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Gaming Discussion / Re: What's going on with Mother 3?
« on: June 14, 2016, 05:39:20 am »
So Earthbound Zero + 25th is the way to go and not the Mother 1+2 GBA version?  (I understand the music, at least, is much better in the original.)

I appreciate the advice.  Would like to present it authentically first, but will fill him in on the different patches and what they do before he starts playing at any point.

Gaming Discussion / Re: What's going on with Mother 3?
« on: June 12, 2016, 05:48:14 am »
Reading about that and confirming on Wikipedia that Nintendo has been using the Wii U and 3DS Virtual Consoles to promote mostly its own games (with the remaining majority being from other big names like Capcom and Konami), I'm starting to hope that the NX becomes the last system it ends up putting out.  Similar to Sega's fuckery involving the Saturn (e.g. pissing third parties off by setting a new launch date for earlier than originally planned), this could explain why Nintendo has been doing so poorly that they needed to release two highly popular games that they were originally afraid for legal reasons to release in the first place.

After finding out about Mother 3's Japanese VC release in November, I was hoping to buy a Wii U as a Christmas gift for my brother in now just half a year once it reached America.  However, just yesterday, I looked around to see if there were any flash carts that I could download the translated ROM onto, and it turns out that there are actually plenty of English copies on sale online despite never being released outside Japan.  Should Nintendo end up giving us a bad export or none, I might just invest in one of those, give that and my remaining Nintendo DS to him for Christmas, and download Earthbound Zero and FCE Ultra to copy onto one of his computers (along with a shortcut to's walkthrough for that).

Gaming Discussion / Re: What's going on with Mother 3?
« on: June 11, 2016, 10:51:09 am »
So, why would anyone, let alone multiple sources, spread rumors that Mother 3 is due for localization, without any word from Nintendo itself?  I mean, I know this year marked the game's 10th anniversary, but other than that, the most recent thing thus far I could find about it was posted on May 3.

Gaming Discussion / What's going on with Mother 3?
« on: May 04, 2016, 01:14:21 pm »
So, I read a few months ago that Mother 3 would be released for the Wii U Virtual Console in April.

It's already the 4th of May, and the game still isn't available on Nintendo's website store.

Is that whole thing still just a rumor (or was even debunked), or did anything unexpected happen to delay its release?

I'd like to change that, because it really is a nice machine to develop on, and I feel that it deserves a bit better than just the cheap shovelware that it mostly got during it's short lifetime ... but its "underdog" nature is always going to mean that it is only going to appeal to a very small niche of modern homebrew developers.

If you really make to make something that runs on an old console, I'd probably recommend targeting the PlayStation 1 or the Xbox 1 ... they're both very simple and "clean" machines that modern "C" programmers will feel right-at-home on.

Not sure whether to interpret that to mean that you plan on attempting to change it (even if it's on the back burner for right now) or that you wish it was practical enough or possible to do so.  Mind telling me which?

And, yes, I probably would aim for the Playstation and/or Saturn as well, if I even look into it at all after completing the planned PC version(s).  This particular song, along with certain resulting nostalgia of a friend of mine who used to own a Playstation, is what inspired me to aim for a 32-bit aesthetic after originally considering hacking into Earthbound, so, there we go.

And, here's another blog update about this thread and my overall issues, in case anyone's been following along with that:

Admittedly, I only watched footage of Zeroigar's gameplay (as opposed to its FMVs), but...

Perhaps you just prefer the sound of the sample-based realtime-synths, or the realtime-reverb that seemed to get used a lot on the PSX ... and I can certainly understand some/most people having that preference.

I certainly can't disagree that both Sony and Sega provided a much more capable realtime-synth on their machines than NEC did on the PC-FX.

Exactly what it was, this whole time ever since I discovered the Playstation's Rockman Complete Works series.

Elmer, you say that 2nd- and 3rd-party developers were afraid to invest in games for the system because few people were buying it, right?  But, isn't it also safe to assume that no one wanted that thing because it was underpowered to begin with, or were there different reasons for that (such as NEC's lack of focus on 3D games as those were finally taking off)?

So, I'm guessing what NEC had there was some sort of catch-22, right?

In any case, if the game ever does go through, I might actually consider making a homebrew out of it for emulators, just to see if it would in fact have been possible.

Then again, the game itself might be too big even for the Playstation or Saturn.  But, that's a bridge to cross if the game ever even gets completed for Windows or OS X.

As for your suggestion of Zeroigar, I know someone else who tried that out, and will probably try it myself.  Just checked some footage out on YouTube, and its audio sounds just as modest as other games to apply to an SNES game, but I never deemed any of the games themselves as actually bad (save for Makeruna! Makendou Z).

Anyway, I'll be sure to let people know, both here and elsewhere, when I have actual material to showcase.  In the meantime, here's the fic (Starbound, of Lucky Star) which I intend for to eventually become it.  (Not a crossover, but it will help if anyone here is familiar with the Earthbound trilogy as well.  A lot of things are based on that.)

And, a one-shot spinoff fic located in the crossover archive w/ Mon Colle Knights (since that's about one of its transplanted characters from that show):

Thanks.  That answers pretty much everything for me right now.

In case you or anyone else read that blog entry I linked to, I did write a follow-up each both yesterday (before you came along and answered me) and today:

So, I've only played a total of two games for the PC-FX (Makeruna! Makendou Z and Chip-chan Kick!), and am only superficially familiar with other games for it (most notably, Kishin Douji Zenki: Vajura Fight).

Right now, I've just checked out YouTube footage of various other games for the same system, but while Chip-chan Kick!'s audio could compete with most games for the Playstation or Sega Saturn (seriously, listen to it!), that in the Zenki game and the games I just checked out right now (including Angelique Special, Deep Blue Fleet, Sparkling Feather, Classmates 2, Team Innocent: The Point of No Return, and Power DoLLS FX) sounds like SNES material.  (Ditto with the TurboGrafx-16 CD, really.)

Should I ask why the PC-FX had such inferior audio for the most part to the Playstation or Saturn despite using the same audio format (Redbook), or should I ask why Chip-chan Kick! in particular sounds so much more vibrant than those other games (if not most of the system's entire library)?

For greater context, here's where this whole thing really stems from:

(And yes, I do know about the fates of three other fangames for different franchises, and my brother and I have agreed on a workaround should any legal issues come up.)

Just read right now that GalaxyTrail had just announced two DLC downloads more than a month ago, the first one to be released this month (actual date unspecified; hope I'm not too late).

If there's still time, or when it actually does come out (if it hasn't already), can anyone tell me how to actually download stuff for the game's Windows version?  I just tried to Google for it, but didn't find any list of steps or anything.

Gaming Discussion / PS2 doesn't read disks anymore
« on: November 01, 2015, 08:44:39 am »
Not too long ago, I ordered a Japanese Playstation 2, and it worked mostly fine.  The only issue at the time, was that the power adapter had to be perfectly straight at the console end in order to turn the system on.

I just tried out a new plug I ordered, erased the data on the memory card I was using, and all of the sudden, that thing doesn't read disks anymore.  Even when I have a game inside it, all I can do is browse memory card data and the system settings.  I've noticed that the disk itself doesn't even spin.  I've tried two different games in it, and they both have this problem.

Could anyone pinpoint what's suddenly gone wrong with that thing?

Gaming Discussion / Is anyone more familiar than I am with Divine Gate?
« on: September 21, 2015, 10:21:40 am »
So, there's this mobile RPG called Divine Gate, that I've only heard of recently because of its collaboration with Puella Magi Madoka Magica.  For the record, I do understand that that game has actually collaborated with a whole bunch of different anime, but I am planning on writing a Madoka fanfic that will include Pia Undo in particular among certain other characters.  (And yes, I have heard of fake crossovers.)

I tried looking stuff up online about this, but there are no sufficient YouTube videos or any information on Wikipedia, and even though there is a wiki for the game, there are things that it doesn't cover.  It being only in Japanese doesn't help either.

So, for example, does anyone know about the game's main story?  How do gates form to connect to other universes?  If the school Pia is attending isn't anything like a normal school (which her uniform suggests it might be), then what is it like?  Could anyone describe other locations in the game's world (that Pia could be shown at during flashbacks)? 

Would also appreciate anything else anyone can think of to fill me in on.

First thing I should mention, is that this is actually going to be a clone of Earthbound.  Even though that's a different game altogether, it still had its own (singular) auto-fight mode, and I think it would be interesting to spice that up more than a bit.

AI's will not know everything.  They might learn stuff by experimenting, such as how powerful an enemy is or what its weakness is.

This being an EB clone, the battle engine will be turn-based.

Each character will definitely have a default auto-fight mode based on their personality (one of the modes I recall from Grandia II), such as defending their party and keeping their health up or attacking all-out.

Psionic Points should not be too hard to recover, but would still be limited enough that alternatives should be considered.  In fact, I actually have an issue regarding that with Grandia II and III; the only items I tend to use happen to be MP-recovery items and revival potions, because I can use magic power both to attack and to keep my party's health up.  Most of my recovery and attack items end up unused.  (Described in general in the second half of this entry on LiveJournal (and yes, that's my game's working title at the end).)

Positioning is relevant, in that your party will form one or two rows, depending on how big it is, and enemies can form up to three rows depending on their own numbers.  Positions are not negotiable, but they do affect who gets hit in multi-target attacks such as PK Fire, PK Laser (hits enemies vertically, whereas Fire hits horizontally), and bombs (which strike in clusters spanning multiple rows).

Turn order would depend mostly on Speed stats, though other things might factor in as well.  (The orders in which everyone acts in Earthbound seemed to vary between turns, even though Speed is supposed to be the primary factor involved.)

On that last thing, not for enemies, but yes, before each turn begins, I would have something appear to show what everyone is about to do (also in case the player entered a wrong command for the last manual one).  The player will then be able to pick whichever characters they want to have do something else.

Anyway, yeah, I'll be sure to take all that into consideration.

(Also working on a document about the game mechanics in general.  Bound to be more stuff to add even after I write everything I'm juggling currently, but I'll be glad to share a copy with anyone interested, or even post everything here, when I'm near finished.)

Gaming Discussion / Can someone list me some types of auto-battle?
« on: July 04, 2015, 06:10:38 pm »
For a game project still in the planning stages. 

For example, I do recall Grandia II had a total of seven or eight different ways you could have someone act automatically in battle, but I don't want to have to re-buy that one or buy anything else just for those.

Could anyone list for me what those were, or what options any other game has that has multiple ways to automate someone in battle?

Gaming Discussion / 32-bit era music: Looping vs starting over
« on: June 03, 2015, 07:32:50 am »
So, I have heard of Redbook audio (via a previous thread of mine on this forum), which is where all music tracks are stored separately from the rest of a given game's data.

While a number of CD-based games on various systems had their songs stop at some point and then either start said song over or move to the next track, there were other CD games that didn't do this and instead just kept looping a given song until anything triggered it to end.

I'm gonna list a bunch of games for the original Playstation as examples of both varieties:

Stopping and restarting:

-Battle Arena Toshinden
-Battle Arena Toshinden 2
-Battle Arena Toshinden 3
-Battle Arena Toshinden 4
-Buster Bros. Collection (three different games w/ enhanced music)
-Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Looping continuously:

-Advanced Variable Geo 2
-Castlevania Chronicles
-Digimon World 3
-Parasite Eve
-Suikoden II
-Threads of Fate
-Wild Arms
-Yu-Gi-Oh!  Forbidden Memories

My question is, if it was possible to utilize some kind of audio format that just kept a song looping continuously, then why didn't all PSX games do that?  Couldn't be because a better format was created, because I understand that Philosoma was one of the system's launch titles.  (I watched this gameplay video before; notice how many times the first song played loops on for.)

In fact, going even beyond gen V, we have the Mega Man Anniversary Collection (I own the GCN version), in which a given song fades out if it goes on long enough and then starts over.  Those are just a bunch of ported NES games, not even enhanced in any way (unlike the Complete Works series w/ its upgraded soundtracks), nor does that happen in either of the Sonic Adventure games.  And, even today, we have games like Vanguard Princess for Windows, which does the same thing (I listened before to an extended version of the highway stage theme on YouTube, which I can't find now), while Grief Syndrome for the same system doesn't.

Anyone understand the logic behind this?

If anyone is interested, I have successfully commissioned for the Madoka mobage scenario The Hollow Little Mermaid.

For those of you who only learned about the game itself through this thread, here are some links to both halves of the scene:

Part 1:
Part 2:

And, here's a sample of the script:

Sayaka: Once again, we got rid of the witch's minions.
Madoka: Sayaka­-chan, are you alright? You look pale.
Sayaka: Huh? No... I’m alright.
Kyoko: Even if you can regenerate fast, your body will take its toll.
Sayaka: Shut up. This is how I fight!
Kyoko: So, charging and hack­-n-­slashing mobs is how you fight?
Sayaka: If I say yeah, anything wrong with that?
Kyoko: Hey, watch your tone. I’m your senior.
Sayaka: There is no senior or junior in Witch hunting!
Mami: Pipe down, you two. Keep in mind who the enemy is.
Sayaka: Yeah, our enemies are Witches.
Madoka: Please. Don’t fight each other.
Homura: You’re not acting like a senior, Kyoko Sakura.
Kyoko: Yeah, yeah, alright. It’s all my fault!
Sayaka: (Sayaka-­chan must be shocked to hear that we Magical Girls are not human anymore.)
Mami: Okay, it is getting late, so we should all go home.
Sayaka: (...? There is someone on top of that building just now.)
Madoka: Sayaka-­chan, we’ll leave you if you don’t hurry up.
Sayaka: (Someone else is watching us. Probably my imagination.)
????: So this is Mitakihara City. It is a good place.
????: Those people are probably the ones protecting this city from the Witches.
????: Looks like it. They look like they can take a beating.
????: .... Let’s hurry up and fight Witches.
????: I like to fight them instead of Witches, though.
????: No need to rush. We need to greet the Witches first.

(Courtesy of Aaron Vincent Vergara on Upwork.)

Gaming Discussion / Re: N64 Classics - that never came to be...
« on: March 22, 2015, 11:45:32 am »
Makeruna! Makendou 64

Or, 64 Makeruna! Makendou, going by Japan's style

Or, Kendo Rage 64, as the original game was retitled in NA

Gaming Discussion / What were your favorite 32-bit special effects?
« on: March 15, 2015, 07:15:25 am »
So, we basically take them for granted nowadays, but back in the mid-90's, such special effects as showcased with Knuckles Chaotix and SMW2: Yoshi's Island were cutting-edge.  KC had things like TV screens flipping upward and dissolving, capsules stretching vertically and horizontally, polygonal "CLEAR" signs at the end of each level, and so on, while YI had semi-3D double-doors, "dancing" letters in the words "PAUSE" and "GAME OVER", various enemies getting enlarged more fluidly than in most other SNES games, and so on.

Such effects as those are what most 2D games for the Playstation and the Sega Saturn would go out of their way to showcase.  Take Mega Man 8, for example, with several transition styles not commonly seen on anything for the Genesis or SNES (three within the first minute of this clip).  Or, Advanced Variable Geo 2 (Japan only), with its "revolving" words "NOW LOADING!!"

Anyone liked anything similarly flashy in particular from the mid-90's to early 00's?

ROM Hacking Discussion / PSX CLUT (Color Lookup Table)
« on: December 30, 2013, 07:25:21 am »
Can someone show me what this would look like:

The CLUT starts with a simple 32-bit word telling the length, in bytes, of the entire CLUT block (including the header). Following that is a set of four 16-bit values telling how the CLUT data should be loaded into the frame buffer. These measurements are in frame buffer pixels, which are 16-bit. Each CLUT is stored in a rectangular portion of the frame buffer, which is typically 16 or 256 pixels wide (corresponding to 4-bit or 8-bit color indices). The rows define one or more 'palettes' which can be selected at runtime to use when drawing a color-indexed image.

Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination

The length of the CLUT data is always width × height × 2 bytes, precisely the amount of data needed to fill a rectangular area of width × height pixels in the frame buffer. Also, the x coordinate of the CLUT needs to be an even multiple of 16, but the y coordinate can be any value between 0-511. Typically they are stored directly under the front/back buffers. Each 16-bit value is interpreted as real color frame buffer pixels, which have the following format:

Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination

The red, green and blue samples behave like any RGB-defined color, but the STP (special transparency processing) bit has varying special meanings. Depending on the current transparency processing mode, it denotes if pixels of this color should be treated as transparent or not. If transparency processing is enabled, pixels of this color will be rendered transparent if the STP bit is set. A special case is black pixels (RGB 0,0,0), which by default are treated as transparent by the PlayStation unless the STP bit is set.

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