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Found a bug with the new 'Continue' text.
Misaligned on the Game Over screen in Round Clear and Challenge modes.

Oddly, the same doesn't happen in the other modes...

Everywhere else seemed fine.

Also, on the VS Mode setup, the Guest file still shows up as the old 'None'

Is it too late for a bug report?

(Disclaimer: These were discovered running the patch on the SNES Mini (Canoe), so some may be caused by its quirks/deficiencies)
(Not sure if these exist on other emulators, haven't had the time to test that)

Episode 8/Scenario 13
Misplaced tile on title card

"Super Electromagnetic
Robot Combattler V"

The middle of the R in "Robot" is seemingly missing.
Looking back at it, hidden behind the 'Co' in "Combattler" are some black & white pixels, most likely this missing tile.

Here's a picture:

Ep. 10/Sc. 15 onward
Enemy pilot "AI++" shows up as "AIF F" everywhere except full status screens
(map windows, battle scenes)

Photo evidence: ('AIF F') (status screen, correct)

(Nothing lore-related, just a few tiny grammatical errors)

Scenario 8 "Gundamjack"
In one text box, Kou mentions meeting "the heroes of Second Super Robot War."
Maybe missing a "the".

Episode 10/Sc. 15
Before Turn 1

Brocken: What?! Why is Mazinger Z here?! ...Bah, no
 matter. I'll it destroy alongside the Photon Power
Words in bold should probably be flipped

That's all I've found in my playthrough thus far, otherwise it's looked great.

I think a more fitting translation for まあまあ here would be "so-so", considering the repeated tiles.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: April 04, 2019, 02:35:23 pm »
I encountered a problem with one of the extra patches. The "keep EXP at Game Over" patch will not allow you to save, either manually or at Game Over.

The results were slightly different depending on the emulator (none of them all that good):
Best case was QuickNES, where selecting Save did nothing. You could then choose to continue.
Most others, like FCEUX, it hung there forever.
Worst case, on the NES Classic, it threw up a C6 error and wiped my saves.

Picking Continue first works like it should.

Personal Projects / Re: Digimon: Tag Tamers translation (WS)
« on: August 18, 2018, 02:31:02 pm »
The logo could use some work. I think I found a better logo to trace here:
(First entry, second row, the one that says "Digimon Adventure 02", just click "Download", no account needed)

I also made a mockup to expand the shield frame in the logo which should help fit the English text in better.

Feel free to use it or not :)

Plok (usa, 0000, clean)

Listen for harmonica pops.

Plok appears to have no change.

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