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Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: June 16, 2021, 01:01:28 pm »
TFV has a totally metal OST as well, when it's not using jazz fusion. One of my fave shooter series (up until 5 anyway, haven't actually played 6 yet).

Shadow Dancer is solid too (and also has some good music, particularly the credits ballad), though I prefer having a lifebar. Luckily for me there is a "2 HP" hack for it.

I agree with the running idea and with nerfing Dracula somewhat, but for cards I'd just want much more common drops/higher luck, and I don't think the rest needs balancing if these things are done.
Battle Arena should be really hard, being an optional challenge.

June 17, 2021, 02:32:19 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (PS1) Improvement:

Interface/control issues to fix:
-No subtitles
-Odd delay to the camera when starting to move in a direction and it moves too far ahead so it'll keep jerking back and forth if moving back and forth and not giving a good general overview (see Global Gladiators for example) - this and how zoomed in the default view is means a zoomed out view plays better in terms of visibility but the graphics become rather pixelated and there are slowdowns
-Can't bind a sub weapon and a spell to a face button at the same time - R1 could've been used to bind both and then X and R2 to use them (you should've also been able to bind more than 4 spells or items to a quick item slot since going in and out of the pause menu is slow)
-Somewhat sloppy hit detection (unforgiving when attacking in wolf form, overly big hit box when interacting with wall switches, sometimes overly small hit box on your sword swings - they look wide but sometimes only hit in front of you, a bit unforgiving on item drops from chests and the like)
-Pointless pause animation after every fourth sword strike if you mash the button - faster than holding it
-Can't skip or partially skip dialogue lines - they also have to play out fully before you can exit the room that the NPC you talked to is in
-Sometimes can't jump for seemingly no reason in wolf form
-Somewhat slow movement in vampire form - can't upgrade it or gain a run move so you have to transform into wolf form to go faster
-Safe spots when fighting certain enemies from certain angles due to hit detection issues
-Can't replay the voice messages from triangles on the ground (some of it is NPC dialogue) - no message log
-The axes are too sluggish to use for most combat - regular attack is slow+the combo locks you into place+the spinning move is also kinda slow (and on top of this the latter two make you unable to feed on an enemy)
-Pretty slow mist form movement
-Somewhat slow menus (about 2 seconds of delay when closing one or going into a sub menu)

Some tedious aspects to fix:
-Loading and slowdown issues
-No wait command for skipping ahead to full moon or a non-rainy day
-The slow MP regen (overly slow before upgrading it three times)
-Soldiers in towns respawn when entering buildings
-A few teleporters that just move you backwards in a dungeon
-The light spell might as well have been a passive ability toggled in the menu since there are various parts you want to use it at but can't be bothered to switch to vampre form and/or go into the menu to add the spell to the quick slot (either dark areas or sprites blending into the backgrounds)
-Some enemies will walk right into your avatar's sprite - there's no contact damage but it means you don't hit them with your attacks

Misc. issues:
-Can't backtrack through doors when moving through certain dungeon areas (one of the first dungeons and malek's bastion - pointless since you can teleport to outside of the dungeon anyway and they could've made the enemies turn into spirits/MP droppers when re-entering rooms in these dungeons
-Villagers don't react to someone near them being killed
-The music pauses when viewing the map screen/moving between rooms/the teleport spell prompt pops up/checking signs and other things that can trigger a comment by Kain/talking to NPCs. The in-game music streams on a single psf channel and ambient sfx can play on other channels during this, so perhaps something can be done here.
-NPC voice samples can overlap and then become much louder+a bit scratchy, Thrown daggers sound like gunfire
-Some items, abilities and transformations are handed out too easily
-Energy bank (temporarily have max MP for about 15 seconds then lose all MP) doesn't last long enough to be worth it for the most part

Other possible improvements:
-Less linear structure in terms of the main dungeons
-Make the map feature not show the entirety of a new area at once but do make it mark items, points of interest, exits, boulders and rock pillars/statues
-Minor knockback when hitting enemies until you've weakened them and they stand stunned
-Can equip just one axe (to be able to cast spells at the same time) OR the flame sword can also cut down trees
-Somewhat weaker acid pool shot and repel spell, maybe implosion as well. Repel should either give partial protection in melee or chaos armor should be less effective so you can't just use that combo on basically any enemy even in the late game.

-Have to first press down to be able to select a sub weapon from the quick menu after opening it - emulation issue?
-Can lock yourself out of a life upgrade in the electric bolt dungeon if you teleport out of it before opening the left door to the second room (the door to the right closes after you when going into the puzzle room)
-The game replays the dialogue from killing your assassins if you revisit the northeastern graveyard area
-Noticeable noise at times when everything else goes quiet - emulation issue?
-You sometimes end up somewhere different (still in the same overworld sub area though) after having teleported to an area from within a dungeon and then exiting it

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: June 15, 2021, 12:33:43 pm »
Thanks, I have checked out that anime once and it's pretty neat if you're into stuff like Robotech, Cobra and Starzinger.

Yes Alien Soldier is great. I believe it was pretty obscure here too, perhaps not releasing in certain countries at all. I never saw it back then personally though by 1995 I was playing SNES more, as well as PC DOS and Windows games. The Amiga was pretty big here (Sweden) up until around Doom 1, but also Nintendo's consoles; I'd say the MD was only really popular for 3-4 years here but that's just my personal experience. Pretty much no one had a Saturn and only some the DC.

Not sure if there were any real stand out examples of non-US games that were also really popular. Dragon Ball Z might've been a hit in France. Wily Wars and Super Fantasy Zone I also didn't know about at the time. The below are good but they're multiplat games (besides MM '96):
Cannon Fodder
Donald in Maui Mallard
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament
Micro Machines: Turbo Tournament '96
Dragon Ball Z: L'Appel du Destin
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

One example of a game seemingly more popular in the EU (and in Russia) but which is not exclusive there is Dune II. Maybe also Wiz 'n Liz.

Indeed, Sega were sort of the kings of that genre in the arcades at least, and the Panzer Dragoon games were great too.

A similar game to Starflight but perhaps more accessible is Star Control 2, I'll recommend the fan remake of that one for PC since it's also free. It's really a tweaked port of the 3DO version back to PC.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: June 15, 2021, 07:58:22 am »
Yeah I've played Tri Formation, should've mentioned that but like you said it's pretty unremarkable and also not a Metroid/Impossible Mission-style game like the first and which I wanted more of.

Those 3 RPGs are all pretty cool and very ambitious Open World-like games for the time. I guess Pirates Gold is the most well known out of those. Love Panorama Cotton!

Gaming Discussion / Re: Favorite Obscure Genesis Games?
« on: June 14, 2021, 12:53:53 pm »
It's true to an extent here in Europe as well but they did follow up Alex kidd and Wonder Boy, as well as Shinobi which had a more console-ized port on SMS. For some reason Alex Kidd ended up kinda bad, and the WB games didn't sell, I mean I didn't even know about Monster World 3-4 back then even though I loved WB3 so it might've been a lack of marketing. Super Fantasy Zone aka FZ3 (the one called that is a pac-man style spinoff) came a bit late and wasn't marketed either afaik, I played it on SMS but not on MD, but it was a nice game. Psycho Fox became Decap Attack; you'd have to play it to know they were related and the latter didn't have the running focus of the former, with that spot being overtaken by Sonic instead.
Sequels to Zillion and Kenseiden would've been nice, as well as a remake or sequel to Golden Axe Warrior. Maybe Alien Syndrome as well. Asterix (Sega) was handed over to Core and those sequels were only OK on MD.

However since they did get Konami, Capcom, Sunsoft, Tecmo and Taito on board there could've been more sequels for NES games like Bionic Commando, Bubble Bobble, Goonies 2, Metal Gear 2, 1943, Little Nemo, Willow, Ufouria, Rygar, Solomon's Key 1 or 2, etc.
Toki got a port/remix of sorts but it wasn't as good for some reason, and the Double Dragon sequels were not ported well either. Blaster Master 2 was a pretty bad outsourced sequel and so was Strider 2. Batman: Return of the Joker got a poor outsourced port. Flintstones had a pretty good version on MD, a standalone game, and so did Tiny Toons. Ninja Gaiden almost got a beat 'em up sequel on MD but it wasn't finished.
Little Samson and Power Blade 2 could've been remade perhaps. Gremlins 2 was late enough (1990) to get remade or get a unique game for MD too. Rastan 3 could've been ported probably. Would've also loved to see a sequel to Golvellius for MD.

Saturn era is where Sega pretty much stopped caring for their legacy I think, with no proper Sonic, Toejam & Earl, Streets of Rage, Comix Zone, Vectorman, Ecco or Phantasy Star sequels. It did lead to some great new games like Panzer Dragoon 1-2+Saga and Nights, but then they didn't follow those up on DC, I guess since the Saturn failed outside of Japan.

Edit: I got Tecmo and Technos confused, but other companies ported or remade some technos games for MD such as Nintendo World Cup and the aforementioned Double Dragons.

Latest updates: Info and mini reviews for Hero of the Golden Talisman (C64, 1985) and Todd's Adventures in Slime World (Lynx, 1990)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Best versions of oft remade games
« on: June 04, 2021, 12:20:48 pm »
I thought the GBA version of FF2 was decent with the balance patch you can find on here. Still, more could be done with it.

Mega Drive/Genesis
Game Gear

But really it's PC.

^Try HivePal

Personal Projects / Re: Sega Genesis GEMS Hack
« on: May 25, 2021, 05:14:01 am »
You can also replace the whole songs, ask SeregaZ on the deflemask discord server.

One example by me for R'nR Raing:

(the converson by him is still wip though)

Of course you can also replace the music with CD music nowadays.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The hardest game you ever played.
« on: May 23, 2021, 07:31:02 am »
Dragon's Lair for NES is pretty tuff. And Triad Stone for LA.

Mega Man Legends 2 Improvement (PS1):

-15-20% cheaper weapon upgrades to reduce grinding
-Longer invincibility time after taking a hit to avoid hit stuns
-Can find an ammo tank in the middle of the boss rush near the end
-Faster auto-fire and one more shot on screen/energy by default
-Less overpowered shining laser and ground crawler
-Better shield sub weapon?
-No contact damage from knocked down enemies
-Weaken spongy enemies a bit: the shielded robots, the bird robots without legs, first tron bonne boss, some elysium/final dungeon enemies) and some later on as well (the "chicken" robots in the lava dungeon for example)
-Higher selling prices at parts/junk shops
-Difficulty spikes: first Tron Bonne encounter if you took the A license and didn't upgrade your health bar or healing item - one unavoidable shot attack if you don't move far away from her
-Difficulty dips: first redhead (black guy) boss encounters, manda island boss, dinosaur boss and tron bonne boss in the lava ruins, Bonne chase,  gold aircraft battle
-Can use the hover shoes to avoid being slowed by the sand during the fight against teisel in the desert city
-More time to reac to the floor trap enemies in the lava ruins and elysium
-Somewhat more challenging platforming before the lava ruins

-Enemy drops disappear after about 10-15 instead of 5 seconds
-The vacuum/enemy drop magnet is a passive ability like the flame barrier
-Faster underwater movement
-HP refill after bosses besides the boss rush
-The auto-mapper range is doubled so it's not just the "tile" you're on being filled in (to avoid missing paths from not fully exploring rooms)
-Can equip parts and compare parts via the shop menu
-Enemies drop more of what you need at the moment (more ammo would've been useful since you can only carry one refill)
-Persistent block placements in dungeons (crrently you can't place a block then go change water levels and go back and have it still be there)
-Subtitles during cutscenes

-Can carry two or more sub/special weapons besides lift at once and select is used to switch (start now takes you to the menu instead) - less need to backtrack out of a dungeon because you didn't bring the right one and can't fully explore it. Can also use other weapons than the hyper shell to take out the switch past the flame jets in the lava dungeon
-Can't lock onto enemies through walls and the game prioritizes closer targets more consistently
-Can combo properly with the blade and not get hit or move through enemies
-Fix how if you jump at the same time as you let go of the d-pad then it doesn't register
-Fix how the game automatically switches lock-on targets if hit
-Full control config (it would've been good not to have camera quick turn and interact be mapped to the same button)+you can map rolling to its own button
-Don't have to be standing still to side roll+pressing l/r on the right stick doesn't make you side roll as it gets in the way
-Can change directions in mid-air
-Can reverse the horizontal camera controls (nost just vertical
-Don't stop moving if you use the camera quick turn button (currently have to change the direction you're pressing the stick in each time)
-Can see past the room you're in on the mini-map (as it currently makes it look like you haven't opened a door when you have)
-The map marks found chests by default in optional dungeons
-Less loose scrolling on the hub map
-Equally fast camera rotation while moving and faster turning while using the jet skates
-Can place rather than throw boxes if completely still
-Shop menu wraps around
-Can aim straight up
-Fix how sometimes can't be standing right next to a wall while firing the homing missile launcher as the missiles just hit the wall (sometimes even happens with the buster)
-Fix how each message during the tutorial pauses gameplay and there's an annoying prompt after each one asking if you want to repeat the message which defaults to "yes"
-Fix how sometimes you'll change targets mid-blade combo for no reason
-Fix how speeding up dialogue gets screwed up during the final dungeon making you skip to the next line if you press the button
-No delay before you can jump after using the shining laser
-Can lock onto the weak part of the green train (or you can bounce back the thrown bombs as it might make the fight more interesting)

-Can do two of the main dungeons in either order at a time for a more open structure
-More places to use the skates to reach further (chests with money or items)- More places to use the fire extinguisher to progress
-Less dead space in the final dungeon and more developed use of the gravity changing mechanic
-Remove the pointless breakable wall in the manda island ruin since you can get to the other side of it no problem
-Removed invisible walls near water and on the bridge if you try to explore the overworld near the first town+around the pits in the forbidden island overworld area, etc. Take some damage from pits and water instead
-Added slide and/or wall jump (MM/MMX), and level design to use them on

I always liked Golden Axe Warrior for the Sega Master System, though I am not a huge fan of the control set up. You have a single action button, a button to access the menu screen to switch which item is assigned to your singular action button, and then you have pause. I would like to see a set up which assigns the pause button to the menu, keeps the action button, and transforms the original menu button to an item cycle button as seen in The Legend of Zelda Redux. Also if all weapons could reach a sprite further...

Those are good ideas. I think a somewhat longer knockback for you and/or the enemies as well as knockback when hitting enemies from the side (so it's more like in Zelda 1 basically) would also help the combat in this game a lot.

Might also be neat if enemies stop dropping health and magic when you're at full capacity as they do with money.

Latest updates: Info and mini reviews for Mega Man Legends 2 (PS1, 2000) and Ore ga Omae o Mamoru (I Will Protect You)(NDS, 2009)

Here's a list for PS1:

Search for low language barrier for more like that.

‚ÄčOre ga Omae o Mamoru (I Will Protect You)(NDS, 2009) Improvement Hack:

-One or two more save points per area, or at least the first one
-Healing item drops are a bit more common in the first area and the first level healing potion is somewhat stronger
-Healing item stock limit of 10-12 or so so you can't just tank everything with the stronger ones
-Less linear structure - can do the bosses in an area in either order maybe and get the key for the next area based on no. of bosses killed
-Less slowdown if possible
-Lower paralysing sub weapons stock since they are pretty OP

Less grinding:
-Change the harvesting system so you can harvest each spot the number of times your skill allows instead of just the number of times it allows per dungeon visit, this so you can get more done per visit. Also make the search animation faster (see Secret of Evermore)
-Lower quotas for all side quests
-Weapon materials are more common and/or later weapons eventually become available in the shop so you can buy them with money (money isn't that useful in the mid-late game)
-Lower money costs for starting quests and none for quitting them
-Better selling prices
-Enemies always drop something (or at least the ones that are tough to beat)

-Larger hit boxes for combo swings that reach shorter than others (2nd and 4th swings)
-Can jump during an attack
-Shorter cooldown after swings (especially while crouching)
-Less unforgiving hit detection when the murmur enemies do their dive attack
-More lenient timing on roll canceling after swings
-Option for auto-running and mapping rolls to the run button
-Can turn around and steer your jump while attacking in mid-air+better mid-air control
-Fix how if you attack right before landing from a jump then the attack is canceled
-Don't move a lot slower as soon as a charged sword attack is ready+less delay after a charge is ready until the swing happens when you let go of the button
-Less unforgiving hit detection when jump attacking (both the sword swing and the extended sword itself can hit)
-The yes/no prompt after reviewing a finished quest or leaving town defaults to yes instead of no
-Less delay after rolling before you can attack/move/roll again
-A charge attack isn't canceled if you fall off a platform while performing it or if you try to use it in mid-air or if you crouch
-If you run out of a quick slot assigned item then you don't need to remap it again once you get more of it
-No delay after landing from the optional somersault attack skill so it's less situational
-You're not vulnerable to the front at the beginning of charge attacks and lunge attacks

Balance and other:
-Enemies get more reliably stunned from charge attacks and 3+ hit combos
-Can roll cancel a charge attack or lunge attack, or at least roll right afterwards
-Enhancing a sword doesn't lower its combo potential (number of swings)
-A skill to deal critical hits can be found earlier but can be upgraded in the spot you currently find it in the second area
-Faster regen from the health ring and the skill for this+you can jump while moving around and still regenerate. You also find the regen skills in the reverse order so the better one is found later
-The first boss can't stunlock you to death unless you have a stun immunity item active
-Removed fast attacks from off screen - kobolds and bats
-Added location hints for find and kill or harvest quests
-Better hit rate for charge attacks early on
-Start with the first roll skill or find it sooner
-Make some sub weapons fly up/down/back as it would've been more useful since you can't do that with your sword
-Less waiting for moving platforms
-Harder second boss and fourth boss (not being able to stock up on as many potions might be enough)
-Less spongy cyclops in area 3 and fifth boss+the final boss and enemies in the post-game area
-Fix the hint for where to use the blue key (describes a long corridor when it's a small room). Same with the red beetle clue in its item description (find it near the beginning of area 2)
-Knights can climb stairs

Regarding the heavy slowdown, is that a game issue or an emulation issue?

Hey, does anyone know what to do to pass the color code puzzle in area 2?
I have the colors right but the pink jewel keeps flashing different colors so I can't complete the sequence.

Seems I have to do this to get to the next boss and get to high jump or the next key, letting me proceed elsewhere.

Edit: Nevermind, apparently the color code puzzle in the second area is bugged with the english patch/in emulation - the right sequence if playing this version in DeSmuME is: (GREEN) (LEAVE AS IT IS/YELLOW) (MULTI-COLOR/PINK) (BLUE) instead of green, pink, yellow, blue

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