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Thanks for the new all in one patch darthvaderx! Much appreciated - just a small thing - the doc for 09-Relocalized v1.5.txt in your dropbox has the wrong text in it (it has a description for Scroll Hack instead). The patch works great - I will also checkout Turbo edition in more detail but I kind of like the stamina bar (maybe I'm just too used to it).
pfraktal you'll probably need to ask darthvaderx as he made the original all in one patch - I can't get the patches to work either when adding them all separately but the all in one patch by darthvaderx works great so I guess we'll need to wait for that to be updated with 1.5
Hi Robin64,

Thanks for updating your custom patches pack and adding a PAL to NTSC fix for Theme Park.

I was wondering the next time you update your patch pack could you please add a PAL to NTSC auto fix patch for Super Bomberman 3? Also the game seems to be missing on your compatibility list under the EUR releases tab.

Could the same logic that is being applied to Front Mission also be used to fix the issue with The Slayers not saving?
Hi, this is a request for Robin64. If you have time when you next update your patch archive could you please include a patch to apply a PAL to NTSC fix for Super Bomberman 3 and Theme Park ? Many Thanks!
Hi All,

This might be a bit of a silly question but will there also be a patch archive of all of sluffy's patches in IPS format? I know Robin64 has kindly made an archive for use with the sfrom tool. If not is the only way to go through the forum and pull out each IPS file when posted by sluffy? If there has already been one I've missed it...
Thanks all for the Parodius tips - the JAP NTSC version works great and only the title screen seems to need translating! Thanks and good luck all patching the rest of the games!
A big thank you to everyone who is working on patches for the official canoe emulator - some real great stuff going on here!

I wanted to ask if anyone has tried Parodius Non-Sense Fantasy. I added the PAL version as well as using a PAL to NTSC Patch but it still sounds horrible (choppy sound). Does this stem from the fact canoe cannot handle some PAL games even if patched to NTSC?

Any hindsight would be welcomed!