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Latest updates: Info and mini reviews for Dead Space (2008) and An Untitled Story (2007)

Latest updates:
Info and mini reviews for Metroid Prime 2 (GC) and Stanley: The Search for Dr. Livingston (NES)

Metroid Prime 2 (GC) Improvement:
-Some delay on certain doors before they open after shooting them - sometimes shooting twice works but other times they take 2-3+ seconds to open
-Automatic damage at one point vs the boost guardian
-The wasp nests on the way to Torvus don't spawn more wasps after beating the first batch - have to exit and re-enter the sub area
-Can always lock onto the grapple guardian boss when you should be able to
-Sometimes can't activate a light beacon with the light beam

Control/interface fixes and improvements:
-Prime 1-style menus
-Skippable cutscenes+staff roll
-Right stick aiming option
-Can add your own notes/markers to the map OR a room with an item or unopened gate (such as a denzium obstacle, echo gate or purple crystal statue) in it is marked by a dot or a different color
-Mini-map a bit more zoomed in but also larger+displays while scanning and in ball form
-Don't have to be aiming as close to an enemy or object to lock onto it
-Can lock onto enemies while in ball form
-Map screen saves chosen zoom level
-Quick turn/behind samus camera adjustment button or button combo
-Faster turning and aiming, especially at extreme vertical angles (could perhaps be added gradually as you gain the suits)
-Less easy to get stuck on objects while walking around
-Color coding of the T gates (translator key gates) on the map
-Tighter hit detection when trying to revert from ball form back to normal near walls
-Can still lock onto an enemy if it's partially behind cover/on a high platform
-Can lock onto wasp nests and item containers
-Button for switching targets while locking on
-Side dashing while locking on isn't delayed from holding the jump button
-No delay during get item pop-ups and other repeating messages
-Less overly sensitive/slippery movement in ball form
-The camera doesn't sometimes turn around when switching into or out of ball form
-Don't bounce off of walls as much during the screw attack move and your hit box is while using it is smaller

Tedious aspects:
-Can teleport to restored temples before getting the light suit and after getting it you can teleport either to found elevator rooms or the used world portal rooms with a large portal (the ones you scan to activate) as well
-Can be grabbing most of the 9 sky temple keys over the course of the game (able to go underwater in the dark world without the light suit for lakes with keys in them)
-Activated world portals stay active
-Opened dark beam and light beam doors stay opened or switched to blue doors
-Larger hit box/crosshair for the scanner visor
-Can open a shortcut at the grates in the mining plaza room (wastes) after visiting mining station b, and a shortcut out of the portal chamber room (torvus) in the light world
-Fewer temporary dead ends after opened gates: additional purple crystal gate beyond the torvus gate at the temple hub makes it pointless to go back there after getting the yellow translator key (similar thing happens when opening the purple crystal gate near your ship w/ super missile and energy pod gates and again with the two new dark world areas you can access after double jump where you just walk into suit gates after entering the dark world (high toxicity levels and no beacons) - happens again at plain of dark worship)
-Fewer power bomb doors so you can explore a bit more before getting them (you get them about 2/3 into the game)
-Less drawn out amorbis (3 giant worms) boss fight
-Less backtracking (to restore temples and back to the temple grounds after dark suit - game could perhaps ask if you want to teleport back to the light world energy controller after taking back the energy in the dark world one, back to near your ship after getting the grappling hook, to the underwater part of torvus if you go to the dark temple before getting the power bomb, from the fortress to torvus via the temple grounds for the power bomb (an elevator between these could've been available sooner by not requiring a power bomb to access it), from the dark world fortress entrance if you go there before getting screw attack, etc.)
-Faster fights against enemies that phase in and out/have invincibility periods in the dark world such as hunter ings and some boss phases
-Faster moving platforms for ball form segments (ball elevators for example)
-Less passive armored fish in torvus
-Easier to hit some enemies and bosses with charge shots and super missiles (third emperor ing phase and armored fish for example)
-More common beam ammo drops overall (to counter spongy enemies)
-Some super missile gates are pointless since you can reach to where they lead without super missiles - either remove these or make them not pointless
-1-2 higher default ammo capacity for power bombs
-Tougher enemies are more likely to drop ammo when killed
-The stacked dark+light beam (annihilator beam) opens dark and light doors, not just the world portals
-Game opens up a shortcut to or lets you teleport to the sky temple entrance after getting all the keys
-Constant beeping sfx while near death is shortened to a few beeps
-The optional sub objective hints appear faster so you can't wander off in the wrong direction before they happen

-More sequence breaking opportunities
-Easier to notice the missile tank placed in a save room
-More health dropped after the surprise boss fight at main research and other bosses where you might be in danger afterwards
-Fix how some enemies don't react if shot from afar and without locking onto them
-The light beam could perhaps be placed after a more challenging platforming segment or puzzle since it's introduced in a pretty mundane way compared to the dark beam
-Better reward for the tricky ball platforming segment in the fortress leading to a missile tank (same with the gathering hall one) - some energy tanks and other items are given easily so perhaps they can switch locations
-Less OP screw attack vs the last two bosses

Gaming Discussion / Re: Platform / Pixel Art recommendations
« on: April 22, 2021, 03:26:31 pm »
This thread has a lot of examples including platformers:

Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (GC) Improvement:

Bug fixes:
-Sometimes can't grab a tank during the general ross boss fight where you're supposed to toss them at him
-The hit detection can get a bit glitchy around some rooftops and mountain parts when running up walls
-No music while in a shop menu - starts if you go to the main menu and then back to it. The music also sometimes stops during certain missions (convoy)
-If standing near a car while locking onto a rocket soldier (to deflect the rocket), Hulk aims at the car instead when attacking with Y (overhead smash/special attack)
-The hit detection glitched out once while fighting robots making Hulk act like he's constantly in the air and being knocked back for about 30 secs
-Cyclone skyjack (grab an aircraft and make it crash while spinning) tends to get glitchy making it take longer to use than it should
-Bug where I did zero damage with a critical move on a giant robot in the defend the church mission - same thing happened a couple of times against Abomination during the finale too (critical pain move)
-Some of the checkpoints in the escort mission seem a bit glitchy - sometimes the car stays in an alley until you destroy all nearby enemies while other times it tries to move through them

Control/interface fixes:
-Invincibility time either after taking a hit from a homing missile or after performing the air recovery move, or it's a bit easier to dodge them
-Fixed lock-on (sometimes prioritizes neutral objects when there are aerial enemies all around you and sometimes only nearby enemies can be switched to when you want to throw a tank into a giant robot further away)
-Can use the camera quick turn in mid-air
-Camera quick turn works while moving towards the camera and it's faster or instant
-Less delay after landing from an air stomp to make it useful as a dive move when jumping onto rooftops after running up a wall, plus you can cancel the air dash and air strike with it
-Faster wall climbing (not running)
-Can transition from climbing to wall running in any direction besides upwards
-Air strike doesn't automatically home in on enemies and breakable objects nearby
-Tutorial messages don't pause the gameplay nor do they cover the whole screen
-No delay before beaten enemies drop health
-Can see how far you were from the next rank on the ranking screens
-Don't get semi-stuck on minor obstacles (happens a lot during the general ross boss fight) - silly when you generally wreck obstacles simply by running into them
-Less twitchy camera when jumping or climbing around between building walls it doesn't go side view during climbing/wall running when it's not optimal
-Can jump to the side while running horizontally on a wall (see Sands of Time)
-Semi-transparenty/less distracting wreckage smoke
-Hulk doesn't automatically break if you let go of the run button - goes into walk mode instead
-An unupgraded backwards air dash doesn't make the camera end up in side view instead of turning the whole way around
-Menus wrap around and you can use L/R to browse the shop menu quickly
-Less picky hit detection for the hitchhiker move (grab onto robots and pummel them)
-Faster movement for shield grinding/using a vehicle as a skateboard
-Dashing straight move doesn't sometimes miss despite locking on and being in range
-Can run up walls during the indoors facility escape mission
-Can cancel the forward dash happening when starting to run
-Slide less far down if you have downward momentum when grabbing onto a wall

Trial & error fixes:
-Homing missile shots from behind - shown on the mini-map
-In chapter 5 you play two missions in a row and then move on to the next one (same thing happens between two missions in chapter 6 as well) - can access the shop in-between these
-The range on the mid-air critical sonic clap is made as long as it looks like

Uneven difficulty and balance tweaks:
-Shorter charge up time on critical mass moves to encourage more aggressive melee play and allowing using them like breakout moves in classic beat 'em ups (perhaps they need to do slightly less damage for this to be balanced). Their cutscenes are also made a bit faster to avoid tedium
-Longer melee combos are made stronger to encourage using them since you also become vulnerable to various attacks during them. Currently repeating 1-2 moves like elbow drop and dashing uppercut is encouraged
-Somewhat less frequently respawning enemies during story missions that have them besides the general ross fight
-Punchback works better against a volley of missiles by giving a little bit of invincibility time after using it
-Spike at the "defend the church" mission and the one two missions before it (retrieve three items)
-Spike at the first defend mission - can get insta-killed by tanks crushing you in-between them and if you go meet the closest group of tanks you auto-fail the mission (need to stay near the building and keep the tanks busy fighting Hulk)
-Easy second retrieval mission - a bit ludicrous how easily you can shake the enemy troops as Hulk
-Not enough health items during the general ross fight
-Somewhat weaker elbow drop and homing missiles weapon since these undermine the combo system in the game. Perhaps they can stun a large enemy slightly instead so that you can follow them up with a combo

Tedious aspects fixes:
-Air dash is available for purchase from chapter 1 onwards and the upgrades are available one chapter sooner each
-Health resets to 100% if above it in-between missions, instead of the current reset to about 80%
-The airplanes in the defend the church mission and during the final missions (they tend to go way too high to hit and will often just dodge your fastest air dash move (air cannonball) - when they're up high it's also tricky to even aim at them+if using a homing launcher weapon you'll drop it if you get hit by a knockback attack)
-Cheaper air versions of moves you already bought and cheaper air dash moves. Other late game moves are about 10% cheaper
-Less dead space in the badlands
-Remove repeated tutorial messages of obvious things
-The finisher moves on bosses during cutscenes are turned into easy QTEs

‚Äč-Some non-linearity in the story missions within a chapter
-Placed health items respawn when retrying a failed mission
-Somewhat longer range on the item drop magnet for better flow
-Can break free from any larger enemy's grapple attack with button A mashing and it's made somewhat easier to do (the timing on the ones that do allow it currently is way too strict, I wasn't able to do it once vs devil hulk or the final boss)
-Take less damage while readying a spinning tank throw (currently you take none against general ross's laser attack but full damage from other large projectiles by tanks and planes) and the actual spin also damages anything hit by it

-Side mission locations in an area aren't shown right away to help the exploration aspect (teleporter shortcuts/jump markers are not shown and also reward you with money for being found which works better) - they can show up as you move within sight or mini-map range of them instead
-Might be cool if some of the mini-game elements such as rooftop jumping were incorporated into some of the story missions that repeat a previous gimmick
-Adrenaline Surge mode can also be triggered by chaining 20-25+ hits together to encourage aggressive and combo-heavy melee play

Latest updates: Info and mini reviews for Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (Multi, 2005) and Generations Lost (MD, 1994)

Generations Lost (MD) Improvement:
Nevermind, this game is mediocre even if fixed.


Lost Vikings 2 (SNES) Improvement Hack:
-Can look up/down or move the camera freely with a button combo while the game pauses - this is to compensate for being able to see a bit further horizontally and vertically in the other versions and to avoid leaps of faith which are present in some levels
-Enemies and turrets can't shoot from slightly off screen
-Added mid level checkpoints or one resurrection item per level to make the game a bit more forgiving about losing characters. Alternatively you can still finish a level if you just get all items to the goal NPC
-Upgradeable lifebar opportunities based on collecting hidden items could be an alternate fix to the above, along with water and spike pits doing 2 HP damage while bouncing you upwards like one of those craters instead of killing instantly
-Unused healing and smart bomb items also carry over to the next level
-A bit more forgiving hit detection near platform edges - this would allow falling onto a lower platform and not falling off again like you do now
-Don't have to select keys in the item inventory to use them, just press the button with the character holding one when at a keyhole
-Faster camera when switching chars
-Can move Olaf while someone is standing on his shield without that char falling off
-Baleog's sword can be used in mid-air (optimally he would be able to attack downwards with it to make it have some use compared to the bionic arm but this would require more work). Alternatively the sword could block projectiles but have a slower rate of fire
-Running into a wall doesn't knock Erik out, it just knocks him back
-Lower default jump height with Erik for better air control
-Somewhat longer invincibility time after taking a hit
-Scorch can shoot while climbing a ladder
-Can use the fart as an attack since it can take out breakable walls - have to be coming at an enemy from above though
-Some puzzles that feel like busy work to make the player use each char rather than being challenging are removed or replaced
-Erik and Olaf can press the target-style switches if they can reach them - this is to speed up the pace a bit
-Added 3-player mode
-More forgiving fart jumps so that if you fall a bit further before farting as Olaf then he still gains as much of a height boost
-Some of the cheat moves mentioned below can be found as hidden upgrades at certain points instead

Idea to improve single player:
-An item that slows down time for a bit so that certain parts that expect two player maneuvers are easier

Latest updates: Info and mini reviews for Adventures of Rad Gravity (NES) and Beyond Good & Evil (Multi)

I beat Rad Gravity (NES) today and Beyond Good & Evil (GC) the other day, was playing the latter for most of the week. BG&E is a mostly linear Zelda-like with some interesting ideas and an unusual premise, where you play as a (female, non-white) journalist photographer trying to expose a corrupt paramilitary force while joining an underground rebel force and defending your home planet against alien invasion. One of the mechanics seems to have inspired either bash from Ori or aimed throwing from Guacamelee, or perhaps both - you have your CPU ally stun enemies and then you can do an aimed hit while the game pauses to knock them into obstacles or other enemies. While the game feels kind of cut short and underdeveloped in some areas it's well worth playing if you're into the GC era Zeldas and more linear MVs, and presentation-wise I was pretty impressed with it.

Rad Gravity on the other hand, well, it's a pretty creative and quirky earlier game in the genre, using a hub map to let you travel between solar systems and being one of the first games I've seen with a teleporter beacon tool (you place it somewhere and can then teleport there while in the same room) as well as puzzle-style boss fights a la Zelda 3 onwards. However it's just really rough around the edges, with no checkpoints within areas and a lot of trial & error involved in the progression. It's also not as open-ended as it first appears. Still you might wanna check it out if you don't mind using a guide for some parts, and it does give you unlimited lives.

Latest updates:
-Info and mini-reviews for Draconus (C64, 1988) and Ratchet & Clank 2 (PS2, 2003), and a first draft for the third generation intro text

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS) Improvement Hack
Control/interface fixes:
-Sword attack and other fast attacks aren't canceled when landing if you attack right before landing
-Faster falling speed acceleration
-Can make an already summoned supporting char stay in place or vice versa and they don't start following you as quickly
-Can place markers or notes on the map screen or it auto-marks points of interest
-Can jump or duck cancel out of an attack animation (can back dash to cancel it)
-Shop menu wraps around and you can quickly browse lists with l and r
-The CPU controlled ally won't attack while out of range of an enemy and won't face the wrong way when using a sub weapon with them while they're summoned (they're also more consistent about mirroring your jumps)
-Can jump out of a slide and it's no longer kinda slow at the end
-Shop menu shows clearly if an item is currently equipped or not
-Can see the damage of a sub weapon/attack in the menu
-Dive kick overrules double jump if pressing down in mid-air
-Can perform a critical attack in mid-air
-Can use spells in mid-air (at least if maining Charlotte)
-Can dive kick and high jump as Charlotte
-More forgiving hit detection when dive kicking enemies since you want to use it to get past them
-Can spam dive kicks to travel faster (can jump cancel the roll at the end)
-Charlotte doesn't stay after being temp-summoned for a stat boost spell
-Can make the supporting char jump with a button combo such as L1+jump to not have to use the stylus

-Somewhat longer invincibility time to help with the fast repeated attacks that can take you out super quickly
-Non-static difficulty in the late-game with a minor boost to enemy and boss stats depending on the order in which you beat the four last painting sub areas.
-Switching chars between attacks with to hit faster if timed right is more viable with slower weapons for those who like to use this
-Rebalanced use-based leveling for Jonathan's sub weapons - weaker shuriken and darts; stronger grenade, ice needle and other ones gained in the late-game are a bit stronger. Mastery is easier to get with each one and the mastery ring is a bit cheaper
-Charlotte can move while charging a spell to its strong version to make maining her more viable
-Rebalanced gear so that there are more distinct ones and fewer redundant or soon to be redundant ones
-Can only carry 6 of each regular potion, 4 of each high potion and 3 of each super potion
-Some HP/MP is restored when leveling up
-Can dash out of ducking. Longer backwards dash (or you can spam it quicker) and improved sliding are added as a passive upgrade in the mid-game instead of being tied to gear. This could replace the push upgrade since it's kinda lame. These and the easier dodge roll should help with the Whip's memory boss so you don't have to cheese it
-Can't bounce on the frankenstein's monster's machine gun shots
-Can't slide through the whip's memory boss without taking damage
-Simpler dodge roll move (back, down, forward then A for example) so you can use that against enemies like Whip's memory
-Somewhat tougher enemies early on (can't just destroy axe armor axes with regular attacks for example) and fewer enemies can be hit through platforms
-The upgraded vampire killer whip is the strongest weapon and/or gives an INT boost of 10 while the holy claymore gives a boost of 8
-Less tight timing on stopping the train at the beginning of the 13th street area
-New enemies sometimes appear in already explored areas when backtracking later on (see CotM; not having them makes backtracking less interesting)
-Harder fourth painting area boss and somewhat easier Stella boss
-Second phase of dracula does his triple throw attack more consistently
-Enemies like gunmen can turn around
-The miser ring's damage boost is faster to accumulate (1 per 20k instead of 100k) while the max amount of money is lower

-Redesigned painting sub areas so that some or all of them connect to either one other sub area or another part of the main castle. You can also get the movement ability in each one that has one before facing its boss.
-Better side quest descriptions and less grinding involved in some of them
-Killing enemies with critical attacks refills MP to encourage their use
-No delay before a rocket slash activates plus Forward lunge sub attack doesn't make you bounce backwards as much so you can follow it up another attack - no forward dash in this game
-Hard mode unlocked by default
-Quick save/sleep feature allows starting at the most recently visited save point if you want)
-Added air dash for the owl transformation
-Can stand on petrified enemies
-Hercules ring works against all attacks
-A few more team puzzles to make better use of this mechanic
-Higher default luck stats and/or drop chances. This makes it easier to get the item that reveals breakable walls (or visual clues can be added to these)
-Can finish stuff like the statue's tear fetch quest without first activating it
-Similar sub weapons are grouped to speed up mastery (see Secret of Evermore rebalance hack)
-Casting sanctuary successfully on the sisters is easier but you now have to weaken them first
-Removed large rusty block hindering your progress which is found early on since you'll soon end up on the other side of it and can teleport between the two areas it blocks the path between anyway
-Toggle for the chars' shouting each others' names when switching
-Added enemies to most of the empty rooms and some corridors are made more interesting, perhaps with spike pits and/or disappearing blocks
-Removed invisible roof in the sky outside the pyramids
-Added parallel worlds theme as it's done in DoS for at least one of the sub areas (can enter mirrors in DoS to explore the "other side" of certain rooms - an underused element which could've been further explored here)
-Key spells and morph spells carry over in new game+ and player starting level can be chosen

Latest updates:
-Info and mini-reviews for Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (NDS, 2006) and Below the Root (C64, 1984)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Yearly Play-Thrus
« on: March 18, 2021, 02:26:01 pm »
I pretty much only play unplayed games. There are so many well regarded and interesting looking games in my backlog, replaying games often feels like a waste of time. It's also fun to write short reviews or pros and cons for each "new" game and now I have a decent audience for my sites as well. With my methods I tend to experience all a game has to offer the first time around so it'll generally take at least a few years until I feel any need to revisit it.

Sometimes I'll play a modded older one though, or replay a more open-ended game with paths I didn't take before or at a higher difficulty. Mor MP focused games I might play more often, if there are people around to play them with.

As if this isn't a community largely focused on translating and hacking NES games. :huh:

Even if that wasn't the case the question still wouldn't make sense to ask to me since my site has nothing to do with making games.

Do you know of any platformer game makers, or very easy to use engines for making them? I saw something called Platformer Maker or suchlike a few weeks ago but I lost the link. I think it started as an open source clone of Mario Maker or something.

I've been wanting to implement a few ideas I have that are beyond my romhacking skills.

Why are you asking in this thread?

Gaming Discussion / Re: GG Aleste 3
« on: March 14, 2021, 06:13:08 pm »
Definitely will try it once I can on PC.

I like Power Strike 2 and Spriggan 1 the best with GG Aleste 2 not far behind, then MUSHA, Super Aleste and Aleste 2, then Robo Aleste. But there aren't any bad ones to me.

Latest updates: Deus Ex (PC) and Spyro 3 (PS1). These are both outliers but share some elements with MVs

I have suggestion for a Banjo-Kazooie redux that I'd love to see, similar to what has been done with Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. I think these improvements bring the game up to date and offer some improvements seen in the Xbox port, but also other improvements and bugfixes that I think are well deserved, all while keeping the core game mechanics exactly how they're suppose to be.

Agreed with your suggestions and would also like to see the collection requirements lowered by about 10-15%.

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) Improvement Hack
-Skippable cutscenes and you can always speed up dialogue
-The beeping sfx when at low health now stops after a few beeps
-Don't have to do each star within a level in a set order
-Don't have to completely finish the first level to unlock the second and you can reach the second observatory in the hub right after unlocking it
-Can move backwards to a previous planet if you're on a level path with more than one star such as one where you can feed a hungry luma to get to an optional challenge, or if there's a 1-up or power up on a previous planet within the same level
-Collected lives are saved but are a bit harder to come by (get one per 100 bits or coins an only 2 in letters) - this is to make doing challenges and searching for them feel more worth it
-Star bits are a bit more scarce unless in a level where you need to collect and feed them to a luma - see above
-Active power ups carry over between levels (if possible an inventory like in SMW or SMB3 could be added) - restricted for certain levels or planets within them
-More power ups placed where they aren't required to progress

Control/interface fixes:
-Can rotate the camera and place it behind Mario as well as go into FP mode in more places, can rotate the camera with the d-pad while moving
-Can completely turn around and look straight upwards in FP mode
-Can remap shaking to spin/throw to a button
-Don't lose forward momentum from walking off ledges
-Bee flight is a bit faster+lasts a bit shorter to balance it and you can boost its starting speed somewhat with jump momentum. Bee form also doesn't affect spinning
-Don't get kicked back to the hub area if you choose "back" while looking at a level on its galaxy hub map (star path menu for a level)
-Less easy to get semi-stuck on some obstacles when brushing up against them
-Forward acceleration after jumping without momentum is a bit faster
-Coconuts follow along the ground when spun into

-Item magnet when moving near coins for improved flow
-Can reset a note trail room by re-entering it
-A bit more exploration where you move back and forth between planets besides the first level maybe

Latest updates: Chibi-Robo! (GC) and Battle of Olympus (NES)

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