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Yes, now he's done it. I'm surprised. I wasn't aware that he'd known of Romhacking, :P . Let alone put up the download up there which is also good coz we can see the download count ticking up, which will reflect the popularity of this game. His screenshot choices do a good job at showcasing his work in the patch.
Quote from: John Enigma on April 18, 2016, 07:05:57 AM
^Are you the same Cjuub from GBAtemp? If so, is nice that you finally added it in here.

I wanna see if this game is much better than Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash.
Nope, that's not me. I'm just one of the few proofreaders who have helped make corrections in the script files for cjuub. Since he's not connected in here I may as well do the submission some day.
From what I've read this game is the most similar to the first Chibi-Robo game but with new things added in.
Don't worry. I want to add it in soon. Just need to do more proofreading. That's all.
Personal Projects / Re: Romancing Saga 1 translation
April 11, 2016, 10:43:10 AM
Quote from: ddstranslation on April 10, 2016, 05:36:11 PM
I guess if you constantly swap out party members and never settle on a grouping, or you keep changing weapons around, or just get really unlucky with stat ups, it could be unwinnable. Or pick one of the harder beginning characters like Barbara or Gray and try to do their early quests and die too much. Or you save yourself into a corner in a long dungeon.

It can be extremely difficult if you try to do every single event in a single playthrough. Then you'll be constantly traveling all over the map and might end up in places a bit too difficult for your party. Or if you invest too much into magic, it might not scale up enough for the end-game battles.

You could just grind enemies forever and ignore the game's events, and as long as you had a decent enough party to beat Saruin, you can still beat the game.

It can take anywhere from 15-30 hours to finish the game, so however much of an investment that is.
I think Fredde's questions and your answers, ddstranslation, are great ideas to put in the FAQ section in the readme for your translation patch for this game? Would you do that and link it up to the translation page here?
Quote from: ddstranslation on April 10, 2016, 05:45:36 PM

It's going alright. Right now, I'm working on optimizing the different menu screens, since it kind of glitches out for a split-second when displaying text. Some modifications have been made to the title screen and overworld map, and of course, still need to go back over the game's script to finalize it.

I have not worked on any PS2 games yet. The SNES is the most familiar system to me, and I know a bit of the NES and GB architecture. But later on, I hope to learn more about the Playstation systems. :)
All praise be to Shouzou Kaga :woot!:! Yes, doing PS2 patches are even more doable now, Thegreathare21, thanks to Kingcom having developed an armips debugger for the PS2 after he did likewise for the PSP platform. It's even been integrated into the PCSX2 emulator as of version 1.4.0 this year! I'm sure you know that Shouzou is doing a free strategy game with a team of volunteers, right?

ddtranslation, that would be awesome if you could be able to do a PSX translation. There are so many games in that system left still needing to be translated! :banghead: It's nice when a romhacker just focuses on one or two projects at a time! Esperknight can do the PSX scene but he's basically been spanning over 10 projects at once, and never being sure of when to finish just one, *sighs. I feel we have a right to complain about that. Because worst case scenario none of these projects may ever be finished nor their source files released publicly! So that is a worry!

Also you may wish to ask Nightcrawler for advice on how to make the menus go by speedily with no glitches as he does have experience in that regard.
Quote from: ddstranslation on March 28, 2016, 07:54:51 PM
Don't feel bad about pointing it out, that's one of the reasons this thread is here. :)

Yeah, it was bothering me as well, it was just that it was at the bottom of my priority list. But since the text replacement is basically done, and I've also just received some new graphics to use to replace the stat names, I'll fix the alignment of the "LV" and numbers when I put those in.

(Edit: Here's an updated version you can show. :) )

I have no idea. Bookofholsety would be the one to answer that. As I understand it, they're still having to juggle college work with this, so they might be a bit busy at the moment.
While those text in your latest image are now levelled properly I still don't like how it all are biased too much towards the top edge of that dialog box. I'd have preferred for them to be centered a bit more towards the middle space. What if you can expand that box bar to be wider further down? Or is this purely impossible, thus requiring a bit of graphical rejigging to achieve?
Hi. When I saw this yesterday I was surprised to discover upon checking your homepage which I hadn't seen before that the patch had just came totally out of the blue! Also equally surprising that I'd never known about this game and its sequel on the PSP. Sega is releasing a brand new 7th Dragon Saga title on the 3DS localized into English soon.
The visuals for the 7th Dragon 2020 series are very beautiful. Sega even had some other PSP games that never got outside Japan. Don't understand why. Could have digitally released them on PSVita's PSN service.

Your patch even got covered by the professional games media just now! Congratulations.

Will you be looking to conjure up a group to fan-translate the PSP sequel?
Have done the research on the game. I have found that there's a separate Game Gear version of this game with full color graphics! According to Wikipedia the reception was that the GG version had better controls than the GB version. So I wonder why you'd choose this GB version to hack unless you don't know how to hack Sega's consoles? Or maybe their consoles are just not well-documented or don't have enough good debuggers for everything at this time.
That's nice. Also can you try to center those topical text in the 3 top-row bars? Additionally that number next to Movement is now more 'off' away than in your previous snapshot. Would you be able to fix that?
Hey. Are you gonna add this to the RH site? Oh yeah, I can see that you've submitted it to the Queue Status page :thumbsup:.
Loving your work so far! Those 3D mech units do look cute. I don't know why Bandai didn't bother with releasing this game to the West! Greenrose, perhaps the 'Dismount' command word is a more elegant use of the 'Detach'/'Disconnect' term that is being used at the moment? Or maybe your wordings are more accurate if the pilot just wanted to disconnect from controlling their mech unit?
Hi pablitox. I've been following your project's progress on both here and your gbatemp thread and it's fantastic! Since you're getting close to the end line will you be looking at migrating over to new projects on Summon Night 1 and 2 for the DS respectively? Since you and your team do have GBA romhacking expertise it'd be natural for you all to be able to do those DS games as well! What do you think?
*A surge of excitement has jolted through my arms!* Nice font. I love it! Ooh, is that a subtle suggestion that you could be looking into retrieving the latest unfinished beta of an English translation patch for Fire Emblem 4 on this site here and complete it as you'd know all about the compression used therein?
That's a nice looking screen for a draft title screen. I'm glad that someone is dedicating to working on the untranslated strategy SNES games whereas many translation groups tend not to like playing the strategy games at all!
Quote from: DackR on January 19, 2016, 05:49:13 PM
So far, only one menu screen has become a pain to hack, so I'm leaving it for last. That is the Sound Test menu. For whatever reason, i'm having trouble locating the tilemap which means its probably encoded strangely. When I feel like a grind-session, I'll be stepping through the code to figure out where and how the data is stored in the ROM for this screen. Hopefully this is the only screen that is done this way... :p

The scientists have just found out there's a Planet #9 in our solar system. They're now trying to find it with a ground telescope. I'm sure you'll be able to find that elusive tilemap, LOL!
Quote from: r57shell on January 14, 2016, 07:41:43 PM
For Sega Genesis hacking purposes I'm using asm68k. It's "just" assembler.
From meaning of word "assembler" - it assembles things up.
So, you would ask how do I make "toolchain" from just assembler? Easy!

In this files you define data via "incbin" keyword, or dc.b/dc.w/dc.l as normal data. Or you write code there, you can do it freely because it's assembler. Also, you can include other *.asm file, so use it as modules.

Important note: after all files that is assumed to be in continuous block (one after another), there are *_f.asm files, that in my usage has such suffix because they mean "fixes". They looks like following:

org $12323 ; where you need to fix pointer
dc.l new_pointer

org $32ABC ; where you need insert (by overwriting) jump
jmp new_code

org $9923 ; where you need to insert (by overwriting) call of subroutine
jsr new_subroutine
nop ; overwrite broken opcode affected by overwriting.

In the end whole hack consists of bunch of .asm files (one of our hack has ~2000 files, 200 directories)
and one "build.bat" file that consists of something like this:

asm68k /p /o ae- main.asm,new_rom.bin
fixheadr.exe new_rom.bin
move new_rom.bin "name_of_target_file.bin" >nul

One note: we using asm68k that is runnable in Win7. There are several versions in internet, we using that one which runs OK on Win7.

That was "how it can be".

Cool. Oh, so each fix function/grouping in that code example shown does link to an .asm file containing the fix(es) codes written? Whew, that's a lot of work linking up everything! I guess from what you're saying that the assembling part is OK for a newbie to start learning from scratch. I know of one user who posts links to the how to get started guides and links to practise romhacking. That might be a good place to start off from. I'll try to track these down. That a good idea? And thanks everybody for all your helpful tips.

January 15, 2016, 01:36:26 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

I just realised something...

Quote from: DackR on January 09, 2016, 05:37:52 PM
Hey guys-- Ever since I started work on the Marvelous translation early last year, I've also been working on a tool that would help keep me organized. I call it MBuild (or Marvelous Build).

- A Marvelous Translation and Hacking Tool

MBuild was originally created to assist in change management while
working on the translation of Marvelous: Another Treasure Island.
There are many features, with more features being added all the time.

Gone are the days of making permanant changes in a hex editor to the
original ROM file. With MBuild, the user is encouraged to extract data from
the original ROM and store it separately, in an organized way. When the time
comes to build the data, an XML file containing a list of data files, offsets,
and other information is used to neatly fold in the changes to the output file.


XML Structure example:
<build original="ROMFILENAME.SFC" name="NameUsedToGenerateOutput" path="..\">
   <lzr file="x121964_LZR_TITLE.bin" offset="121964" />
   <lzr file="x1DA5ED_LZR_SUBTITLE.bin" offset="1DA5ED" />
   <lzr file="x1D948F_LZR_NINTENDO.bin" offset="1D948F" />
   <lzr file="x123951_LZR_INTROFONT.bin" offset="123951" />
   <lzr file="x1257F6_LZR_INTROTEXT.bin" offset="1257F6" />
   <lzr file="x14B628_LZR_PUZZLE1.bin" offset="14B628" />
   <lzr file="x132FC4_LZR_ANTBUSTER_GINARANSOM.bin" offset="132FC4" />
   <rep file="x270000_REP_KANJI_FONT.bin" offset="270000" />
   <rep file="x2AC000_REP_MAIN_FONT.bin" offset="2AC000" />
   <rep file="x2B6000_REP_ACTION_MENU_GFX.bin" offset="2B6000" />
   <rep file="x2CE000_REP_LARGE_FONT.bin" offset="2CE000" />
   <rep file="x7C84_REP_ASM_RELOCATE.bin" offset="7C84" />
   <rep file="x268000_REP_MISC_MENU_AND_NUMBERS.bin" offset="268000" />
   <rep file="x7FDC_REP_Possible_PalleteFix.bin" offset="7FDC" />
   <ins file="x300000_INS_EnglishScript.bin" offset="300000" />

To simplify the management of changes to a ROM file,
you are able to keep separate binary files. This is for ease of backup and editing.



I'm working on several game-specific tools. Also general tools for bulk dumping of data utilizing pointer table data. (I need more examples of different pointer tables used in games.)

So far, I am able to dump data utilizing a pointer table in the case of Marvelous and Super Bomberman 5, but I want the tool to be flexible enough to be able to read a configuration file and be able to traverse different pointer types and dump data efficiently.

I've already made an older version of this tool available (comes with the Marvelous Localization Tools in the translation thread). Just wanted to see if there was any interest for me to maintain general releases. If not, I'll probably just keep it to myself because that really all I made it for...

That's it! I can check the free tools he used to build the Marvelous translation patch. That's where we can started by studying how he did it there!
Quote from: RyanfaeScotland on January 14, 2016, 07:58:20 AM
Nothing in my toolchain requires programming knowledge to use but the output the create requires and understanding of 68K assembly. If you want to modify them then yes you'll need to know how to program.

Oh, thanks so much for your reply! That bit is clear to me now.
I noticed in the Japanese font that the depth of these hiragana or letters have its own perspective compared to that of the length of the text from the left to the right. Is this impossible to do in Illustrator?
DackR, can you try to massively extrude the depth side of those title letters? Also could you try to bend some of them to appear more hidden behind some of the letters on the 2D text side just like the Japanese font? Or is this impossible to do in your free tool?
DackR, your new software seems like it could be a good starting place for beginner or amateur rom-hackers to learn about editing the inner's of a ROM and dumping script lots. Am I right? If so that would be a nice way to help hurry the fan-translation scene along and improve a user's experience with romhacking. Would a programming knowledge be necessary when inserting the scripts and data into the ROM and polishing it? I hope not. But perhaps scripting is a bit different from that in what it does like creating pointers and tables?

Some questions about compatibility. Would you make this software work well with the variable width font tools like Nightcrawler's nuVWF and text editors like TextAngel or Atlas? Sorry I don't know them much. That'd be the next nightmarish step in knowing how to make all text and their spacing elements in-game look polished in the end. NC's nuVWF is not yet updated. He's got a lot on his plate - he's got to finish a final patch for a new game and update two of his tools for public usage. I think we'd have to wait till he does it all in one go.
Seeing as your mBuild is SNES focused I was thinking if you could make it work with consoles of that era like the Sega CD and maybe TurboGrafx CD. They all had similar processing powers so it'd be ideal. Games on the Sega CD had technically better graphics than those 2 other consoles while it & TCD were able to output FMVs which the SNES couldn't do. Maybe even think about adding in GBC and GBA support? You only have to look at the Datacrystal lists. They're HUGE especially with many missing RPGs on the Sega CD!

RyanfaeScotland, your toolchain for the Genesis seems interesting, but according to your posts the 3 tools in them may require major programming knowledge, right? Are they only for the skilled programmers? Also could they be used or tweaked to work with the Sega CD games?

DackR can you clarify if your new build is intended for everybody from the newbies and amateurs to romhackers with little programming knowledge to the true programmers and any other roles like an independent translator?

January 13, 2016, 03:57:26 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Also got two more questions. Many SNES games have a nasty habit of having compressed graphics. So those without the programming knowledge cannot decompress them. But your tool doesn't seem to include a decompressor of any sort yet. Or is this too much of a hassle for you?

Then there's the compression routines already included within your build. Is it your plan to have multiple routines of this sort so that an user can select one. And will you add more diverse routines in the future? How would one know which is the best pick for a specific game?