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There's no readme. Sorry if I'm posting on the wrong board.

The reason I ask is that I'd like to try the DQ series, from the beginning, and want to go as far back as possible in terms of the versions. But I'm rather picky when it comes to old interfaces and grinding, and I want as accurate a translation as possible, so perhaps this version still isn't the one to play.

What does everyone think is the best version of DQ1 to play giving the above criteria?

Does anyone here have the most recent version of this editor and can upload it here or send it to me? The link in the below thread is dead and I haven't gotten a reply from the author.



I apologize in advance for the crappy video (just turn off the sound and look at the game itself). The question's in the title, folks.
While I'm at it, have any other pre-SMW Mario (or clones) games been fully remade as SMW hacks? You'd think there would be more projects like that with nice tools like Lunar Magic around.

Seems like this might be it (can't see the images anymore):

Newcomer's Board / (MD/GEN) Editing the Proto Man sprite in Wily Wars
« on: October 30, 2015, 08:55:36 am »

Can either of these tools be used to replace sprites in Mega Man: Wily Wars or Kid Chameleon? Are there any other good tools for doing that?
I had a couple of things in mind; Replacing the protoman sprite in MM: WW, and turning Kid Chameleon into either an Alex Kidd or a Wario game.
I guess what I need to do is extract the tileset with the sprite I want to replace, edit it under the correct limitations, then replace the one in the game.

I know there's an editor for KC but haven't been able to acquire it yet. Don't think it has sprite editing though, only palettes.

Another tool I'm curious about:

Edit 2:
Found Tile Layer Pro, but it seems I need to decompress and recompress the graphics to be able to use that. Are there any general tools that can be used?

Gaming Discussion / Ys I & II Complete FPS problem
« on: May 28, 2015, 03:50:08 pm »
Anyone know how to fix this? The second game states that it's running at 500+ fps (fluctuates between 500 and 550ish, but it looks more like 60 fps) while the first one runs at a choppy 10 fps (fluctuates between 9 and 10).
Running the game in Windows Vista Home Premium on a laptop that plays emulated 32-bit games (PS1, SAT, N64) just fine.

A demo of Alex Kidd in Bro! No! is now available. Here's some gameplay footage:
Link to the ips patch, prologue text and more info:

15-10-21: v. 1.03 of Radaxian Rumble is ready for release and you can get it here:
Some new content includes longer and more varied levels, more sprite edits, and more use of triggers to create new puzzles. I'm sure you'll enjoy it if you liked the previous demo at all. :)

15-10-14: The hack now works on an Everdrive!

Gameplay video:

This is a hack of Alex Kidd in Miracle World made using KiddEd, aiming to provide new challenges for fans of the original, give the game a bit of an audiovisual update, as well as to make parts of the original game flow a bit better. After about four weeks of working on it I think I've come up with something worth showing to more people.

Current features:
- Less slippery movement and somewhat better air control.
- Faster crawling.
- New level designs. No level is quite the same as before, and one or two are completely new.
- New palettes in every level.
- New mechanics and puzzles based on old assets.
- New music and sprite designs.
- Less Janken/Rock, Paper, Scissors.
- Swapped buttons. A/1 is now punch/select.

More info, screenshots and a download link (.ips) can be found here:

Some planned features:
-Better hit detection when punching blocks in mid-air or tentacles underwater
-One or two additional levels
-Further changes to castles and jar shaped levels
-More music variation
-New bosses, enemies, mechanics

Feedback and requests are welcome!

PS. There's currently no alteration to the story, and the title itself is preliminary. So if you like the hack and have a knack for concise and funny writing, let me know and maybe we can work something out.

April 04, 2015, 10:48:55 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Update: WIP beach (lvl 3) and AK sprite edit.

April 10, 2015, 11:41:10 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Latest updates (1.02e):
-Tweaked hit detection on several entities (vines, flames, bear boss, tentacle, crown, etc.)
-Level 3 overhaul with a beach theme and a new trap making use of a bug in the original game (thanks to The Arbiter for the idea)
-No code needed to continue if you have enough money (thanks to Calindro)
-A few level design and graphical tweaks here and there. 0D is now more fair and fun even without the chopper.
-Fixed some respawning issues (lvl 0D, lvl 09)
-Better clues for some hazards (lvl 0C)
-Less easy money early on (as requested by the Arbiter)

Upcoming (1.03):
-Major updates to level 0E and minor updates to level 03 and the bonus level (discovered an afaik previously unknown trigger placed in this level)
-Minor graphical fixes
-Some story/dialogue changes
-New Alex Kidd sprite (possibly Wonder Boy (MW1), Kelesis (Golvellius), and Sonic as well)
-New underwater segment in level 05

Gaming Discussion / Three FF3 (NES) questions
« on: October 07, 2014, 07:11:33 pm »
First timer here.
1. Which status spells are stackable in this game? It was a good (too good) tactic in the previous ones.

2. Any random NPCs to use items on for interesting effects?

3. Does magic cast outside of battle give you any skill points?


Gaming Discussion / Thoughts on FF2's Mod of Balance?
« on: October 04, 2014, 07:49:23 am »
I just beat the game yesterday with this patch attached to it and would like to hear everyone's thoughts. Personally I thought it had the right idea, but ended up still being too easy in the end game with some content feeling pretty redundant (Ultima, Blood Sword, some status spells).
I did grind quite a bit up to around the middle of the game though thinking I would need stronger characters than I actually did, and at the end was at ~1900 HP/250 MP (stopped building long before this except for evening out those who were lagging behind), and my strongest spells at ~level 8 on average.

For some constructive criticism, I think being able to escape easier (it seems the undead can't be escaped from along with some other enemy types which were frequent in some dungeons) would've helped, along with less dead ends and empty room 'traps' in dungeons. Later enemies should also use more nasty spells (like Dispel) and be resistant to Osmose.

Details on the mod:
Mod of Balance 2.0:
* Weapons and magic leveling are hopefully balanced now. Magic is easier
to level, weapons take a fair bit longer.

* Practicing a weapon or spell always increases a character's skill, even
if the monster attacked is significantly weaker than the character.

* Fixed a display bug concerning the number of hits connected when a character
is using a shield. If a character used a weapon in their primary hand, and a shield
in their secondary hand, they struck with the shield, and if they hit did no damage.
This has been corrected, however the bug still is in effect if the character uses a
weapon in their secondary hand, and a shield in their primary hand.

* Monsters take double damage if vulnerable to a spell's element. This is
reduced from x4 damage. Don't worry, this is still *plenty* of damage.

* If an elemental weapon strikes a vulnerable monster, its Attack rating is
increased by 25 (increased from 20).

* If a weapon which has an affinity for damaging a specific family of monster
hits that kind of monster, its Attack rating is increased by 25 (increased
from 20).

* Strength increases more often. The chance was (number of "fight"
selections / 45), and it is now (number of "fight" selections / 32).

* Agility increases are more regulated- more likely early in the game and less
likely later on. Before, a random number was rolled between 0 and 255, and if
that was lower than a fourth of the character's Evasion, Agility increased.
Now, the random number rolled is now between 0 and 250, and the Evasion is a
little less important in determining increase. Base chance to increase Agility
is 2.0%, and maximum chance is 6.8%.

* Intellect increases more often. The chance was (number of black magic
castings / 25), and it is now (number of black magic castings / 16).

* Spirit increases LESS often. The chance was (number of white magic castings / 15),
and it is now (number of white magic castings / 20).

* MP increases more often. The chance should be about 25% more likely than it was

* When a character gains HP, the increase is halved. The increase is (STA / 2).

* Magic evasion gains take a bit longer. The threshold to gain Magic evasion
was 99, and it is now 159.

* Characters start with different stats.

* NPCs also begin with different stats, and should be more balanced with the
party when you meet them. Leon and Gordon also join the party already equipped
with spells.

* Weapons, armor, and spells have been rebalanced. Enemy direct damage spells will
be a bit more dangerous and require more planning to thwart.

* Monster stats have been modified slightly to moderately. Expect that the final
bosses will not go down with a couple of well-placed elemental spells.

2.2 Changes:
*The times that spells become available should be more balanced. In particular,
Berserk, Toad, and Blink are available later, and Slow, Sleep, and Haste are
available more soon.

* The extremely rare spells Break, Stop, and Confuse are not as rare anymore.

* A few spell shops have been tweaked. Most notably, Blink and Fog are no longer
for sale. Sleep and Slow are now purchasable, Haste is available in shops, and
very late in the game you may purchase Osmose (Jade passage). Sleep and Slow sell for much
less than they used to be, to compensate for this.

* Sap is now more powerful than Osmose. As it should be...

Newcomer's Board / Money and Romhacks
« on: May 12, 2014, 09:20:55 am »
Has anyone ever been paid to do a romhack, and what's everyone's stance on it?

I'm a bit surprised there's been no fund raising topic for the most wanted stuff. Well, no I'm not but I'm thinking it could work for some projects.

Programming / Is this possible? (emulator graphics filter idea)
« on: November 17, 2013, 11:17:13 am »
Sorry if this is too off topic or noobish. I was messing around with filters in Regen the other day, trying to make dither-heavy games look good and wasn't quite happy with any of them as you either get a blurry image or the blending of the dither patterns doesn't happen. So I made these rough sketches below, combining unfiltered and NTSC filtered graphics.

From left to right (Regen and snes9x screns): no filter, ntsc tv filter by blarrg, rough combo mockup by me, snes screenshot comparison
(Unfortunately the quality isn't great in google photos but if you zoom in you should see the differences. Nevermind the brightness difference, I had to adjust brightness manually since the brighten feature didn't work with filtered screenshot dumps in Regen)

Is this kind of result possible with a general filter, or would it need to be more of a case by case thing with a new setting per game or even per background?

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