

But I think I am done trying to learn ASM for now, It's like I have all the pieces but the center piece is missing and there is just too much to do, So I won't be wasting time with that for the time being.

Here are some corrections I have been making...

Candle Stands no longer float in Stage 9
The Castle Wall now has a breakable wall to enter it from the Hurricane Bridge.
Fixed Enemy Errors (Enemies floating around doing the moon walk.)
Main Hall is now pretty and not an empty eye soar.

New stuff to complete
Clock Tower Walking Gears need upgrade.
Still more error fixes
Prayer Scene Add Ons (Maybe)

Just spent about 4 hours fighting with the debugger....

Almost fixed one problem.

The game starts on the second quest which has been a problem for a while.

This address $07F6 controls that problem, I was able to use it as a cheat $07F6:00 and it fixed the problem but I have no idea how to put this into the actual Rom permanently.

I have added it to the documentation for Optomon, Awhile back he mentioned it may be a flag that needs editing.
So if I am unable to fix the problem, I will send it his way with the rest of the stuff.  :thumbsup:

I hope so, But have no idea.

I'm going to download the NES Disassembly and do some tests with the values found on a site that was suggested to me.
(Don't worry I have many backups of the game, Have come to far to lose it now.)  :thumbsup:

Good old enjoyment and accomplishment are the pay for designing one of these.
Long dreams of making on a video game as a kid, Exploring code and learning stuff. Having Fun! (Although sometimes making these things is a nightmare from hell.) But the hard work and dedication always pays off.

I actually haven't contacted Optomon just yet, I figured it was best to get the graphics and touch ups complete first before any major code changes were done. Because once he starts editing the more complicated stuff, It may change the original games coding that I recognize.
The last thing I want to do is mess up what he has done to the game from my lack of experience.

I keep trying to learn ASM. I managed to unlock the strategy of moving graphics around with the hex editor and getting things working.
But when it comes to Values like this, $55 I can't figure out where you edit stuff like that.
Because in the Hex Editor everything looks like this, 002120 34 53 64
Much different from the 0045 - $34 concept.
It looks a lot like how the games cheating system works with PAR Codes, But to work with the debugger, I am somewhat lost but not completely. Meaning I hope to learn ASM and eventually fix some troublesome things on my own in future projects.

But as for now, Still learning.  :thumbsup:

The latest,

Doing some touch ups here and there.

Blood Bath!

Yep, It almost got passed me until I realized it was in the background to this unused sprite.
Looking carefully the background is another stage that matches a couple sheets still in the beta.

I have no idea what to do with it though. It's outside and the castle is in the background. Even If I remove the castle where would Richter be outside..

Here are the sprites I am hoping to get as close to as possible for the Lessers.

Also a New Stage has been found, Where I am going to put this is unknown for the time being.
However, I think I am going to rework Stage 6 and make it into something bigger.  :thumbsup:

This stuff is incredible!

I can't believe how nice everything is coming along. Back when I started this project I had no idea it would actually work. I had my doubts about myself and if I could even attempt this. With help from Sinis and everyone else and learning as I go, It's amazing to look back over the stages of progress that have occurred.  :thumbsup:


I am not 100% sure what is left to do.
Sinis has most of the stuff going pretty well, But I will list a bunch of stuff that hasn't been done yet just for information.
Sinis has started working on some of these, So It's best to check with him first in case one of these is already in progress but not started yet.

Most of these are simple sprite changes. I apologize if some of these are already complete. I am quickly checking the CHR Data.
01 - Getting Maria a Punch Animation
02 - Giving Alucard his Hell Fire Animation instead of his "Balls" of destruction.

I would like to use as many of the original concepts from the beta as possible. I can post them later unless someone else does first. :-)
03 - New Zombies, Ravens, Bats, Ghost, Fishmen I would like to use the original planned fishmen but there is a missing animation.
Winged Demon Maybe into something else. Regular Skeleton first sprite frame was in the beta but Whip Skeletons and Bone Throwing Ones were not complete. Turn Platform Balls into Skulls, Spiders turned into Spider Women, New Knights, Balloon Pods, Floating Eye, Regular Mummies, Headless Pirate, Second Quest Zombie and Knights.

Wow, There are a lot of lesser monsters.

There are some other things that come to mind every now and then but right now I can't remember them.   :huh:

The Latest:

The Master Librarian has been installed as an Easter Egg. This time Dracula was smart and locked him away in case he became tempted to help those apposing the dark lord.

After being rescued a special message awaits Richter that may just start him on yet another side quest not expected...thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: Castlevania - Cadence Of Agony Linear Reboot
« on: April 29, 2017, 01:19:37 am »
Small Update,

Another Easter Egg has been installed,

Hopefully it won't be "The One Everyone Forgets."  ::)

April 29, 2017, 01:49:10 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Here is another tip for future Castlevania III Hacks,

If you edit the background to the Castle Courtyard and use the boss Mummies, Cyclops and Leviathan.
You must copy the background sheet at 059010 in YY-CHR to 054010 for the graphics to remain in tact.
When the first Mummies appear it changes the sheet from one to the other and if they don't match the graphics will disappear.
Now if you are using the 3 Caskets you have to make sure you don't copy the data over them or they will disappear unless that is what you are trying to do. In my case I am having the bosses break through a fence, So the Caskets are useless so you have to leave the area where the Caskets are blank to avoid garbled graphics.

I don't think there is an easy way to explain this stuff.  :-\  :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: Castlevania - Cadence Of Agony Linear Reboot
« on: April 27, 2017, 10:48:15 pm »
It's An Alternate Route.  :thumbsup:

This entrance appears if you choose a certain number of correct choices during the forks causing Richter to have gone back out side and around the back sort to speak entering another entrance which also takes you to the main hall. The same thing will occur in Stage 9 where Richter appears in a later area in the Alchemy Lab from Stage 2.

So imagine The Alchemy Lab between The Outer Wall and The Armory but only one exit available at a time.

So in this case, Richter finds the old entrance from the first game all covered in vines etc.
Very much like in Jurassic World where the kids find the original park entrance hidden within the new park.
(If you have seen that movie that is.)

It's also a reference to Rondo Of Blood and how Stage 2 is basically the first stage in the first game but older and in ruins.

(Simon once went through this entrance...I wonder if his spirit is still there... 8))

Personal Projects / Re: Castlevania - Cadence Of Agony Linear Reboot
« on: April 27, 2017, 11:10:15 am »
Here's my next mission,

This is from The Celestial Gardens,

I am thinking of advancing the retro sort to speak. Not sure if there is enough room since the bosses like to take their own background sheet on top of the current stage one. (Got to love Konami's Shortcuts)  :banghead:

But here is the idea sort of like Stage 1 Rondo Of Blood,

Into this...
With updated color and graphics of course..

But instead of Richter going into the castle right away, He fights the 3 Boss Trio that comes out of the castle, Sorta like surprise we were waiting for you this time.

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