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Gaming Discussion / Re: The Game Music Thread
« on: September 20, 2021, 01:37:50 pm »
Top 20 OPLL (SMS/MK3 & MSX) OSTs:
​Ys: The Vanished Omen (SMS FM)
Solomon's Key, Alternate
Mark III BIOS (PSG+FM, Space Harrier theme)
Phantasy Star (SMS FM)
Golvellius: Valley of Doom (SMS FM)
Space Harrier 3D (SMS FM)
Miracle Warriors (SMS FM)
Outrun 3D (SMS FM)
R-Type (SMS FM)
Rambo III (SMS FM)
Illusion City (w/ AY-3-8910)
Sorcerian (w/ FM-Pac)
Xak: The Art of VS, Xak II (w/ AY-3-8910)
Final Fantasy (w/ AY-3-8910)
Xak: The Tower of Gazzel (MSX FM w/ AY-3-8910)
Fire Hawk: Thexder tSC (w/ AY-3-8910)
Pumpkin Adventure III (Unreleased)
GD: Greatest Driver
Undead Line
Daisenryaku II: Campaign Version (MSX, FM-Pac w/ AY-3-8910)

Top 20 OPN/YM2203 (PC88 & 98, ARC) OSTs:
​​Chou-Jikuu Yousai: Macross/Super Spacefortress Macross (ARC, 2x OPN w/ OkiM6295)
Grounseed (OPN)
Space Harrier (ARC, w/ SegaPCM)
Thunder Dragon 2/Big Bang: Power Shooting (ARC, w/ 2x OKIM6295)
Xenon: Mugen no Shitai (PC-98)
​​Ys: VO (OPN), Ys II (OPN), Ys III: WfY (OPN)
Princess Maker 2 (PC-98)
​Dragon Slayer: TLoH, Dragon Slayer: TLoH 2
​​Star Trader (PC-88)
Power Instinct (w/ OKIM6295), Power Instinct 2 (w/ OKIM6295), Gogetsuji Legends
Desire: Spiral of Perversion (PC-98, OPN)
​​​​Puyo Puyo (OPN)
​​Digan no Maseki (PC-88)
​Marionette Mind (PC-98)
Rookies (PC-98)
Mahou Shoujo Fancy Coco (PC-98)
Shizuku (PC-98, OPN)
​Night Slave (PC-98, OPN)
Air Buster/Aero Blasters (ARC)
​Rapid Hero/Arcadia (ARC)

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Game Music Thread
« on: September 14, 2021, 01:59:41 pm »
Top 20 POKEY (Atari 400, 800, 1200XL, 800XL, 600XL, 5200) OSTs:
Lemmings (XL)
​Draconus (Atari)
Rebound (HB)
Black Lamp
Xirius Defect
Tempest Xtreem
Zybex (Atari)
Jet Set Willy (Atari XL)
Yoomp! (Atari 8-bit, Pokey, homebrew)(added stereo?)
Red Max
BMX Simulator (Jarre cover/remix)
Warhawk (Atari 8-bit)
Commando (Atari)
Ballblazer (Atari)
The Extirpator (Atari)
​Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory (Atari)

Top 12 NGP & NGPC OSTs:
​King of Fighters R-2 (NGPC), Intro, Alternate
Sonic the Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure (NGPC)
​SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium (NGPC)
King of Fighters R-1 (NGP)
​​Fatal Fury: First Contact (NGPC)
Big Bang Pro Wrestling (NGPC)
​Rockman Battle & Fighters (NGPC)
Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (NGPC)
​Faselei! (NGPC)(streaming DAC, vocals)
SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter's Clash - Capcom Version & SNK Version (NGPC)(shared tracks)
The King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise (NGPC)
Metal Slug 2nd Mission (NGPC)

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Game Music Thread
« on: September 06, 2021, 11:39:54 am »
Top 12 Lynx OSTs:
Jimmy Connors' Tennis (Lynx)
Qix (Lynx)(mostly sample-based)
Electrocop (Lynx)
Hockey (Lynx)
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (Lynx)
​Rampage (Lynx)
Batman Returns (Lynx)
Loopz (Lynx)
Battlezone 2000 (Lynx)
Shadow of the Beast (Lynx)
​Basketbrawl (Lynx)
​​Checkered Flag (Lynx)


Gaming Discussion / Re: The Game Music Thread
« on: September 03, 2021, 03:15:25 pm »
Oh I don't listen to game music.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Game Music Thread
« on: September 03, 2021, 01:11:54 pm »
Top 20 lesser known GB/GBC OSTs:
Turok series
Project S-11 (GBC)
Doki Doki Sasete
Metal Masters
The Smurfs (GB) & The Smurfs' Nightmare
Xerd no Densetsu II
Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun/Le Temple du Soleil & Tintin in Tibet (GB)
Chikyuu Kaihou Gun: ZAS
​Trip World
Looney Tunes: Marvin Strikes Back/Looney Tunes Collector: Alert! (GBC)
Robocop (GB)
Jurassic Park 2 (GB)
Asterix (GB)
Otto's Ottifanten: BBN
Das Geheimnis der Happy Hippo-Insel (GBC)
​​Hugo 2
Blaster Master Jr./Bomber King 2
Pop'n Music GB


Gaming Discussion / Re: So I'm Giving C64 Emulaton a Try
« on: August 31, 2021, 04:48:16 pm »
Knight 'n Grail (2009 homebrew) and its sequel

Latest updates:
-Info and mini reviews for Knight 'n Grail (C64) and Knytt Stories (PC)

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Game Music Thread
« on: August 29, 2021, 07:03:46 pm »
Top 20 SMS/GG OSTs:
The Flash (SMS)
Alien 3 (SMS/GG)
Devilish (GG)
The Smurfs (SMS/GG)
​Wonder Boy III: Dragon's Trap (SMS/GG)
Golvellius: Valley of Doom (SMS)
Power Strike 2/GG Aleste II (GG)
Road Rash (SMS)
​Streets of Rage (SMS/GG)
Cyborg Hunter (SMS PSG)
Sonic the Hedgehog (SMS)
Tintin in Tibet (SMS/GG)
Streets of Rage 2 (SMS/GG)
Arena: Maze of Death (GG)
Lemmings (SMS)
Lethal Weapon 3 (SMS, unreleased)
Lion King (SMS/GG)
Chuck Rock (SMS)
Super Space Invaders (SMS)
Chuck Rock 2 (SMS)

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Game Music Thread
« on: August 28, 2021, 12:24:20 pm »
Top 20 lesser known NES OSTs:
Robocop 3 (NES)
Overlord/Supremacy (NES)
Solstice (NES)
The Smurfs (NES)
Pictionary (NES)
Asterix (NES)
Erik the Viking (NES, unreleased)
Hero Quest (NES, unreleased)
​Bucky O'Hare (NES)
Super Spy Hunter (NES)
Magician (NES)
Treasure Master (NES)
Contra Force (NES)
​Mr. Gimmick!/Gimmick! (NES, PAL)
Bayou Billy (NES)
Target Renegade/Target: Renegade (NES)
​Wolverine (NES)
​​Shatterhand (NES)
​Skate or Die 2 (NES)
Ufouria/Hebereke (NES)

w/ Audio Expansions:
Gyruss (FDS)
Esper Dream 2 (VRC6)
Ma-Da-Ra/Mouryou Senki Madara (VRC6)
Lagrange Point (FC/NES, VRC7)
Mr. Gimmick! (FC, Sunsoft 5B/YM2149F)
Megami Tensei II (N163)
Falsion (FDS)
Sangokushi II: Haou no Tairiku (N163)
Rolling Thunder (FC, N163)
Exciting Soccer: Konami Cup (FDS)
Erika to Satoru no Yumebouken (N163)
Meikyuu Jiin Dababa (FDS)
Sexy Invaders (FDS)
Arumana no Kiseki/Miracle of Almana (FDS)
King of Kings (N163)
Ai Senshi Nicol (FDS)
Final Lap (N163)
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (FDS)
​Famicom Tantei Club II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo (FDS)
Esper Dream (FDS)

Personal Projects / Re: [WIP] Toad's World 2 (SMW Hack)
« on: August 26, 2021, 07:06:30 pm »
This looks quite nice, the map and some backgrounds have a bit of an amiga aesthetic. :thumbsup:

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Game Music Thread
« on: August 25, 2021, 06:20:27 am »
Top 20 lesser known AY-3 OSTs (MSX, Arcade, Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Vectrex, Intellivision):
Night City (MSX)(Six Miles High cover/rip)
Explosive Breaker (ARC, 2x w/ OKIM6295, sample heavy)
Leavin' Teramis (ST)
Stormlord (ST, some samples only tracks?)
​No Second Prize (ST)
Doom (Spectrum, homebrew)
Lethal Xcess (ST, PSG+drum samples)
Captain Blood (ST, sample-based track)
LED Storm (Spectrum & ST)
Stormlord 2: Deliverance (Spectrum)

The Light Corridor (Spectrum)
​Cybernoid 2 (ST)
Switchblade (ST)
Wings Of Death (ST, sampled drums)
Magical Crystals (ARC, 2x w/ OKIM6295)
Feedback (MSX PSG)
Hero Quest (ST)
Treasure of the Usas (MSX)
Dan Dare 3 (ST, some samples only tracks?)
A Prehistoric Tale (ST, drum samples)

Psycho Fox (SMS) Improvement

-Make the movement acceleration for all chars (besides maybe the Tiger) a bit faster so it's easier to play without knowing the levels fully
-Add some mid-air horizontal acceleration for all chars' regular jumps, similar to when bouncing on a spring, for a more even tempo
-Fewer blind jumps into hazards
-Lower default jump height

Personal Projects / Re: Phantasy Star II MSU-MD Project [WIP]
« on: August 22, 2021, 06:41:56 am »
Yikes, glad to hear you're doing better.

This sounds cool! I really like the progression of it and the main hook's synth there. I would say maybe the chorus snare could have a bit more oomph or high end to it.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Game Music Thread
« on: August 20, 2021, 07:48:20 pm »
Top 20 X68000 OSTs:
Knight Arms (X68K)
ChoRenSha 68K (X68K)
Bosconian (X68K)
Star Cruiser (X68K)
​Castlevania Chronicles (X68K (YM2151+Oki M6258))
Namachuukei 68/Nama Baseball '68 (X68K)
​​Star Trader (X68K)
Ys (X68K)
Ys III (X68K)
​Carat (X68K)
​Asuka 120% Burning Fest. (X68K)
Neural Gear (X68K)
Genocide 2 (X68K)
​Spindizzy II (X68K)
Metal Eye (X68K)
Viper V8 (X68K)(NSFW)
The Sword of Lxsor (X68K)
​Sion II: The First Attack (X68K)
​Gradius II (X68K)
BattleTech: US (X68K)

It does, I just beat it.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The Game Music Thread
« on: August 17, 2021, 08:26:57 am »
Top 20 lesser known C64 OSTs:
Dark Side (C64)
Nighthunter (C64, sample heavy)(Unreleased)
Mutants (C64)
Zamzara (C64)
Rubicon (C64)
​Metal Warrior 3 (C64)
​​Gauntlet III (C64)
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (C64)(Jean Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields 4 cover)
Soulless (C64, Homebrew)
Stormlord (C64, samples)
Miami Vice (C64)
​Short Circuit (C64)
​Bad Cat (C64, samples)
Savage (C64, samples)(added stereo), Level 2
​Power Drift (C64)
Clystron (C64)
Kinetix/Dynamix (C64)
​Tarzan Goes Ape (C64)
Blood Money (C64)(Jarre?)
Knuckle Busters (C64)

Let's also hope the end song from the Japanese verseion gets restored for the English improvement too.

Oh it was still there when I beat it? I beat the US PS2 version.

Okami (PS2, 2006) Improvement Hack:

-Optional Crazy Taxi-style arrows
-Manual map markers for points of interest not marked on the map
-Removed automatic jumping into and out of water at specific points
-Somewhat faster swimming and the water tablet is available a bit sooner
-Clearer descriptions of valid finishers to get demon claws from enemies
-Skippable cutscenes without new game+
-Cutscene dialogue can be sped up
-More forgiving hit detection for the blockhead (wall enemy) encounters
-Fixed camera issues (kinda slow rotation which also slows down while moving, some problems when close to walls, some automatic camera focusing on the current target (which is automatically picked) during combat or the center of the arena during combat)
-The camera doesn't sometimes turn toward the door you just passed through so that holding up makes you go back again
-Better control over the running move (auto-activates after a few steps or after tackling but then you have to run for a while to trigger the fastest version of it and this charge time can't be upgraded)
-Don't stop running when moving between sub areas
-Removed cutscene when the game switches between day and nighttime but kept sound effect
-Tighter hit detection on walls and other objects when moving around
-Air dashing doesn't cancel your running momentum
-No repeating of item explanations and tutorial messages
-Change how if a sub area has a high and low part then the mini-map shows only the one you're currently on
-Mini-map shows the current location name
-Mermaid coins (teleportation) aren't wasted if you're in mid-air while using them - bug
-Can put out fire on yourself with wind
-Fix issues with placing bombs and the fire spell on the z-plane (the bombs can end up on the other side of doors for example)
-Fix how sometimes when you clearly draw a wind spell the game interprets it as a lily pad instead
-Fix how tying an element to a target or a vine flower to a target can be interpreted as a wind spell by the game
-Fix the inconsistent wall climbing controls at the cat tower - sometimes you let go right after latching on
-In the 2D digging segments you can push yourself into a space under a block if you move up against it in mid-air
-Running up the edge of a slope or stair shouldn't make you go into mid-air and lose some momentum
-Option to make using the brush not activate a different music track each time
-Can toggle the make believe voices and/or voice volume added (added in later versions)
-Rolling acorns/balls is a bit easier
-Maybe: Less of a delay when blocking during an attack animation to let you react to things instead of memorizing patterns more easily

-More expensive items in general
-More of a consistent upwards difficulty curve over the course of the game in terms of the combat
-Somewhat weaker smart bomb-style items and the fire sphere spell
-Harder optional spider bosses
-Add a save point in the first forest
-Fixed difficulty dips (mostly simplistic puzzles in the oni island dungeon, easy first main boss and pretty easy second boss, some of the enemies in the third dungeon are easier than the ones in the previous one, easy mini-games in sei-an city and they're just the digging and fishing games repeated again, water dragon dungeon, races 5-7 against the evil being scroll)
...and spikes (log ride segment, some fishing, third race and fourth race against the evil being scroll (sometimes jumping right after landing doesn't register in the third one with the spiked hedges))
-Clovers give a bit more praise/exp each and the ones out in the open are better hidden
-Chests and animals are placed in less mundane locations after the early game
-Can get caught while exploring on Orca (big fish)

-Less linear overarching structure so you can do 2-3 dungeons in any order at times
-No third orochi encounter - replace this boss in the ark (or make it harder)
-Can use bombs to remove leaf piles or disturb the elevator operator in the moon cave
-Can use brush cuts to propel objects like the crystal ball forwards like with wind
-Issun doesn't interrupt you as much or spoil puzzles - instead you can ask him via a button combo, context sensitive button or via the menu when relevant
-Less dead space and backtracking (for example between the sunken ship and sei-an city (and the height where you lower the sea level around the ship) due to how the game leads you into the ship before you can enter its dungeon)
-Fewer invisible walls (sometimes there are low walls at the edge of platforms where you have to jump to get past them - would've been better if you could just dash through these, later on in the imperial palace you'd want these to be there but then they are not)
-Don't keep finding food for the astral pouch even if it's full - replaced by ink/money/hp drops
-Maybe: The hardhead/upgraded tackle move lets you dash in battle (need to press two buttons at once) though it costs ink

Trial & error:
-Have to pass through the small blue gate near the tree in the village after beating orochi or you can't progress (makes sakuya appear) - then have to talk to susano and kushi several times to be able to progress
-Clue to the oddly specific solution to the stone fruit puzzle near the water dragon - have to hit the arrow in mid-air with the yellow water next to the archer (no clue that you're on the right track when hitting the archer himself or his bow while he's firing)
-The locations of the bounty hunt monsters - can't tell from looking at the encounter flags

Latest updates:
-Info and mini reviews for Okami (PS2, 2006) and Cosmo Police Galivan (NES, 1988)
-Updated timeline chart

Gaming Discussion / Re: Link's Awkening Clone Found In Japanese.
« on: August 14, 2021, 06:11:44 am »
Looks cool, thanks.

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