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One of my fav rpg! Thank you for the improvements! Keep it going! I always wondered if more stuff can be included into the game like additional dungeons, enemies, etc! :)

Personal Projects / Re: Tales of Phantasia SNES (Enhancement) (Slow WIP)
« on: August 15, 2020, 03:56:23 am »
This is awesome. You know, I am holding myself to play this game auntil you release the patch. So many good things! Many thanks for your hard work!

Thank you for the patch for PSII! Finally fast walking, and less tedious enemies/player impacts! Starting to play it again, and now it is much more smoother. So, again, thank you!

As for crazy requests, I wonder if could be possible to add the same SFX for combat as PSIV, and same feedback impact (instead of that horrible flikering and red screen) Well, to me the ideal scenario is to play PSII script with PSIV engine... (hell, even PSI and PSIII)

Gaming Discussion / Re: What is the worst RPG you have ever played?
« on: January 15, 2020, 11:43:53 am »
not the worst but definately the most disappointed by me was Ni no Kuni. Hate the combat system and the unnecesary pokemon thing... :<

Gaming Discussion / Re: Worst games that hackers fixed
« on: January 15, 2020, 11:41:31 am »
At the moment, I am really enjoying Phantasy Star 2 Modernization. Another hack was for Mega Man Wily Wars, removing the movement delay. Small big change!

Gaming Discussion / Re: Should I play Terranigma?
« on: December 30, 2019, 04:13:02 pm »
Love the entire game, but the ending... the music, and how do you fell at the end... I almost cry for the feeling. Good game, you should play it.

Hi. For Phantasy Star 2, I am wondering how difficult could be to remove the red flashing screen when receiving damage in combat. I really want to play PS2 as they are many nice hacks, the walk speed hack is a must! but the combat.... dammit :_(

EDIT: Oh I found it. ASM code, just remove that line:

   btst   #4, battle_status(a0)   ; did character receive no damage (e.g. 0 damage, miss, healing)?
   bne.s   Character_Display      ; if so, branch
   move.w   hit_timer(a0), d0
   andi.w   #$F, d0
   beq.s   loc_1BE4
   cmpi.w   #8, d0
   bne.s   loc_1C1A
   move.l   #$E000E, d0
   move.w   d0, (Palette_table_buffer).w --> Remove it
   cmpi.w   #$103, (Enemy_formation).w
   bne.s   loc_1BE2      ; branch if it's not Mother Brain boss battle
   move.l   d0, ($FFFFFB70).w
   move.l   d0, ($FFFFFB74).w
   move.l   d0, ($FFFFFB78).w
   move.l   d0, ($FFFFFB7C).w

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: SNES - Might and Magic Book 2
« on: July 21, 2018, 02:15:39 am »
many many thanks!! Loving to see a new version of one of my fav rpg :)

This is wonderful!


I am thinking about changing the voices for the Megadrive game: Dragon Ball Z using Megarive Voice Editor, but I think I need help with that, or maybe someone can point where to continue:

If I open the rom using audacity (importing as brute date, using 8hz as a test) I can find the voices starts at 03:53, you can actually hear them!
Using the editor, I was able to find the first voice: Goku Kamehameha. The starting Bank Address is 1F8000, Number of Voices: 1, so you can actually hear the Goku voice. I just tried to export the voice (it sounds nice on audacity) then replace back but is unsucesful, using Gens+, the voice is played as noise.

So... anyone can help to replace the voices? Due I am lost using the tool?

Best Regards.

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