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Gaming Discussion / Re: Game Center CX
« on: December 29, 2015, 03:56:56 pm »
If you all haven't heard of this show already, that's a shame. Essentially, a Japanese comedian by the name of Shinya Arino (usually referred to as "Chief Arino") spends an entire day (usually 12 hours) playing a retro game, with the typical objective of beating the game and seeing the ending. And they don't hold back. They pick some really hard titles, too: Gradius, Ghosts 'n Goblins (the whole series), Mega Man, Actraiser, all kinds of really hard retro titles.

Arino also has a staff of ADs (assistant directors) who help him out. Typically one per season (they're up to season 16 now), but former ADs come back and some become APs (assistant producers) and whatnot. For instance, I've seen ADs make him home-made strategy guides. He's gone "Man, I want to eat (food x)", and some AD will go grab him some. ADs often draw him diagrams on his whiteboard to help him get past particularly tough situations. Or they'll tell him cheat codes that he can use. Stuff like that.

And the best part is, the guy isn't that great at most games. So it's really fun to watch him suffer through certain parts, but also really fun when he finally makes the right move and gets through. I think he's better than he puts on sometimes.

Here's a link so you can watch some of them on YouTube:

Also, some shameless self promotion: I translate a little bit myself. So far, I've translated three "Nintendo Channel" episodes (Excitebike 3D, Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, and Super Metroid), but I'm currently working on a fourth (as you may be able to see from the topic in the Script Help forum) and my first full 60 minute episode.

Here's links to those:

Excitebike 3D

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem

Super Metroid, Part 1

It was asked of me in my Script Help thread what my favorite episode(s) were:

Personally, I like seeing Arino face off against games that I loved. So that means I really appreciate his Mega Man challenges, as well as the Actraiser one. I also like seeing games that he winds up doing well at, so things like Super Fantasy Zone (DVD only, you can buy it on Amazon), Legacy of the Wizard and whatnot are fun as well. I also like seeing him play puzzle/adventure games, so Clock Tower (also on the DVD) is one of my top favorites.



I would personally call the "Excitebike 3D" episode an "Nintendo eShop" episode, rather than a "Nintendo Channel" episode, since the opening title says "Arino's Challenge 3D" (implying that the episode is meant to be viewed in 3D, and thus on the Nintendo 3DS). The Star Fox 64 "Nintendo eShop" episode (unfortunately, some people call it a "Nintendo Channel" episode) was probably the most popular use of live action 3D video made for the Nintendo 3DS at the time the Nintendo 3DS LL was released on July 28, 2012. At the time, the GameCenter CX episodes were the only entertaining use of live action video made for the Nintendo 3DS.

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