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Also one other question is there a .wav to pcm converter around here by chance ?
I saw the tool somewhere but couldn't find it again, the super metroid msu-1 hack is full of fail.

I appreciate the advice I'll leave higan alone for anything msu-1 related too much grief to it setup.

Just now get it to work with bsnes v0.86.
To the documents folder, started up bsnes, loaded the super metroid msu hack first.
Low and behold it works, I really don't know why its impossible to get working in higan.
Why can't the programmers just make it easier to set a directory for all things to excute in ?
I may be back again, because the higan setup is still a real problem, even for his recent version of it.

Hmm I'll give this a try later on today or over the weekend thanks dale.
Atleast that partly explains why the rom crashed when I put the xml and manifest file in the same folder.
Someone else mentioned in a read me file to put that it in the same folder.  :huh:

ROM Hacking Discussion / Having trouble getting msu-1 to work with higan
« on: November 02, 2017, 01:41:22 pm »
Hope its alright to ask for help here, but i am having some problems getting the msu1 for super metroid to work.
C:/Users/Tech/Emulation/Super Famicom/
supermetroid_msu1.ips I patched my rom with it, I have higan 1.05 and I still don't know why it will still not work?
The bsnes debugger ran the rom fine, but no music, I really don't know if the rom is the problem or not.
I tried a different msu-1 hack for mmx from ep forum and the same problems.
If someone doesn't mind could they help me out with it ?
I am doing this to see this msu-1 stuff in action for myself I've heard alot about it.

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